Auburn fans love to paint themselves as a family. The Auhbuhn Fambly. Indeed. However, it’s much more like a mafia family. Cross them and get ready to swim with the fishes.

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Now mind you, we have said many, many times that the Auburn fanbase resembles more of a cult than a fanbase, and stand by that assertion. Check the criteria and Auburn meets almost every one of them. Their passion for the object of their worship, Auburn football, is off the charts…and it IS worship.

But the opposite is also true. Mess with the object of their worship and they come unglued. Like, Lord of the Flies unglued. They’ll follow your team’s players and record pictures of their cars, and do all sorts of things that questions rationality at best, sanity at worst.

Afterall, Auburn is a school whose very athletic director once recorded his own insane rant about his hatred for Alabama football for all to hear. You can enjoy Navid Nousel’s lunacy in full-form here. But as you listen, remember…THAT was their LEADERSHIP at the time. Never forget, an organization will follow the actions and attitudes of its leaders above all else.

This week it’s the family of Rashaan Evans that finds themselves in “the Fambly’s” sights. Evans scorned “the Fambly” by choosing to attend the University of Alabama over the hometown university in Auburn.

Immediately, orange and blue venom started hitting the net. From this “Christian” university, as so many of your Auburn friends on facebook like to call it. But then, the “STFU” (standing for “Shut The F*** Up”) rubber wristband worn by Auburn QB Nick Marshall all season should have given that away.

Just makes you want to get ready for Sunday School, doesn't it?
Just makes you want to get ready for Sunday School, doesn’t it?

The epicenter of insanity is an Auburn message board called “The Bunker” where the freaks come out to play…made up of men who’ve never kissed a girl yet somehow stand 7′ tall while alone in their bedroom, laptop in hand. News hit the web that the Evans family would no longer be served in certain restaurants in town, and encouragement to add to their discomfort in the time he…a 17 year old kid…has left there before graduating from Auburn High School.

Somebody should call the National Guard.

An actual post from “The Bunker” with the header, “Hmm. Evans Corner Market store sold, being cleaned out”…:

“Looks like the Corner Market (full address disclosed) is owned by R&C Enterprises LLC. The property was sold at the 2012 Lee County tax sale for back taxes. On June 30, 2013, the property was redeemed by R&C. R&C has not paid its 2013 taxes of (full amount disclosed). Also, looks like they owe various 2013 personal property taxes for their home (full amount disclosed) and for other property located in Lee County (all outside the City of Auburn). Tax info for Alan & Chenavis Evans and R&C Enterprises LLC all online.

“This is the Evans household (primary residence) (full address of where this family lives disclosed), which is not in the Auburn City Limits, it’s in Lochapoka. All the Evans children attend Auburn City Schools illegally by trying to own property in the city limits but yet not reside there. Bottom line is they don’t live in Auburn. They don’t pay taxes in Auburn and appropriately don’t pay taxes on anything. And if you want to dig a little further go look up the amount of liens on this property at the courthouse. Wow!

“Looks like they are in serious debt and Rashaan did what was best for his family.”

Does this sound like the words and actions of a “family” atmosphere, or a racist, little brother mentality bent on getting those back who dare try and escape the plantation?

What it sounds like to me is, Rashaan Evans comes from a well-educated family, and is doing what is best for his future. He comes from an outstanding family, with two parents who helped guide him to this point in life, and the young man is going to the school that has placed more top talent in the NFL’s first round than anybody in recent years.

But don’t tell that to an Auburn fan. But then, you’ll be hardpressed to find one. They’re too busy trying to rub out a poor family just trying to do the right thing.

They say the minority is always the most vocal, and in this case I hope that is so. But if the majority of Auburn fans do not feel this way, and don’t think a family should be persecuted the way the Evans family are in Auburn, they need to start speaking up.

