On Monday, the cheese eating surrender monkeys of the culture war, David French and Russell Moore will discuss the 2020 Presidential Election and the future of evangelicalism. Session Title: Vichy Evangelicalism or How to collaborate with our new political overlords.

OK. That’s probably not the title. But, you can attend this can’t miss talk for $100—payable to the grifters, err, the fine conservatives at The Dispatch.

No thanks.

These two men are among the worst of evangelicalism.

David French declared Drag Queen Story Hours to be a blessing.

Russell Moore declared the Culture War over and has repeatedly tried to surrender—even while the evangelical troops are still struggling to hold every last inch of ground.

Moore tried to surrender faster than Marshall Pétain.

In other words, they represent the equivalent of Vichy Evangelicalism. They are fine living in the shadow of a wicked regime and they demand the rest of us surrender to the elites.

Or else.

In fact, their feckless actions since 2016 have done much to bring evil to pass.

Just as the French high command in World War II was paralyzed, so both French and Moore attempted to paralyze evangelical voters with false teachings on how Christians should vote. Both prioritized virtue signaling over doing good.

They’ve helped evil triumph with the apparent election of Joe Biden as President. Of course, there could be voter fraud—but Russell Moore’s Democratic interest group, err, I mean the Southern Baptist Convention’s Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission, has declared there to be “no evidence of voter fraud.”

Russell Moore is a former Democratic congressional staffer who bragged about being a Democrat even while he worked for that so-called conservative Albert Mohler at Southern Baptist Theological Seminary.

It is time for Southern Baptists to demand our entities represent our political beliefs and not the beliefs of the cheese eating coastal elites.

For that to happen, you must speak the only language SBC Elites understand–$$$$. Tell the SBC to stop using your tithes and offerings to help Democrats. Demand the ERLC stop working as propaganda arm of the DNC.