ITKAs we slowly get beyond the hysteria and knee-jerk reaction surrounding the NCAA Rules Committee’s upcoming decision on the so-called “10-second rule,” some interesting nuggets are rising to the surface.

The sexy headlines in past weeks have been in favor of those crying in the streets over the change. Coaches who, like children, want to sling mud at the man who keeps them up at night.

But one such man has a differing opinion. If anyone thinks Mark Richt is a Nick Saban fan he should have his head examined for post-concussion trauma. Yet Richt has this to say:

Mark Richt quote

The truth is, the opposing side of this rule has taken on the life of politically correct issues where, depending on which side you’re on, you’re the devil. You can’t have an opinion other than that of the punch drunk mainstream or you’re obviously a crybaby trying to play on a field tilted in your favor. The opposite of this couldn’t be more true.

Speaking out in opposition to the rule has become au courant, making you trendy and with the times…especially in the coaching world. The idea of making the game continuous, like soccer or basketball, seems to be the new wave among fans and coaches in desperate search to end the tyranny of Saban’s grip on the college football game. But let me remind you, lots of issues were once au courant until common sense took over. And common sense is where this thing is headed.

Perhaps the biggest dose of common sense came from Florida head coach Will Muschamp:

Muschamp quote

This is soooo true, for both sides, but I would argue it’s moreso the case for those in favor of officials not being in place to safely call the game they say they love. Having officials miss offensive penalties (which by-in-large come at the beginning of a play) is a benefit coaches who employ cheating into their gameplan want to keep around.

But Saban would argue that these cheating coaches can still play this cheapened brand of football. In a study, the NCAA Rules Committee found that the four leading teams that play this style only snapped the ball on average four times a game faster than the 10-second window the Committee is proposing.

So, as in the old Wendy’s commercial, “Where’s the beef?”

Saban quote

What’s the problem then with the rule? If you’re reading this column now, you already know that answer. Whether you’ll admit it or not is the issue.

Imparting even more common sense, Saban says facilitating more plays goes against everything the NCAA has said it wants to do in the interest of player saftey.

“Everything that we’ve ever done in the NCAA is about exposure. We’ve always tried to limit spring practice, we limit fall camp, we limit the number of days you can hit now. We have acclimation days: so many days in shorts, so many days in shoulder pads. The NFL even limited their practice even more, but really found that more guys get hurt in the games (not practices). The ratio of guys that get hurt in the game is 7 to 1 that guys getting hurt in practice.

“So we’re limiting practice, and playing more plays in the game. College football is the only game in the country, of any kind, that the college game is longer than the pro game. And the disparity in plays run is like 59 to 72 in the NFL – 59 for the lowest-average team, 72 for the highest. You know, in college, it’s more like 61 and 90. Alright, so there’s a large disparity. But that’s just something that people need to look at.”

The most telling nugget is that the rule mud slingers like the lazy Steve Spurrier assigned to Nick Saban isn’t his at all. In a recent interview Saban refutes the idea that the rule was “his idea.”

“I think one thing people don’t understand is they don’t have all the facts about this. I had nothing to do with the idea of the 10-second rule, but the committee decided the 10-second rule because they took 12 games of three fastball teams and they said, ‘OK, how many times did they snap the ball in the first 10 seconds of the play clock?’ It averaged four times a game, so you’re really not changing.”

But getting down to brass tacks, for Auburn head coach Gus Malzahn, and those like him, it all comes down to this.

Malzahn quote

That’s my paraphrase, but listen to the man speak, past and present, and the drivel dripping from his lips on the issue oozes this notion.

But Nick Saban wants to know why the matter is even an issue. If only four plays a game are affected by the rule, what is Malzahn so scared of? And why can’t this bright coach employ the same common sense the NCAA Rule Committee seems to be adopting?

“I don’t think anybody was trying to change what they do or how they do it, but the fact that they can get on the line and snap it quick, you can’t substitute.” Saban said. “So, that becomes an eventual player safety issue and I think if you ask the guys philosophically, a lot of them that run the offense, they say we want to wear the defense down and get the defense tired. Well, you get the defensive players tired they are going to be more susceptible to getting injured.”

