Southern Baptist ERLC publishes Joe Biden propaganda and lies about President Donald Trump

The Southern Baptist Convention’s Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission (ERLC) published falsehoods about the Donald Trump Campaign and the attempt by Democrats to steal the 2020 Presidential Election. In an “Explainer” on the status of the Presidential Election, ERLC Staff claimed falsely there is no evidence of voter fraud and irregularities. This is Democratic and Joe Biden propaganda paid for by your local Southern Baptist tithes and offerings.

According to the ERLC, “Currently, there has been no evidence that voter fraud has been occurring…In only one state—Nevada—have they officially claimed fraud was occurring. Trump tweeted that there was ‘plenty of proof,’ but neither he nor his campaign have offered any proof at all.”

This is a lie.

The GOP in Nevada made a specific claim that there are over 3,000 names of people who moved out of state who voted in the Presidential Election there. That’s evidence.

The ERLC would know that if they stopped getting all their news from MSNBC and CNN.

So, why did the ERLC lie about President Trump and his campaign?

It is disgusting for the ERLC to play this type of partisan game.

And it is playing a partisan game funded by your tithes and offerings.

But, what can you expect when the SBC allows a lifelong Democrat and former Democratic congressional staffer to run the ERLC. In fact, Russell Moore campaigned against President Donald Trump in 2016.

The ERLC goes even further—even as we watch the election drama and theft unfold before our very eyes, these Democrats write, “There are numerous reasons why widespread election fraud is difficult, if not impossible, to pull off at the presidential level. Political parties appoint partisan poll watchers to monitor polling places and election offices. For instance, an election office in the Democratic stronghold of Detroit had 134 Republicans, 134 Independents, and 134 Democrats as poll watchers.”

Of course, even software had a glitch in it that, wait for it—awarded Trump votes to Biden. A clerk caught it in one Michigan county.

According to one report, “Questions followed after a software glitch initially gave roughly 5,000 votes cast for President Donald Trump to former Vice President Joe Biden in Antrim County, sparking a manual recount.” 

In another instance, a “glitch” that was fixed flipped the race from a Democrat win to a Republican win.

In fact, the state legislature plans hearings on software glitch.

How many others haven’t or have refused to verify the software glitch?

BONUS: The Philadelphia GOP put together this video evidence of dead people voting.

And, the Federalist found at least one deceased person voted in Nevada.

Also, Matt Walsh pointed out there is evidence of ballots being accepted after the deadline.

There are also very odd statistical irregularities about Biden votes in swing states. As this excellent Twitter thread covers:

Also, the ERLC’s claim that in the past widespread voter fraud was hard—is somewhat true, though debatable—however, this year was different. This year many more people voted by mail.

As Sen. Rand Paul said, “The history of voter fraud in absentee voting is long, but it was usually difficult to affect an election because less than 1% voted absentee. Policing postmarks, signatures and fraud is now overwhelming because half the electorate votes by mail.”

Don’t forget that Joe Biden even admitted he had an “unprecedented voter fraud organization.”

So, the liars at the ERLC claim there is no evidence.

There is in fact lots of evidence.

All the glitches, errors, and oddities go in one direction—helping Joe Biden.

So, who are you going to believe, those saints at the ERLC or your lying eyes?

It is time to demand your church stop Democratic partisans from using the Southern Baptist Convention to help Joe Biden. Call out these liars and threaten to withhold tithes and offerings unless these Democrats are fired at the ERLC.

6 thoughts on “Southern Baptist ERLC slanders Donald Trump”

  1. How odd you spent all this time in some supposed expose while defending an soon-to-be ex-President who lies daily several times. Um…only conclusions…you are purposefully being deceptive, or completely blinded by your love for that lying, immoral leader who will soon leave the White House.
    Some consistency please! You are too agenda driven, snd too blinded for readers to spend much time here.

  2. Well for a start: Biden’s claim that he “had an unprecedented voter fraud organisation” just screams at any rational person – he can’t have said that, or if he did, he didn’t mean it. And so it proves, just check your facts. The context shows it to have been a slip of the tongue: it’s taken from a longer piece in which Biden is talking about the need for protection AGAINST fraud. Easily done. But you aren’t interested in facts, as your piece makes abundantly clear. Biden won the popular vote, massively, despite blatant Republican efforts to stop people voting at all. The consequences of any attempt to prevent his becoming President will be dire. Just for once, it might be as well to let justice be done, which I realise is a hard thing for you to hear.

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