ITKSteve Spurrier is a washed up has been “ball coach” whose best years are decades behind him. His closest sniff at relevance was a 2010 SEC Championship Game appearance where his Gamecocks got run, 56-17.

There was a day when Steve Spurrier defined college football. That day is long gone.

Instead, now ole Steve is an embittered old man, willing to try and make up the ground his football team can’t cover by the wagging of his tongue.

Spurrier is like that drunk uncle we all have. Sitting in the corner, drink in hand, it doesn’t take long for the one liners to start flying. But in the end, he’s still just an ole drunk.

In the end, Spurrier is 18 years removed from his last National Title, with only two under his belt to speak of.

Enter Nick Saban, the man that keeps Spurrier up at night. Saban owns four titles, and not 18 years ago. Three have come within the last five years.

But like a washed up diva, intimidated (and subsequently critical) by a newer, more accomplished face, Spurrier, bankrupt of real accomplishment as of late, likes to run that mouth.

In 2012 Spurrier lobbed a barb Saban’s way, discounting the amazing run Nick Saban has generated in Tuscaloosa.

““He’s got a nice little gig going, a little bit like Calipari. He tells guys, ‘Hey, three years from now, you’re going to be a first-round pick and go.’ If he wants to be the greatest coach or one of the greatest coaches in college football, to me, he has to go somewhere besides Alabama and win, because they’ve always won there at Alabama.”

It’s long been known Spurrier is lazy, preferring to play golf than do what it takes to coach football. The coach’s only real claim to fame is owning Clemson…not exactly a formidable accomplishment.

Of late, Spurrier chimed in on the HUNH argument, again, despite the NCAA coordinator of officiating and secretary-rules editor dismissing Saban’s overstated role in last week’s defensive substitution rules debate, Spurrier predictably took another shot at the game’s most accomplished head coach.

“He (Saban) took it upon himself to go before the rules committee and get it done,” Spurrier said in a Thursday USA Today interview. “They tried to change the rules. But I don’t think they’re gonna get away with it.”

What Steve Spurrier loves more than the hard work it takes to compete against Nick Saban in recruiting.
What Steve Spurrier loves more than the hard work it takes to compete against Nick Saban in recruiting.
Steven O. Spurrier doing what he loves most.[/caption]Yep, that’s right Steve. Coach Saban took a break from dominating you on the recruiting trail, fresh off another #1 signing class that you were too lazy to rival to sneak into an Indianapolis meeting room and whisper into the ears of the rules committee.

Coach Spurrier, you are an idiot.

I guess Rogers Redding’s words that Saban didn’t contact the committee, but that the committee contacted him…twice…is just too much for you to handle. Afterall, Spurrier used to be the college football coach whose opinion mattered.

Not anymore. Now Steve remains as the old drunk in the corner, disheveled while sipping on sherry. And it drives him crazy. Too bad he’s too lazy to do anything about it.

Bama fans would love another shot at the Gamecocks before Spurrier retires, but the problem is he can’t ever get them to Atlanta to meet up with the Tide.

I guess we’ll have to wait until the next time they meet in the regular season. If the old drunk is still there when it happens.

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93 thoughts on “Lazy, washed up Steve Spurrier takes another shot at Nick Saban”

  1. Would you provide a link where Redding said the committee contacted Saban twice? I know Finebaum stated that, but the only quote I’ve seen from Redding about it said that Saban asked to speak at the meeting, not that he was invited.

        1. Then he was wrong. Redding specifically says Saban ASKED to speak to the committee. Ive NEVER heard him say Saban was asked by them.

          1. That’s fine. You asked for my source, and I gave it to you. I don’t know if you’ve ever heard of Paul Finebaum, but his words carry more than just a little bit of weight. He said it on his show the day the story broke. Millions heard it.

            Either Redding is wrong or his source is wrong. I don’t care.

