What they are saying about the Capstone Report:

”[T]he most mouth-breathing Alabama blog on the planet…—Brian Cook of AOL Fanhouse and MGOBlog.

“Anybody can build a website, but it does not make the creator a crediable (sic) journalist. Hell you have Shane! You’re a lowlife and so is that P*ssy Fart Paul Finebaum.”—Sixdownnow7

“I don’t think much of the Capstone Report.”—Jerry Hinnen of Joe Cribbs Car Wash

“This sh*t sucks…”—William Daniels

“Reading this…was an absolute waste of time…”—Jaywall14

47 thoughts on “What they are saying about the Capstone Report”

  1. I kinda feel bad for Cook. He had what he must have thought was some high-minded, revolutionary idea… one with purpose… one with a real-life example and a villain… and then a whole bunch of redneck idiots from THE SOUTH (can you believe it?) basically decimated the whole thing.

    A group of people he clearly thinks so little of intellectually besting him at every turn.

    Most people don’t respond well to humbling experiences. Cook is no exception.

  2. My favorite thing about the Capstone Report: It mentions Auburn so much that out of the three banner ads on the site (at least on my screen right now), two of them have Auburn ads on it!

    And Bammers think Aubies are obsessed with Bama?

  3. Are Auburn fans obsessed with Bama?….Of course… Have you seen how many of them post on this blog? Jeez, a Bama fan can barely get a word in edgewise for all the lamewitted Aubbo chortles.

    I constantly read on this blog nothing but pure venom coming from a lot of Auburn fans
    and yet…

    When I come back the next day….

    They are still here….

    They are still here trying to say the same head trauma victim-esque things.
    This site will be a huge sucess because the Aubbos wont go away.

    If the Capstone Report and Shane’s columns are SHIT, then Auburn fans must be FLYS.

    If Capstone Report is such a dumpster then Auburn fans must be a hungry homeless guy.

    If Shane is sucks so bad etc..etc..etc..Then why do so many of these Aubbo doetards hang around like a jilted lover stalking their ex?

    Trying to explain their groteseque fascination with the Capstone Report (something they supposedly hate) defies logic.
    THEY HATE YOU CAPSTONE REPORT! THEY HATE YOU ALL! and yet they keep coming back like a cuckold husband whos wife despises them.
    And they keep reading.. and they keep reading….. and they keep reading….
    I figured it out!!!
    Cap, Shane, Auburn fans are your bitch!

  4. ComaGuy,
    I agree 100$ and couldnt have said it better myself!*

    *I thought I would borrow a trick from
    whoever 6 down now 7 / 2008seven /7 up yours is.

  5. ComaGuy,
    I agree 100% and couldnt have said it better myself!*

    *I thought I would borrow a trick from
    whoever 6 down now 7 / 2008seven /7 up yours is.

  6. I can sense a tad bit of inferiority in the air. The night is darkest just before the dawn, and to all the Barnies on the site, the dawn is coming! Enjoy the moment while it’s yours!

  7. I have. In fact, I have enjoyed the shits out of it. You want to talk inferiority, I was at the last Iron Bowl at Jordan Hare West, and was thinking about getting a famed stadium dog. I wasn’t sure if they tasted as old as those national titles of yours, so I gazed at the Bama faithful to see how their faces looked after eating one, and every one of them had their heads hung low. So I passed on the dog and waited on that classy tune of Rammer Jammer. I never heard it that year, but I sure did last year.

  8. They’re talking because my Smack hits like a Lead Pipe. Burn – Rape – Pillage the Village ON da Plains.
    My homage to the Homies.

  9. Does anyone else see the pathetic irony in an auburn fan talking about how Alabama is obsessed with auburn while he’s visiting an Alabama website.

  10. leebenp, does anyone else see the irony in in an alabama website posting so many articles about Auburn?

  11. Does anyone see the irony of an Auburn fan telling an Alabama telling an Auburn fan telling an Alabama fan about how obsessed Alabama is with Auburn? Let us see how far we can draw this out.

  12. leebenp
    I see the irony. Unfortunately most of the Aubbos are too stupid to see it.. That kind of arrogance and stupity could only come from a college where you can get free course credits for doing a book report on a COMIC BOOK.

