Many ask here why we report on Auburn. “This is an Alabama site,” some say. “Why do you care?” That’s an interesting question.

The truth is, I personally don’t. When I close my eyes at night, I’m not dreaming of ways I can even the score with Auburn. They are what they are.

The term “little brother” fits Auburn better than any others I can put to page. The Auburn fan fights a never-ending inner battle to juxtapose themselves against the history, tradition and accomplishment of The University of Alabama.

Auburn’s history can be summed up with one phrase: Flash in the Pan. Still one of the most penalized programs in NCAA history, Asterisk University is the scholastic personification of a program that carefully carves history to make things appear favorable to their following.

What am I talking about? Visit the Paul W. Bryant Museum, and you’ll see this:

bama crystal

More accurately, you’ll see tons of these. Past National Championship trophies aren’t all crystal, but there are in fact four crystal footballs in cases in the museum. Yes, even the 1992 squad that defeated #1 Miami has one.

But there’s so much more. There are rings, bowl trophies (more than any other program has), championship memorabilia, The Bear’s actual desk and office furniture. It’s an amazing place, and if you’ve never been, let me encourage you to take the trek. Last I checked it was still just a meager $2 to get in and experience the rich history of Crimson Tide football.

That’s big brother.

What does little brother offer you?

Auburn fan, this is just sad.
Auburn fan, this is just sad.

The sum total of Auburn football is, and has always been, comparing itself to big brother. Again, many ask here why we report (and laugh) at what’s happening in Auburn. It’s because keeping an eye across the state on little brother isn’t really a need, just a pastime. When you see someone who makes you feel good about yourself, it’s a sort of pick-me-up. And they do!

Nobody cherry picks facts like Auburn fans. Want proof? Get ready for their revisionist historians to redefine how many national titles they have. Think I’m kidding? There was already serious discussion in Lee County just this year to award themselves 1993 (the probation team that went 11-0 but played in neither a conference championship game nor a bowl game), and 2004 (the team that went undefeated but sucked hind tit to Oklahoma and USC all season, both of whom remained undefeated right up until the BCS National Championship game…you know, the one Auburn wasn’t invited to). I’ve even heard talk of 1983, the team that lost to Texas but won the rest.

Auburn is like the fat kid whose mom, without telling him, lowers the basketball goal in the driveway to 8 1/2 feet so he can get a better shot at making baskets. So she can brag on him and give him more chocolate cake to celebrate.

The methods that program goes to to put accolades on lower shelves so they can reach them is simply hysterical. Suffering from sporting world Alzheimer’s, the above trophy doesn’t mention that the Tide was cut at the knees by the NCAA starting in 2000 that made the majority of those early wins possible.

It doesn’t mention the NCAA having to change the rules following 2010, a move that would’ve prevented Auburn’s historic run in 2010 because Cam Newton would’ve been ineligible. (Auburn fans, I’ll make it simple for you: The “I didn’t know” excuse of a father shopping a son, something Cam’s father is on record as admitting, is no longer admissible).

I find it hilarious that this bunch, who seem to hate rule changes, forgets this one.

It doesn’t mention that Alabama had to miss four field goals, play their worst game in two seasons, execute a terrible game plan, suspend a running back at half time, and be on the wrong end of the most improbable play of the 2013 football season in order to yield that last one. Translation: Bama had to put that game on the lower shelf for the Tigers as well.

There are no 49-00’s, 42-14’s or 36-00’s on that list, even in Bama’s probation years. Instead, the list is all beneficiary crap, the football equivalent of food stamps.

So why do we cover Auburn here? One, because it’s the offseason, and there’s not much going on…until the HUNH rules are changed, the NCAA fixes the exploitation of the rules and Auburn fans collectively lose their minds.

But the other is this: It’s just fun poking and laughing at them. They literally make us feel better about ourselves, and little brother, we can’t thank you enough.

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  1. Great article ITK!! I have always envied you guys on how you can write articles about the Turds in Lee County. At my advanced age I can no longer think and type at the same time but thanks to a great wife I do manage to ‘post a comment’ somethimes. I really enjoy reading the comments, even some from the ‘pooy mouth’ set.take care and RTR

  2. We’ve got to get a picture of the “BEAT BAMA” film room in here.

    Using university money to put Alabama’s name in a room where you stare at footage of Alabama winning football games is classic Little Brother Syndrome.

    Also, Auburn stands alone this way, too. For most programs it’s just the lunatic fringe that punctuates the headlines and characterizes the worst fan behavior. But for Auburn, it’s encouraged through the entirety of the culture by the administration itself and by the leadership that gives Auburn its identity.

    1. This is from your god Nick Saban when he was first hired…bama does the exact same thing as Auburn. That why they call it a rivalry. Alabama want to beat Auburn, Auburn wants to beat Alabama. The fact that you morons are too stupid to realize that shows your stupidity and ignorance.
      He said then that Alabama “has a rival in this state we’re going to work 365 days a year to dominate.”

