ITKThe classic move by the Aubuhn Fambly is to deflect. Just listen to their talking heads. Instead of owning up to the travesties being committed on a daily basis against the family of Rashaan Evans, the immediate response is not to admit their sin, but to deflect.

You’ve heard it. “You bunch of Updykes. You wanna see crazy fans, what about that guy in the Krystal. Cade Foster… Blah, blah, blah,” clutter from the past while a family in the here and now is enduring hell. But then, it’s easier that way. That way you don’t have to own up to the fact that your “Fambly” is closer to a mob than the 700 Club you want us to believe it is.

The Rashaan Evans story is finally starting to get traction, with an article in yesterday’s Atlanta-Journal Constitutionand finally in the Alabama media as well.

At the time of this article the story is making headlines nationwide, both on with several other sources, and now ESPN as well.

Evans on restaurantsAs Evans told “”It’s getting worse. Someone actually put out an article about my family’s business telling all Auburn fans not to go there. We are going to eventually start losing money. People are telling restaurants in the town not to serve us.”

As the AJC article points out, former Auburn High School teammate Reuben Foster is now in the controversy. A key in recruiting Evans to Alabama, the two will be teammates next season.

“Auburn fans are saying I am going to ride the bench, and I am going to be like Reuben Foster,” Evans told “People are adding his family and how they are low-lifes. They talk about his mom. You wouldn’t think some of them are human. I knew it was going to be horrible. You know it’s out of hand when people come up to you saying stuff. People you don’t know. People who are grown men.”

Grown men. Did you hear that, people? Grown men are coming up to an 18-year-old kid and making disparaging remarks to him.

Rashaan Evans tweet

Evans quote 2My question is, where is the Auburn leadership? Do they condone this? Their mouthpieces sure do. I thought Jay Jacobs and Gus Malzahn were godly “Auburn Men,” and Kristi likes to speak in churches. I guess it’s a long way for word to spread from Toomer’s Corner to the athletic offices. Maybe they haven’t heard about any of this.

Yeah, right.

The truth is, if their fanbase can inflict hell on a kid to the point that the next recruit from the area hears the words, “Remember what happened to Rashaan,” it seems that the Auburn leadership is just fine with what’s going on.

Want proof? You can always hear it by listening to the Auburn mouthpieces. From the same AJC story, Auburn mouthpiece Justin Hokanson has to offer a lame comparison from a lowly regarded Auburn recruit that isn’t even close to Evans’ situation.

Evans says support from Alabama fans “has been by far the greatest,” but the negative feedback he is getting on social media has been nasty.

“People on Instagram are telling me how they hope I tear my ACL in game one,” Evans said. “They will laugh when I do. They are saying my family is horrible and how they didn’t raise me right. It’s just crazy.”

Here’s a few samples for you…

Wade tweet

Speakman tweet

No doubt this treatment of the Evans family has reached dangerous proportions, and someone from Auburn should speak up on their behalf now. I’ve said it here over and over, and I’ll say it again.

An organization will never rise above its level of leadership. Where is Auburn’s leadership? And Auburn fans, we thought you were a shining beacon of light on a hill? Why not instead of casting stones and bringing up stories from the past you be an example to us, show us your greatness, and lead the way by putting this treatment to an end?

Until you do, we’ll be right here, letting the world know who you really are.

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38 thoughts on “Rashaan Evans: “I’m being treated like I’m Satan.””

  1. After 61 years of living in this State, it comes as no surprise as to the events involving the Evans family and the reaction from the cult. Moreover, the vast majority of State media, especially in the Montgomery area (WSFA) will either defend or deny such actions as they are told. Make no mistake about it, the current situation is nothing new.

    1. Nothing new, but a tragedy nonetheless. You mess with a fanbase’s “real god” and their real colors come out.

    2. “But this Alabama guy said this bad thing once about our Auburn player!”

      And the leaders at the University of Alabama make a point to address it, which may require some clarification in absence of the same kind of threats Evans is getting. This isn’t Aaron Murray’s house getting egged after losing to South Carolina; this is a guy who hasn’t played a single down in college football being threatened and his family being chastised and discriminated against. It’s a shame, really.

      It’s embarrassing.

      I don’t know what it would take to get Auburn’s culture to make changes for the better against this kind of representation, but I also don’t expect it to change. Auburn’s culture is defined by it’s neurotic infatuation with the University of Alabama. It’s leaders have the opportunities to change it but don’t attempt to and instead seem to encourage it even more and even invest in it (“beat Bama” comes to mind). It makes me sick.