    It is the same stunted gray-matter that wont admit Auburn is famous for cheating. And the NCAA records prove it.

    No lee, the irony will be missed entirely, or covered up with pitiful little cries of “LaMo”, and “6 in a row.”
    Which to any real observer are the battle cries for SEC underachievement.

  13. It’s pretty obvious that Auburn fans visit this site because there are so many posts and articles about Auburn. Someone please debate the facts with me… count the number of Auburn articles and then try to tell me that Auburn is obsessed with UAT. Gimme a break. I can only speak for myself, but I venture to guess most Auburn fans visit because it is fun to laugh at you guys and rub it in your face how much UAT has sucked. The fact that you guys are obsessed with Auburn gives us more amunition, which in turn heighten’s our interest level. Believe me, if there were only UAT posts on this site, we wouldn’t be around. You guys are delussional.

  14. Clemson is waiting.
    LSU is waiting.
    AUBURN is waiting.
    Three TIGERS on a little elephant means DEATH!

  15. AuTiger,
    your post was well thought out, compelling, and completely wrong. This is an ALABAMA blog. Raided constantly by blacktoothed, moonshine retarded AUBBOS who come here to defend a program that they say is superior.
    Constantly proving (just by their presence here) that they need to validate themselves (and their records) by dubious distinctions and second rate accomplishments.

  16. I come here cuase its like EASY PICKENS
    Hell there aint 3 BAMMA BLOGGERS here that can match any with any ya know
    SOOOOOO as long as its a bloggin here hell i ll come and watch these lil bitches heads turn red!!!

  17. Ya think they scheduled Clemson,LSU, and Auburn so they could might say they beat one tiger? Hell they probably want Tiger Woods to suit up so they can try and push him around too!! INBRED SISSY TOPS

  18. Shanehaters
    you are without a doubt on of the most obtuse titty babies I have ever had the displeasure to read.
    It has gotten to a point where I just ignore your shit because your are so crack addled, that nothing you say shows any trace of reality whatsoever.
    Do yourself and the rest of us a favor and check into a rehab before you smoke up the rest of the brain cells you have left.
    Get a job, get out of your grandma’s basement, quit being a drain on the welfare/foodstamp system and for god’s sake quit thinking that your mentally crippled posts have any relevance whatsoever to football.

  19. Sticks and Stones Sissy Boys!
    At least i come up with my own stuff and dont bottom feed on Shane and Pauls SHIT!

    Seriously I will debate you on any college FB team or teams and we will see who is mentally crippled ..IN PERSON

  20. Watch out SHANEHATERS he will throw 9 in a row at you.

    I enjoy reading your posts.

  21. Ha Ha Ha ha Shanehaters…. Am I supposed to be scared? roflmao.
    INPERSON? What are you gonna do?

    Boy, You would piss your pants if I fronted on you.
    There is a reason why you sit in your Grandma’s basement talking shit and making veiled threats online. And that is because if you tried it anywhere else you would get beat down.
    Funny how you and Shane is a BLOGGER both CAPITILIZE words the same way.
    Could it be that you are both one and the same thread jacker? Yep. It is.
    You have got several screen names. Dont you? And all you do is hang around cap and shane like a stalker. Envious that they have a blog and you dont. So what do you do? You come to theirs and try to ruin it. You are a fool.

  22. TMC1!!! Great post!!! SHANEHATERS and Shane is a BLOGGER are the same DUDE man. What an idiot.

  23. TMC1 (or anyone for the matter),

    Obviously, the intention is that this is a UAT site. The question, however, is whether UAT is obsessed with AU, or as some have suggested, that AU fans evidence “sense a tad bit of inferiority in the air” by visiting. Again, I invite you and all other readers of this site to debate the facts. Take a moment and look at the number of AU related articles/blogs on this site. Suggesting that AU fans feel inferior to UAT fans, as evidenced by their presence on a site that disproportionally discusses Auburn, is a pretty tough sell, and one that I would love to hear you try to make.

  24. YO! SHANEHATERS/Shane is a BLOGGER is some crazee BEEYATCH that Shane pumped and dumped. And now bitch wont go away. SHANE DONE PIMPED DAT SILLY HO!