      1. Yes he did. But it was only words spoken to make an interesting point. He knows that’s not true – and it is not true. Every person on the face of the earth says things that are not to be taken to heart. Bear Bryant called you a Cow College. He never meant that to be the ultimate insult. Ask any Bama fan what is the most important thing about football and they will tell you, win the SEC and play for the National Championship. ONLY WEAGLE emblazons their one single thought across the wall of their film room. You can try to deflect and bullshit your way out of that, but it is what it is. RTR!

  3. So to sum up, the only reason you guys always talk about Auburn is because they always talk about you? You don’t see the flaw in your logic there?

    An even better way to sum up this article would be “Why
    I’m so salty that Auburn was better than us this year.”

    1. @Ollie

      First, the article itself above answers your first and second questions. It’s the off-season, for one.

      Also, Auburn fans are a big audience for us and every Alabama web site. It’s a side effect of the Little Brother cultural idendity.

      Finally, was Auburn better than Alabama this year? They finished with the same record, and Alabama’s games weren’t won on several occasions by freak plays or last-minute accidents (it was actually the exact opposite for Alabama, which is also discussed in the article above).

      1. Good Lord. Don’t you realize that Alabama fans make up a huge audience for articles about Auburn? The comments are full of Alabama fans flaming Auburn fans. What tunnel vision you have.

  4. I read that they’re considering 1910, 1913, 1914, and either 1957 or 1958. It doesn’t actually bother me that Auburn is considering adding seasons to their National Championship list because Alabama did the same thing in the mid-80’s. At that time Alabama added 1925, 1926, 1930, 1934, and 1941. Think about it. The NCAA doesn’t recognize Alabama as the National Champions for 1930, 1934, or 1941. They recognize Notre Dame for 1930 and Minnesota for 1934 and 1941. In fact, in 1941, Alabama’s claim is based on just one poll – in a season we went 9-2, finished third in the SEC and were ranked 20 in the AP poll. 1925 and 1926 are recognized but are shared with Dartmouth and Stanford. The five from 1961 to 1978 are also shared with other schools. Alabama’s claim of championships has led to other schools claiming theirs based on similar criteria. Notre Dame, Texas A&M, Ole Miss, Florida State, Harvard, etc. Auburn would just be the latest to do it. This is why I don’t fault other schools, even Auburn, for wanting to claim championships based on similar criteria that Alabama claims theirs. If Alabama can do it, why shouldn’t other schools do it?

    1. Because Auburn is doing it as a side effect of Alabama. That’s the point.

      Even if they’re right, the point is why they do it. Everything they do is a reaction to Alabama. It’s not even meant to be an insult when the term “Little Brother” is used because it’s simply the most accurate description of the cultural decision-making and identity at Auburn.

      Besides, I’ve seen Alabama win six national championships with my own eyes and I’ve been to four of those games. If people want to cut it down to four because I got to see those four title games right in front of me, so be it. Four. It’s still pretty hard to beat…

        1. You missed the point. The point is that they want to poke fun of and laugh at Auburn so they can feel better about themselves. It says so in the last paragraph. And they pretty much have to because over the last 30 years Auburn has changed. Since 1981, when Auburn hired Pat Dye, Auburn football has surpassed Alabama in pretty much every area except the championships. Auburn has won 18 Iron Bowls to Alabama’s 15. They have 277 overall wins to Alabama’s 252. They have had 3 undefeated seasons compared to Alabama’s 2. They have 155 SEC wins compared to Alabama’s 150. They have won 16 bowl games compared to Alabama’s 15. They have won 2 Heisman’s since then compared to Alabama’s one. And they are tied each with 7 SEC wins. Auburn fans know that Auburn isn’t Alabama’s “little brother” anymore and they are laughing at dumb posts like this.

          1. @Carroll

            Then why doesn’t Alabama have “Beat Auburn” in their film rooms?

            Why does Alabama’s leadership do things to stop rivalry-based hate crimes when Auburn’s does nothing?

            Why doesn’t Alabama have an Iron Bowl trophy case dating back to the most helpful date for showing their side of success?

            See, I was alive before 1981. It’s not like it’s ancient history or that I don’t remember victories including those under Bear Bryant and, consequently, including championships.

            But the victories aren’t what defines Auburn’s culture, and that’s the point. Nobody’s arguing that Auburn has had football success, only that it’s based off and defined by beating Alabama, not the other way around, ever. That’s the point.

            Put it this way; take the University of Alabama out of college football history. Where would Auburn be without them? Beating Alabama is the litmus test for championships, not Auburn. It’s why teams like Oregon, Ohio State, and even Florida State after beating Auburn in the most recent national championship game yell “we want Bama,” rather than, “we want Auburn.”

            However, it’s Auburn whose cultural idendity is defined by their reaction to Alabama. It doesn’t have to be a bad thing, but it’s just the way it is. Personally, it makes me sick. Who is Alabama’s litmus test, after all? Who would they put in their film rooms to inspire them? They don’t have the luxury of having a big brother to measure success against.

