2010 BCS National Championship
2010 BCS National Championship

By Shane from Centerpoint
Warning! You are about to be bombarded from all sides with an enormous amount of (mostly useless) information. Soon every talking–head that can get his mouth in front of a microphone, hand on a pen, or face in front of a TV camera will spew his opinion on the upcoming national championship game between Alabama and Texas.

Caution! The major sports media outlets will attempt to build this game into a dramatic made–for–TV moment by creating the perception that the Longhorns are an “underdog”. Professional pundits will attempt to leave you with the impression that the Crimson Tide is too powerful, all business and a much better team.

However, the experts will also portrait Texas as a giant–killer. Their story will feature All-American quarterback Colt McCoy as the chosen-one. By kick-off they’ll have you pulling for him, too.

Wait a minute! Forget the mainstream media’s take on college football’s final conflict. Their only motivation in promoting both teams is the need to sell the “close–game” theory to attract viewers, listeners, and readers. Remember, commercial/ad sales have seen some hard times lately.

Actually, I’m not here to crash the party or break the code, but I am honest enough to state that I don’t think the results on the gridiron will match the script written in the build–up. The supposed drama of a closely fought contest will be non-existent because I honestly believe Alabama will dominate this game.

No! I wouldn’t make that comment without backing it up. I’ve got some very good reasons for thinking that Alabama will win big. Here are eleven of them:

#1 I hate to re-hash “Football 101”, but games are truly won and lost along the lines of scrimmage. Put it this way, if Texas thought Nebraska’s Suh was hard to keep off of Colt McCoy, wait until three of the same caliber athletes come after him play after play. Realistically, Alabama has about ten defensive linemen that are faster than anything the Texas offensive linemen have seen all year.

#2 Texas has a great run–defense. So did the Florida Gators prior to getting shredded by the Alabama offensive line. Longhorn DC Will Muschamp will be forced to play eight-in-the-box in order to slow down Ingram and Richardson. Still, those Tide pulling-guards are deadly! Florida couldn’t handle them and I don’t think the Longhorns will either.

#3 Rolando McClain is a dominating force. He can disrupt a great offense with his ability to orchestrate shifts and alignments. Ro is also impossible to block. He can literally take over a game.

#4 Greg McElroy is ready for prime time. Unlike McCoy, who almost choked away his shot at glory, G-Mac has proven that he is the leader of this team. Saban can now depend on Greg to deliver and when Nick has a solid quarterback he rarely loses.

#5 Julio Jones may not have huge receiving numbers this year, but his value to the offense’s success has been tremendous. He makes big catches when needed and is a threat to score every time he touches the ball. Yet, his greatest contribution comes in downfield blocks, as he is one of the best I’ve ever watched perform the art.

#6 Tight–end Colin Peek is a lethal weapon inside the stripes. He is a prototype NFL player that can draw coverage away from other receivers, while always getting open. Texas doesn’t have a linebacker on the roster that can cover Peek one-on-one. His run–blocking will impact the game as well. He’ll use his 6’6” 255-pound frame to destroy linebackers so the running-backs can blow through the lanes.

#7 Everybody knows that the Crimson Tide defensive backfield is coached by Alabama’s head coach, Nick Saban. Those who’ve watched them operate understand that Saban has two lock-down corners on the field. That frees up his big safeties to protect the area between the hashes – against run and pass. The DB’s seem to improve with every game.

#8 Last year when Oklahoma faced Florida the difference in overall team–speed was overwhelming. The Sooners couldn’t run with the Gators. Simply put, Big 12 team–speed is no match for SEC team–speed. Alabama also has very large players that are really fast. Texas must adjust to this quickly or disaster could strike early.

#9 Quality depth always plays an important role in a team’s success during a championship run. The Crimson Tide is loaded and healthy at every position. Many of the second–unit players can make up with talent what they lack in experience. The bad news for the Longhorns is that most of them could start for any Big 12 team.

#10 Alabama has faced much tougher opponents than Texas has throughout the season. They’ve been battle–tested time and time again. The Longhorns had an easy schedule, with only a couple of real tests. One thing for certain – the Crimson Tide is going to smack Texas in the mouth over and over again. That’s what they do. Can Mack Brown’s guys stand in and fight for four quarters? I doubt it.

#11 Finally, Coach Saban and his staff have had too much time to prepare for one game in this case. I know Brown will work hard to be ready for the contest but he won’t outwork Nick Saban. Nobody does! Saban will have the Alabama players ready mentality and physically to be relentless. He’ll have his team playing at a level where it doesn’t matter who the opponent may be.