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76 thoughts on “Attacks on Rashaan Evans’ family may reveal the “true” Auburn “Fambly””

    1. Just because a few stupid dumbasses are reacting in the wrong way to this situation doesn’t mean another stupid dumbass should write an article accusing the entire Auburn fan base of being the same ignorant jackasses. Which is exactly what we have in the writer of this article. A typical bama fan ignorant jackass trying to stir up controversy because his team got their ass handed to them by Oklahoma bc their head coach is a whiny sore ass loser and had their title hopes dashed by Auburn bc Auburn has one of the best coaches in the country and everyone knows Saban SUCKS against coaches that execute ‘outside the box’ on offense. Keep talkin shit bc its all the embarrassed, ignorant, arrogant redneck ass bama fans can do, and Auburn will keep winning. Works for me

      1. Keep it up shit for brains. Wanna see your reamed out ass back here after next years IB. But you know that won’t happen. You cum sucking dog fart, nobody wins ’em all – NO FUCKING BODY! But what Bama’s done since 2008 compared to what that piece of shit outhouse in Lee County has done are the two extremes of the fucking universe. You’re welcome to a once in a lifetime farce of an IB victory. You were outplayed and should have lost by a minimum 21 points considering your 4 scoring opportunities to Bama’s nine. If your dumbass thinks pulling one out by Witchcraft luck after time ran out, means that the worm has turned – you must be the dumbest son of a bitch in the forrest. No wait, your a fucking Barnturd! The IB is history. over, will never return again. Next year will be an all new IB, and the year after, and the year after and so on. It’s mostly forgotten already. But something that is not over and will not be over for at least 4 more years, is Rashaan Evans! He will be around, and around, and around, and around to help beat the shit out of you cock sucking bastards for 4 years; opening the stab wound over and over and over again. Stupid mother fuckers. Bwaa Haww Haww! ROTFLMMFAO! RTR!

    2. LOL, what a whinny article. You can try to make Auburn fans look bad all you want. Fact is has any Auburn fan EVER exposed themself in public to a passed out opposing fan?! No! Has an Auburn fan ever destroyed a tradition of a university over a football game?! NO! The 85% of bama fans will always be Updykes, Auburn fans will always be a family and nothing you idiots write will change that! 34-28!

      1. 85%, I still don’t get where that number comes from.

        But I can assure you (and I’m just as certain you are aware of the same) that 85% of the University of Alabama’s fans would never have done something as stupid as what Harvey Updyke did. Outrageous.

      1. Public maybe, but what was the intent of posting it in that forum?

        Jesus said it’s not the actions but the heart (intent) where sin lies. Being a Christian university I thought you’d get that.

    3. These damn barner fans are the worst, we take their recruits and we gunna beat that ass every year!!! RTRTRTR

  1. As a guy who views this Alabama-Auburn thing from afar, I just don’t see it.

    I can take a post off some random message board from virtually any team, wrap a “story” around it and make it look bad. There are some terrible things on message boards, especially when you consider how passionate people are about college athletics. You can certainly question why the guy would want to look for that kind of information related to the family (perhaps he is suspicious due to alabama’s recent history?) but as an outsider (Spartan grad) this seems pretty tame to me.

    I am also having a difficult time seeing any racism in the comments. But maybe it is a Southern thing to see racism in every situation which happens to involve an African-American family?

      1. Nah. He’s a typical Barnturd asshole who is trying a new tact. Thinks he can gig Bama with some kind of dumbass commmon sense approach. Trying to make us feel repentive so he doesn’t get his ass reamed. Bwaw Haww Haww! It’s so easy to play Black Op’s on this board where you can change your screen name on every post if you want to. What a dumbass. As for the Fambuhlee, can you imagine that kind of reaction in T-Town if Bo Scarborough had opted for Awbie? NOT! RTR!

    1. I agree where is the racism? Where is the article on how Alabama fans threatened to kill their kicker and his family? Where is the article on mafia mentality when a Alabama fan shot another Alabama fan over taking her bama shirt off? Pot calling kettle black…….