            And Auburn doesn’t have to. They choose to. It’s a very deliberate cultural idendity that the leadership has only tried to reinforce more over the last fifteen years, not to remove. You don’t have to like it, but most Auburn fans sure seem to and it’s not a choice but a culture. It is what it is, and personally, it makes me sick.

          2. @The Conduit

            I hate to break it to you, but Alabama does similar things…such as the “Never Again” posters from 2010 and the posters after their losses this year. Both of these reference Auburn. Auburn wants to beat Bama every year. Bama wants to beat Auburn every year. This is no shocker to any fan of either team.


            I don’t know what Alabama’s leadership has done to stop rivalry based hate crimes but Auburn hasn’t had issues on the same level as Alabama has with rivalry based hate crimes so it is not surprising that they haven’t needed to address it in the same way. What has Bama leadership done to stop rivalry based hate crimes? I haven’t heard anything about that.

            And what difference does it make that Auburn may not have as elaborate a sports museum as Alabama does? This is one of your reasons to hate Auburn? Seriously?

            The rest of what you say about Auburn culture is just humorous because clearly you know so little about Auburn’s “culture”. You do realize that Auburn fans attend a lot of other Auburn football games that are very important to them other than the Iron Bowl every year, don’t you?

            lol. You really are just a petty Alabama fan who views Auburn through crimson colored glasses. You are not the kind of fan that Nick Saban is proud of.

          3. @Carroll

            No, you’re making Alabama’s motivation be Auburn instead of Alabama with these references because of your cultural bias rather than because of what they actually are.

            For example, “Never again” was not about Auburn. I would cite exactly where Nick Saban explained that, but I’m afraid you’d suggest it was an excuse regardless. The “Never again” mantra was meant to represent never playing a season again with the same chip on the team’s shoulder like they deserved success after winning a title in 2009. It was never about Auburn, but you’ve made yourself think it is, and you’re certainly not alone, but that epitomizes what the Little Brother label means. Alabama lost to South Carolina and LSU that year but none of them claimed “Never again” was explicitly about them. Auburn did, regardless of anything anyone else said, including the man that said it in the first place.

            Nick Saban has spoken a lot about motivation, including this year, and the next link you give follows the same logic. You want it to be about Auburn because it references Auburn rather than Auburn being the reason for the motivation in the first place. Do you understand what I mean by the difference there? It doesn’t say “beat Auburn.” Alabama lost because of Alabama and that’s what the poster addresses and that’s what defines Alabama’s cultural identity—-the only thing you can control is what you do and you play to a standard rather than to win, making winning a side effect rather than the outright goal (hence, the process).

            No, I’m not saying at all Auburn was a bad team and Alabama was outright better—-don’t twist it, just listen first, because the point is that the poster as a cultural identifier is meant to explicitly address the way Alabama performed regardless of the opposition, including if that opposition was Auburn. After all, Alabama doesn’t have “Beat Oklahoma” insalled in their film room, either, know what I mean?

            Do you see the difference though? Yes, Auburn wants to beat Alabama every year, but they use that to define their culture and that’s the point. That’s why they install Iron Bowl trophies and “BEAT BAMA” in their film rooms, not the other way around.

            Again, it’s not simply having a more elaborate trophy room, even if that is the reason Auburn chooses to use Alabama as the litmus test to determine their cultural identity. The trophy room isn’t deliberately focused on Auburn, that’s the point.

            But when did I say anything about Auburn fans only attending the Iron Bowl? I don’t understand what you’re trying to say there. Are you saying Auburn defines their culture by another program besides Alabama? Because I don’t see them toilet-papering anything when Arkansas loses a football game, or installing “BEAT OLE MISS” in their team rooms, know what I mean?

            And now you’re putting words in Nick Saban’s mouth?! Good grief.

            Look, Auburn is defined by it’s relationship to Alabama. They want it that way. They like it that way. The leadership encourages it and the underdog label often works for them. You’re making it sound like it’s an Alabama issue but it’s a choice by the leadership at Auburn to continue to make it define their cultural identity. It sounds like you don’t like it that way, but it is what it is and I don’t see Auburn fans really trying to change it. Most of them embrace it. It’s even brought Auburn success on the field, for what it’s worth.

            That doesn’t mean I have to like it. I don’t measure my success against anyone else, and that’s the kind of inspiration I get from Alabama’s culture to run my businesses. I don’t know how “Beat Bama” would help me, and I certainly don’t have to like it, but that doesn’t mean you can’t be proud of it or that we’re not going to talk about it here.

          4. @Carroll

            This is Auburn brilliance in motion. Thank you for bringing this up. I started to in my article, but figured some scholar like yourself would do so for me.


            To the Auburn fan, nothing happened of importance before 1981. The coming of Pat Dye to the Auburn fan is likened to the coming of Jesus to the Christian. Time and space began upon his arrival.

            Yet another reason why we laugh, hard, at you.