When it’s all said and done, things aren’t looking so good for the Texas Longhorns.
—Shane writes a weekly column for the Call News and the Capstone Report.

56 thoughts on “Shane: 11 reasons why Alabama will defeat Texas”

  1. Yes sir. Everything must be marketed and pimped by every Media Carney – whether it needs it or not.
    Fine Article there guy.

  2. Tennessee isn’t nearly the team Texas is, and neither is Auburn. Alabama struggled against both. Good luck with your prediction.

    The only thing you may have gotten right is the part about it not being a closely fought game.

  3. Pillophyte is right about Tennessee and Auburn, they are not in the same league as Texas. They could beat Texas easily. SEC#1 and ROLL TIDE!

  4. Yeah Pillophyte, like those 6-6 Aggies, 7-5 Sooners, 8-4 Red Raiders, and 9-4 world killer Huskers aren’t nearly the team Alabama is either. Texas struggled against all 4. Good luck with your hopes and dreams.

  5. But also, as all of us in the listening range of Paul Slimebomb know, Shane from Center Point is one of the biggest morons, and is an embarrassment to the Tide Nation. He rarely says anything that is actual new information to anyone, and acts like he knows something we all don’t know. And his #11 reason is ridiculous. It’s as if the NCAA gives Saban more time to prepare than Brown gets. What a stupid post. Roll Tide Roll, in spite of our mental midget in Northeast B’ham.

  6. I am an SEC guy (Go Hogs), and I enjoyed the article. I have a disagreement though about ANYONE being the same caliber as Suh. That guy is in a league of his own. But I DO agree that TX hasn’t seen a collection of athletes on the front like they’ll see when they face Bama.

    I have a feeling it will be closer than expected because of just some Texas-type things that tend to happen because of their mystique; but Bama should win this game.

  7. “Alabama has about ten defensive linemen that are faster than anything the Texas offensive linemen have seen all year.”

    So not only is Cody better than Suh, but 9 other DLs for Alabama are faster? Damn, Texas is in trouble. I’m going to go with Bamaboy21 on his analysis of this post.

    If only Saban and Brown had both coached some BCS games before, we’d have an idea of how their preparation translates into wins or losses. Oh, wait, Saban is 2-1 and Brown is 3-0. Overall bowl records: Saban 4-6, Brown 8-3.

    I wonder if they ever coached a game against each other. Wouldn’t that be weird?

  8. Shame – How much time did Saban and his staff have to prepare for Utah? Did Utah have SEC caliber speed? Did Utah face tougher opponents than UAT last year? Did the Utes have more depth?

  9. Check – that Bama team was not ready for that Game and it was Saban’s Fault. The crushing defeat by Florida – killed the team. The lost to Florida STAYED with them for a year before it was exorcised.
    I suspect Florida will be in a similar situation with Cincy.
    Just wonder how a rematch with those mighty Utes would look like today.
    Call the Undertaker.

  10. “Alabama has about ten defensive linemen that are faster than anything the Texas offensive linemen have seen all year.”

    Based on comments like that, Bama better not lose this game are they will be a disgrace to the SEC, seeing how no SEC has not lost a BCS championship game its played in yet (even without talent as “great” as Alabama has (right Shane for brains”) . And if they lose after what Saban’s team did in the bowl game last year well then I will be glad he’s your coach and not ours.

  11. I do have one concern — Major Applewhite recruited Greg McElroy — now that Major Applewhite is at Texas — do you think he may know some advantages / disadvantages of McElroy with his mechanics, etc.? Just a thought — maybe Applewhite knows that he can’t do this in this type of situation or throw a certain way doing this — just a thought — other than signal changes — how much do you think Applewhite has conveyed to Mack Brown’s coaching staff about how Saban handles things.

