Keep this in mind during the 2020 Election Campaign when some evangelicals lie to you about the GOP.

Ever hear the lie that Republicans don’t do anything about abortion? They just campaign on it? Well, that’s wrong. Republicans at the state and federal level have done many things to fight abortion, and Democrats at the state and federal level are doing everything possible to expand abortions—in some cases even advocating post-birth abortions like the case in Virginia.

A Republican president’s rule to protect doctors and nurses from being forced to perform abortions against their will was overturned by, you guessed it, an Obama appointed federal judge. Judge Paul A. Engelmayer, a Harvard graduate who took office in 2011, and ruled against the Trump Administration’s protections November 6, 2019.

The ruling ended protection for dissenting doctors and nurses. Doctors and nurses who are morally offended by murdering babies.

Liberal states and municipalities filed the lawsuit–a lawsuit designed to erode freedom of conscience. It included Democratic bastions like New York, Illinois, Massachusetts and Virginia among other liberal pro-abortion plaintiffs.

According to LifeSiteNews, the Trump Administration is expected to appeal the decision.

This perfectly illustrates modern American politics.

One party is pro-life.

One party is pro-death.

One party fights abortion.

One party enables it.

This is true at all levels of the government.

If you want to eliminate or reduce abortions, then you must vote Republican. Doing anything else puts liberal judges in places where they will “Resist!”

This is why the GOP must retain control of the Presidency and the Senate. As Christians, we have a duty to vote for the highest good (or at least the lesser evil), and there is no doubt that the greatest evil in America today is the slaughter of babies on the altar of sexual autonomy.

Don’t believe the deception from so many megachurch pastors and Big Evangelical celebrities promoting Social Justice and ignoring the evil of abortion.