  25. Just BY being HERE you demonstrate THAT you have AN inferiority complex. ANYONE can see THAT Auburn is NOT the same TEAM they where in 2004. Since THEN,
    The Tide is RISING and The TIGERS are going DOWNHILL. Now deal WITH it. SEE I can caplock TOO!

  26. AUTiger”
    Let me get this straight. You dont see anything wrong with going over to a rival’s house to ask if they are jealous of you?
    I mean think about it. Does that seem like normal behaviour to you? Would you do it in real life?
    The whole Aubbo mentality of “I am here to defend Auburn’s honor because you are talking about AU” is a horse shit excuse.
    I am not trying to be rude when I say this but I will say it in common sense terms that you can relate to.

    This is Cappy’s house and he can say whatever he wants to. Just like you or me or anyone else does at their home.
    This is a Bama blog and thus WE SAY WHATEVER WE WANT HERE. Just like you guys do at the Auburn blogs. It is our club, not yours.
    And just like you cant walk into another mans house and tell him what to say. The same applies here.

  27. Great Job Capstone! The Barners may not like you, but they keep reading what you say. So you must be doing something right. Keep up the good work! RTR!!!

    Got 1?

  28. tmc1,

    Let’s be clear about something. I am not telling anyone what they can or cannot say. The fact that you are so irritated and that you STILL HAVE NOT DEBATED THE FACTS, just proves my point. Since you are unwilling to discuss facts let me break down your post step-by-step.

    1. Your statement that my being here somehow implies I am jealous of UAT and engaging in odd behavior is not genuine to the behavior of most fans (regardless of team loyalty). Really, I frequently see UAT posts in Auburn blogs all the time. What I don’t see is articles or lengthy blogs by Auburn fans about UAT. Also, this site is available via Finebaum’s website, which many patrons have found by surfing his site. Do you really think I set out looking for the crapstone report? Since stumbling on to it, it is a lot of fun to debate (when willing) you guys.

    2. This is not real life. Although, the crap that you guys post on this site makes me think you may have a hard time distinguishing between real life and your ridiculous delusions.

    3. Your argument that you can say what ever you want to say is valid. Of course you can say whatever you want to say. However, your argument, and the tone of the argument, seem to suggest that you are offended by my posts because they challenge what you write. I have to tell you, if I really believe something to be true, it doesn’t bother me to debate. It’s almost like you are saying, “Don’t come into our house with your facts and make us doubt our delusions.”

    So, again, I challenge anyone and everyone to debate me on the facts. As far as catfish’s comments that UAT is rising and AU is falling… based on what? UAT had an excellent recruiting year and AU had a GOOD recruiting year, and all of a sudden AU is falling? Come on, don’t you think you need to win on the field before you can start blasting those type of comments?

    Nevermind, I forgot, you guys can say whatever you want… sorry… I forgot this is is the “Pep-ourselves-up delusional blog” that doesn’t want to be challenged.

  29. By the way Catfish, you may want to adjust the settings on your computer. The only place I see caps is where I typed the abreviations to universities (e.g., AU)… a typical convention of the English language.

  30. AUTiger,
    you still dont get it do you.
    Let me make it simple.
    It is Cappy’s blog and he can write about anything he wants to and he doesnt owe you or anyone else an explaination. If he wants to write about Auburn, Florida,Georgia, or Mars as long as it is his blog, he can say what he wants.
    AUTiger I would say this.
    If you want to save Auburn’s honor, you need to have an Audit done on all the departments to make sure that they are giving away credits to the athletes again.
    But thank you anyway for coming to OUR blog and telling US how we should think.
    Problem is AUTiger:
    You are a
    Aubbo which means you have no credibility to us.

  31. tmc, why are you stealing my insult directed towards you about sitting in your mother’s basement? Do you think it goes unnoticed simply because you changed it to “grandmother’s” basement? Please try to put that 8th grade education + GED to good use and come up with something original. Maybe another whimsical Don Quixote reference, or perhaps some other novel that you saw the title of on Google but never read.

  32. Dont Let my demeaner fool ya!
    dude i wasnt threatening you when i said in person,BUT…..since you said i would soil my shorts DUDE I WILL RIP YOU A NEW
    ONE!!! I can out talk,fight,or any you
    ya dig NO i didnt go to Auburn but coming up they had a certain class about em, it wasnt BUD AND BAMMA and i dont care to explaine myself to you or noone but remember what i said rookie …out the frame boy!!!