  5. Yes, faulting Auburn for considering claiming NC’s after the fact is hypocrisy at its best coming from an AL fan. AL did the same many years ago. Frankly, it gets tiring that AU has taken the high road for so long while Bama claims some that aren’t there. I think the one mentioned above being ranked 20th in the AP poll and 3rd in the SEC is the most insane thing I have ever heard. How can you even try to defend this one. You claim this as a NC???? Really, can one bama fan try and make any sort of sense on this, please? Anyone, Bueller??? So, AU claiming 2004 when they went undefeated the entire season in the SEC, ended #2 country while the #1 team has been stripped of the title is WAY more reasonable than some of the made up NC that the University of AL claims. Especially since this was before the rest of the country knew how dominate the SEC actually was. So, the article above comes off, at least to the rest of the 298 million people in the country, as an absurd JOKE! How embarrassing. First, we have AL fans killing each other for losses, trees being killed, a molesting (of one guy to another no less) in a Krystals, the PA drug addict teacher who gets arrested on national TV and the only thing he can muster to say to the camera is “Roll Tide” and now this. Word of advice, ITK, put down the pen as you are only hurting your school’s image even more.

    1. You’re picking the ones you want and forgetting the ones that would hurt your case, all while completely ignoring ones that voters say Alabama could claim but doesn’t.

      Regardless, I was alive for the last six of Alabama’s championships and attended four of those title-winning games.

      But claiming championships I saw another team win with my own eyes? That’s just, I mean, wow. I don’t really know how to respond to that one. Really? Why not give Alabama the same title for having the same record as the title winner? It’s one thing to argue about the justification for retroactive titles when the polls weren’t what they are now or weren’t adjusted based on the same rules we use today, but arguing against the rules we know from championships we were alive to see, I don’t understand where that comes from. We might as well give TCU and Boise State the 2009 titles, too for finishing with the same record as Alabama.

      Again, the cult mentality’s first rule is to deflect. “What are your crimes?” It’s a scary tactic when people use it face-to-face and that’s why it works (see Scientology). It makes it hard to debate because the questions are designated for implication rather than information. Then citing the fringe as the definition of Alabama’s culture rather than responding to the topic at hand, otherwise by the same logic all Auburn fans are laptop-stealing, lying, cheating, grade-scamming, drug-smuggling, bribe-taking murderers, and nobody here said that. Good grief. It never ceases to make me sick.

      1. @footballfan44

        I have nothing else to add to this. Conduit just sat you down.

        I take that back; any nothing that Auburn has ever taken a high road on anything makes me laugh out loud, or “LOL” as the young people like to say.

        1. Thanks for taking it easy on me ITK. Whew, that was a close one. Your writing and logic are tough and I’m not sure I could bounce back from the power of your pen. Thank you so much! You are feared!

  6. @conduit, you’re blind logic is maddening. Why does it matter what you were alive to see. My dad is 87 years old. He was 14 in 1941 when AL claims the NC after being ranked 3rd in the SEC and 20th in the AP. So, since he was alive to see who actually won it, should that matter? Claiming past titles for whatever reason is claiming past titles. The point is, if 1941 is one that AL can claim, how can anyone there throw rocks for any reason at all? Anyone can make a case for past titles. But, to claim them, make fun of AU for the lack thereof (as most bammers do) and then when AU does as other schools (not just bama) and looks to claim some past titles and then say, well, you’re copying us, is absolutely talking in circles and NO WAY anyone can win that one. Great job! You win. I lay my sword at your feet.

    1. Blind logic? You’re the one who brought up 1981. It’s like you’re asking me to forget games, Iron Bowls and championships I saw Alabama win. I could bring up stats since 20XX just like you brought up what you want since 1981.

      But again, like I said in response above, the point isn’t the success or lack thereof alone. It’s not what defines the culture at Auburn.

      The rest is a deflection so it’s hard to respond; we’re not debating, you’re responding to the parts you want to for incrimination rather than information. We could argue all day about what the NCAA accepts as championships, but you only point at Alabama instead.

      So again, I say take away all of them except the ones I’ve seen Alabama win in person, which amounts to four. Now move on to the point of the article itself and Auburn’s cultural identity being a side effect of Alabama’s success, not the other way around, ever.

      It doesn’t have to be the most insulting thing to Auburn like you’re making it sound like. I just don’t like it at all. Alabama’s cultural identity is to be the best. Auburn’s, as you can see in a picture above, is “Beat Bama.” Alabama is the measure of success for Auburn, not the other way around, ever.

      For example, when Auburn loses a football game, what does Alabama do as a culture? Toilet paper landmarks? No. That’s an Auburn tradition, not an Alabama tradition. Again, the Auburn culture is defined by its relationship and reaction to Alabama’s success, not the other way around. It’s what makes them the underdog and fuels their fire for the Iron Bowl. It’s a useful tool. I just think it’s disgusting and I know I’m lucky Alabama’s cultural leadership doesn’t make the same choices.

      Being the best is not the same as beating the best. Understand that as a cultural chromosome, regardless of wins or losses themselves that we can argue all day, and you’ll understand the difference between Alabama and Auburn and the point of this article.