Is it because Loophole U. sees their success fading if they’re forced to adhere to the rules of the game?

Again, Saban speaks and common sense comes forth:

“The NFL officials controlling the pace of the game in that league has, I think, benefited the players and I would like to see the officials be able to control the pace of the game. I think the officials control the pace of the game in all games, but they don’t in college football.”

Again, you know the answer to why Malzahn and his ilk don’t want the same officiating adherance in the college game. Admitting it is the real issue.

And that, friend, is the real nugget that has risen to the surface over this issue.

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46 thoughts on “Nick Saban: “I had nothing to do with the idea of the 10-second rule””

  1. This just might be the most useless story that you have ever posted on this website. They have been running the HUNH for quite a few years now , and there has NEVER been any type of health issues from it. It is amazing that the only problem of the HUNH are starting to come out because of the 2 toughest games that bama has to play each year come against HUNH teams in Auburn and Texas A&M. Regardless of how your height challenged leader tries to spin it, the HUNH is no more dangerous than the Pro Style or any other type of Offense. Why don’t we throw out a few more rule changes in the name of safety?

    1. No more Blitzes. Lord knows how dangerous it is for offensive players to have 7-11 players coming at them full speed while the offensive line is stationary.

    2. No more than 4 Defenders on the Line of Scrimmage at the snap.Just not fair

    3. Can only have 7 Defenders in the box at the snap of the ball. The Offense only has 5 O-Linemen. Once again this is BS!

    4. Weight limit for all players. I think it is a true health risk that any player over 250 lbs to have to go threw all of that running and other football related activities.

    5. No more ” pulling plays” on offense. It is very dangerous to block the defenders when they do not know you are coming.

    6. We must do away with the forward pass. The defenses should not have to run down the field 20+ yards in an attempt to defend a pass.

    7. Do away with all equipment. They do more damage than they do protection. Helmets, and pads must go.

    8. No more temper tandrums by Coaches. This is a true health risk , and would hate for the mad munchkin to stroke out on the sideline.

    9. No more games in rain or in temps less than 70 degrees. Players might catch a cold

    10. No more flights to games. Hell no busses either. Much safer to walk. This will also help with Rule #4 above.

    1. Funny how Bammers used to say this gimmick offense would never work in the SEC and it certainly wouldn’t work against Nick Sabans defense. Now its working so well they’re crying for rules changes to stop what their coach cant.

      That gimmick offense seems to have the Bams in a tizzy.

    2. I didn’t read your superlative list. It’s stupid and a waste of time. Like all Aubies, you avoid the real issue by attempting to muddy the waters with sarcasm. And failed, I might add.

      What isn’t a waste of time is looking at what the NFL does in relation to the college game, and their successful management of this offensive gimmick through officiating is what’s coming to college soon.

      Sorry to pee in your Cheerios, but that’s a fact. Let Gus know for me, will ya?

      1. Whats a fact? That they’re going to pass this rule? Because from every report this rule change isn’t happening.

        Sorry to pee in your cheerios. Saban will just have to take face Malzahn without the benefit of a rule change to help him

        1. “From every report.”

          Your mom, the Opelika Times-Tribune and the Never To Yield Foundation don’t count.

          You’re dreaming.

  2. Don’t worry about that thing with two ‘LL’s’ ITK.’It’s’ simply a retarded Weagle chickenshit who doesn’t show up to get ‘it’s’ ass stomped after ‘it’s’ cum hole has overloaded it. ‘It’s’ not worth your time to give ‘it’ any attention. RTR!

    1. It’s official. You are the crudest person on the planet. Congrats, I’m sure you are proud!

  3. I’m still with ITK on this one. Criticize the article if you must, but once again now we have quotes and an in-depth analysis from the man the entire concept of the ten-second rule was wrongfully and at best irresponsibly attributed to.

    Sure, some will even call this interview itself an excuse just like the rule proposal itself, but then again those people still insist Saban is going to be the next coach at the University of Texas.

    The rule will pass, barely anything will change at all but people will still aggressively blame Nick Saban, which will make him mad, and that always seems to be what people playing against Alabama are afraid of most of all.

    Brilliant read, ITK, and Saban is once again shedding more light on college football than we fans probably deserve. But I love it. Roll Tide.

