Upgrading (again)

Some of you might remember the April 1 upgrade. It taxed the server too much, so tonight is […]

Site upgrade underway

Update: Still having immense resource drain from the new layout. Going to revert back to old look. In […]

Mea culpa

Sorry for the site problem this morning. My site was set to auto-renew, but the credit card on […]

AT&T makes me angry!

My telephone doesn’t work and DSL works intermittently. Why? I don’t know. I reported it to AT&T early […]

Site note: May 1 update

Readers: Posting has slowed down a bit over the last three weeks. Some might call it a post […]

About our comments & more

OK a couple of quick items to talk about. First, can we call a truce on the personal […]

Slower news cycle this week

My mom had a stroke early Saturday. The prognosis is uncertain. She has received excellent care at Brookwood […]

Weekend SEC Notebook

Weekend testing Welcome to the weekend. We are testing out several new items on the website this weekend‚ […]