  12. Yeah well, 5 of Sabans bowl losses weren’t his fault. They happened at shit schools, and that includes LSWho. Well look what the dogs dragged in. Shit eater Reality Dick has slithered out from under the rock where he’s been hiding since the Iron Bowl. Alabama certainly doesn’t have 10 linemen faster or better than Suh! But they have Cody who does things differently. Things that fit Bama’s style of play perfectly. And we also have a complete D line that whether we are running 3-4, 4-3 or 5-2, is better than anything Texas has faced this year. The closest compar4

  13. I hope the players are buying a false sense of confidence from their performance against an over-rated Florida team that should have lost to Arkansas and never really showed any explosiveness on offense since Percy Harvin left. And regarding the SEC vs Big 12, you don’t have to travel far to ask for Georgia’s opinion on the Big 12. OU turned it over inside the 10 yard line twice (4th down and INT), and only lost by 10 – I’m not sure we were watching the same game where you say “The Sooners couldn’t run with the Gators.” As for Saban, he’s a great coach. I think he’ll have his team well prepared. Just ask Utah! As for Texas, we’ve won 5 straight (3 BCS) bowl games…I’m betting we’ll get up for this game.

    As far as Texas’ depth, we’ll introduce them in the 4th QTR…

  14. So, let me get this straight:

    1) You said that “Coach Saban and his staff have had too much time to prepare for one game in this case.”

    I ask: Did Coach Saban not have too much time to prepare for Utah last year? And don’t Mack Brown, who is 7-1 over his last 8 bowl games, and his staff have an equal amount of time?

    2) Greg McElroy is ready for prime time but Colt McCoy — who has won more games than any QB in college football history, has won three bowl games (to include a BCS bowl against Ohio State), has beat the Sooners three out of four etc… —- is not ready for prime time?


  15. Roll Tide Shane! Now take of the glasses and try to look at the mechanics of this matchup. 1)Suh was in the Heisman race, not the 3 Alabama lineman you speak of. I do believe that collectively, Alabama’s d-line will give Texas serious problems and has the potential to be as disruptive as Nebraska’s d-line was in the Big 12 Championship. I say this based on the Tides D-line play for the past 13 games and their ability to pressure some pretty good QBs with pretty good O-lines. That analysis includes anything Bama’s front does to speed up a QB’s decision making process (not just sacks). I do not, however, believe that any Bama d-lineman will mimic Suh’s individual performance. Every part of this team plays as a unit, this game will be no different.
    2) Basing assumptions on the last game that a team played is flawed and does not offer any examinable proof that backs up your opinion. I’m not saying that I disagree completely with your point, but Texas is also 13-0. Their run D has not faced a dedicated running game of Bama’s caliber this year based on their opponents rushing statistics. Bama is technically sound and is near impossible to stop when correctly executing the offensive game plan. So I agree with your point just not your proof. Please expound.
    3) Spot on! I don’t care what anyone thinks, Ro has proven this time and again on the field through 13 games…He will not be denied!
    4)I agree with that evaluation other than the knock against McCoy. You do not become the winningest QB in history by choking.
    5) Ditto! Julio is solid in all aspects of his game and is the definition of a team player.
    6) Colin is an integral cog in the Bama offense and most of what you have said is absolutely true. Texas has some pretty good linebackers who have the speed to cover him, but his size and ability to adjust to the ball should cause a mismatch with their D.
    7) I’m trying to play devils advocate here, but this one is hard to argue with. Other than the fact that just because Saban coaches them (which doesn’t mean squat if they do not execute). The db’s will be tested by an offensive style that they have not seen. The cb’s are mostly lockdown, but this is a different animal. I say that because even though they’ve seen Arky, FIU, Ole Miss, Auburn, Florida and a couple of other teams that integrate different aspects of the Texas offense, they haven’t seen it altogether in one place yet. I can see Texas having moderate to decent success in the first half until adjustments are made. But, Texas will have great success in the first half if Bama does not get QB pressure with the front 3-4 and keep Colt from getting comfortable and in a rhythm.
    7) This point is logically ridiculous. I hope you are right and this is what happens, but basing this years NC on last years results is just like saying last year Bama couldn’t handle Utah and this year is going to be the same. They are completely different teams with different identities and this is true of all teams because they graduate players, lose them to the draft, have miscellanious departures and add new players thus changing the make up of the teams identity collectively, athletically, and philosophically. Team speed is an idea someone came up with to explain why they lost, it is not proof of superiority. Florida statistically (40 speed)is most likely faster than Bama, their D swarmed to the ball, they still lost because they did not execute while Bama did.
    9) When you’re right, you’re right. I think this is the most important advantage Bama has as the game progresses through four quarters. What is bad for Texas is that each of these Bama players has the same goal…impose their will. It’s much easier to do when you’re fresh.
    10) SOS(that is strength of schedule not Sons of Saban)
    CBS sports-Bama 4th, Texas 30th
    teamrankings.com-Bama 1st, Texas 36th
    Jeff Sagarin-Bama 12th, Texas 49th
    zonqsports.com-Bama 30th, Texas 62nd
    I found only these four, their are probably more, but 4 outta 4 say it is a decided adavantage to the Tide.
    11) Mack Brown and Texas have the same amount of time to prepare as Saban and Alabama. There is no proof that Alabama nor Texas has a decided advantage because of the long layoff.
    Shane I mostly agree with you as you can see and I’m not saying that you don’t have valid points, because as a Bama fan I see where you are coming from. With that said, please offer some evidence to back up your opinions. Otherwise, you are offering just that, an opinion and we all have those.

