So-called conservative evangelical groups and megachurch pastors promoting conference designed to suppress Christian support for GOP. Conference speakers include Never Trumpers, Bernie boosters and a pastor who sort-of apologized after praying for President Donald Trump.

Elite Evangelicals including many prominent Never Trump Southern Baptists are slated for a major conference designed to undermine conservative Christian support for President Donald Trump and the Republican Party. The Just Gospel 2020 Conference includes Never Trump leaders like Russell Moore, Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders boosters like Southern Baptist pastor Thabiti Anyabwile and open immigration advocates like World Relief’s Jenny Yang. Of course despite its clever name, the Just Gospel Conference isn’t about Just the Gospel but politics and just in time to influence the 2020 Presidential Election.

According to conference organizer Anyabwile,

“The Just Gospel 2020 conference goal is to help Christians think biblically and deeply about being Christians and taking our Christian identity and perspective into our political lives. We hope to aid each other in our discipleship. We are ‘strangers and exiles on the earth’ who ‘desire a better country, that is, a heavenly one’ (Heb. 11:13, 16). We hope to model how Christians who differ in secondary and political matters can nevertheless do so charitably and in a way that preserves both unity and freedom of conscience. We hope to make a difference—for the Church and the country.”

Secondary matters? Hey, abortion, the murder of innocent babies, isn’t a secondary issue for Christians. Murder is kind of a big deal. It is right there in the Ten Commandments. And it is the defining and organizing issue for both major political parties. One party is pro-life. One party is pro-death. Christians can’t support any politician who supports murder. Not only is it error to support abortion supporting politicians, any Christian who does should be subject to church discipline.

Also, Anyabwile explains, “The goal of Just Gospel 2020 is NOT to engage in partisan rancor or endorse any party’s platform. Or to bind the consciences of attendees to a particular policy prescription. Or to recommend or even comment on any candidate.”

This is the rhetoric used by progressives to undermine evangelical support for the Republican Party. It is why so much time and energy is expended in redefining the term Pro-Life.

The event is set for March 5-7, 2020, in Alexandria, Virginia. Yep, just inside the infamous Beltway circling the nation’s capital.

If you notice the link above to Anyabwile’s blog post promoting the event, it is hosted at The Gospel Coalition (TGC) website. TGC was off the rails attacking the Republican Party in the 2016 Election cycle. It hosted Anyabwile’s column that labeled Trump racist and a religious bigot, pled with evangelicals to avoid supporting the GOP and blamed white evangelicals for tribalism in the church.

How’s that for building unity? And all for standing up for unborn babies and religious liberty.

Elite evangelicals now mirror coastal urban elites. White Evangelicals are scapegoats for everything. It’s the triumph of Identity Politics, Critical Race Theory and Intersectionality over a biblically informed Christian worldview.

It shouldn’t shock conservatives. The trend in Big Evangelicalism (Big Eva for short) is to embrace Identity Politics. Hey, the SBC endorsed the use of the “analytical tools” of Identity Politics when it approved Critical Race Theory and Intersectionality during the SBC’s Annual Meeting in Birmingham last summer. This sparked a rebuke from John MacArthur. But, Identity Politics is the trend in Big Eva and the Just Gospel Conference is a celebration of it.

The conference features leaders like Esau McCaulley, who infamously questioned English language translations because of the lack of inclusion of blacks and women on the translation committees.

Also on the conference schedule is David Platt, who ridiculously, sort-of apologized to Snowflakes over praying for President Donald Trump when the president stopped by McLean Bible Church.

This is Big Eva.

These are the leaders Big Eva platforms. This is what they have in store for 2020.

Will Evangelical Christians be deceived? Or, will Christians stand firm to protect the life of innocent babies and religious liberty?

One thought on “2020 Election: Elite Evangelicals prep push against Donald Trump, Republican Party”

  1. A thorough study of Critical Race Theory and Intersectionality proves that these two theories are explicitly un-Godly. When studying their related, intertwining ideologies of Queer Theory, Feminist Theory (both that have their roots in anarchist theory) and Postcolonial Theory, one sees that they are simply a post modernest attempt to deconstruct (destroy) Western Civilization…and they are succeeding at a rate that the average person doesn’t see and probably cant comprehend.

    Those that are attempting to destroy the SBC know their success will ensure the Democrats path to victory in 2020. Some of these people are simply Leftest that have a distaste for anything American. Some are fellow travelers that were previously the “cool” SBC members…but now fear rejection by the twitter masses and have succumbed to the religion “of the God within” as opposed to the God of the bible. Money, power and prestige are the oldest motivators on the planet and they are still very effective.

    May God show the traditional SBC members grace and provide for us a home where we can practice our faith in peace without fear of intimidation or enforced indoctrination.

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