  4. How about a compromise?
    Implement a 50 second clock in college football.
    The refs get their 10 extra seconds to get in place to call the play properly and the defense can also use the time to hurry like hell and substitute.
    Other than that, absolutely nothing else changes for the HUNH bunch.
    They’ve still got 40 full seconds that they never intend to use much of anyway.
    But they’ll still gripe.
    Because they’ll lose that edge they need to win against better teams.
    That’s the crux here folks.
    The bottomline is whether or not you’re willing to admit it.

  5. First, the ref argument is ridiculous. The refs set the ball when THEY are ready for the play to start. Ive yet to see a ref set the ball to start the next play without being ready themselves. The refs control when the next play starts, not the HUNH.

    Second, the defense can sub when they want. Just have to be quick about it. And if your players are too exhausted or injured to play all they have to do is LAY DOWN. That’s it. Then they get an injury timeout. I have no problem with that. If that offense has “made their ass quit” then they need to get off the field.

    Offense dictates the pace of the game. Same for pretty much every possession sport. They don’t make offenses in basketball wait for defenses to get set. They don’t do it in hockey. Fact it, whoever has the ball sets the pace. They’re the ones trying to score.

    offense and defense are never going to be equal. There are things the defense can do that the offense cant. If you want to trade the 10 second rule for eliminating the false start penalty and allowing o-linemen the ability to move, shift or flinch then lets go. Fact is both sides have advantages over the other. Saban and other coaches want advantages for their self interests. Its not for player safety (ridiculous or they would be pushing for the elimination of endless overtimes where injuries and exhaustion are more likely to occur). These coaches are having a hard time dealing with these offenses. That’s the bottom line.

    1. @Peachy

      As usual, you’re short sighted on the issue. Shocking.

      The problem is there hasn’t been consistency among officiating crews. What you tried to simplify is not the truth. Again, shocking. Each crew is harrassed by the coaching staffs employing this cheating offensive philosophy. In the NFL there is a maximum of 16 crews serving 32 teams. In college there are 120 teams in D-1 alone. If you want to try and tell me the 60+ crews are all consistent with one another, you’re an idiot.

      Of course, from experience with you, you’re an idiot either way. So might as well hold your response. It won’t help.

      1. ITK,

        I’m convinced you are no older than 13 years. You seem to think saying something again and again makes it true. The HUNH is NOT a “cheating offensive philosophy” because it is within the rules of the game.

  6. Peachy just hit the nail on the head. Who said you can not sub on defense? Just look back to the Auburn Vs. Ole Miss and Auburn Vs. Texas A&M games. Malzahn / Auburn put on a clinic on how to sub when you face a HUNH offense.

    Now crimsonshite is claiming that someone is affraid to meet him for a fight. I will meet you when ever you want. Just try not to pick a ran down , prostitute ran, hell hole of a truck stop on the worse side of Montgomery. Tell you what. I will be at The Hangout here in Gulf Shores Tomorrow at 1. Don’t chicken out and not show crimsonshite. Oh and don’t worry , I remember the description you gave so I do know what you look like. ” Blue Jean overalls and a bama hat. ” Can’t make that kind of shit up. Bwawwww hawwwww hawwwww.

    1. This is your only warning. If you make another threatening post you are banned.

      Am I clear? Your i.p. address doesn’t lie.

      1. Please show me one threatening post sir….Go ahead I will wait. I was just responding to the true ” Thretening ” post by your left hand man crimsonshite. If you want to ban me, ban me. If you have not banned me in the last 3-4 years , you are not going to. You are just getting pissy becasue no one buys into your propaganda. AM I CLEAR? NO ONE. IP addresses can be changed. I will be back.For you to pretend that there is any order on this website , or that you are the controler of the order is insane. Why don’t you come down with crimsonshite at 1 Today? ( Like his POS mini van would make it this far) And to the 20 or so readers of this website , Osama Bin ITK has spoken.

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    1. The mexican mafia resides in Michigan? Who knew? Then for you to say that no one goes to the Hangout could not be further from the truth. You are the typical Truck Driver. Talk shit on the CB and never, ever back it up. You scare no one. Not even the snaggle tooth heffer you call a Girl Friend / Wife. Now be a good boy before your daddy ITK bans you.

