“Speaking lies in hypocrisy; having their conscience seared with a hot iron.” –I Timothy 4:2

Ed Litton is an unrepentant liar.

Sure, he appears contrite and goes through the motions of saying what appear to be the right things.

However, every time Ed Litton opens his mouth, he utters new lies, new contradictions and gives us a new insight into the wicked state of his soul.

Ed Litton intentionally ignores the facts and pretends (this is intentional deception) that the plagiarism scandal involves only J.D. Greear’s sermons on Romans and that this arises out of super-amazing memory. Here is a relevant excerpt from the SBC President’s appearance at the enabling Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary (SWBTS). Note carefully, what he says.

“The situation we find ourselves in today is that a series of messages we did last year on the Book of Romans,” Litton said then offering a word salad of reasons why he borrowed from J.D. Greear. But, that’s not the entire scandal. Litton and his enablers ignore his much longer history of plagiarism.

Now, compare what Litton said to the facts. For example, how both Ed Litton and his wife deliver exact portions of a 1991 Tim Keller sermon on marriage. Watch this clip.

This happened in 2012 at Litton’s church. Notice that Litton and his wife deliver Keller’s exact wording in this video. That shows the premeditation.

This means Litton and his wife (who works or at least worked for NAMB) plagiarized sermons for at least nine years—perhaps longer because we don’t know since Litton and his church hid the sermons.

Hiding the evidence.

Nothing says repentance like hiding the evidence.

Therefore, anyone who takes Ed Litton seriously about sex abuse is a fool. Litton cannot give account of himself about these sermons—what makes anyone trust this man on other issues?

And just to make it clear, Litton plagiarized a J.D. Greear sermon on Acts in 2015. So, this is about more than Romans.

Litton knows it.

Litton’s church knows it.

SBC Elites know it.

That should alarm us. Why are SBC leaders participating in this lie? Why should you send money to the Cooperative Program when it is run by liars and enablers?

Also, Litton’s sincerity should alarm us all. Notice the ease with which he lies. What does that tell you about his soul? He has a seared conscience.

The lies are natural.

Also, note how Greenway—the man who fired most of the black and brown faculty members on campus and then hired a lot of white guys—portrays Litton as a victim.

And notice how Litton pivots to turning this into a Clintonesque whine about the Politics of Personal Destruction.

If the Southern Baptist Convention tolerates these lies, then it will bring on itself judgment.

There really is not anything else that can be said. Every single person who does not rise up and demand Litton’s resignation will be culpable in the sinful Sermongate coverup.

The world is watching—as the Woke said over and over in Nashville.

And what should make everyone tremble—God is watching.