          2. Uh, pretty sure its Finebaum that’s wrong. Redding said Saban ASKED to come speak. Calhoun said Saban ASKED to come speak. Both of those statements are in print or recorded. I highly doubt both men would tell a lie on the record. And I haven’t heard Saban or anyone from Alabama dispute it.

          3. Because no one gives a shit what you think. You’re barely worth my time. You’re worth ZERO of “Saban and Alabama’s.”

          4. Fact is Ive backed up the fact that Redding said Saban asked to speak. Calhoun also said Saban asked to speak. These are facts. The actual words from their mouths back up that fact.

            Maybe do a little research next time you post your inaccurate ramblings.

          5. No, you take it up with Redding, dumbass. Or are you too far back in the woods to understand how it works. Finebaum and the program he represents can be sued for falsifying a quote from someone sich as Redding. But Redding can lie his ass off about what he actually said and no one can do a damn thing about it. So considering the volitility of this story I would damn sure trust Finebaum more. RTR!

          6. Yeah, its always better to go with someone saying they “heard” what someone said as opposed to actually using the words that come out of that persons mouth.

            Redding and Calhoun BOTH said Saban asked to come speak. What reason would both men have for lying? There is none. Ive proven with the link that Redding said Saban asked to come speak. I can link Calhoun saying it too if you need it.

            This is what we call “evidence”. Or “facts”. Ill go with the actual words from their mouths over “well, Finebaum said”.

  2. what folks don’t remember about Spurrier (but i do) is that he came into a great situation at UF in 1990. recall he would have won the SEC that year had not Florida been on probation. bought that team championship rings.

    Galen Hall had assembled a great team but had to cheat to do it. Steve Spurrier benefitted from that cheating. Spurrier built nothing in Gainesville. it was handed off to him.

    important to remember when he’s mouthing off about other coaches.

      1. yeah, Galen Hall was the reason Spurrier was able to hit the ground running in 1990 at Florida.

        Hall was a hell of a coach at Florida. recruited Emmitt Smith. (you do remember Emmitt, peach?)

        the fact is Spurrier’s immediate success at UF was due to the shape Hall left the program in.

        it is undeniable.

        1. 4 years before Spurrier Florida was 6-5, 6-6, 7-5 and 7-5. Spurrier took over that program and built it into a powerhouse. Galen Hall had nothing to do with Spurrier winning the 96 Nc. Might as well say Shula is the reason for Sabans success, since he recruited some of the guys on Sabans 2009 NC team.

          1. yes, Hall’s last four years didn’t look like the first few due to NCAA sanctions from the Pell era.

            But Hall had the program coming out of the ditch and Spurrier was there to take the reigns at the right time.

            Hall in no way left the cupboard bare for Steve.

            and to imply anything different simply isn’t true.

            just like your implication that Alabama has always had great teams and always won big. that it just happens on it’s own. that anybody could walk into tuscaloosa and do what Saban has done.

            just not true.

          2. So Galen Hall is the reason Spurrier was succesful for 12 seasons, went 122-27-1, won 6 SEC championships and a NC?

            Thats just insanely silly. Spurrier made Florida succesful because of his offense. Galen Hall didnt have anything to do with Florida’s offense; ever. To play Spurriers success off on a coach that went 6-5, 6-6, 7-5 and 7-5 the 4 years before Spurrier got there is ridiculous.

      2. My research my be wrong but the last time I checked Spurrier OWNS Saban. He has a 3-1 head to head with two games being Gators beating Tigers and the last time they meet in Columbia where South Carolina beat the #1 Alabama Crimson Tide by 2 touchdowns. Alabama has always expected to win championships not just have 10 win seasons. Spurrier has done more at SC then Saban has at Alabama in terms of building a program.

  3. The ignorance in this thread is astounding. Spurrier is 33-6 the last 3 years; at SOUTH CAROLINA! Saban is 36-4 in the same timeframe. And Spurriers team has played a MUCH tougher schedule than Alabama has. He took one of the WORST programs ever and turned them into a top 10 team. Saban is just succeeding at a program thats always had success.