  8. Some caller to the Finebaum show nailed this issue. The play can’t start until the referee sets the ball. If you need to slow down the pace for any reason, just have the ref hold the ball a little longer, let his other officials get set, let the defense get set.
    It’s a no brainer.

    It would be too much to put the burden on the center and quarterback to wait for 10 seconds to snap the ball. But if the ref holds on to it until he and his crew are set and the defense has a fair chance to be ready, then again…a no brainer.

    Offensive football is all about trying to get the defense off-balance or out of position. Flea flickers, play action, reverse sweeps. Bear Byrant used to use the old tackle eligible play and guess what? Other coaches hated getting tricked so much they had it outlawed. But getting “tricked” is not really a trick if you know a particular play is a possibility. Surely back in the day other coaches watched film and knew that play was in the repertoire. Anyway, this will all come out in the wash. I’m not riding with the pack on this one…I find this debate very useless.
    I don’t get either side’s obsession with it.

    Alabama didn’t lose to Auburn this year because of the HUNH. Bama lost because of missed opportunities in special teams and poor execution ( or a bad play call) on a 4th and one that would have virtually salted the game away. Trying a field goal from somewhere in Opelika at the end of the game was a bad idea. But I digress.

    I do believe that Aburn fans have an unhealthy paranoia about the political clout and raw power of The University of Alabama and its coach Nick Saban.

  9. And he’s full of crap about teams averaging 90 plays a game in college. No team in college averaged 90 plays a game last year. Auburn averaged 72. Oregon 74. TAMU 73. Baylor was the most at 82.

    The average number of plays per game in college last year was 71.9. In 2000 it was 70.9. One more play per game.

    How many lies is he going to tell to get this passed?

    1. Bitch, didn’t I tell you to shut the fuck up until you learn something about football. There you go opening your fucking mouth and putting a dick in it again. BYU averaged 100 plays a game last year. Baylor wasn’t too damn far behind either. And you want to know the only damn reason why teams like Weagle and Oregon didn’t AVERAGE more plays per game? Because dumbass, they played several good teams with good offenses and good defenses who were able to control the clock and keep the ball out of the HUNH offenses hands. Don’t you ever feel stupid and embarrassed to show your dumb ass on here?

    2. Ok P. Pit, just to be fair I’ll show you how wrong you are. BYU averaged 94 plays per game. It dropped down from 100 because for some reason they only had 74 and 68 plays against two teams from the WAC during the last three weeks of the season. Probably wore out tired from running their asses off all season. Bwaa Haww Haww! Here’s a sampling of the fucking ridiculous HUHN and how it’s able to totally fuck up a football game. BYU against Boise St – 102 plays. BYU against Virginia – 105 plays. BYU against Utah – 106 plays. BYU against Washington – 107 plays. BYU against Texas – 108 plays. BYU against Houston *** 124 *** fucking plays! 3 other games they had over 90 plays.I’ll guaranfuckingtee you THEY weren’t waiting any damn 10 seconds to snap the ball. Probably had the Officials on life support after the game.

      1. It’s interesting how the argument for this rule change has gone from a player safety issue to one to allow time for referees to get in proper position. It may very well be that something should change if the referees feel that they can not do their job properly. But if that is the case then this is not the year for that rule change. The NCAA only passes rules affecting the game every 2 years unless the rule is one of player safety, 2014 is not a player safety rule year. The problem a lot of people have with how this has been done is that it was couched as a change that was needed for player safety when that really is not the case (or at least at this point data does not exist to support). What we do know is that some teams run a lot of plays per game very quickly and due to that the argument has been made that referees can not call the game properly. If that is indeed the case then there should be a number of ways to address that problem. Maybe it’s the 10 second rule, maybe it’s not. But sense a change is not needed for player safety then under the NCAA rules there is no need for a rule change this year. And what should be done is a careful deliberation with everyone about what is best for the game and determine what the referees need in order to do their job. Unfortunately what has happened is Biliema has trivialized player safety all together and to make this rule change now after the real reason is revealed only desensitizes people to important safety issues.