  16. Mike — go an enjoy your “payed” for bowl game on the 1st — if Bobby Bowden were not to be fired this year — your stinking Auburn team would be in a bowl game in Shreveport or Nashville — your university put up $3 mil. up front and purchased 30K tix to swoon the Outback reps that attended the Iron Bowl in your shitty stadium — have fun in Tampa while you are soaked into a billion games on New Year’s overlooked by the casual observer nationwide on television — remember — like capstone says — you resemble the 20% who actually gives a damn about Auburn in this state — be glad your W/L column was enough to get you some spotlight on New Years — we’ll be in the ‘National’ spotlight — peace bitches (Rick James the hand)

  17. Shane obviously wears “crimson-colored sunglasses” and I’m sure there are others with orange titted lenses. However this game is going to be an epic battle between the two best teams in the country. So get your easy-chair and popcorn ready, also don’t forget your dvd recorder because no matter who wins; this game is going to be an instant classic!

  18. Anyone who thinks the Tide will easily roll over Texas is dreaming. I am sure Texas is better than Auburn or the Vols and they gave us all we could handle. We should save all the BS talk for after we win the game.


  19. Thanks to Google News sometimes you come across sites like this one that you would never see otherwise – in this case a completely non-objective view of Crimson Tide Athletics. The analysis here, while not all wrong by any means, really overdoes things. Bama is favored in this game for good reason, just as they were against Utah last year (hope they learned something more than just being motivated from that game, because that certainly wasn’t the whole problem).

    So here’s a couple of things not covered in the article. Both Alabama and Texas have used a tried and true formula for BCS success to successfully reach this game: having a really good team in a down year for your conference. Let’s not be making too much out of strength of schedule for Alabama in the 2009 SEC. That probably doesn’t help Texas, but come on now.

    Another item, which often proves to be of great significance in many football games is how a team travels. In a national sense, Alabama doesn’t know how it travels, since it really doesn’t. In the last four years (and I dare say probably a lot longer than that) Bama’s longest road trip has been to Blacksburg, Virginia! For a national profile program, that’s a joke.

    In the same period, Texas has played games in San Diego and Glendale, Arizona. Prior to that, they have played in Columbus, Ohio and twice in the Rose Bowl, the last time (for the Championship) included some players on the current team.

    Even now, Saban doesn’t want to talk about being in the title game. Colt McCoy says that that’s where they intended to be from the first game of the season and now they are there. That attitude seems to show more confidence in owning the situation.

    I’m not saying that Texas is better because they don’t appear to be, or that they will win, but they play the game for a reason and you at least have to think about some of these factors in a game that will only be played once.

  20. Oh thank you for your uplifting article. I live in Jacksonvile, Florida. I am originally from Jasper, Alabama and a diehard Alabama fan. To say I am sick to death of hearing about the “gators” would be putting it mildly. Oh and by the way, all gator fans claim they didn’t loose the SEC Championship. No sir the gators they know and love didn’t play. Who knew, looked like Timmy crying to me. But again thank you for your article. I haven’t read many positive articles about Alabama in the Bleacher Report and I as of today unsubscribed from their publication.

  21. YO! “SoCal Pete,” first of all Alabama traveled to Atlanta, GA to defeat Virginia Tech. Yes, the travelling takes place in the Southeast, just like your beloved Trojans travel up & down California & venture occasionally into Washington, Oregon & Arizona. As for travelling out West I’m sure that Coach Saban has taken into account the time-zone differential. As for intersectional games we haven’t had many of those in the last few years so to sum it up you make an excellent point about “how well a team travels.” One thing is for sure; Alabama will have PLENTY of fan support. After Christmas, BE PREPARED for caravans of RVs. Check out Warren St.John’s book “Rammer Jammer Yellow Hammer” for some enjoyable reading about Alabama fans and the love we have for OUR TEAM.