      1. Auburn does love to beat Alabama, but to actually believe that their culture is limited to that is crazy.

        1. @Chris,

          I didn’t say it was limited to it, I said it was defined by it.

          You’re putting words in my mouth (or Saban’s) with every response.

          Auburn does function as Alabama’s little brother. You don’t have to look at it as a bad thing, but saying I’m wrong about it doesn’t make sense, either. Alabama doesn’t toilet paper anything when Auburn loses a football game, Alabama doesn’t install “BEAT AUBURN” signs in their facilities, and Alabama’s leadership doesn’t use Auburn as the litmus test for success, hence “the process.”

          1. Some Alabama fans view Auburn as “little brother” but Auburn absolutely does not “function” as Alabama’s little brother. Auburn is very different from Alabama. VERY different. Even you lay out some of those vast differences here. You have some interesting opinions and views but that’s all they are.

      2. If believing all that complete BS about Auburn’s “culture” makes you feel better about your own school, then more power to ya, pal.

        1. At what point did I ever mention 1981. I was just putting in my two cents about the craziness that you are creating. If you can, in good conscience, claim a year when you were 20th in the AP poll and only 3rd in your own conference, how can you say one single word to any other school for claiming years that there could, at least, be a little bit of arguing about. That year can’t even be in a logical debate. You are talking in circles, dude.

          1. @Footballfan44

            Sorry, the 1981 bit was in response to a different comment. I apologize.

            Then again, I didn’t say much about claiming titles at all. You’re saying I am, but I didn’t. “That year can’t be a logical debate,” but I don’t know what you’re talking about and I certainly wasn’t debating it.

            I said let Alabama keep just the four titles I saw them win in person and move on to the point at hand. Again, I think it helps to define the little brother cultural mentality to deflect against Alabama’s claims of success rather than to highlight Auburn’s. It ties directly in to the topic itself when you think about it.

  7. Our schools image is not hurt motherfucker. Your’s probably is, but not Bama’s. In spite of the Bama fatigue that has permeated the entire country because of our accomplishments over the past six years, Bama still won ESPN’s poll over #2, hallowed Notre Dame, as the nations most storied program in history. As for Natty’s, that was started for the benefit of the fans. Personally I don’t give a shit about the pre AP era. However, Natty’s awarded post AP by AP, UPI and BCS atr all official. You can’t nit pick them. You can’t change them. In this era Bama has 9 and Notre Dame has 8. Nobody else is even close. Weagle has 2. So shut the fuck up! As for calling Weagle our ‘Little Brother’, uhh uhh. That implies blood kin. Nope, never. Weagle is our ‘Red Headed Step Child’! LMMFAO! RTR!

  8. Really happy to have found this blog. From now on when someone asks me what I mean by “Typical Bammer,” I can just point them to here.

    1. Welcome, Zach.

      Hey, we gotta give Auburn fans something to read, and there’s nothing Auburn fans love reading more than Alabama sites. does a great job of representing the typical “Bammer,” I agree. They do a brilliant job, in fact. Roll Tide.

  9. A couple more points I have to disagree with you about ITK. ‘WE’ don’t LOVE Weagle. Maybe you do, but personally I hate the little Weagle motherfuckers – at least the ones who don’t look like AJ’s girlfriend. LMAO! Also I don’t need anything Weagle to make me feel good about Bama. Nada! You could Nuke Lee County and it wouldn’t bother me a bit. Just please get AJ’s girlfriend out first. ROTFLMMFAO! RTR!

    1. Auburn is not little brother really. More like the proverbial red-headed stepchild. You know, you can’t really change the circumstances you are born in…Like Auburn can’t change the fact it is not in the same atmosphere as THE UNIVERSITY OF ALABAMA, .but if you are a bad-ass high school football player and you want to play for the most historically successful college football program of all time. Well, I think you can choose to do that. And I hope, as Coach Saban says, that you will want to play for “Our Team.” THE UNIVERSITY OF ALABAMA CRIMSON TIDE. ROLL TIDE!

      1. Oh, and if you happen to actually be a red-headed stepchild, and you can play bad-ass football. Go to Alabama. Co-Saban will turn you into a machine and you can go back home and slap your step father in the mouth!

        If you go to Auburn you will have to subscribe to their mentality that they will turn you into a basket case with no self confidence who has to trick and jive his way through life.

  10. Hey Connor, you retarded piece of shit. Why don’t you go ahead and be selective? You want to play that game, I can be selective too. I’ll take Bama and 1958 to 1982 and the 90’s and 2008 to present and beyond. I’ll take 9 National Championships in 43 years since 1960. After all ‘winning it all’ is much, much more indicative of who is the best, than anyone elses w/l record. At least that’s what I was brought up to understand.So you can take your 1981 to 2007 and shove it up your ass, cause Weagle didn’t win one Natty – nada. But Bama did! ROTFLMMFAO! RTR!

  11. The NCAA didn’t change the rules so Cam could be eligible. Seriously, after having to correct the last article on here do I really need to do it again with this one?