      2. Even your corrections are wrong. BYU avg 89.9 plays per game in 2013. Get something right in your life.

        1. Stupid motherfucker. Who’s figures are you quoting,’s? I told you it is 94 and it is 94. Actually it was more than 94 since there is no way to know how many plays were called back because of penalty – and that’s true for every team. Now go fuck yourself. Probably like all the other dumbasses from Weagle you didn’t count the field goal attempts and punts which average about 4 to 5 plays plays per game for most teams. Don’t be correcting me you stupid bastard. You don’t have the mental capacity for it. I will tell you when I’ll be on the island and we’ll see if you have the balls to come to say the Bear Point grave yard. Will be very convienient. ROTFLMMFAO! RTR!

        2. Besides all that you stupid ass, I don’t give a shit if BYU only AVERAGED 70 plays a game. The fact is they had three games over 90, 6 games over 100, one of which was 124. That motherfucker is their offense and the opponents defense playing exactly TWO football games of 62 plays each in one fucking game. So fuck you and any other goat fucking Weagle homer who doesn’t think you stand double the chance of getting injured in TWO games versus one game. Just because Weagle never ran a 100 plays in a game is not an excuse. The facts are that that pussy offense is capable of running a 124 plays if it wants too, and that’s just ridiculous. Anyway, not you or OLE Miss or A&M or Missouri will ever run 100 plays in a game or average the number of plays as BYU or Baylor, simply because the defenses and offenses in the SEC won’t allow you to get the ball that many times in a game. Therefore the average plays you dipshits are quoting are INVALID. They are skewed by the strength of opponents you play. Against weaker or similar opponents your per game average is much higher. Higher even than Saban referenced. According ESPN’s box score stats, Weagle averaged 78 plays – not 72, and had 4 games over 90. So bitch about 78 or 72, I don’t really care which. The question is, what the fuck are you going to do about the fucking 90+ games. What are you going to say to the player who gets a lifetime injury on play 90? Or play 100? Or play 124? When the game should have been over long ago. Com’on fucking retarded homers – DEFLECT! By the way assholes, I am sending my statistics and thoughts to the NCAA committee since people like Saban who need to be giving them the right answers, sometimes miss the obvious because they can’t see the forest for the trees. RTR! Weagle plays: Wash St. 75, Ark St 74, Miss St 77, LSU 91, Ole Miss 72, West Carolina 65, Tex A&M 91, Fla Atl 82, Ark 59, Tenn 62, Ga 91, Bama 74, Mizz 90, FSU 88. I’m not going to argue with you stupid bastards. These are the total plays run by the Weagle offense regardless of how some dumbass wants to rearrange them. They include total pass attempts, total rushes, total punts and total field goal attempts. they do not include plays called back by penalty or the damn totals would be even higher. So fuck the HUNH! RTR!

          1. This dumb ass says he is not going to argue with anyone , then makes a post that rivals War and Peace in length. Do you think the more cuss words you write , the more intimidated we are? Yeah….ok. I also noticed you did not show today at 1 just like I said you wouldn’t. I am sure with all of the bammer focus being on safety these days , you felt it was best that your pansy ass not show. Best decision you made in a long time.

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    3. Speaking of lies, why do you keep spreading crap on several different sites when you know it ain’t true?

      Once again, peachy, the defense in college football CAN’T substitute unless the offense does so first.


  10. Well damnit Grant just may have earned his ass another year today. Can’t believe I was hoping Weagle would win just to nail his coffin.Wanna see two programs heading in different directions? Since Bama met Wichita St in the NIT Championship Game and got shit slapped, Wichita St has only lost 23 games total. Has been to the NCAA final four and lost to National Champ Louisville by 4 points. This season finished the regular season as the only undefeated team in the nation at 31-0. VCU hasn’t done too much worse since Grant left them. During the same time frame they also went to the final four. Boy did Bama get fucked without Vaseline. RTR!

    1. There was an awesome documentary on today about Bernie and Ernie Bernard King and Ernie (forgot how to spell last name) but they really made Tennessee basketball look just like the Will Ferrell movie Semi Pro. It was a mix of promotions, showmanship and good basketball. We had something similar with Wimp and Grant will never have that personality or gumption. Beating a mediocre Auburn team at home is no big deal.