  2. I am an Auburn fan and graduate and resident and it is absolutely ridiculous that an AU fan would do that. But remember it doesn’t paint the entire picture of Auburn fans/Auburn University. Remember you guys didn’t like being called Updyke’s because of his actions. I don’t feel that you can categorize an entire fan base on this guys reaction to Evans signing with Bama. I was BUMMED big time because he was such an AU lean for the past three months. But it’s over now and I am sure the coaches at AU aren’t crying in a corner over it. They are just ready to use what we have. Anyway congrats on the great class you guys got. It’s going to be tough to beat you guys, but I wouldn’t have it any other way! War Eagle!

    1. All I’m doing AU Fan is letting the nation know what’s being done to this family in your fair city, raising awareness to try and get them some support. And giving the Fambly an opportunity to cull their nuts so no one gets hurt. The little brother mentality can go too far sometimes. These are people we’re talking about.

      1. Isn’t Cade Foster a person? Did you write an article in an attempt to gather “support” for him? Nope You are taking the actions of one ridiculous fan (that could be a bammer posing as an Auburn fan. There are plenty of those on the bunker as well) and making it look like the entire fan base feels this way. Are you a tree killer? Nope Do you send your kicker death threats? I doubt it. No one is saying that you did and if so, they would be incorrect. So stop acting like this is the act of the AU fan base and not one lunatic that has no known allegiance to either team other than a post on the bunker. Everyone knows how easy it is for people to manipulate message boards and act like they are someone they really aren’t. Nothing is “being done” to this family either. Its a post, not an action you fool. The only nut culling that needs to be done is with yourself you hack! These are people we are talking about!

        1. If I had seen forums discussing ways to make his life miserable, then yes I would. All I heard was what you heard, and saw nothing to prove it happened. Not saying it didn’t, but I did see concerted efforts on the part of a fanbase to ruin the lives of the Evans family.

          This is a football GAME. It is not LIFE.

  3. When asked for his opinion, Cade Foster is reported to have said, “Let me tell you about ATTACKS!”

  4. Where are the “attacks”? I was expecting to see Death Threats like the ones Alabama fans sent to their own player.

    1. Yep. Because publicizing the family’s home address and tax history is soooo much better. Thanks for setting me straight.

  5. Yawn,
    Nice try making a mountain out of a mole hill. Anyways congrats to Evans and hope he does well at Bama. How’s that for a cult fanbase? Our fans aren’t destroying property, tea bagging other fans, or having redneck Mullet “family women” start fights at a bowl game. Those are all Bama fans prominently seen in the NATIONAL news displaying what many, but not all, Bama fans are like when they lose a game…

    Good luck at winning this year with no Qback under the guidance of Lame Kiffin.


    1. Another thing seen in the NATIONAL news…Crystal footballs being won..three: 2009, 2011 and 2012. Not unlike the one Auburn failed to bring home last month. We’ve won more in the last five years than Aubie has won in their history…not that the efforts to reconstruct history won’t try and change that perception.

      Oh, barner glory. Gotta love it.

  6. JLAB…Just Like A Barner…Need I say more???
    Roll Tide Y’all
    Protect America, Build Submarines

  7. The writer of this article failed to mention that the whole signing of this kid has been a clown show. He never had any intention of going to Auburn because his dad was kicked to the sideline for a newcomer named Bo. They were just playing Auburn along for the ride. Of course that made Auburn fans mad….but I don’t really consider the posting of a few mad people on “The Bunker” to be of detrimental significance. I mean all you have to do is bring up the Oaks or Cade Foster to see that this article is the biggest oxymoron ever written.

    1. Personally, I’m indifferent about the oaks.

      As for Cade Foster, that should never happen, but again, it’s the acts of a few that get publicized. As far as I can tell, however, there weren’t orchestrated efforts on the part of a fanbase to ruin his life, as there has been evidence of on “The Bunker.”

      But nice try trying to connect those dots, friend. Too bad you failed.