    1. No dumbass bitch. What they did is close a loophole they didn’t realize was there until Scam and his Tent Show daddy exploited it. Now there is a rule that if it had been in place at the time, Scam would have been ineligible forever, and Aubie would still only have one controversial Natty. Keep it coming stupid. I can do this all day. RTR!

      1. Actually he wouldn’t have been ineligible forever. Just because you break a rule doesn’t make you ineligible forever. Otherwise Alabama would have had several players that could never have played again (Ha-Ha Dix?)

        1. @peachy

          I think you’re misinterpreting the rule, but I’m not sure why since it’s incidental at this point.

          Weeks after Cam Newton left Auburn the NCAA created a rule that would make any player ever in Newton’s position inelgibile.

          It might be an interesting argument to have if Cam had remained in school to play ball at Auburn the following year (I don’t know if he was eligible for another year of play regardless of this rule so correct me if I’m wrong) but it’s a moot point. Don’t make it into an attack against Auburn by Alabama. We didn’t create the rule, simply put, and the timing is hard not to correlate with the reason for the rule int he first place.

        2. You fucking moron. Scam had one more year left. He would have been ineligible for the BCSNCG, Weagle would have had to forfit every game he played in, and if you think they would have allowed him to play his senior year after his daddy tried to sell him, then you’re too fucking stupid for conversation. Therefore under the present rule, for all intents and purposes he would be ineligible for the rest of his college career – or forever. Leave it to a dumbass Weagle to take every fucking word litteraly.

  12. Alabama fans are delusional. Is football the only important thing in this world? Auburn fans don’t want auburn to claim national championships because that is what alabama has done. Take away the ones you claimed and yes there are still more but not 1500 or however many it is today. Also, alabama fans are the dumbest fan base by far in any sport. Harvey Updike. The Tuscaloosa t-bagger. Just look on twitter at isolated incidents and you will see the type of people that put on the crimson with the white stitching and the white numbers with white football pants and the black cleats. Auburn fans love auburn whether they are winning or losing. Alabama fan’s world revolves around whether they beat auburn. Alabama fans shoot other alabama fans if they don’t have enough bama in them. Not all alabama fans are morons but the majority are.

      1. @LOLRTR

        I’m confused then.

        Why is Auburn the program installing signs to beat the best in their film rooms?

        Why does Auburn roll things when a particular program loses football games?

        Why don’t Auburn fans spend lots of time saying the same things about LSU, Arkansas, Ole Miss, or even Texas A&M?

        No, it’s Alabama you say?

        I couldn’t disagree more.

          1. @peachy

            What are they? You mean “Never again” and “continue do perform the same way and expect the same results” signs?

            I don’t want to have that argument again. Some people will always think “never again” was explicitly directed at Auburn. It’s not, it wasn’t, and it doesn’t say, for example, “Never again lose to Auburn.” That would make more sense for the sake of the argument, though.

            Alabama uses Alabama’s own performance for motivation, or, rather, the lack of performance. I think it’s a good lesson, but it’s ok if you disagree. What I have a problem with is thinking that means the same to Alabama as “BEAT BAMA” and rolling trees for Alabama losses mean to Auburn.

          2. @peachy Sorry, I misread that. I apologize.

            You’re saying Alabama put up signs after the last two Auburn losses?

            You mean LSU and FSU?

            What signs are you talking about? You mean the University of Alabama put up signs of some kind referencing the Auburn loss to LSU and the loss in the national championship game? I definitely haven’t seen those signs, but I’m listening. Sorry for the confusion before.

          3. @ Conduit, google it. The poster in the Bama locker room that says “Never Again” has cam Newton celebrating and the score of the 2010 Iron Bowl. Hmmm, was that put up for AU. Not sure. get your facts straight before you post.

          4. I did google it just now.

            Just to humor you, I could only find the picture (the same picture of a blurry poster) on Auburn sites? And I could only find the one blurry picture rather than an image of the poster like the official Alabama poster after the Sugar Bowl with the scores from the Sugar and Iron Bowls and a message about doing the same thing and getting the same results (Alabama is often forthcoming with their motivational tools, which I think is great). Another problem is that doesn’t look like any Alabama locker room I’ve seen. Like, at all. I’m sure you’re waiting to say I can’t use that as proof it isn’t real, so I won’t even suggest it.

            Instead, I’m fortunate that Nick Saban clarified the meaning of his “never again” speech when specifically asked about the Iron Bowl because it was interpreted as being disrespectful. Again, as above, the point is the 2009 title-winning team played in 2010 like they deserved success and therefore didn’t earn it. They lost three games that season, not just the Iron Bowl. You almost have to appreciate the motivation for that loss alone as a catalyst since Alabama won the next two national championships, but even I can’t since Saban deliberately addressed it.

            Regardless, even in the worst-possible case scenario, compare that to “BEAT BAMA” or rolling trees for an Alabama loss. I don’t understand why you can’t see the difference, let alone be upset about it. It’s not my fault or Alabama’s. It’s Auburn’s. Enjoy it. They want you to.