      And people still wonder why Evans would want to leave for a city like Tuscaloosa. Give me a break.

      1. I guess you Gumps are using your selective memory.It hasn’t been that long ago when a bunch of Gumpers took to social media and said some pretty awful shit to a recruit that decommitted from Bama to Auburn. Hoping he breaks his f’n leg or tears his acl….Before any Gump even attempts to form with their mouth and speak the word “CULTURE”………tend to your own backyard…..Corey Grant also received some pretty awful messages as well…….for the RECORD, I in no way think it is okay for fans to do shit like this.People go too far with things…..wishing ill will or injury toward a kid for choosing another school IS,well it’s GUMPISH behavior

        1. We’ll, of course then, that makes it OK. “Big brother did, so why can’t we?”
          Did you even read the story? Can you read – or did you have one of your cracker offspring read it to you and type your response, proving you didn’t comprehend the message being sent?
          It’s not OK when any grown, supposedly mature, adult says awful hateful things to a teenager, no matter their affiliation, school, club or particular bias. NONE of this is OK – it’s all wrong.
          And it’s particularly wrong when an organization’s leadership gives this kind of behavior their tacit approval by their silence.
          It’s wrong when Bama fans do it, and it’s wrong when Barner fans do it.
          And your deflection, jnm, damns you right along with them.

        2. @jnm Wow. I’m not sure if it’s ironic you brought up Corey Grant or just forgetful. “Selective memory,” indeed.

          You see, Corey Grant went to high school in Opelika and was expected to sign with Auburn. Remember that? Remember when he announced he was going to Alabama instead?

          Of course you don’t.

          But if you look, you’ll find a lot more hate coming from Auburn, including even when he transferred to Auburn after not getting playing time right away at Alabama. You’ll find tons more Auburn hate actually, including threats.

          I’m honestly struggling to find that much at all coming from Alabama like you point out with the Corey Grant issue, certainly not threats and defamation. But let’s assume you’re right for argument’s sake alone and thousands of Alabama fans said terrible things and made threats when Grant went back home to play ball. Had Alabama’s leadership not done anything, or, for example, this site done the same things the Auburn site mentioned above in the Evans case is still continuing to do, I would have done something. Me, myself, and I. I would not be proud for Alabama’s culture to be represented that way, and while things like Updyke aren’t always in a culture’s control, this situation is.

          And Auburn’s leadership is doing nothing to stop it.
          You, jnm, are also doing nothing. I can’t stand that apathy. I don’t have it in me. I just don’t understand how people in the 21st century honestly believe they have no power and simply give in and accept that’s the way things are, especially when it comes to an alma mater in particular.

        3. NOBODY in the Bama Nation has ever organized a concerted effort to destroy an athlete or his family either socially or financially like you bastards are doing. Your own Weagle cocksucker Kevin Scarbinsky is totally pissed off at you. And with your dumbass post making excuses because of Bama, you are exactly the retarded piece of shit kind of fan the rest of the Weagle Fambuhlee wants to seperate themselves from. RTR!

      2. I guess Evans isn’t doing too bad..he has that new Hummer to drive to T town in..btw don’t ever talk about culture and class at other schools..Issuing death threats to one of your own is enough. And how you all have treated Vinnie Sunseri,and lets not forget how your male fans love to participate in homoerotic activities with passed out men.Gumps never,ever utter the words culture or class.ever.

  2. I’ve heard people even say he brought this on himself by the way he was recruited and allowed things to happen like the Alabama and Auburn coaches both showing up to his grandfather’s birthday.


    But maybe they’re all just Alabama fans in disguise trying to make Auburn fans look bad because they care that much?

    Here’s the thing for Auburn’s culture to keep in mind——this doesn’t happen from other programs.

    It just doesn’t.

    For example, have you ever heard of Norman, Oklahoma? It’s the home of the University of Oklahoma, just outside the state capital. Say what you want about the Sugar Bowl, but Oklahoma is a great program and, in my experience last month, a fantastic football culture.

    And Alabama just recruited their top-rated quarterback, 5-star David Cornwell.

    However, where’s the hate and threats from Sooner fans? You won’t find it, but good luck trying.

    I’m not sure anyone could fault Oklahoma fans for being upset about Alabama grabbing Cornwell, only they haven’t done anything like what we’re seeing with Evans (not to mention Cornwell was also recruited by Auburn).

    1. Any Oklahoma fan ever destroyed property of a rival school and then become a celebrity for that school? Any Oklahoma fan ever rubbed his balls on a fan of a rival school and had it shown on youtube?

