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Former Auburn player chastises Auburn Family over treatment of Rashaan Evans

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Former Auburn tight end Phillip Lutzenkirchen has had enough of what he’s seen and heard.

Lutzenkirchen took to Twitter today to let his voice be heard about the mistreatment of the Evans family at the hands of Auburn people.

His commenting on it marks the first official word (I’ve heard) of an Auburn representative speaking out on the harrassment being committed against this poor family.

Lutzenkirchen’s tweets:


Auburn talking heads like Al Del Greco, Justin Hokanson, Phillip Marshall and others are yet to report what is really happening to this family in Auburn, condoning the activity with their silence.

At the time of this article, neither has Jay Jacobs, Gus Malzahn, or anybody in leadership at Auburn University.

We applaud Lutzenkirchen’s courage to go against the grain and boldly do the right thing, regardless of the storm that’s sure to follow. Afterall, you don’t speak out against the Fambly.

Will Auburn’s leadership now follow suit? Or will more cheap comparisons and stone throwing ensue?

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31 thoughts on “Former Auburn player chastises Auburn Family over treatment of Rashaan Evans”

  1. Phillip Lutzenkirchen is a great guy, the kind you’d like to claim. I met his family, great people, and originally he wanted to go to Alabama. Nice to finally see some kind of positive leadership in the Evans situation on the Auburn side, even if it is from someone no longer directly associated with it. Big kudos for trying though, hopefully he won’t stand alone for long.

    1. His sister plays soccer at Bama, I’m told. Hope that coupled with his courage doesn’t get him banished from the Fambly.

    2. I knew him too and had him in class. His sister did play there but he never “originally wanted to go to Bama”

        1. Sullivan was given a special commendation in 2012 for his contributions to Auburn and was apart of the committee that hired Gus. No one has shunned him. Don’t make things up.

          1. He is a man of tremendous integrity, and has been a head coach for close to 20 years yet has never once been breathed as a possible candidate to take over whenever there has been an opening on the plains.

            Wonder why?

  2. Couple of people I know go to AU saw Rashaan riding up and down Frat Row yelling Roll Tide Roll with his friends. Not saying he deserves to be treated like a Pariah but he might need to chill out on yelling Roll Tide on AU’s campus. Just a thought. Great article ITK by the way!

  3. Its a very small number of Auburn fans doing this. The vast majority of Auburn fans condemn these actions and words.

    on the same note, the two players Auburn flipped from Alabama this year were treated the same way by Bama fans, so its not relative to one fan base.

    1. You’re stupid as shit Peach Pit. Don’t come over here running that cum hole about bullshit, cunt. No Bama fans have ever conspired to ruin an athlete and his family. Besides, whore, Aubie has never signed a 5* or any star from T-Town. Piss off! RTR!

        1. Empty threats (which amounted to about 7 on twitter in the hours following the IB) are the same as prolonged harrassement both in person and online. I spoke to a family member at their store just today and they are getting harrassing calls every day, still.

          But fantasyland is fun, so I don’t want to bore you with the truth.

  4. I’m sure u have documented proof that people said not to serve the Evans at restaurants and not to go to tier store too right? I mean other than their word? We know that’s good as gold.

      1. I agree. Auburn’s leaders won’t do anything, but I don’t think it’s unfair for anyone else to care.

    1. Having something nice to say and making a plea for help through insincere flattery are two different things. You know, kind of like the HUNH and a real offense.

  5. Rahsaan said on Tider Insider TV: ” I expected the backlash, but it hasn’t been too bad.” Oops. Guess that makes most of the stuff being said, nothing but hot air.

    1. Only you heard that. I heard the same interview. I also know Rodney Orr (the gray haired guy you saw who owns Tider Insider) and he told be beforehand they were intnetionally going to try and avoid that topic for Rashaan’s sake.

      If “it hasn’t been too bad,” I guess that makes Alan Evans, Rashaan’s father, out to be a liar, since he did a huge piece on the stress AU fans have put on their family.

      And I guess to “it hasn’t been too bad” means getting “treated like Satan” isn’t such a bad thing. (Rashaan’s words of how AU folks have treated him.

      Hence, your post is Aubie delusion in motion, pal.

  6. Watch the interview. It is on YouTube, and yes that is what he said, in response to a question about it. Not saying anyone is a liar, but “it hasn’t been too bad”, doesn’t match what and others have been reporting.

  7. Go to www. Question comes at the 6:00 mark, and his response is from 6:30-8:00. Hear it for yourself , him saying it, not once but at least twice.

  8. First and foremost, I love football enough that I respect the rivalry with Alabama but I also love the competition. However, there is a line drawn somewhere. People treat college football like it is a popularity contest. There is a lot more involved in this decision that Rashaan and many other players have made.

    Here is why people need to think about this… Rashaan went to the school he thought would further his educational background in his desired major but to also make himself a better player at his best position…. Linebacker. Linebackers play a key role at Alabama. They do at Auburn, too.

    However, at Auburn, they are a hybrid Linebacker. They do alot more in the lines of coverage. You watch Rashaan and he acted like an animal coming out of a cage rushing the offense.

    If the real Auburn fans would stand up, they would appreciate the linebackers we do have coming in… Tre Williams and Deshaun Davis. I am from Mobile and have seen these two play at one point. Why can’t these so called “fans” appreciate the talent we do have coming in. Forget Rashaan and his decision. He will be taken care of from here on out.

    The one thing I can’t stand about this rivalry is that people want to call each other out or try to put each other down. However, I do laugh at Crimsonite because I try to envision the passionate Bama fans I know talking like that and it just sounds to over the top.

    ITK… keep writing…. the world is biased. They don’t like negative reaction but it also keeps the people coming back. I.E. people trying to prove otherwise and Crimsonite. People love to argue. Because in the end… all it is is words on the internet. You don’t know me, I don’t know you.

    1. Good thoughts James. At the end of the day, this is just a game, a diversion from the real issues of life. We come here (and other places) to debate, but it needs to stay there. We are all (hopefully) adults, and need to remember that these kids making decisions for their futures are not. That’s what made this story so troubling.

      Thanks for stopping in.

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