A great thing about being a Southern Baptist is that in our local church even the lowliest of us can hold the church to account

“Drain the swamp!” served as one of the key elements of Donald Trump’s campaign for president. It was a pithy way to summarize the corruption of politics as usual in Washington, DC. and the desire of regular folks to clean up the disgusting way elites used the system for their own selfish goals.


It should serve as a stark reminder for any organization where elites value their own over the wishes of the little guys out in the backwater—little guys who pay the bills and salaries of the elites.


However, elites, even denominational elites, rarely learn lessons from outside events and only come to terms with the wishes of the rank-and-file when the little guys stand up and demand action. It was precisely that type of organizational action that unified Southern Baptists into the Battle for the Bible.


It is time for that type of action again. The only way to save the Southern Baptist Convention from the rise of secular progressive liberalism is to fire liberal Russell Moore. Moore is the progressive leader of the Southern Baptist Convention’s Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission (ERLC), and was a vocal critic who attacked Donald Trump and Donald Trump voters during the last election. It is time to tell him, “You’re fired!”


But to do that we must work together. Here are things you can do to help bring about real change.

1. Contact your local church leadership—This is the most important step!

Let your pastor and budget committee know that you are fed up with giving money to the SBC that is funneled to the ERLC. Tell them that you want your church to designate that none of its Cooperative Program money go to the ERLC until Russell Moore resigns or is removed.


There may be some resistance. They might tell you that isn’t possible, but it is. Other churches use this tool to send a statement. All they have to do is follow the example of these pastors mentioned by the Wall Street Journal.


Another bit of resistance might come from a reluctance to rebuke Dr. Moore since Dr. Moore is popular with many denominational elites. However, if they raise objections then you should point them to these statements from many Southern Baptist leaders. A great example comes from Mike Huckabee. Huckabee said, “I am utterly stunned that Russell Moore is being paid by Southern Baptists to insult them. Many of us have faithfully sought to stand for the Biblical definition of marriage, for the sanctity of life, and for meaningful and substantive efforts to help the poor with affordable housing, access to food and employment, and equal education opportunities for minorities. Where was Russell Moore when we were fighting those battles?


“Who is he to dismiss the efforts by great men of God like Adrian Rogers, Jimmy Draper, Bailey Smith, Jerry Vines, Ronnie Floyd, Jack Graham, Ed Young, Morris Chapman, Charles Stanley, Frank Page, Paige Patterson, and many other people I’ve personally known to be fearless and faithful servants of Christ as they helped lead Southern Baptists to take the Bible literally and seriously?


“If issues like the protection of the unborn, Biblical marriage, or helping people out of poverty rather than enslaving them to government programs that keep them impoverished for life aren’t important to Mr. Moore, then he should show some integrity and stop taking a paycheck funded by the very people he holds in such contempt.”


Point your local pastor to online resources like our articles here and most importantly to conservative, Southern Baptist websites like SBCToday.com.


Need more information? Then perhaps share these links to websites chronicling Dr. Russell Moore’s liberal policies would help. This post from Randy White Ministries detailing Moore’s moral communitarianism is an important read for understanding how Dr. Moore views politics, and here is lifelong Alabama fan Seth Dunn’s examination of Dr. Moore’s progressive policies. And here is a post outlining the connection between George Soros and Russell Moore.


2. Write the ERLC trustees

State Members Term Expiring 2017
Alabama: William R. (Bill) Morgan, 326 Washington St., Prattville 36067
Arkansas: B. Todd Howard, 5514 Pinnacle Ln., Pine Bluff 71603
California: Dennis M. Schmierer, 266 W. Indianapolis Ave., Fresno 93705
Colorado: *Allen L. (Al) Simmons, 16094 W. 13th Pl., Golden 80401
Florida: Ron D. Harvey, 138 NE 1st St., Pompano Beach 33060
Georgia: Timothy D. Jones, 2801 West Britt David Rd., Columbus 31909
Nevada: James L. Reamer, 919 Clay Ridge Rd., North Las Vegas 89031
South Carolina: *Lee Bright, 215 Claiborne Ct., Spartanburg 29301
Term Expiring 2018
Illinois: Curtis R. Starner, 12353 E. 3153 N. Rd., Blackstone 61313
Kansas-Nebraska: Dan R. Anderson, 14911 E. Lakeview, Wichita, KS
Kentucky: Lynn O. Traylor, P. O. Box 54, Buckner 40010
Mississippi: Mike Aultman, 819 Old Salt Rd., Sumrall 39482
New York: Robert Dean, 7340 Meadville Rd., Basom 14013
Virginia: Bernard J. Snowden, 12217 Castlewall Ct., Bowie, MD 20720
Term Expiring 2019
Indiana: J.D. Traylor, 151 West Main St., Hanover 47423
Missouri: *Tammie Andrews, 1112 N. Woodridge Ln., Liberty 64068
New England: *Robert L. Orleck, P. O. Box 174, Randolph, VT 05060
North Carolina: *Tami L. Fitzgerald, 109 Carpathian Way, Raleigh 27615
Ohio: Mike L. Wilson, 1680 Sassafras Cir., Mansfield 44905
Oklahoma: Justin T. Sampler, 30209 South Gale Ave., Inola 74036
Pa-So Jersey: Roger Manao, 600 Ridgewood Rd., Upper Darby, PA 19082
Tennessee: Trevor M. Atwood, 3510 Boxelder Way, Murfreesboro 37128
Texas: Barry K. Creamer, 4010 Gaston Ave., Dallas 75246
Term Expiring 2020
Arizona: *Roberta L. (Bobbi) Gilchrist, 133 W. Camino de Mesa, Huachuca City 85616
Louisiana: *Ryan E. Gatti, 1661 Benton Rd., Bossier City 71111
Maryland-Delaware-District of Columbia: Brian M. Corrick, 2990 Baptist Church Rd., Nanjemoy, MD 20662
Michigan: Ronald J. Libey, 64 E. Stephenson Ave., Apt. 3, Gwinn 49841
New Mexico: *Lori A. Bova, P. O. Box 2371, Hobbs 88241
Northwest: Alan E. Gayle, 2464 Borders Dr., Eugene, OR 97404
West Virginia: *Preston T. White, P. O. Box 762, Princeton 24740
At-Large Members Term Expiring 2017
*Reed E. Johnston, III, 1307 Crofton Ave., Waynesboro, VA 22980
Term Expiring 2018
*Kenneth Barbic, 1348 D Street NE, Washington, DC 20002
David E. Prince, 601 Applegrove Dr., Nicholasville, KY 40356
Term Expiring 2020
*Kelly Hancock, P. O. Box 821349, North Richland Hills, TX 76182
* Indicates non-church/denomination-related vocation

3. Contact the SBC Executive Committee and SBC President.

You can reach the SBC Executive Committee via mail at this address:
The Executive Committee, SBC
Office of Convention Relations
901 Commerce Street
Nashville, TN 37203-3699
Also, you can reach Frank Page, president of the Southern Baptist Executive Committee via Twitter. As always, be respectful when reaching out to these leaders.

Here is how you can reach Steve Gaines, president of the Southern Baptist Convention. You can reach out to him via Twitter or at his church website.

4. Don’t get discouraged

Change in the Southern Baptist Convention can move slowly. The Trustee system is designed to protect the establishment. However, with persistence and by pressuring the bottom line through our local giving then great change can happen.