    And please give us the link about Redding asking Saban to come speak. Calhoun said he was never asked and the Saban asked THEM to come and speak. I can provide that link. Can you provide yours?

    1. “Saban is just succeeding at a program thats always had success.”

      why, peach, what a nice thing to say. but if memory serves me, sports scholars such as yourself were telling us after we canned shula, it was a lousy job nobody wanted and we’d never get another championship caliber coach because of the meddling alum and boosters.

      it’s a good thing then, like now, we didn’t listen.

      1. And its silly to call Spurrier lazy and washed up considering his record is comparable to Sabans the last 3 years despite playing a tougher schedule at a program thats never been a consistant winner.

        1. Is this where all the stupid redneck Alabama fans congregate. I’ve never read such garbage in all my life.

        2. You stupid slut. SOS’s 3 year record is comparable with Saban’s? Bwaa Haww Haww! Just like a fool woman! You actually think 4 or 5 wins is the way you compare the difference in programs? In the past 3 years Bama has 2 unanimous National Championships. One SEC Championship. One de facto SEC Championship and a year ranked #1 from preseason to the Iron Bowl, and 3 reruiting National Championships. Shit On a Shingle hasn’t even sniffed any of the above. And screw strength of schedule. Bama would have been even better if they had playrd USCjr’s schedule because then they wouldn’t have lost to LSU in 2011, Texas A&M in 2012 or Auburn last year and would have played for another BCSNC . You are so damn stupid that I hate wasting my time answering you. Dumbass! RTR!

    2. So the SEC East is tougher than the West.?

      Now THAT is a stupid statement.

      Win and loss records without hardware is just recreational football, friend.

      Try again.

      1. Never said that. I said South Carolina has played a tougher schedule than alabama has. And they have. Look at every EOY SOS the last 3 years. SC is ahead of Bama in all of them

        1. I’ll take guaranteed games against Vandy, Kentucky, Florida, Missouri, Tennessee and Georgia over LSU, Texas A&M, Auburn, Ole MIss, Mississippi State and Arkansas any year, at least in the window of time we’re talking about.

          Alabama has won 3 National Championships (the thing Auburn couldn’t do this year) in that time. Look, you want to argue. You don’t want the truth. So stop wasting my time.

          1. I gave you the truth. South Carolina has played a tougher schedule than alabama the last 3 years. Thats a fact. Just look at last year. South Carolina played (EOY rankings)
            #5 Missouri
            #8 Clemson
            #10 UCF
            #14 LSU
            #22 Wisconsin
            #24 Duke

            Their OOC schedule included two top 10 teams (Clemson and UCF) along with North Carolina.

            Alabama played a weak ass Virginia Tech. They didnt play as many final ranked teams either. There is ZERO doubt South Carolina played a tougher schedule than alabama last year, and ended up with the same record

          2. South Carolina lost to unranked Tennessee and #22 Georgia.

            Alabama’s losses came to #2 Auburn and #11 Oklahoma.

            We can do this all night. Raping numbers to support your agenda is almost as cheap as the HUNH.

            I’m asking you to deal with the truth, which you won’t do.

            Alabama, in the same time span, faced a tougher conference schedule by virtue of the division they’re in, and emerged with 3 BCS National Championships. Again, something Auburn couldn’t close the deal on.

            In that same span, all Spurrier emerged with was alcohol breath and great tee times.

            I rest my case.

          3. Again, South Carolina has played a tougher schedule than Alabama has the last three years. I can link several SOS rankings that all show it. You can compare games v/s final ranked teams, games v/s bowl teams, games v/s winning teams, etc. South Carolina comes out on top everytime.

            And Alabama plays the weakest teams from the East almost every year.

          4. “And Alabama plays the weakest teams from the East almost every year.”

