Decline of evangelical churches due to Wokeness mirrors decline of Mainline churches over opposition to Vietnam War.

As conservatives leave Woke Southern Baptist Convention churches, SBC Elites are attempting to guilt remaining conservatives into staying. Elites like SBC President J.D. Greear attempt to trivialize the doctrinal issues in dispute. Another example is JT English, pastor of Storyline Church. English is an SBC elite—recently named by admitted plagiarist and disgraced SBC President Ed Litton to the 2022 Resolutions Committee.

In this video, you can see English attempting to spin legitimate disputes over doctrine into political disagreements. Watch. (You can see entire sermon here.) H/T to Reformation Charlotte for finding the video.

“The disruptions that we have felt over the last two years are not the disease,” English said. “They are symptoms of the disease that was already there like what we have experienced in churches. So here are just a few examples. Over the past two years, 40% of Christians have discussed leaving their church. Almost none of which was over things that were distinctively Christian.”

So, what are those things? English describes political events that are rocking American politics.

English continues, “Almost all of which was over other things. Let me give you a few examples…People joined and or left churches based on what you did or didn’t do about the death of George Floyd. They joined or left churches based on what you did or didn’t do with masks. They joined or left churches based on what you did or didn’t say about vaccines and vaccine mandates. They joined or left church based on your philosophy of ministry, about your attendance in digital worship, about racial tensions. About all kinds of things.”

Are those things totally divorced from Christianity?

It seems that matters of digital versus in-person worship are intimately connected to how we view the doctrine of the church.

Also, supporting riots or Black Lives Matter would seem to be intimately connected to Christian teachings on matters of morality.

But, English seems to think these key events in modern American life are not related to matters of Christian doctrine.

English continues, “Don’t hear me the wrong way. I’m not saying those things don’t matter. I know about all those things. I’ve studied about those things. I’m happy to talk about those things. What I’m trying to say is, is that Christians in South Korea are having entirely different conversations. We tend to make those things conversations about Christianity and discipleship, but they are not. They are cultural things, litmus tests that are way down here. When we should be talking about the risen Jesus of Nazareth who is way up here.”

This is an attempt to guilt people who have not left their Woke churches into staying. This cheapens the doctrinal issues at stake over mandates, virtual worship, and Wokeness.

As we previously reported, Greear admitted people were leaving his church because of its political stands that are contrary to what most evangelical Christians believe.  English and  J.D. Greear’s talking points on church decline are very similar. In late January, Greear admitted Woke churches are losing conservative members.

“We know that because a lot of church people left their church (not just Summit Church) because of some disagreement over a relatively small political disagreement, at least small in light of the Gospel and in light of eternity,” Greear said.

Also, compare, Greear said, “I married your children. I walked with you through the tragedy of the death of a loved one and now you are leaving because you disagree that we said too much, too many things about George Floyd.”

Greear even went so far as to blame cable news stars like Tucker Carlson for driving the membership exodus.

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