  22. I’m as big of a bama you’ll find but this article is homertastic. Suh is one of the best interior d-linemen in over a decade. if Alabama has 10 d-linemen of equal or greater capability today, our staff should be fired for allowing this D to be scored upon.

    Alabama may blowout Texas, they may not, they may even lose…but the reasoning for most of this article is so idiotic I can’t believe anyone allowed it to be published.

  23. Give Saban and his evil little twin Kirby Smart time and they will come up with a plan to shut down the passing attack of Texas.
    Alabama plays a more physical game than Texas and if they do
    not turn the ball over, Alabama should win going away in the
    4th quarter!! RTR

  24. Saban is a beast who has never until this year put back to back winning seasons of 10+ together so records at this point are being destroyed since Saban came to Bama I think that speaks alot about not only Saban but THE ALABAMA CRIMSON TIDE PROGRAM! So LETS GET IT ON!!!!!!!!!!

  25. SoCal Pete, a bit of info for ya-Saban has tried to schedule a home and home with Petey and the Prophylactics, but Petey won’t man up and play an SEC team. Wonder why? Maybe he knows that his band of thugs and miscreants will get their ass handed to them. Hell, Mississippi State would beat USC by at least 6!
    As for Colt, and Mack. If they’re so dadgum wonderful, how did they not manage the clock better. “I didn’t know the clock rule,” is an excuse from a “Championship” quarterback? G-Mac pogos down the sideline for a 1st down, and by the way he’s NEVER LOST A GAME!!!
    I think it’s hilarious that all the Horny fans point to a Utah game that we all know was a bust from the moment that match-up was announced. Why don’t you point to the ass-whipping FLorida just took as an indicator of the ass-whipping you’re about to receive. You guys get a free second from the officials and Mack and Colt holding the hard rock horns up as if they were some conquering horde. No you got your ass whipped by Nebraska. Luck won that game, not McCoy and Mack.

  26. Need to get out of the way first. Much has been made about UA vs. Utah in last year’s Sugar Bowl. Bama did not want to be there and it showed in the way they played. Utah was thrilled to be there and it showed in how they played. Had these two teams met in late October, Bama would have won. UF faces the same challenge this year. UF has a couple of advantages, which hopefully will result in a victory. These are it is Tebow’s last college game and Cinny has had a coaching change. Trust me when I say Cinny will come to play because just as Utah they will be thrilled to be there. UF just like Bama will want to be some place else. One can only hope they are better prepared than UA was last year.

    This game will be decided by the play of each team’s lines on both sides of the ball and whether UA can stop UT’s nickel and dine passing attack. When UT has faced a team, which can actually run the ball, they have had a difficult time – OSU and A&M. I would like to think UA has a better rushing attack than either. When UT has faced a defense, which can pressure McCoy, they have had a difficult time. For UT it will depend on how well they can protect McCoy. If they do a good to excellent job it could be a long afternoon for Bama. McCoy will release the ball very quickly. Bama might open up with some yet seen blitz package to hurry McCoy and establish a tone for the entire game.

    As for this being a down year in the SEC that is true. The SEC has a six 7-5 teams with only UA, UF and LSU standing a bit ahead of everyone else. My question to the Pac 10 quest is when are you going to have a season that is not totally mediocre by any standards. Let’s face it, it is USC and everyone else and has been for the last 7 or 8 years. The Big 12 is only slightly better with OU or UT.

  27. Yes Sir – but it’s like the old adage – “you can take the mule to water – but will it drink ? ”
    Total Team Lost. Hell guy . We lost the game. Blame everybody and anything. I’m moving on –
    That was yesterday.

  28. I’ve heard all the comments, read all the opinions and only have one thing to say. Alabama winning the National Championship will be icing on the proverbial cake of TRADITION, which in my mind is what is actually at stake here. Bama is 0 – 7 – 1 against a TRADIONAL power in college football and if we lose, this will be the story.

    Sad, but true.

  29. Well well well… It’s time for me to show my 8==D ~~<<(.)(.) and dance on the streets!

  30. Shane Corn is an independent, very opinionated, knowledgeable sports pundit out of Birmingham. He is a sports columnist for the Call News (thecallnews.com) weekly and online newspaper, chief commentator for the No. 1 Alabama football Web site: The Capstone Report (capstonereport.com), and a longtime contributor and personality on one of the South’s top-rated sports talk shows: The Paul Finebaum Radio Network. He covers Alabama football and other SEC related issues



    I don’t even read the trash that Shane writes anymore…what’s the point? Another article put together following a template he picked up on some internet site for Elementary School Newspaper writing mixed in with the ability to click on synonyms and spell check.