            You are an absolute moron.

            Alabama has no control over who they play “from the East.” In that span they’ve had a home and home with Florida, a home and home with USCe, and beat UGA in Atlanta. Would you like to pull the Falcons in to make it tougher? They went 4-1 in those contests.

            I pray you’re gay, peachy. I really think you are anyway, but for fear that you’d spread your seed upon unintentionally getting a woman pregnant, I sincerely hope the Michael Sam news was very special to you. Because you are about as dumb as they come.


            LMAO – Not only is bama’s schedule for next year weaker than South Carolina’s again next year for the fourth year in a row, it’s weaker than every other team in the SEC! And bama is the only team in the SEC whose opponents overall winning percentage is under .500, which is due to the fact that the mighty gumps play by far the weakest OOC schedule of any team in the conference next year!

          6. @LMAO

            I don’t know how bad you think LSU and Auburn are going to be this year but if you want to complain about Alabama’s strength of schedule isn’t the first and foremost problem that Alabama can’t play the toughest team in the conference? Play Alabama and your schedule strength goes up. I supposed for this argument it’s unfortunate Alabama doesn’t have that luxury, but everyone in the SEC controls their own destiny regardless.

    3. Bitch, go get fucked. You sound like you really need it. Better yet go suck a dick so you’ll better remember your place in society. Nobody here give a flying fuck at a rolling donut what you think. Stallings gave Spurrier hell during his time at Bama. Beat the motherfucker twice in one season. Nobody from the SEC East has done shit since Bama knocked Florida’s dick in the dirt where it belonged. Therefore it would be real fucking difficult for SOS ( Shit On a Stick) to have played a tougher schedule than Bama. Spurrier is and has always been a loud mouth asshole. We don’t give a shit about him or about you or about what you think about Saban. Personally I hope he called and begged to attend the meeting, and I hope the rule passes because of him and I hope all you Weagle bastards and HUNH bastards have the worst case of diaper rash in history. Now drag your fucking ass back over on the Goat Fuckers boards and socialize with people of your own kind – Slut!

      1. Crimsonite you are a perfect representative and example of the bama fan base. Your class, or should I say lack there of, shines through your words and comments like Updykes did through his actions.

        1. Don’t be confusing me with your piece of shit native assholes from Louisiana, you retarded fucktard. Just because he decided to folliow Bama instead of LSWho, doesn’t make Bama responsible for Louisiana’s lunatic fringe. The shithead Weagles are the ones with native Alabamians who on a regular basis desecrate monuments and graves associated with the University of Alabama. The University of Alabama and her Alumni have no connection or responsibility whatsoever for what one Louisiana lunatic did to Auburn University. I don’t give a fuck who he claims is his favorite team. So fuck off. RTR!7

    4. Thank You! Spurrier has done way more then Saban has in terms of building a program. If you take the championships away from bama is Saban still the coach there?

  4. Peachy,
    Why would he need sources? He’s “in the know”. Whiny douchebags can do that sort of thing.

  5. I totally forgot Steve Spurrier lost to GENE CHIZIK when Chizik didn’t have Cam Newton.

    Nice career slide there, Steve. Time to toss back another, I ‘spose.

    1. For your information Fucktard, I belong to mensa and have a rating of 163. So anytime you want to feel stupid, come on over and let’s have a chat. Dumbass troll! RTR!

        1. Hey, LMAO (Licking My Ass Orgasmically), don’t you have some Corndogs to tend to? That Coonass team of yours has pretty much become irrelevant. Your last two starting QB’s ended their carrers against Bama by having their asses sacked four straight times for losses. One fumbled the ball away and one crawled off the field dragging his ass just like a dog run over by a car. You must be nuts, running your mouth over here. Bwaa Haww Haww! RTR!

    1. I don’t even think you know what you meant by that. Another copy and paste, no doubt.

      Seriously, South Carolina is a joke. I have a lot of respect for you for sticking with them though.

