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Upgrading (again)

Some of you might remember the April 1 upgrade. It taxed the server too much, so tonight is debut of an upgraded server to handle the growing demand and improve the function for readers. Sorry for any problems, but things should work much faster.

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Site upgrade underway

Update: Still having immense resource drain from the new layout. Going to revert back to old look. In January I began work on an overhaul that would improve the look and functionality of the Capstone Report. This is just one phase of the overhaul. Anytime there is a change, there will be issues. Please feel […]

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Mea culpa

Sorry for the site problem this morning. My site was set to auto-renew, but the credit card on file was expired. D’oh. Hopefully, it is working for everyone now.

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AT&T makes me angry!

My telephone doesn’t work and DSL works intermittently. Why? I don’t know. I reported it to AT&T early in the week, and after being told it could take as long as 18 days to repair, I haven’t heard anything. So, it makes posting news and commentary difficult. I will say, it raises the chances of […]

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Site note: May 1 update

Readers: Posting has slowed down a bit over the last three weeks. Some might call it a post Tax Day hangover, and to be honest I’ve had several projects going and a few non-website deadlines and some website work—including some upgrades to the website. Hopefully, I can roll out those upgrades in the next few […]

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RazorGator best source for Tide tickets

Our partner:RazorGator Football season is so close you can taste it. Alabama takes on Clemson Aug. 30 and the NFL isn’t far behind. If you are in the market to buy or sell sports tickets, the Capstone Report recommends RazorGator. RazorGator has been a partner of the Capstone Report for the last year and we […]

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About our comments & more

OK a couple of quick items to talk about. First, can we call a truce on the personal attacks going on amongst our commentors? I think some of the vitriol has gotten out of hand, but I don’t want to moderate unless absolutely necessary—I’m committed to letting all fans who visit her express themselves. But […]

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What they are saying about the Capstone Report

What they are saying about the Capstone Report: ”[T]he most mouth-breathing Alabama blog on the planet…—Brian Cook of AOL Fanhouse and MGOBlog. “Anybody can build a website, but it does not make the creator a crediable (sic) journalist. Hell you have Shane! You’re a lowlife and so is that P*ssy Fart Paul Finebaum.”—Sixdownnow7 “I don’t […]

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Slower news cycle this week

My mom had a stroke early Saturday. The prognosis is uncertain. She has received excellent care at Brookwood Hospital, but the unknown is greater than the known. The neurologist has been realistic, but encouraging. What the future holds, is in God’s hands. Sitting in the ICU waiting room, the mind wanders. The thoughts of how […]

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Weekend SEC Notebook

Weekend testing Welcome to the weekend. We are testing out several new items on the website this weekend‚ don’t worry much if you find something you hate because this is only a test. But feel free to share your feedback. If something is annoying or slows down the website loading then let us know. We […]

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