      1. The fact that you are indifferent about the Toomer’s Oaks shows your lack of awareness and blind spots. I guess if an Auburn fan tore down Denny Chimes it would be ok for them to be indifferent about. (Don’t worry. That will never happen. Only cult fan bases do that stuff)

  8. The whole Nation knows about the Alabama Fan Base, Why do you think they feel everybody from Alabama are Redneck’s

  9. Let’s see if the Fambly can get new signee Kalvarez Bessent off on federal possession and federal intent to distribute charges. The SWAG needs a new drug runner.

  10. Dude, I can’t respect a writer that says I’m glad those trees are dead. I mean seriously?! How batshit crazy do you have to be where you kill some trees because you hate another team? The trashiness of your fanbase seems to have no bounds.

    1. I can’t respect a fan base whose central tradition is throwing butt paper in trees when Auburn wins, or Alabama loses. How bat**** crazy is that?

  11. Auburn blogs never write stories about Alabama. Curious.

    Bama fans wished for Calloway’s legs to be broken when he flipped.

  12. I really don’t understand why people enjoy spreading hate over the web. I don’t care if this is true or not, but the entire purpose of the writer writing this isn’t going to change or benefit anyone. So why write it? I’m sorry if you don’t like Auburn, but don’t write stuff if the entire point of is to spread hate and make people angry

    1. Don’t write a piece that illustrates what this family is facing? Trouble experienced over a simple decision of where to attend college? Friend, buy a subscription to The Bunker and you can read it for yourself.

      The fact that “you don’t care if this is true or not” tells me all I need to know about you. Just Weegle, right?

      If you want the story to stay buried, don’t worry. The state media is taking care of that endeavor for you. THAT is the foul. Not some article on a blog.

  13. I agree where is the racism? Where is the article on how Alabama fans threatened to kill their kicker and his family? Where is the article on mafia mentality when a Alabama fan shot another Alabama fan over taking her bama shirt off? Pot calling kettle black……. I have one son who is a bama fan, one a auburn fan and I’ve always been a FSU fan, we don’t hate each other, fight over who is stupid for liking their team. That is how I see most bama and auburn fans, getting along, teasing each other, maybe some crude jokes but not the hate your posting, you sir make it worse with your one sided view

  14. Just curious as a UGA fan…didn’t Cade Foster receive actual death threats after the Iron Bowl?

    Fact is all college fan bases are crazy.

    1. Yeah, some idiots tweeted some death threats. So what? TWEETED? You really have to take a death threat Tweet seriously. It’s not like the FBI can’t come straight to your house or anything. Bwaa Haww Haww! Nothing but over reacting fans being assholes. But an orchestrated effort to publicly ruin a family – that’s a different animal altogether. RTR!

    2. There is always a lunatic fringe, yes. Which is why I called for the majority of AU fans to speak up on behalf of the Evans family.

      1. You see that the AU fan base is NOT going to take a stand and call this out. They just want to yell abut things Bama fans have done, meanwhile this family is being run out of town and their entire private life is laid out for every nutjob who would do them harm to see. As you can see these AU fans are just fine with it, they probably agree with it. Alabama has a FEW fringe nutjobs, but Auburn has a MAJORITY fringe nutjobs, and the posts here proves it. You cant demand respect, and you cant buy character, It must be earned.

        1. What do you expect from a fanbase made up entirely of people who hate ALABAMA football first and pull for a team second. Its a ragtag group of scrap humans who’s sole thread of commonality is that they all hate Alabama football, It could be any team to pull for it just happened to be AU. A sad bunch of refugees.

          1. Sadly Lunarlite, that has been my experience with Auburn fans my whole life, regardless of socio economic background, race or creed.

            They are a band of paranoid, hate-filled brothers who refuse to admit there is a plank in their own eye when pointing out the speck of dust in another’s.

            There are exceptions, thankfully, but by in large, this has been the rule.

