What is wrong with Fox News? A few months ago when Todd Starnes left Fox Radio to launch his own talk radio show and media company, you could see things changing at Fox. Todd Starnes provided a daily one-minute commentary on a hot political topic. Fox Radio replaced Starnes with three rotating anchors. One of the anchors is Guy Benson.

Fox News Radio promoted a gay, Never Trump Libertarian to replace a conservative, Pro-Trump evangelical Christian.

Of course, most stations that carried Starnes don’t seem to be airing the Fox commentary. But it is still a fascinating and troubling move from Fox.

Benson came out as gay on Megyn Kelly’s Show back in 2015. Remember back then? When Kelly was anchoring on Fox News? Kelly remains on good terms with Benson, and according to the Daily Mail, attended Benson’s gay marriage ceremony in September 2019 along with other notable libertarian and conservatives like Hugh Hewitt and Katie Pavlich.

Of course, Benson claims to have moderated his approach on Trump. In a column at Town Hall he wrote, “My path forward has involved a different, more agnostic posture: Supporting and praising the president when warranted, and criticizing him as necessary.”

That’s laudable. President Donald Trump isn’t perfect. There are things to cheer and things to critique.

However, the appointment of another libertarian voice to the growing number of Culture War libertarians on Fox raises some serious questions.

Why would Fox News replace one of the few evangelical voices with someone who holds Culture War views so fundamentally different than Starnes?

Is there a place for evangelical Christians in the mainstream press?

Also, Is Fox trying to shift conservatives into a more libertarian view on issues like gay marriage?

Whatever the motive, this is an opportunity to encourage conservative, evangelical Christians to support conservative media outlets. We need real conservative voices.

3 thoughts on “Fox replaced conservative, Christian Pro-Trump host with gay, Libertarian Never Trumper”

  1. Well, FOX just got on my $hitlist. They have joined the ranks of the other Leftist/Liberal fake news sites.
    I ditched my Cable TV years ago but I watch Fox on YT. Not any more.

  2. I watch parts of Tucker Carlson a few nights a week, and that is the only Fox I watch. I get One America News for five bucks a month, and it’s a lot better. I don’t have to sit through any liberal commentary or liberal guests for the sake of “fair and balanced.” And they have a much larger variety of news than Fox or anyone else.

  3. The foxes in the grape yard are the same foxes in the chicken house / beware not only the eggs and chicken will be missing / but money speaks to loud and it all who pays the piper to play / the swamp has all of its tributaries keeping the money flowing / / God is moving then out, and making them spend their monies as He is ready to bring the Hammer down on the people who have been for years stealing from our tax base as a nation / we have not yet seen what the Lord is going to do!

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