My telephone doesn’t work and DSL works intermittently. Why? I don’t know. I reported it to AT&T early in the week, and after being told it could take as long as 18 days to repair, I haven’t heard anything. So, it makes posting news and commentary difficult. I will say, it raises the chances of me going the cable telephone route. I won’t be giving up my DirecTV, but I will be giving serious consideration to getting rid of AT&T. I’ve had several telephone companies during my lifetime: the pre-break-up AT&T via South Central Bell, then Bellsouth, then Verizon, then CenturyTel and on and on and on. The present version of AT&T has done the worst job of customer service I’ve ever had the misfortune of witnessing.

Anyway, I’ll work something out prior to SEC Media Days. My intention is to arrange a live chat much like National Signing Day coverage to go along with other commentary, etc.

Have a great weekend.

3 thoughts on “AT&T makes me angry!”

  1. don’t get angry, cap, get even.

    you have a vote, it’s in your wallet.

    use it.

    att has competition, let them know.

    that’s what’s wrong with many segments of our economy today.

    no competition.

    God, please bless America!


  2. Cap I have experience in the subject if you have any questions or you wanna tell me the logistics I may be of some help.
    Just shoot me an email. I had DSL and AT&T and I TRIED to work it out (its what pays me) but I couldnt so I went to cable and I AM VERY PLEASED!!! And I just went in to my local AT&T store to pay my wireless bill and they wanted a 5 dollar service charge, well those who know me could imagine what I told them 😉
    …..cmon I wasnt that bad hahahhaha

    anyway I paid it online for FREE!!!

  3. ATT. is just like this crap monopoly over here called Telestra.
    The internet cost $60 a month and the speed reduces to a crawl after 5 gigs. That sucks.
    The telephone charges you for everything imaginable including local calls, calls to cell phones,+ it adds surcharges and monthly fees for the same damn calls. I can tell you this…. none of you would want to see my monthly phone bill. And the friggin cell phones dont have any real plans. They just charge you for every friggin second you use. period. And it is expensive as fuck!
    Communications in this country are as overblown and expensive as they were in the states before the telephone monopoly broke up and Cell phones were still new. And the fucking internet is a piece of shit. period.

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