  15. What is the point of this ‘may’ article? The Evans family made a public decision that was reported in the media extensively.Seriously, you are a small thinker, pea sized brain, if you think that AU fans ‘may’ hate an 18 year old kid because he did not choose to play for our team. Per your viewpoint, this ‘may’ be an opportunity for Al and Jesse to visit our fine state and investigate the injustice that Evans family is enduring.
    Does the UAT comm dept teach trashing the competition in media leads to enhanced brand loyalty?
    Only wish you were required to sign your name so future employers ‘may’ see your body of work.
    I sincerely hope that you find a purpose in living other than stoking emotions of the Updyke fanbase.

    1. And the crazy bats at the Bunker published this kid’s address, his family’s tax records, and other information that could be used to do him and his family true harm. I bet they would have been happy to have one of the crazier members of the ‘fambly’ come over and poison their trees or something. The delusion of the Barn fan base is amazing.

      1. Exactly, which is why we chose to report it. They are both delusional and blinded to their own craziness by their own hatred.

  16. Fuck off AU turds. Nobody here gives a shit what you think. We just use you for entertainment and hits. ROTFLMMFAO! RTR!

    1. Crimsonknot, strike a nerve ?
      Lets see, the basis of the so called “may’ article was to suggest that the AU family had somehow hurt the Evans family. I disagreed.
      Now you want me to F/O because I stand up to the bully who wrote this article ?

      Go back to cleaning your room so you can go out to play.

      1. Reporting what your fan base is doing to the Evans makes me a bully? Interesting.

        I think publishing a family’s tax records, address and personal history for all to see in a forum probably falls more in line with the definition of a bully. We’ve never done that here.

        Kind of just ‘sploded your theory.

  17. Better yet I will go clean my room and stay away from this blog. Just wish your purpose was to make the world a better place, not a bitter place.

  18. Nah, your purpose is to troll on a Bama biard to instigate bullshit and irritate the Bama readers – no matter how you try to sugar coat it. Go blow smoke up someone else’s ass. Or blow something anyway. RTR!

  19. Ya”ll need a life and so do I. This is the last thing I am going to read about Bama and Auburn. I have better things to do.Don’t know who makes up the Crimson Ladies but yall have way too much time on your hands and probably money too.

  20. First of all,Im an AUBURN fan and proud of it. Its sad that there is so much hatred between these 2 Universities.I , for one, have NEVER bad mouthed a recruit or a player, nor will I. People need to remember these are kids. I wish Rashaan and his family the best.He didn’t owe anyone anything, and this is his future.If someone wants to write an article like this, they need to do their homework and talk about how Bama fans threatened to kill their own kicker , and address the guy that laid his balls on another persons face, and lets not forget the crazy tree killer that could have hurt or killed several innocent people had that poison got in the AU water supply and how so many Bama fans wore T Shirts praising him and had their pictures made with him. If someone wants to trash our fan base, that’s ok, just know we have a lot more mud on the Bama fan base . WAR EAGLE !

  21. I am an Auburn fan, and I tweeted a congratulatory message to Rashaan. If the Evans family is being mistreated in any way, it is disgusting. I do not condone that behavior. I would, however, ask that you keep in mind the “minority” of Alabama fans who have poisoned trees or played “Son of a Preacher Man” over stadium loud speakers. Unfortunately, both fan bases have some classless people associated with them.

    1. Exactly, which is why I raised the issue and wanted to give good folks like you a chance to speak out against the ones doing it. Hence my last paragraph.

      Thank you for stopping in and doing so, and I trust you’ll continue to do so.

  22. What a waste of time!!! All Auburn fans aren’t like this just like all Alabama fans aren’t like the crazy ones. Sounds like an Alabama fan is still mad about what happened in November so they chose to attack the whole Auburn Family! All I can say is Kick Six, 34-28, and WAR EAGLE!!!!

    1. LOL….that has to be it, NOT raising awareness to protect an innocent family from the orange and blue lunatic fringe.

  23. The kid had to make the best decision for himself. Just like Reuben Foster, Landon Collins, and Cam Robinson. I’m sure those kids got backlash too.