      1. @afan


        Now ask yourself, not me, what did the leadership from the University of Alabama do in response?

        If you guessed the answer was nothing, you’re wrong on both counts. Not only does the University of Alabama not condone the acts you mentioned, they take immediate public action. That’s the difference. The culture both leads and follows the leadership of the university.

        If you asked the same question of Auburn’s leadership about the treatment of Evans and his family, you’ll literally get nothing.

        Also, why Oklahoma? You’re responding to a comment where I explicitly said Oklahoma is a great program and an even better culture. I don’t understand the reason for the questions, but I guess the simple answer to both is “no.”

  3. It is a shame that a kid can not decide where he wants to get his college education without a bunch of adults making an ass of themself over it. It is a damn shame and I turly feel sorry for entire Evans Family. Now with that being said , I do have a question for the author ITK. Even though your article is full of truths, why do you feel it is necessary to continue to take cheap shots? How does it help the matter at all by pouring fuel on the fire by posting the Nick Saban picture? This is hypocrisy at it’s finest. Do not preach class to a certain group of people , and then turn around and throw sucker punches yourself. Please hold yourself up to the level that you continue to preach about. You must be a Democrat.

    1. BRob, let me ask you a question.

      Have you used or laughed about the phrase, “Hey _______, got a second?” to an Alabama fan in your life following the Iron Bowl? Because if you have, you can ask yourself the same question about holding yourself to a standard.

      Don’t change the subject. This rivalry is trash, and treatment of Evans’ family is evidence of the Auburn side of things. The culture will only change when we worry about what’s in our own backyards. You worry about yours. It’s MUCH worse than a photoshopped picture.

    2. @BRob

      Pictures like the one above or t-shirts celebrating Auburn’s Iron Bowl win in 2013 are what college athletics are supposed to be all about. They’re fun.

      Public threats and published defamation are explicitly what college sports should never be about. That’s dangerous.

      And to the point, Auburn’s leaders will do nothing to stop it.

      If you can’t see the difference between the picture of Nick Saban above and a culture making threats and discriminating against an entire family for a recruiting decision, you’re not a hypocrite; you’re blinded by your own hate in representing the same culture.

      1. I’ll add this:

        Remember when Nick Saban publically admonished a Bama fan for wearing an “I Hate Auburn” shirt at SEC Media Days.

        Think you’d EVER see that from an Auburn coach? Heck, just two coaches ago down there they were WEARING them.

        1. I’m really surprised did their story. The message board is melting down with butthurt barners. Apparently Bama has 1 Harvey Updyke. Aubie has thousands of Barner Updykes, at least a hundred on that one article alone. One poster nailed it, calling them the Branch Awbinians.

      2. What exactly do I hate? I have been reading these boards for years, and only responded a few times. I have noticed a pattern by Conduit that I must ask about. Why is it when someone disagrees with Conduit he starts with the name calling and attacks? I do not have a dog in this fight , so for you to say that I ” hate ” someone because of their affiliation with a College sports team shows just how shallow of a person you really are. I could not care less what a 17 or 18 year old kid decides to do or what color jersey he decides to wear. The behavior by all college sports fans has become insane. I was pointing out how ITK should not be throwing stones while living in a glass house. The question I asked ITK is an honest one. Why preach class when you lack it or fail to show it yourself? That is when ITK, Conduit, etc came back with ” Well Auburn does it”. If Bama and it’s fan base is truly the ” Classy” side of the rivalry , why not lead by example? I have also came to another conclusion.Arguing with ITK and Conduit is like playing chess with a Pigeon. It does not matter how good I am , They will just shit on the board, then strut arround like you won.

        1. @Brob

          You show me a concerted effort….not a rogue, empty “threat” or tweet”…but a concerted effort on the part of a fanbase to ruin a recruit and his family and I’ll concede your point.

          A photoshopped picture or zinger is something else altogether. Apples and oranges are two different things.

          But if you lead the way, I’ll possibly follow. Are you willing to lead, or are whitty sayings about pigeons just easier to regurgitate?

        2. Wrong again, Brob.
          #1 – I rarely see Conduit resort to name calling or false accusations, and your claim that he does reveals you don’t visit this site as much as you say you do, and that you are actually an alter of one of the actual “hater” fans being referred to.
          #2 – Conduit was making the very point that you seem to be getting the rawass about – the ‘Got a second?’ campaign by the Barners and the meme above are examples of clever and, to a degree, classier, taunts that are a real part of being a fan of a school and being competitive. Poisoning landscape, teabagging a rival fan, and publishing threatening remarks about a teen kid and his family, their business, and their livelihood are all out of bounds and despicable. The difference – Bama’s leadership, from the fans to the President of the University, all condemned Updyke and the asshole in NOLA. So far from the Barn: Silence. Deafening silence.
          Step up, Brob, and be a leader. Stop deflecting from the issue and protecting the jerk fan base that is just – at worst, standing by while this happens, or, more likely, encouraging and supporting this crap.

