The Provost of the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, Dr. Matthew Hall is a self-admitted racist and a man who admits he will “struggle with white supremacy” for the rest of his natural life. But, most of his critics assumed Hall was operating under false assumptions predicated on Neo-Marxist inspired Critical Race Theory. However, today, we learn that Hall rejects Critical Race Theory.

According to Dr. Tom Ascol, “In a phone conversation with Dr. Hall after my previous article he told me that he ‘categorically rejects’ Critical Race Theory (he gave me permission to make that known) and that the gospel is our only hope for these problems we are facing. I was surprised by his rejection of CRT but grateful to hear it.”

So, if Hall were not using the lame definitions of Progressives, then that must mean he was using the actual definition of racism and white supremacy.

As a reminder, here is what Hall said, “I’m going to struggle with racism and white supremacy until the day I die and get my glorified body.” Also, in another video he said, “If you live and work in the United States, or in North America in particular, you cannot escape the influence of race, the power of the idea of race, and the legacy and current reality of racism,” Matthew J. Hall, Provost of the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary said in the video. “So, if you asked the question, how do I know if I’m a racist, if you live in this context and if you’re human, you have been affected by racism.”

BREAKING: Admitted racist is Provost at Southern Baptist Theological Seminary

I thought he was an idiot, but apparently, he harbors actual racism and feelings of white supremacy.

What other option is there? Either, he uses a flawed definition and is in error, or, he is using the real definition and is disqualified from office.

How can Southern Baptist Theological Seminary President Albert Mohler allow an actual racist to continue working at the flagship Southern Baptist Convention seminary?

Racism is wrong.

We are even told racial reconciliation is a Gospel Issue™.

So, Dr. Mohler, why is a racist…an actual racist…still in a leadership role? How can we reconcile such an admission with appropriate Christian leadership qualifications?


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    1. So, care to provide a more reasonable reading? You can’t. He either was using a bad definition of what it means to be a white supremacist, or he is an actual white supremacist. Either case, Fire the guy.

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