  11. You know what I find interesting about all this? That the Barnterds and other HUNH teams are acting like you took their lollypop away and kicked them in the crotch just because a rule change was PROPOSED? WTF? They are sooo sure that this is Saban’s doing that they can not see reality…Nick had Jack Shite to do with this rule but he is getting ALL the blame for it? What is up with that? I’ll tell you it’s called OBSESSION…They can’t beat Nick playing fair so they want to use out of place officials and tricky offensive schemes because they know they can NOT match up man to man…It’s almost laughable…Like Nick said,,,Only about 4 plays in a game go before the 10 seconds anyway…This is MUCH ADO ABOUT NOTHING…Yet you Barners act like you had your tootsie roll sucker ripped out of your mouth and stomped on by a bully from the 2nd grade…ROFLMAO…One thing is for sure…You are all a bunch of BAD ASSES behind a keyboard and my guess is you could not beat your meat without getting a black eye in the deal…How is EVERYONE SO SURE of themselves…Everyone had their OWN set of STATITICS to back them up…Well let me tell you what a wise old Master Chief Petty Officer once told me…He said “Ray, there are three kids of lies…Lies…Damned Lies…and Statistics” LOL…SO, put down they crying towels, stop the fooking whining like little 5 year olds and just PLAY FOOTBALL…May the best and most lucky team win…Save the DRAMA for your MOMMA Aubies, Because Big Brother don’t want to hear it…
    Roll Tide Y’all
    Protect America, Build Submarines

  12. If it is only 4 plays per game on average, why propose it? Why propose it under the guise of player safety, if that is not the reason you are doing it? Because you have some thing to hide, that’s why.( I don’t care if CNS is behind this or not. Because he says he is not, doesn’t mean he is telling the whole truth. But the fact is he asked to be in the room. )All for 4 plays maybe, and even then it would be for 2 or 3 games at most.
    Since you decided to paraphrase our coach, I will paraphrase yours: ” I didn’t have anything to do with this, though I have talked about it, and we all know college football wouldn’t exist without me. My mind doesn’t compute info as quick as some of these other coaches, so I need time to look over the field, and make sure the right personnel are in. My overweight players(which cause quite a few injuries to the other team) can’t run fast for long. We can’t keep them from getting first downs, and I don’t want to call a timeout. I will need them late in the game against teams that just keep coming at us, and don’t bow down to our bully tactics. I am done, and don’t ask me any other questions, aiight!!
    Gus was right, in that this is a year they can only look at player safety as a way to make a rule change. Look at it next year, and actually have facts, not opinion. After all, it is a high school offense. How difficult is that to stop? The best way to stop it is, not let the team get a first down. We can;t go HUNH, if we are on the sideline. Actually the refs in place might help catch Bama on holding penalties, and the db’s mugging the wr’s, but I wouldn’t hold my breath on it.

    1. You are a typical stupid ass WeagleShit Homer. Saban doesn’t give a shit about your team running the fucking HUNH as far as possibly losing to you goes. You stupid motherfucker. Bama lost a close game to A&M in 2012, but shut down their HUNH for the last 3 quarters. We’ve lost 2 games to Weagle by 1 fucking point and by a lucky return after time ran out. Just what the fuck are we supposed to be worried about? We have shit stomped your asses four times wrapped around your two lucky assed wins. A&M doesn’t have Manziel anymore, and we won’t be playing Oklahoma again after all our goals have been destroyed on one fucking stupid ass play. Don’t be patting yourself on the back and sucking your own dick by thinking you’re all that – fucking moron. And I feel sorry for any poor players who get a life long injury while playing for or against a 124 play offense – simply because a rule wasn’t passed in an NCAA off year. That’s about the dumbest damn thing I’ve ever heard of, not passing a rule because it is an off year. You don’t need any Goddamn long assed drawn out medical investigation to assume the HUNH can cause more injuries. Whatever fucking results investigation would come up with is also nothing more than statistics. Well statistics tell you that BYU and Houston running a combined 211 plays is damn near equal to two complete football games. For BYU it was equal to two complete football games. And if anyone doesn’t think you stand double the fucking chance of getting injured playing two games versus one game – well then you’re just a bunch of rock stupid motherfuckers.