    College football is becoming to much of a business these days where these kids are treated like pieces of meat. You talk to any of these 5-stars and they tell you that they are so glad the recruiting is over because people are all over them.

    As an Auburn fan, I can say that Rashaan wanted to go to a place where he felt more comfortable in his position. He went there to take over for Moseley or Hubbard. That Jack position is a huge role in the NFL. If someone wanted me for that, I would go too.

    If you can’t respect an educational and athletic decision, then you really don’t know anything about college athletics.

    War Eagle!

  24. The idea of an Alabama site claiming Auburn fans are crazy is the most insane thing I’ve read in a very long time. Mom attacks group of students wasted while her children look on, Bama fan smears his genitals across the face of an LSU while dozens of Bama fans cheer and take pictures and videos, another guy poisons two tree held scared by his opposing fanbase; many Bama fans proceed to treat the guy like some hero. A wasted Bama fan drunkely kisses your coach when he first arrives at the airport years ago. Bama fans threw a brick through its own coaches window for losing to Auburn years ago. This list can go on and on. But yeah, this one guy reveals the “true Auburn family.” Get yourself together man.

    1. So you’re ok with your fans harrassing and threatening a high school player? It’s not one isolated incident. It’s all over the news now. Just look at Rashaan’s timeline on twitter.

      What about you guys being a “family” and holding true to the Auburn Creed?

      For those of us that deal with Auburn fans daily, we know it’s a bunch of window dressing. You can try to change the subject all day, but harrassing an 18 year old kid because he won’t play for your school is about as low as it gets.

      You guys need to get a grip. Stop harrassing kids on twitter. It’s embarrassing. Some of your fans have denounced it, but you are defending it based on what Bama fans dif.

      1. Are you kidding me? Why would i be okay with this. There are crazy people in every fanbase. A tide fan, of all people, should know that. I think Cade Foster probably read this and called this entire article “bull^%$*”

        1. Okay Chuck, you show me a concerted effort on the part of a fanbase to follow through on plans to “kill Cade Foster.” Not a rogue, toothless, empty threat by an angry fan…but show me where his personal info has been posted so that it can be acted upon.

          But, don’t let your inability to produce one prevent you from riding that talking point you’ve been handed down. Problem is, it just doesn’t hold water. The two issues aren’t even close. Therefore, it’s your post that is “bull^%$*”, not my article.

          1. I remember a concerted effort to throw a brick through Bill Curry’s window, someone actually going so far as to poison trees, rub their balls on someone’s face, etc. You want tangible things, there you have them. The fact of the matter is it’s so hypocritical to say “you can’t judge Alabama fans for what the actions of a few have done over the past few years” and then do exactly that to another fanbase. But alas, I’m not going to get you to change your tune anyway. C’est la vie

          2. @Chuck

            Oh my lord…don’t even go there (about the window). For one, that story is three decades old. Secondly, it’s long been disputed whether or not it actually happened. Many think Curry made it up because NO broken glass was found in his office, but only outside on the pavement. But I won’t bore you with these long disputed facts; wouldn’t want to ruin your cheap diversion from the real story.

            Your idiotic fanbase just can’t handle rejection, pure and simple, and there is no low too low (or victory for that matter) that can insulate the vast collective insecurities of the Auhbuhn Fambly.

  25. @ITK
    So all the other stuff is a long disputed fact? Harvey Updyke actually poisoned the trees, Brian Downing actually rubbed his genitals on someone’s face, hundreds tweeted to Cade Foster they wished he “would die.” Those things happened. Consequently they have given the Alabama fanbase a bad rap, and you can’t be that naive to think I’m making that up. I’m not saying its true at all of Bama fans. Hell, two siblings and my mother went there so I know they aren’t all bad. However, it’s silly to have someone from that exact same fanbase say that another fanbase has awful fans. You can’t tell me you don’t see the irony in that.

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