      1. Didn’t that joke of a program with their lazy, washed up coach beat Alabama and Saban last time they played?

        1. LULZ!

          What, FOUR seasons ago?

          I had no idea how dominated your asses were until now. When you have to reach that far back to find any modecum of dignity, we officially own you, regardless of what a rogue scoreboard says.

          You actually just referred to a game four seasons ago…knowing that if USCe could ever make it to Atlanta they could face Bama. But they can’t.

          FOUR season ago, you just reached… THAT IS CLASSIC! Seriously, thank you for making my day!

          1. Well considering the last time alabama played South Carolina was 4 seasons ago its hard to site any games since then.

          2. Well damn Can’t Spell Shit, I thought you knew everything about Bama. Saban and Bama made it to Atlanta 3 times since he’s been there and on the 4th time when we didn’t get there we unceremoniously stomped the ever lovin’ shit out of the SEC Champion in the BCSNCG. Does that count? Bwaa Haww Haww! We should be our own conference. ROTFLMMFAO! RTR!

  6. Where’s Cantdoit?! ITK should fire his pansy ass ! Here you have Peachy handing ITK his ass on his own website, and you have not spoke once in ITK’s Defense! Has the crush on ITK faded? Then for ITK to bash one of the greatest coaches in SEC history is insane. Bet ITK was giddy as cantdoit at Gay Pride week when the rumors of Spurrier to bama was going around a few years ago. Saban is nothing without the SEC level recruits and an established SEC program. He was an average coach/recruiter until he came to the SEC. Spurrier led Florida’s football program to their first NC. Where has Saban done that? Then ITK bashes Spurrier on being lazy recruiting. Ask Clowney and Lattimore if Steve was lazy when he out recruited nicky for their services, just to name a few. One last thing. Not that truth or facts mean a damn thing on the crappy website but ITK says ” In the end, Spurrier is 18 years removed from his last National Title, with only two under his belt to speak of.” Where did Steve pick up his 2nd at? I will wait for ITK to blame this error on Finebaum as well.

      1. But you did take time out of your useless life to search on google for another cute picture in response of my post. Bwawwwww hawwwwww hawwwwww

    1. Probably was dumbass, and so was I. Compared to our previous four coaches, even Spurrier was a move up. But it was only with a Jaundiced eye that I considered the SEC’s biggest ever asshole. The 2010 USCjr team you pimped whores want to brag about lost their only ever SECCG 57-14, while Bama’s worst team since 2007 recovered and went on to slaughter the Big 10 Champion 49-7. When was the last time BAMA lost to ANYBODY 57-14? I can’t remember that far back. Not in my lifetime for sure. Not in a hundred years. Maybe not ever. So fuck off losers. Must be hell to be born into a life of being tenth dog in a sleddog team! It’s called Optical Rectumitis! Bwaa Haww Haww! RTR!

      1. You know when you are comparing how bad you got beat to how bad someone else got beat that you are a loser. Just saying.

        1. I don’t know what you’re talking about, fucktard. Didn’t say a fucking word about Bama gettinyg beat. USCjr on the other hand was an SECCG embarrassment.

  7. Spurrier could have had Saban’s job if he had wanted it, but Alabama couldn’t lure him away from USC. So now you guys are chewing on sour grapes.

    1. SOUR GRAPES???

      Saban has brought THREE NATIONAL TITLES to Tuscaloosas while Spurrier has YET TO EVEN MAKE THE BIG GAME, and we have SOUR GRAPES?

      You, friend, are a freaking idiot.

      I beg you…PLEASE don’t reproduce.

    1. Not a chance. The world needs to see and read how stupid you are.

      How else can future generations learn from and avoid your stupidity?