      1. Passing that rule does not necessarily limit the number of plays being run. BYU may very well be able to run 120 plays a game with the 10 second rule. Your arguing for something similar to a pitch count in little league baseball. The 10 second rule does not address your concern of playing 2 games over the span of 1 game (if 60 plays is your standard, of course I’m not sure where it says that should be the standard). You are going to need another rule for that. If playing more games is a concern then we should go back to the 11 game schedule that CFB use to operate under. We definitely should not move to a playoff system if more plays is a concern. The ones most vocal about using player safety as a reason to implement this rule are creating an argument for tackle football to not be played at all. The argument that it is common sense says that if you play more then you have a greater chance of getting hurt. Well, it’s also common sense that if you don’t play at all then there is no chance that you will get hurt. Clearly there is some risk of getting hurt that everyone thinks is okay otherwise the game would not be played. I don’t know what the appropriate number of plays per game is but just because there are more plays per game played under one system of play does not mean that system of play presents unacceptable level of risk of injury.

        1. Your point would be well taken if football was a free sport. Then the only concern would be the player deciding if the game was worth the risk of injury. However, that game of football died 80 years ago. Now every game is worth millions of dollars to a school, the advertisers and the broadcasters. To put it simply, yes the extra games that keep getting added are worth the risk of injury to everyone who has a piece of a very rich pie. However, on the other hand the players have another piece of the pie coming if they make it to the pros. But if they get seriously injured, then they won’t get that piece of the pie. Therefore to them, every play they play is a potential injury and a potential loss of millions of pro dollars. Add that to the fact that 120 plays pays nobody nothing – not one penny more than 60 plays. It is not profitable to play two games in one since it pays no more to anyone than just the one game. But it doubles the chance of injury and the players chance to lose his piece of the pie. I’m not saying the HUNH style of play causes more injuries. I’m saying that running over 90 plays a game damn sure increases the risk of injury exponentially. Who knows if a 10 second wait would help or not. Maybe the better idea is for an extra official to stand over the ball until everyone is ready. Neither of those situations would change the HUNH itself. They would only slow the game down to a normal number of plays. Nobody would be forcing the HUNH to line up and show their hand. They could wait until the official get away from the ball to line up. Or they could line up falsely and then do a fast shift. Look, the Spread Option is no different than the Wishbone or the Veer-T in its design to fool the defense. The only real difference is trying to play so fast that the defense doesn’t get a fair chance to play their game – that and running way too many plays which can elevate the odds of an injury. Normally there would be very little bitching about something like this. The problem right now is that the teams with these pussy offenses are scared shitless of 49-0 and 42-14, cause they know they can’t man up to a real football team.RTR!

          1. Actually more plays in a game may be resulting in more money to the schools (not necessarily more money to the players). There are a number of factors that go into valuing sports rights but its probably more than coincidental that the value of CFB rights accelerated during a time when the 40 second play clock rule passed. Perhaps more plays per game is worth more to the broadcasters and therefore worth more to the universities. If plays per game were (and I am not saying that they aren’t) a problem then it’s the athletes that should be the most outspoken about this issue. Maybe that kid from Northwestern does have a point.

    2. @elite tiger

      This is irresponsibly ignorant.

      Take Nick Saban out of the equation. After all, this has been in the talks of the committee for over two years now (per the committee head, not per Nick Saban, if you can take anyone else at their word). Even if you don’t believe him at all, let’s try a hypothetical situation and say Saban was mauled by a rhinocerous in late January, before the NCAA committee publicly presented the 10-second rule proposal.

      Good. Nick Saban is out of the equation. Because the proposal came and was always going to come with or without any information whatsoever from Nick Saban. Now, how do you feel about the proposal brought forth by this committee?

      Do you think it might be possible Nick Saban is simply more active than other coaches to begin with and that’s why he was there? After all, the original “Saban Rule” was created because Saban was working and recruiting when other coaches were taking a “traditional” month off, and, consequently, this isn’t the first time Saban has offered his analysis in similar situations.

      “My mind doesn’t compute info as quick as some of these other coaches.”

      This is the most disappointing part.

