Update: Still having immense resource drain from the new layout. Going to revert back to old look.

In January I began work on an overhaul that would improve the look and functionality of the Capstone Report. This is just one phase of the overhaul. Anytime there is a change, there will be issues. Please feel free to post them or send an email.

4 thoughts on “Site upgrade underway”

  1. I hope it’s an April Fool joke – this site takes days to load, and the pop-ups are annoying as hell. My laptop and desktop lock up more on this site than any other. I really like the info and the comments, but I really hate the wait and the re-boots.

  2. And while I personally don’t mind some of the ads, I have to make sure my kids are not watching when I come to Capstone Report and that game with all the boobs is being advertised!

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