    The only reason people check his article is to read the stuff under the article and that’s only because Finebaum is too cheap to pay for the space to run the thread.

    Shane, when you die and go to hell for the hatred you spew to all that IS NOT Bama…tell Bear hello!

  32. Who is Will Muschomp?

    Is he that freaky frat looking punk that runs up and down the sidelines acting foolishly the entire game? Is he not still down at the barn? If not, why did he leave such a fine institution?

  33. Yep lets bring up Utah. (Even though it was a year ago.)
    Lets bring up Suh. Even though Texas has not seen the talent or speed and stregnth hey will see on a defensive line they will encounter in the BCS game.
    Lets bring up Chicken little. Why not?
    Truth is this (Bama) is a bigger, faster, stronger and more experienced team than last year’s team (who probably could have beaten Texas.)
    That is the reality here. Bama is just a great football team. IF Texas can beat them, then they DESERVE their props and they DESERVE to be called National Champions. Its that simple folks.

  34. RC, are you really talking about Utah? One difference, we beat Florida’s ass this year! Did you forget? You can try to convince yourself that Saban will do it again, but how did he do in his other NC game against the Big 12 champ? Alabama is going to dominate this game, much like the Fla game, from start to finish and you’re gonna love it. 36-10 RTR

  35. Aha! SoCal Pete has it figured out y’all!!!!

    The ONLY reason Alabama and Texas are in the National Championship game is because “a really great team is down in each of their respecive conferences”.

    I would expect garbage like that from a SoCal poser. By that logic, we should all be thankful that the mighty ND Irish, USC Trojans, and less we forget, Army Black Knights are “down” this season. No team stands a chance when those historically great teams are on.

    Well, USC doesn’t really have a chance when they don’t have the 33rd professional football team in the land bought and paid for. So we should all thank our lucky stars that USC and the Florida Gators are down this year. If those great teams were on, no Disneyland for us!

    Don’t you have a yoga class to attend Pete? Leave the football discussion to the real men.

  36. And one more thing Petey. I have no idea where you get your facts, but Alabama has not played in Blacksburg, Virginia in my lifetime. Again, you should leave the football discussion to those that know what they are talking about.

    But who am I kidding. Pete is a member of a fanbase that doesn’t concern themselves with facts. Players families living in houses that are bought and paid for by an agent is a fact you should concern yourself with Petey. Why don’t you bust out Google News for that expose?


    Another item, which often proves to be of great significance in many football games is how a team travels. In a national sense, Alabama doesn’t know how it travels, since it really doesn’t. In the last four years (and I dare say probably a lot longer than that) Bama’s longest road trip has been to Blacksburg, Virginia! For a national profile program, that’s a joke.

    In the same period, Texas has played games in San Diego and Glendale, Arizona. Prior to that, they have played in Columbus, Ohio and twice in the Rose Bowl, the last time (for the Championship) included some players on the current team.

    Even now, Saban doesn’t want to talk about being in the title game. Colt McCoy says that that’s where they intended to be from the first game of the season and now they are there. That attitude seems to show more confidence in owning the situation.

    I’m not saying that Texas is better because they don’t appear to be, or that they will win, but they play the game for a reason and you at least have to think about some of these factors in a game that will only be played once.

    You must be related to Shane. If traveling farther for games in the past 2 years is an advantage for one other team I would say you have been taking some drugs that I cannot get over the counter.

    Shane is a overbearing Alabama fan , which a lot of us laugh at but he does this just to get the opponent stirred up, in a different way just like his Brother in Law Paul Finebaum.

    Sir if you really think your comment about Texas winning because they traveled further. Please back it up with some stats. I think Alabama traveled by train in 1926 too them 7 days to get to Pasadena and played Washington who it too one day on a train.

    Who won the rose bowl . Bama 20 to 19. So I just used your premise to show that your comment may be your opinion but its just like Shane’s article its his opinion with a few facts thrown in.

    The line is 4 to 6 points.

    I call it even. The bookies in Vegas had to do something to piss of the Texas fans to get them to bet. And I dont care if you give me 40 points and Texas I an most of the Alabama nation would never bet against Alabama.