      Mike Leach, for example, simply thinks this is just Saban making excuses. But Saban has since come out with a more comprehensive analysis…which Leach admitted he hasn’t heard when he offered more criticism of Saban in conjunction with this proposed rule.

      And I don’t think he’s alone. I hate to say I’m afraid many coaches jumped to the conclusion that Saban is making excuses rather than ever stopping to look into what was actually happening and why. Now we know why Saban did what he did, and frankly I think a lot of coaches would agree with him on most parts if they would only listen.

      But they didn’t listen. It’s frustrating. I can only imagine what it’s like to be a fan of a team whose coach doesn’t act but can only react, and in most cases the reaction is a knee-jerk one. I expect more from a guy pulling in $3 million from my alma mater.

      Maybe that’s just me and my Alabama friends, though. Roll Tide.

      You asked the question, “If it is only 4 plays per game on average, why propose it?” I encourage you to think about that. Reading Nick Saban’s analysis absolutely helps shine light on this particular question, but I understand why it’s being asked and that’s why I also understand the proposal existing in the first place.

  13. One big difference in the NFL and College, is the play clock doesn’t stop for them to re-set the chains after a first down. And the clock only stops in the last 5 minutes of each half, if the play goes out of bounds. (Think that is the rule, but know it is different from college.)When the clock doesn’t stop, the natural result is going to be less plays. As a paying customer to see the games, that is a rip off. With what they charge, we should get to see more, not less plays. Now if a team chooses not to run more plays, that is up to them. But if another team chooses to see how many they can run, because they feel that gives them the best chance to win, they should be able to do that. This is much ado about nothing, was sold as a false bill of goods, and should not be voted on because of that.
    The only rule the pros have, that colleges don’t that makes sense is, if a ball carrier goes to the ground without being tackled, they can get up and run till they get tackled, run out of bounds, fumble, or score. If I want to take a nap, I watch the NFL. When I want action, I watch college football, and from the ratings for college, a lot of people are liking the way the game is going. Let the coaches have a honest debate on the subject, and then come up with a solution, if proven that more plays cause more injuries, but not until then.

    1. Oh bullshit. You’re a paying customer because nothing is free (except Bama spring games), and because modern football and sports programs cost the universities millions, and because modern stadiums and sports complexes cost hundreds of millions. Unless you donate 10’s of thousands of dollars and have a fucking sky box, then you have absolutely no say and no input into the quality of the program or game. You buy your fucking ticket and you wastch the game and whatever happens is none of your fucking business above and beyond laughing or crying with your friends or running your cum hole on the internet. And that has to be the most retarded statement in history about having to see more plays to be satisfied with the game. You dumn fucking retard. I’m not even going to. justify that dumbass bullshit with a reply. Damn Weagle Homer. RTR!

    2. One more interesting difference between college and pro teams is that the pro players get paid lots and lots of money. Very interesting difference there.

      They also play more games and have a bigger tournament for the championship. Stunning.

      For me, I’m the opposite of explicitly wanting to see more plays being run for my money. I want to see the best football, and the best football games I’ve been fortunate enough to pay to witness in person have been low-scoring and based on fundamentals. I liken it to race fans enjoying the competition, planning and precision but the lowest-common-denominator fans just want to see firey crashes and mayhem. Me? I just love fundamental football.

    1. My question is, why don’t you want the officials to be able to enforce the rules of the game?

  14. You are a special kind of stupid crimsonshite. Do you honestly think that anyone here is scared of you? Are you serious? You think a few cuss words is intimidating? You are a coward and have no clue how big of an idiot you are making of yourself. How about I come meet you. Why dont you tell me the address of your trailer park and I come to you? Just make sure the 12 dogs you have living under your porch are tied up when I come. Oh and tell your fat ass mom to put some clothes on because y’all have company.

    1. A person tries to be serious about fucking you up, and all you can do is play the dumbass bitch. Eventually, when I don’t have anything more important to do like swatting flies otaking a shit, I’ll take the steps to find your faggot ass. Don’t worry about giving me your fucking address – it’s already in the internet system all over the place. Just remember to check that car real good before you start it every time. LMMFAO!

  15. real football 101 offense calls play and pkg – d calls play and pkg anything else is soccer street pusssy ball

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