Attacks on Rashaan Evans’ family may reveal the “true” Auburn “Fambly”

  • by ITK

Auburn fans love to paint themselves as a family. The Auhbuhn Fambly. Indeed. However, it’s much more like a mafia family. Cross them and get ready to swim with the fishes.

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Now mind you, we have said many, many times that the Auburn fanbase resembles more of a cult than a fanbase, and stand by that assertion. Check the criteria and Auburn meets almost every one of them. Their passion for the object of their worship, Auburn football, is off the charts…and it IS worship.

But the opposite is also true. Mess with the object of their worship and they come unglued. Like, Lord of the Flies unglued. They’ll follow your team’s players and record pictures of their cars, and do all sorts of things that questions rationality at best, sanity at worst.

Afterall, Auburn is a school whose very athletic director once recorded his own insane rant about his hatred for Alabama football for all to hear. You can enjoy Navid Nousel’s lunacy in full-form here. But as you listen, remember…THAT was their LEADERSHIP at the time. Never forget, an organization will follow the actions and attitudes of its leaders above all else.

This week it’s the family of Rashaan Evans that finds themselves in “the Fambly’s” sights. Evans scorned “the Fambly” by choosing to attend the University of Alabama over the hometown university in Auburn.

Immediately, orange and blue venom started hitting the net. From this “Christian” university, as so many of your Auburn friends on facebook like to call it. But then, the “STFU” (standing for “Shut The F*** Up”) rubber wristband worn by Auburn QB Nick Marshall all season should have given that away.

Just makes you want to get ready for Sunday School, doesn’t it?

The epicenter of insanity is an Auburn message board called “The Bunker” where the freaks come out to play…made up of men who’ve never kissed a girl yet somehow stand 7′ tall while alone in their bedroom, laptop in hand. News hit the web that the Evans family would no longer be served in certain restaurants in town, and encouragement to add to their discomfort in the time he…a 17 year old kid…has left there before graduating from Auburn High School.

Somebody should call the National Guard.

An actual post from “The Bunker” with the header, “Hmm. Evans Corner Market store sold, being cleaned out”…:

“Looks like the Corner Market (full address disclosed) is owned by R&C Enterprises LLC. The property was sold at the 2012 Lee County tax sale for back taxes. On June 30, 2013, the property was redeemed by R&C. R&C has not paid its 2013 taxes of (full amount disclosed). Also, looks like they owe various 2013 personal property taxes for their home (full amount disclosed) and for other property located in Lee County (all outside the City of Auburn). Tax info for Alan & Chenavis Evans and R&C Enterprises LLC all online.

“This is the Evans household (primary residence) (full address of where this family lives disclosed), which is not in the Auburn City Limits, it’s in Lochapoka. All the Evans children attend Auburn City Schools illegally by trying to own property in the city limits but yet not reside there. Bottom line is they don’t live in Auburn. They don’t pay taxes in Auburn and appropriately don’t pay taxes on anything. And if you want to dig a little further go look up the amount of liens on this property at the courthouse. Wow!

“Looks like they are in serious debt and Rashaan did what was best for his family.”

Does this sound like the words and actions of a “family” atmosphere, or a racist, little brother mentality bent on getting those back who dare try and escape the plantation?

What it sounds like to me is, Rashaan Evans comes from a well-educated family, and is doing what is best for his future. He comes from an outstanding family, with two parents who helped guide him to this point in life, and the young man is going to the school that has placed more top talent in the NFL’s first round than anybody in recent years.

But don’t tell that to an Auburn fan. But then, you’ll be hardpressed to find one. They’re too busy trying to rub out a poor family just trying to do the right thing.

They say the minority is always the most vocal, and in this case I hope that is so. But if the majority of Auburn fans do not feel this way, and don’t think a family should be persecuted the way the Evans family are in Auburn, they need to start speaking up.

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