  33. I really like that you guys study typing enough to think i am SHANE IS A BLOOGER
    but im not actually i do like his retorts
    and redneckaubie change your name to urbanwannabeaubie or something and you to may take turns on shanes tits

  34. tmc1,

    I do get it. You have made it more than clear that you, nor any other UAT fans for that matter, wish to consider facts. Instead, it is pretty apparent from your statements that you would rather live in a dreamy bubble without worry that UAT may not be what you think it is.

    Let me make it simple for you. I am not trying to tell anyone what to say, or what they should or can write about. I am simply pointing out holes in certain arguments. If that is too much for your delicate sensibilities to handle, I sure hope there are other avenues of oppurtunity in this world from which you may garner enjoyment.

  35. APICowgirl (AUTiger),

    Maybe someone should enlighten you that the “dreamy bubble” in which you guys passionately reside in (Six consecutive victories over a team forced to compete with two hands tied behind their back), sooner than later is going to burst and you’ll have nothing but a forgotten memory to fall back on when the going gets tough.

    It’s sad when you delusion forces you to overlook that fact, but eventually, it’s going to sneak up behind you and take a huge chunk out of your backside, and fortunately for us, we’ll never hear from you up until something else goes wrong with our program. Then you’ll sneak back in give all the pity insults you have, soaking up the rare moment that you have to live for.

  36. Bammur in NJ,

    Wake up!!!!!!!!!! It’s time to go to work. Quit talking in you sleep.

  37. Bama Fan In NYC,

    Nice touch with the “API Cowgirl” comment; that was very clever. Let me ask you something: When is a UAT loss actually considered a loss by you guys? Two primary arguments have been made as to why UAT has been loosing to Auburn: (1) UAT has made poor hiring decisions regarding coaches, and (2) UAT has been on probatiion due to NCAA sanctions. Allow me to take these one at a time.

    If wins should not be considered legitimate because one team’s coaches are not up to par with another’s, based on your logic, wouldn’t that suggest that any team that looses can simply argue it didn’t count because their coach is not as good? Based on your logic, UAT can not possibly loose, right? The problem with this argument is that every other team that looses throughout the season can make the same argument. Can the Dolphins argue that Miami’s losses didn’t really count because the coach wasn’t a good hire? Likewise, is it fair to say Michigan’s loosing streak to OSU doesn’t really mean anything because Loyd Carr was old and out of his prime?

    With regards to sanctions, the question is how sanctions really impact a team. Most notably, it impacts a team with recruiting. So, I assume your logic follows that teams that are put on probation have a disadvantage relative to other teams because they cant recruit as well. Right? I would argue that there are a lot of reasons why some teams can recruit better than others, predominantly because of tradition, location, and money (i.e., facilities, marketing, etc.). Thus, wouldn’t all of the smaller or newer teams, by your logic, be justified in arguing that they never really loose, or their losses don’t really mean anything, because they are disadvantaged in recruiting? Ah, the twist is that smaller and newer schools have limited control over these factors, whereas you guys brought on the problems yourself. It seems to me that if anyone is going to complain about being at a disadvantage, surely the person/school that caused the disadvantage to happen to themselves has the least ground to stand on. Not to mention, there are plenty of schools (e.g., Louisianna Monroe) that have been known to knock off bigger schools with better facilities, recruits, and coaches, regardless of NCAA sanctions.

    With regards to your comment, “It’s sad when you delusion forces you to overlook that fact”, I am confused about what “fact” you are referring to. It seems that you are suggesting that it is a “fact” that Auburn’s streak is going to stop. I hate to break it to you, but you can’t claim something as a fact until it has at least actually happened. I can’t even claim that it is a fact that the sun will rise tomorrow, because it very well might not. The only “fact” that can be claimed in reference to your comment, is that Auburn has beaten UAT on the field 6 times in a row (you brought it up).

    Finally, let me just say that you don’t have to worry about me not hearing from me… I will be around for a long time. 🙂

    ***Just want to point out again that nobody has challenged my assertion in the original post. There’s a lot of diversion and name calling, but nobody seems up to the task of debating me on the facts.

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