          5. @afan

            I disagree. I thought Alabama made fundamental mistakes on the field rather than having the wrong attitude of entitlement.

            Or are you still trying to suggest “never again” is just the Auburn part?


            Seriously though, really?

          6. “We put the signs up for motivation, to let us know that these guys are going to play their all every time they play us,” Alabama safety Robert Lester said. “We’ve got to bring our all when we play them.”

          7. @peachy

            That’s a great quote from a teriffic Alabama player. Cheers, peachy.

            Was that before the LSU game? It’s hard to tell. Every team tries their best against Alabama. More teams take their bye-week before Alabama (if not a cupcake) than any other team in the conference. Seven teams had byes on Alabama’s schedule one recent title-winning year if I remember right.

            Thanks again for the quote. Roll Tide.

          8. The quote is from the article where the Bama players put up the “never again” sign in response to the loss to Auburn. So in fact, Alabama does put up signs about losing to Auburn.

          9. Nick Saban said it was in response to the Auburn game…

            “I don’t know exactly how it was born or why it was born,” Saban said Monday. “I know when. I think it just came from the disappointment of last year’s game. Some player said it, somebody said it somewhere along the line. It is what it is. I don’t know that it wasn’t something spontaneous that somebody said that just kind of stuck.”


            There’s his quote and a link to the article.

            It’s hard for me to keep up with all of the reasons UofA fan’s use to explain the losses to Auburn but the gist is usually that Alabama had breakdown’s or Alabama had let down’s. Alabama did not finish, Alabama did not follow the process, blah, blah, blah. It happened in 2010 and it happened in 2013, hence my remark that “Never” is about 3 years.

          10. @afan

            But you’re still not listening.

            Look, I get that you don’t want it to be about Alabama’s own performance and you want to make it out to be about Auburn. It’s not the same, and I don’t expect you to really listen, but the point still had nothing to do with Auburn explicitly, whereas the point of this article is Auburn’s is explicitly directed towards Alabama. Does that make more sense? I know when the quote happened—-we all do. But you’re missing the point I think because you’re taking Auburn’s little brother identity as an insult. Again, the difference between saying the words “never again” and the reason for them, what are they? If you just answer the question you’ll see the difference, because “never again” isn’t about losing to Auburn, but “BEAT BAMA” isn’t about anything but, well, I’ll leave you to guess what the difference is and how much signs like that cost and cite how it’s no different from buying toilet paper for when Alabama lost to LSU, for example.

            Good grief.

          11. “Never Again” absolutely was about Auburn. How fucking stupid to you have to be to not see it? The poster has two Auburn players on it, the score of the game and the words “Never Again” are written in Orange and Blue. What other team could it possibly be about? Your own players even said it was about Auburn.

            The idiocy coming from some of you is astounding.

          12. It’s really hard to talk to you, peachy. You take what you want and twist it, all while ignoring the parts you don’t like. I can’t ask you to stop and actually consider the difference—-all you can see is “never again” being completely about Auburn.

            “Never again” was about Alabama.

            It’s that simple.

            You’re trying to pretend it’s about Auburn, even if it had anything to do with losing an Iron Bowl. Alabama’s cultural identity is based on personal accountability, not beating the best. “The process” is explicitly about playing to a standard, not playing to beat X team. And that’s specifically what Saban said about the speech.

            Tell you what, why not just look up the speech?

            Actually, I’ll do you a solid here. Let’s assume the very most Auburn-centric answer. I still don’t know about the poster but I’m going to assume it’s 100% true for the simple sake of argument here and really just for your sake, and, again, if you can’t see the difference between that and “BEAT BAMA” or rolling trees for Alabama losses, can you explain the difference to me instead?

            I know you hate Alabama. I get it. But you’re just saying things out of hate, not out of awareness. It’s just disappointing. I thought you’d have more to say and I’l like to hear it regardless, so try thinking about the answer first, in all seriousness and respect.

          13. @Conduit

            I don’t think Nick Saban is stupid enough to think that Alabama would never loose to Auburn again. I think what Nick Saban was saying (much like what Tebow said after his loss and what most great competitors feel) is that the team would never again have a let down when they had done up to that point everything they needed to do to win and would compete to the very end ESPECIALLY when you are playing your biggest rival. Furthermore, I believe he was saying that never again would they lose to Auburn because they got out coached, out prepared, or out played. Well, as it turns out, about 3 years after that quote UofA got beat by 2 teams they were heavy favorites over and that they should have easily beaten given all of the greats recruits and phenomenal coaching on the UofA sideline. Hence in the Nick Saban universe NEVER is about 3 years.

            I will also ask one question that will illustrate Alabama’s cultural identity… What posters or signs did UofA make after the losses to LAMO, Utah, Scar, and LSU? Answer – NONE. Why you ask? Because Alabama’s cultural identity is centered on beating Auburn. And when they lost to Auburn it was necessary to rally the troops and remind them how important that is. As Bear Bryant said beating Auburn is the most important thing. And that is Alabama’s cultural identity and that should make you sick.