          1. @Pete4tide

            I can’t agree with you more. Conduit is an incredibly intelligent contributor here who whittles his opponents down to nothingness through logic, not name calling.

            And you’re right, the problem with Auburn is their leadership. They facilitate this kind of behavior. While Alabama’s leadership made a public display of Harvey Updyke, admonishing him for his acts and disassociating him from events….yes, even physically removing him from a softball game…’ll never, EVER hear Auburn’s administration speaking out against the renegade activities of Auburn fans.

            Ever. Hatred is in their blood, all while they claim God as a member of their Board of Trustees.

            It’s this kind of pharisaical action that turns the stomachs of anyone with a conscience, or brain.

        3. Again, the difference between teasing and threatening is the bottom line. You’re still making it sound like they’re the same thing, but if you say I’m calling people names you’ve got the wrong guy.

        4. Who the fuck are you, asshole? Get the fuck out of here with you holier than thou horse shit preaching. Get yourdipshit ass back on over to your own fucked up fanbase, whoever they are and missionary them, fucktard. RTR!

  4. This goes to show you that the Alabama/Auburn rivalry is no where near gone and will continue to be like this for many years. People have wished for this young man to get hurt, etc. This needs to stop asap or the NCAA needs to step in. There obviously needs to be some boundaries.

  5. told ya decades ago barners are dysfunctional trash but its bama football and bama fans fault – we beat them down to their psyche’s were retarded and now it has been passed down generation to generation

      1. It is true about Auburn’s psyche…from the leadership down to the fan base.

        Psychologically…Bryant is still whipping their ass. That is something they will NEVER get over. And whether they will truthfully admit it…they are scared to death of Saban because Saban is very similar to Bryant. Bryant 2.0, if you will.

        They know they will never have a win streak against a Saban coached Alabama team. And they have had to watch us win 3 more legitimate National Championships, with more to come.

        Auburn AD Housel stated they would “lose some battles but win the war” against Alabama. Kinda scary. People talk about Updyke, but when you have leadership with this mentality, which includes the institution and the fan base…..that is dangerous. Rashaan Evans and every other potential recruit is now seeing it first hand.

        1. Navid Nousel is a perfect snapshot of the hate-filled Auhbuhn mentality. Each brainless barner is a member of a cult that accepts their talking points from the top without questioning any of them. Bless their hearts.

  6. The retarded segment of both fanbases are gonna keep this shit up until the legislature abolishes the IB again.

      1. I honestly don’t think that’d be a bad thing. Each year the rivalry gets worse, and just when you think it can’t possibly get worse, it does. It’s all about hate, and hate of any kind is a terrible thing.

        “Hate hurts the hater more’n the hated.” ― Madeleine L’Engle

        1. The Rivalry may have gotten a little too heated. However, the Tuberville years can take some credit for it. The classlessness (is that a word?), that Tuberville himself and whole Auburn fanbase showed, while they were beating a NCAA dilapidated Alabama team, I believe were the firing shots.

          Never seen a coach from either side act as classless till Tuberville came along. I could give examples, but we all know them. But the Auburn family encouraged and emulated it 100%. Auburn decided how they wanted this Rivalry to be, and they got it. Housel wanted a war? He is getting his wish. However, looking at the overall picture….Alabama is easily winning it.

          1. Well said. You are 1,000% correct on all points.

            Auburn fans are like the guy who cheap shots another guy when he nor anybody is looking, then cries foul when the victim retaliates.

            In old WWF terms, they are the Jimmy Hart of the college football world. Or maybe even Andy Kaufman.

  7. I’m an auburn fan and currently attend Auburn University, neither I nor anybody i know has taken part in any of these injustices at all. We are appalled by them. It seems to me that it is obviously a minority of fans who are responsible for these actions. So please do not accredit these misdeeds to our entire fan base as a whole. I respect Alabama’s team and their fans, and that is why i don’t consider them to be the redneck, unintelligent, cousin marrying people that their minority can sometimes portray them to be. Please return the favor. Thanks.

    1. Great post. Be more vocal, and be sure to pick up the phone and call the Evans’ at their store. Voicing your displeasure to them and apologizing for what your fanbase has done to them will mean a lot to them for sure.

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