  8. Afan, they have got pretty delete happy the last few weeks. Guess that is their way of pouting.

      1. ITK, I hear crickets waiting for your reply to Cant spell roll tide without 2 L’s. If nothing else, when beaten just do like you normally do, brag about your balls! LMAO

  9. Really ITK? I mean REALLY? ROFLMFAO!!! How about correcting the error you made on Spurrier before pointing out someone’s grammar. You have been called out on a couple of the points you tried to make , but all you do is deflect and play english teacher. This is a sports website right? How about posting facts for once? Try it , you might get more than 10 readers. BWAWWWW HAWWWWWW HAWWWW

    1. There was no error concerning SOS. SOS is his own fucking error by his own stupidass mouth. Saban started a rebuilding job at both Toledo and Michigan St, who I doj’t think anybody will confuse with Alabama. Then he completely rebuilt into a national power for the first time ever, the train wreck that was LSWho. So SOS showed what a senile drunk he is with that dumbass remark. As for ‘have got’. Don’t be quoting me stupid ass references of our butchered language which authorities have had to accept so that dumbasses like yourselves can pass an Elementary English course. ‘I have got a cold’ – ‘I have a cold’. ‘What have you got in your hand?’ – ‘What is that in your hand?’. It’s moron English 101! Actually it’s Ghetto and Barrio English 101.

      1. Are you drunk typing again? I never said one damn thing about SOS you back woods hick of a truck driver. Who knew that a truck driver could even spell mensa, much less make up a fairy tale about being a part of it. Then I am supposed to take English tips from someone that thinks dating mexican prostitues makes him a member of the mexican mafia? Hey LMAO , be carefull or crimsonshite will challenge you to a fight at the local truck stop. ( true story ) If having perfect grammar is a requirement to post here you , ITK, CSR, and Cantdoit would have been gone a long time ago.

        On another note, have y’all been watching the bathe NFL network bammer boys implode at the NFL combine? So bad that a reporter from the NFL network tweeted about how poorly prepaired some of them have been. Hey bammers, tell us again how nicky gets kids ready for the NFL.

        1. Hey piece of shit dick licker. Tell me again what’s your piece of shit schools record over the last 6 years. How many people hzve you put in the NFL. Stupid motherfucker. Those guys are not at Alabama anymore. If they want to eat chocolate cake, drink beer and sleep all day and fuck up their NFL chances, then it’s on their asses not Bama’s. Are you old enough to smoke, fucktard?

          1. This is getting very classy. You’re not able to type a sentence without cussing. You have to make UofA very proud.

  10. You would think that if ITK’s balls were that impressive, Crimsonshite and cantdoit would be bragging about them also…..

    1. ITK’s balls can spell better than you, which I suppose does make them marginally impressive.

      Clowney was never going to leave home but it’s hard to blame him since it wouldn’t affect his draft status regardless (I lived in upstate SC when he was a recruit), Saban is a great coach rather than lucky to have a job, many Alabama players are going to be picked in the NFL draft (again) and will play next season, and finally, it’s spelled, “The Conduit.”

  11. Lots of rival fans on this site right now! I think its great! Makes it fun to read!

    I’ve been here for several years now…sadly, most of the rival fans disappear during football season.

    Past couple of years, I was wondering if Auburn fans even existed anymore!

    Too bad this past year will probably be Malzahn’s best of his Auburn career. I will miss some of you guys!

    1. I think Auburn might actually be better after Malzahn’s first year in terms of actual performance.

      The tricky part is I don’t think that means their record is ever going to be any better than it was in 2013. You can’t prepare for that kind of luck, and they were more than prepared to be happy with a two-loss season.

  12. ITK,
    Really I can see where you’re going with this, I think Spurrier is always needling coaches, and overall being obnoxious. The fact does remain, Spurrier won 6 sec titles and was 4-2 against Alabama in the championship game, also he owned Saban when Saban was at LSU. You shouldnt have brought this up just makes you look like your finding a way to get back at Spurrier now that he is old. Heck he has built South Carolina into a 10 win team annualy, thats unheard of.

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