OK a couple of quick items to talk about.

First, can we call a truce on the personal attacks going on amongst our commentors? I think some of the vitriol has gotten out of hand, but I don’t want to moderate unless absolutely necessary—I’m committed to letting all fans who visit her express themselves.

But let’s keep it out of personal stuff. It takes away from the entire experience.

Trash talk all you want, but don’t attack one another. The last thing I want to do is have moderators for the comments.

Second, we are going to be testing some stories here over the next few days. You need to be able to run javascript to view the stories. If there are problems or you have other issues viewing the stories, items then let me know.

Here’s a sample story regarding web cams and college football:

24 thoughts on “About our comments & more”

  1. I hear Alabama Tech’s Tommy Tuberville does have a webcam, but never personally uses it. Instead, he posts a note on his chair reading, “Gone DUCK HUNTING! PLEASE COME TO ALABAMA TECH. 6!”

  2. O.K. Capstonereport. I will try to be civil. But answer me this, If a doosher like probama rears his head, am I going to get canned? What I like about this blog is the back and forth bantor. Please tell me that your not going to ruin a good board.

  3. Tubby’s response to the web cam issue above (“Hopefully (Auburn recruits) know what I look like.”) is a perfect example of his self-centered, obnxious, ignorance…typical TT response!

  4. You are the problem Ball Play. There is no “banter” with you. I would welcome Moderation to get rid of the ignorance that you epitomize .

  5. That hurt Pluto..I think I need a good cry. Lets talk football. The Saban started his teleconferencing deal at Gadsden city high school. I for one wish Tubbs would be more agressive when it comes to recruiting. But agressive in a smart way. Yes, like The Saban. He is the best recruiter in CFB or close to the top anyhow. Tubbs may have been a little hasty with the scholly handouts. Only time will tell. Here is the kicker though. Gadsden City is a conglomerate of all the Gadsden city limits High schools. They were made up of Litchfield, Emma Sansom, and Gadsden High. For some reason unknown to me , only after they merged did anyone really start taking a hard look at this areas athletes. They have been here all along. Jarrell Harris, Dre Kirkpatrick, and Kendall Kelley are just a few. I know of several great players in this area that never got a look until the system merged, and they started playing the Spain Parks and Hoovers. So I do believe that there are several players that do go under the radar. Just sayin. There were several backs at Litchfield in the day that never got a hard look by the big schools. This is in the same area that produced Brodie Croyle Westbrook Christian), Carnell williams (Etowah High), Freddie Kitchens (Etowah High), Pat Nix (Etowah High), Freddie Waygand (Emma Sansom), Jean Jelks (Emma Sansom), The list goes on and on. But up until the schools merged no one took a hard look at these schools.

  6. I am sure that at some point webcams will be used by all major college football programs…probably sooner than later.

    I am just as sure that this site will continue to be overrun with trash…making it nearly impossible for a college football fan to get the REAL news on this site (that was for you Cap)!!!

  7. Yeah, personal attacks are kinda passe, however, it does not change the fact that it is failed to be reported that “The Dictator” has to stand on a step ladder to be eye level to a web cam hooked to a laptop. See what I just did there? Not a damn thing. But typing that gave me a chuckle at least. I hope that a moderator does not have to be called for. If I got banned from here, Tommy Tuberville’s ears might catch a gust of wind, and take flight straight to Coral Gables..ahem…and drop him off. Ah, just thinking out loud.

  8. Yea we know computers LCN AUburn put the TECH in POLYTECH!!
    And as far as the truce goes im all for it… I am a GOD fearing man i just dont beleive in turning the other cheek though, and it is funny how Ol Boy (he knows who he is) who just happened to be ONE of the WORSE got his little feelings hurt and we got a call from above.


  9. Barnie Basher Says:
    July 22nd, 2008 at 7:05 pm
    St. Clair, I also think, no wait, I know you’re also the same lowlife who uses other user names: Julio/Ballplay/Redneck.

    Nice try, Julio/Ballplay/Redneck, but no one buys it.

    Next up, Julio/Ballplay/Redneck will play dumbfound and act like they have no idea what they’re talking about. Then St. Clair will make another appearance, claiming he is a Bama fan, then 6 minutes later, Juilo will show up. 2 minutes later Redneck will show up. And 14 minutes later, Ballplay will make an appearance. In between, API man will make his hourly idiotic ALL CAPS posts.

    tmc1 Says:
    July 23rd, 2008 at 3:16 am
    I see you noticed the worst kept secret in blogdom, too.
    The only person who is getting fooled is the Ballplay/julio/redneck/aka API SHANEHATER.

    Hey CAP I know you can tell that all of us are not the same Will you please tell these guys that we are not the same person so they will stop using that as fodder??? PLEASE? I mean in all reality they should be able to tell just by knowledge or lack there of in these blogs alone but i dont think without your help they can have thier eyes opened Sir, Thank you in advance for your help

  10. A-K-A …Come on bother, dont cave now. Capstone said that smack talk was acceptable. So Ill take him at his word. By “personal attacks” I think he was refering to that degenerate probama. The warning came shortly after the homsexual curse filled tirade that probama went on. Tmc1 has toned it down , so I shall do the same when dealing with him. He may have been telling the truth about his daughter. If so I have to respect that. But it is amazing to me how some of the bammers on this blog mouth off and expect no response. Like I said earlier , this is the best blog I have seen concerning Alabama vs. Auburn. Please dont change it too much capstone.

  11. I don’t give a rip if these bammers think every Auburn poster on this site is the same person. It just makes them look like either a dog barking at his shadow and chasing his tail, or a paranoid schizo. Either way it’s funny, and they look stupid. That’s a win-win. Gee, come to think of it, maybe I am julio…no wait, that’s the screen name i’m logged on as right now…i mean ballplay….i mean finebaumjunkie…i mean tmc (no wait, he’s a bammer)….curse you bammers!!!!

  12. Shanehater.
    it was obvious. lol

    guys honestly… is it really necessary we get down to personal insults and 4 letter words?
    Homosexual references, references to peoples arses, feces, homoerotic humor, incest, families, racism,,,, etc….

    Is it necessary to make a point?

    I am sure there are a lot of kids who log in here. And instead of seeing anything that resembles adult conversation they see adults acting like a bunch of idiots. Degrading each other and ourselves.
    Julio/ballplayAKA etc… How would you feel if it was at your website? Someone logged in everyday just to try to humiliate the blogger and readers by slinging the rudest insults available.
    Is this what you want your children reading? Is this what you want anybody’s
    children reading?

    I am sure that there are those who glory in this type of behavior. Me… I figure that maybe it is time that we turned the corner and aimed for something a little more honorable.

  13. Here ,,Here,,tmc1…I wholeheartedly agree with you on that. Just remember that smack talk is O.K. If kept semi-repectable. Look at the heart of the message and you can tell if someone is joking or not. If its in fun, I couldnt care less what someone posts about me. But your right, lets try to keep it clean.

  14. tmc, I completely agree. btw, I challenge anyone to find a single lude or disgusting remark I have ever made on this blog, although I can point to plenty that have been made directly against me. I’m here to talk a little smack about football, and yes I may even get a little sarcastic when rebutting a point someone makes. I will not refer to someone as a semi-vulgar word for a sex act, I will not drop any vulgar words, and I will not call anyone degrading names. Frankly, I could care less what anyone here calls me, as none of you even know who I am. Why the heck would I care if a person who I don’t even know the identity of, and doesn’t know my identity, calls me a name? Everyone calm down and stop taking this stuff so personally.

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