    I cant wait for the game still 10 days away.

    Want to hear some real Bama footbal talk.

    http://www.finebaum.com 2pm monday thru friday. You can even hear Shane and I man and a escaped mental retard Charles from Reeltown Al. Auburn is reel proud of him.

    Its a game so just enjoy it.

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  39. Shane read your on post…If you have half a brain you will see how stupid it is…If you read it and think its worthy…Then by all means keep making an idiot of yourself.

  40. Hey guys,

    I love all the USC smack down! I have definitely landed smack dab in the middle of Tuscaloosa in this blog! Thing is, I’m not a USC fan despite the moniker – just live here and love it. I went to UW and grew up a UCLA fan and definitely prefer them over SC, so the stuff you’re throwing at SC doesn’t sting. However, let’s still get a few things straight. Petey has taken his thugs to games at Auburn, at Virginia, at Nebraska, at Virginia Tech (in Washington, D.C.), at Kansas State, so they are not the same as Alabama in term of exposure to the road. I don’t believe he is trying to avoid playing Alabama. That’s not his style. These things are not just up to the coaches – Saban or Carroll.

    If not for a down year in the Pac 10, USC probably doesn’t go undefeated and make it to their only BCS title game against Texas. I’m just saying, traditional SEC powers like Tennessee, Georgia and LSU are down this year. Mississippi was a disappointment. Alabama would be no less good if they had lost a close one to a good Tennessee team (It was close this year and the Vols were not even good). And yeah, I think Mississippi State beats USC by six. SC sucked this year (UCLA fans always say “Can’t spell “sucks” without USC)).

    Alabama should win the title. They have shown their worthiness, but my point is that everything is not known ahead of time. That’s why the comments on Alabama perhaps not being road worthy. I didn’t try to compare them to USC’s road trips (that would have been pointless and ridiculous), but I was forced to reply with it because facts are facts. I was comparing road games to Texas’ experience – which is the point! Screw citing statistics – traveling long distance to play in a new environment can be tough on some teams. Nobody knows how Alabama travels. If you insist on statistics, find me some on Crimson Tide travel – and I don’t mean to Atlanta.

    Signing off. I don’t plan on coming back, so you can get on with what you all love, but in honor of the fact that you allowed me to visit – Roll Tide!

  41. Folks LT here AGAIN! That’s right the holiday’s are coming up — even though we preach moderation not quantity here at T R T and at club LT — you know you are going to get drunk and you know you’re going to get popped for a DUI. Call my good friend Christy Lynam — do yourself a favor — write the number down and have it ready — because you know you are going to get behind that wheel during the holiday season and get a DUI that will totally ruin your life and stance in society. Give Christy a call today! Hopefully I won’t have to but if you get jammed up with the whiskey — have it ready as you sober up in disgust in the jail cell. Do what me, LT does and call the best of the best!!!

  42. YO! Here’s a hearty MERRY CHRISTMAS TO ONE & ALL, even “LT” and I for one STILL AIN’T LISTENING to ya, dude! As for THE GAME, it should be one for the AGES. I tend to believe the ‘Bama D will be the deciding factor. The prediction here is Alabama 29, Texas 17. ROLL TIDE ROLL and to all a good night! Later.

  43. this is our first christmas without

    zionhippy since 1970 while he was fighting a war in vietnam. i just ask you keep his family in your prayers.


  45. Wow. I am a huge UA fan, but that was about as much Crimson Coolaide as I have ever heard. You must be drowning dude. I think Bama will win; certainly hope so. But your article completely lacked objectivity. You didn’t say one thing about the talent that Texas has and all the things they can do that will cause Bama problems. Some truly deranged comments, like the ten bama DLs faster than any other that UT has seen (Suh may be the #1 draft pick…he’s large, strong and quick). Bama has 2nd teamers that would start at most Big 12 teams????. Texas has a DL that would beat out any Tide DL at their position. Texas has a better D-line and D-backfield than Bama has faced all year. A better QB than we have faced all year. A better WR in Shipley than any we have faced all year. They have years of top 5 recruiting classes. We have 2. They will meet, if not exceed our talent. Try doing a little research and a lot of objectivity. Roll Tide!

  46. Well..I usually don’t agree with much that Shane says. But I think he’s nailed this one. I think the team speed and athleticism is going to be the un-doing of Texas. ‘Bama 35, Texas 17. War Eagle and Roll Tide!

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