Todd Starnes

Todd Starnes and his new book under attack from Big Tech & so-called conservatives

Todd Starnes and his new book Culture Jihad: How to Stop the Left from Killing a Nation are under attack. Not only by the usual suspects like the Progressive elites running the liberal media and Big Tech, but also by so-called conservatives.

Starnes revealed that some in the conservative media are shunning his new book. He posted on Facebook, “My radio show has become a popular place to launch books for conservative pundits, politicians and religious leaders. I’m always happy to accommodate. Needless to say, I’m always taken aback when many of those same pundits, politicians and religious leaders decline to return the favor. I can’t tell you how many ‘conservatives’ have declined to promote my book because it’s too ‘provocative.’ That’s mighty disappointing.

These so-called conservatives reveal who they really are—selfish pretenders who care nothing for evangelical Christians.

But, the shunning of Starnes’ book by these so-called conservatives mirrors the activities of big business progressives. Big Tech has engaged in a virtual book banning.

Starnes revealed that Facebook banned his public relations firm from buying ads for his book.

According to One News Now, “Starnes says his marketing firm was not allowed to buy advertising on Facebook to promote the live signing of his newly released book (September 10), Culture Jihad.”

The reason? Facebook didn’t like the title.

According to the report, “When [my marketing firm] tried to buy ads, Facebook rejected the advertisements – and they did so multiple times,” the author explains. According to Starnes, his marketing firm was told the ads were banned because of the name of the book. A subsequent appeal was not granted.”

Perhaps the book is too “provocative.” It is a book about real conservatism. It defends faith, family and property.

That’s scandalous in today’s America—an America where everyone does what is right in his own eyes.

Unfortunately, too many “conservatives” only care about defending property and open markets. They really don’t care about Drag Queen story hours or the persecution of Christians. They only care about cheap labor fueled by unlimited immigration and free trade.

Free markets are good, but real conservatism seeks to preserve ALL the things that made us great. That’s why the National Conservative conference led by Yorham Hazony and advocacy for traditional values against liberalism by the likes of Sohrab Ahmari are critical.

We need conservative focus to be on faith and family as well as economic issues.

Starnes has done it in his book. He defends evangelical Christians from the attack of illiberal progressives.

Too many so-called conservatives have joined the assault on Starnes. That’s bad for America.