SBC President J.D. Greear hypes his record of appointing women and minorities over white males to open positions.

Southern Baptist Convention President J.D. Greear said the SBC is focused on growing its diversity. It is doing it through what amounts to playing identity politics in its committee appointments and church planting. And we know about it thanks to Greear. Greear released a message about the upcoming 2020 Southern Baptist Convention Annual Meeting scheduled for June 9-10 in Orlando, Florida.

Greear said,

“We know that the United States is changing. Already, nearly 20 percent of our membership in the SBC is non-Anglo. Beyond that, 63 percent of all churches planted in our Convention were planted by people of color. Last year, our committee appointments tried to reflect this. Forty-eight percent of our appointments were non-white, 40 percent were females and only 32 percent were white males. Nearly 80 percent had never served before, and nearly half of all appointments were from churches with an attendance of less than 250.

“Let me be clear: this is not tokenism or a quota system. We genuinely need the perspective, insight, and wisdom of our brothers and sisters from every culture and ethnicity.”

In other words, the SBC is engaged in tokenism and affirmative action.

How else do you explain the disproportionate number of minorities receiving these positions? If non-Anglos are 20 percent of the SBC, shouldn’t say 20-30 percent of our appointments go to non-Anglos?

Shouldn’t the appointments reflect the actual composition of the SBC? If they don’t reflect the actual membership composition, then something else is going on to guide the decisions.

If it is something else, then what is it?

Also, why are so many church plants and the giant houses and lucrative investments going to non-white church planters?

If the SBC is deliberately pursuing this policy of giving priority to people of color, then it is in fact playing Racial Identity Politics with its Annie Armstrong offerings and with the committee appointments. It is a disgusting turn of events for the Southern Baptist Convention.

And it is only going to get worse as the seminaries produce Woke Social Justice community organizers instead of Gospel committed preachers.

If you want to change the Southern Baptist Convention, then you must attend the Annual Meeting in Orlando. Get involved. Fight the identity politics that is destroying your church and your nation.

8 thoughts on “Southern Baptist President J.D. Greear playing Racial Identity Politics”

  1. Originally the Southern Baptist Convention was conceived at a time when the sobriquet, ‘Southern’ meant those of The White Southern Race, because those ‘coloured’ were not considered fully human.

    Until recent years, The SBC was essentially the official religion of The White South, but, as White Southerners will no longer proclaim themselves by name, nor say that they have an exclusive right to an institution they created for their own posterity, the SBC is being converted to an institution which reflects the New England Yankee United States’ concept of a deracinated nation of solely ideas.

    This is the inevitable conclusion of the decision White Southerners make when, daily, the fly the United States’ flag in their hearts and yards, instead of their own good Confederate colours.

    You really cannot have it both ways – if you live in a nation that is forthrightly multicultural and racially diverse, your institutions have to reflect that.

    If you want something different, then you must fight to get out of that situation.

    Like it or not, J.D. Greear is simply acknowledging that.

  2. J. D. Greear is not simply acknowledging that we live in a multi-cultural but better put multi-ethnic United States. What he is truly manifesting is a void, a very serious and dangerous void, in his theological understanding.

    The church existed in the Roman empire which but she, the church, was not nor would be rreflective that culture. And the reason why is because church understood her theology early on which was that the Kingdom on the right, the church, and the kingdom on the left, the Civil kingdom, do not abide by the same protocols. Thus, most leaders in the early church understood at least that we were not to be a reflection of the civil State around us rather we are a reflection of the singular for unique christ-centered culture delivered to us in the Bible which J D Greear has clearly abandoned in his sinful Race-based promotional scheme and which is a stumbling block toward the shared spiritual Heritage of all believers. Shame on him

    1. Thank you for your reply, Dear Alex.

      Do I understand you right : you believe J.D. Greear is actively conspiring with others to enact with White Replacement, and the manner in which he is pursuing this is by disguising his motives as racial justice and egalitarianism?

      One note : Yes, the Roman Empire was multi-racial, in the sense that many races existed within it’s borders’, BUT, by the same token, The Roman Empire never sought to practice multiculturalism, as it currently means, or, rather … never attempted to force those many under it’s thumb to live amongst each other in a spirit of acultural aracial, and aethnick egalitarianism.

  3. You say that if 20-30% of our members are minorities, shouldn’t 20-30% of the appointments go to minorities. No, 20-30% of the appointees should be minorities already. The appointments need to get the number to the point where it is representative of the people who support the denomination.

  4. Martin G,

    I don’t know what white replacement is. Greear, in my view, is simply missing the teaching of the Bible that in the church there is one race, the spiritual race in Christ and any and all appointments should be representative of those most spiritually/theologically qualified regardless of race.

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