David French OK with dead babies as long as Trump is not in the White House.

As every Christian paying attention knows, David French can’t be trusted. We’ve said it. Baptist theology professors have said. And, this tweet from David French recapitulates every argument against him.

French tweeted, “Regarding Biden’s EOs, two things are true: 1. You can oppose the worst (including through litigation, when appropriate), yet… 2. A handful of bad EOs do not mean it was better to support a deranged liar who’d incite the sacking of the Capitol to hold onto power. Perspective.”

So, all the dead babies from the reversal of the Mexico City Policy are fine, according to David French.

Those dead babies are simply the price of getting rid of Donald Trump. After all, mean tweets and questionable rhetoric worry Evangelical Elites more than the corpses of babies.

This is disgusting.

Contrast that with the Christian view as expressed by Houston Baptist University Theology professor Robert A.J. Gagnon. Dr. Gagnon deplored the Biden Administration’s actions such as promoting the culture of death by celebrating Roe v. Wade.

Dr. Gagnon said, “If you are not disgusted with this unsurprising stance, you are in need of soul care. Note the repeated euphemisms designed to masquerade the barbaric atrocity of abortion. Contrast with Trump’s consistent pro-life record, including speaking in person at the right to life marking of Roe.”

This is the key issue within evangelicalism. Anti-Trumpism from the likes of David French will destroy churches because it exposes the moral bankruptcy of Evangelical Elites. They prefer pleasing the culture over saving babies.

If we truly believe abortion is murder, then it will define how we vote. It will filter all other issues–including mean tweets and rhetoric.

If you are a Christian, it is time to ignore David French. He doesn’t speak for you. David French doesn’t speak for the church. He doesn’t speak truth.