Should a Never Trump theologian lead the nation’s largest Evangelical denomination? For Conservative Christians who are Pro-Life and Pro-Religious Liberty, the answer should be to reject Albert Mohler’s candidacy for Southern Baptist President in 2020.

Everyone knows Russell Moore is a rabid Never Trumper. It is hardly surprising. He was a notorious Democrat even when working at Southern Baptist Theological Seminary.

Jack Richardson IV revealed that Moore’s opposition to Trump has deep roots, “he was always fond of reminding me that he was a Democrat.”

However, many don’t know that Albert Mohler, president of the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary and a candidate for SBC president in 2020, opposed Donald Trump in the 2016 election against Hillary Clinton.

Mohler argued in the Louisville newspaper that the Republican Party deserved to lose in 2016. He opined:

“I know what is at stake, and I can only believe that the Republican Party forfeited this election through the nomination of a candidate that would be repudiated by many of its own leaders and would crash the hopes of so many who have worked for conservative causes for so long. They deserve far better.”

Who knew—Dr. Mohler likes to virtue signal. What else can you call it when you put your personal piety over saving babies and preserving religious liberty?

A longtime member of the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary Foundation board blasted back in the Louisville paper:

“Not all opinions are equal. Some are informed, many are not.  Mohler’s and Moore’s ‘Never Trump’ position I find borne of false piety and self-righteousness. In this election, the premise is not based upon the greater righteousness or sinlessness of one candidate over another. The correct premise is comparing the policies of each candidate and how that will impact the nation.

“Trump was not my choice, but he is now.”

Mohler’s opposition to Trump shows he failed not only as a political leader, but a theologian. The truly great Evangelical thinkers like Norman Geisler, Wayne Grudem and William Lane Craig understood what was at stake and rejected these arguments of personal piety over duty.

Now Mohler seeks to lead the Southern Baptist Convention.

In an election year.

He wasn’t a leader in the 2016 election.

Hey, he wasn’t even a leader in Birmingham when the Resolution Committee and messengers approved the infamous Resolution 9—the resolution that approved Critical Race Theory and Intersectionality as “analytical tools” for use by Christians.

Mohler’s lame response was a podcast a few days later.

There was no rush to the floor microphone.

There was no public plea on social media to stop its passage.

He cowered.

He let Dr. Tom Ascol and Dr. Tom Buck take the heat.

Is this the type of leader Southern Baptists need during this critical time?

The election of Albert Mohler as SBC President will fracture the already breaking Southern Baptist Convention. That means in 2020 the very future of the SBC is in the balance. As Richardson warned:

“The big question I have is how many of the donors and those on the Seminary’s Foundation Board are aware of the political positions Mohler and Moore have taken.  How many throughout Baptist congregations would continue to support the institutions they lead?”


When the rank-and-file Southern Baptists learn what type of “leader” Albert Mohler is, then his election as SBC president will only serve to push more conservatives out of the Southern Baptist Convention.

However, Southern Baptists can stop the slide. They can reject Dr. Mohler in Orlando.

9 thoughts on “Do Southern Baptists want a Never Trumper as SBC President?”

  1. I don’t see any comments that make him a never Trumper or even that he did not vote for Trump. I listen to him on “The Briefing” quite often and I’ve heard him give kudos and support for what Trump’s administration is doing. If not Mohler then who?

    1. He said explicitly he wouldn’t vote for Trump in 2016. Read his entire column that is linked above. And yes, he has since then been better in terms of his public comments about Trump. I look forward to seeing what he says about 2020. However, just like in 2016 he failed as a leader, he failed as a leader last summer in Birmingham by not fighting Resolution 9.

    2. We have to vote out liberal arminiast and go back to our roots. I dont care if he doesn’t like trump. He isn’t a liberal theologian.

  2. This Southerner was raised an Episcopalian, although my mama’s people had long been Freewill and Primitive Baptists.

    That said, as all of America’s Protestant denominations have been usurped and devolved, I drifted to Eastern Orthodoxy, and am very happy I did, because, in part, Eastern Orthodoxy has a reactionary core to it that is very congenial to a Southerner.

    That said, it has been very concerning to me to watch the faith of The White Southern Race go in the direction it has since Dr. Land left and Dr. Moore took over.

    Southerners are in great danger – we have lost our country (Dixie) to The United States, lost our sense of identity to Academies and media that have ingrained multiculturalism into our brains, and we lost our political structure (the Democrat Party,) owing to the now 8 decade ongoing migration of those alien to us into it, the result being that we are now trying to uncomfortably fit ourselves into the Party of Lincoln.

    We have lost our history (MLK Day substituted for Robert E. Lee but one example) we are losing our monuments, we have lost control of our big cities and most of our state governments, and the United states’ Government has shipped out most of our economy (an act of war).

    Many of our children are embarassed by our accents, and we are being replaced by immigration of every kind – something which, though President Trump campaigned to stop, he continues to protagonize (see Jared Kushner’s new immigration plan) and the lack of progress on a wall, or the special visas given out to professionals from other countries.

    Finally, though perhaps not last, our own Confederate flag has been so stigmatized that I am one of the last to fly it openly in my part of The South.

    According to the 5 conditions by the Eastern European Jew (Rafail Lemkin) we Southerners are qualifying at every level for undergoing a Cultural Genocide.

    So, yes, what is going on in the SBC is very concerning to me.

    We already lost every other denomination, most recently The Methodist Church, which used to be very important to the smalltown South.

    These are times to try mens’ souls.

    1. Well said.Totally agree.Moore and Land are openly hostile to Whites,especially proud Southern Whites.I bet those two just fawn over MLK who was a communist(his handler was Stanley levison),a plagiarist,a partaker in orgies and an overall fraud.God bless you Mr.Greltzig,I like your thinking.And God bless the wonderful staff and commenters at Capstonereport,it is excellent and has become a favorite of mine.

  3. Every time I read Capstone Report or P&P or Charlotte Ref, all I can think about is Exodus 20:16

    1. So, what exactly is wrong with this commentary? Mohler refused to vote for Trump in 2016.

      Got any specifics issues or did you come here to troll? I think we already know the answer….otherwise, you’d have cited a specific problem.

  4. So Mohler doesn’t deserve to lead the SBC because he isn’t a Trump sycophant that has sold his soul for political expediency? No wonder the SBC is slowing dying and becoming more irrelevant each and every day. Praise be to Trump!

    1. I would say that Dr. Mohler has forfeited the right to lead the SBC not because he is a never-Trumper, but because of the failure to speak against Resolution 9 at last year’s convention and that this even emanated from the Seminary that he leads…I don’t care if someone is a never-Trumper, as long as this does not become a sanctioned part of the agency that they are a part of…Russell Moore has on more than one occasion, insulted anyone who supported Trump, using his role in the ERLC as a platform. That must be rectified. I personally support the President because the alternative was an evil, corrupt person who stated that “religious views were going to have to change in order to increase abortion”. The current slate of democrat candidates would all agree with that statement, not to mentioned that there is an vowed socialist and a fake indian who would also be considered a socialist. This idea is diametrically opposed to the idea of freedom and care for the most defenseless among us…

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