12 thoughts on “Mea culpa”

  1. Glad it is working ok now. I should have warned you about that. Why do you think PF was at clear channel a couple of months ago? I’m curious about the salaries of these guys. In the past, radio peeps especially local folks did not make alot of monies. I know someone like LT appears to be making bank. Could Citadel be overpaying these guys? Is Hankey mismanaging monies. How much will it take to get Verno in here? Why would he want to leave Memphis? Is that not a bigger market? I wonder what type of conversations Ian is having regarding the nc.

  2. Does LT still do ad sales? Advertising sales is the best way to make money in the media business.

    It is also the most difficult side too. (And that is something editorial/content people hate to hear.)

  3. Yes. He does alot! He must be rolling. He is off today. Good for him I guess. I wish Shane had a show. Serious. I’m amazed someone hasn’t offered him. May the advertisers wouldn’t want a controversial figure? This forum is probably the best for Shane anyways.

  4. I’ve told Shane and a few others that I intend to eventually do an Internet radio show for him and some of the other regulars here. However, I got busy with taking a few grad courses this year….

    It is on the top of my to do list for 2010.

  5. Most of the online radio/podcast software allows you to take calls. That could be fun since so many people find Shane polarizing both in the Auburn family and the Alabama family. 🙂

  6. L.t. Is the most successful salesman they have. He makes very small salary, but pulls it large on commish! He is a sharp dresser. He knows his sports. Deep down he loves the tide. Shane is a joke lance wannabe.

  7. Yeah, works. But not your Spanish. Mea is not a word. You could say – Es mi culpa, Esta mi culpa, Esta culpa mio, Es culpa mio or Estoy culpably. Today’s lesson in Spanish 101. RTR!

  8. And Cap,,,, if you host a call-in show and Shane is one of your main callers, does that make him your brother-in-law too?

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