          14. @afan

            And finally, more deflection.

            Alabama didn’t make a poster for losing to South Carolina, so that makes their cultural idendity dependant on Auburn? I don’t understand how you come to that conclusion, but what I do understand is why you continue to ignore the pertinent questions about rolling trees for Alabama losses and installing selective Iron Bowl trophies and giant signs about Alabama and only Alabama in on-campus Auburn facilities.

            Bear Bryant said a lot of amazing, prolific things about football. It’s nice to pick the one you like, but did you ever see Bear Bryant on live TV even? For the record, Bear Bryant was a lot more vocal about how much more important it was to beat Tennessee, the team that has beaten Alabama more than any other in history. He would give his players a ring and a cigar for beating Tennessee, which you can go on and complain posthumously about impermissable benefits if you like but the point is picking which deflective points to make still completely ignores every question I’ve asked about Auburn and their own cultural identity.

            I agree with you that Alabama was probably a better team than Auburn or Oklahoma, though.

            But you keep doing and saying the same things. I think we’re done here. Let me know when Alabama has a tradition for celebrating when Auburn loses a football game, a selective Iron Bowl trophy case, or anything with the word “AUBURN” installed in their facilities and then we can compare and talk some more. Seriously, I get that you hate Alabama, but you’re just arguing and not listening. It’s pathetic.

  13. So Auburn “changing” a rule is the only reason auburn can beat Bama but then he goes on to praise Saban for proposing the 10 second rule? Classic. He calls out Auburn for being the “most penalized” program but fails to recognize that when Bama was “cut at the knees” by the NCAA, they should have been thanking SMU for getting the death penalty first because if it wasn’t for them Bama wouldn’t have a program. Then as soon as Bama gets off of probation they get hit again and have to forfeit games, etc. He points out that Bama has beat AU by scores of 36-0, 42-14, and 49-0 but fails to look at the fact auburn was 5-7, 7-5, and 3-9 those years. He fails to recognize that Bama hasn’t beaten a 10 win Auburn team since the early ’90s. He fails to recognize that Bama didn’t officially claim all it’s “national championships” until the ’80s. He fails to recognize that Bama claims several “national championships” that they didn’t even get voted “national champions” until several years later, when some random media source decided to retroactively name them national champions. He fails to recognize that Bama claims a “national championship” in a season they finished ranked 20th in the country. I think the program that should be called “Asterisk University” is the one that cheers for the “Crimson Tide” but has an elephant walking around the stadium.

    1. Deflect, deflect, deflect. It’s a classic cult tactic, but it doesn’t even try to answer the question at hand. This is what makes me so intolerant of the culture at Auburn. The attitude is apathetic and ignorant of the actual characteristics the leadership itself at Auburn has deliberately encouraged and that the fan base and even the football team has enjoyed, not been afraid of or tried to change it because they didn’t like it.

      So, if you’re an Auburn fan, what would you call it?

      What does “BEAT BAMA” installed by Auburn at Auburn mean to you? Do you really think it means the same as Alabama wanting to beat Auburn (does any team ever not want to beat any other team?), or that Michigan and Michigan State have the same relationship, for example?

      Hunter mentioned not being able to change the circumstances you’re born into. I’ll take it a step further and say I’m aware how lucky I am to be born into a culture like Alabama’s where the cultural leadership says the responsibility for what you do and your success only comes down to you. It’s how I live, it’s how I work, it’s how I make morally-based decisions and the “process” is a tool I use every day to guide how I approach business and success. Having success as a result, including at Alabama, doesn’t seem to be a coincidence at all.

      But meanwhile, Auburn does not do that. We can argue all day about who has a better campus, who has a better kicker between 1957 and 1997, the usefulness of toilet paper, victories, losses, titles we can and can’t claim, etc., but it’s almost completely incidental to Auburn’s identity.

      You see, Auburn doesn’t have to be Alabama’s little brother. They choose to be identified as the underdog to Alabama, from the administration and leadership roles all the way down to the fans as a cultural identifier.
      Southern California doesn’t have this relationship with Stanford. Virginia doesn’t have the same issue with Virginia Tech. Florida State doesn’t have “BEAT FLORIDA” in their football rooms.

      You don’t have to like that it defines Auburn, but you must know that you are part of the minority if you think that way and I don’t see anyone trying to change it regardless. The leadership encourages it. The team embraces it. The goal is to “BEAT BAMA,” because Alabama is perceived as the best, if not simply the big brother with more historical success.
      I can already hear the complaints about suggesting Alabama is the best, but again, it’s almost completely incidental; the point is Auburn deliberately uses Alabama as a cultural identifier and Alabama simply does not do the same with Auburn. That’s the difference. The “process” treats Auburn explicitly like any other team, like it or not, successful or not.

      For example, there was a long run when Alabama was terrible in the 200X’s. Auburn won a lot of games while Alabama was on probation. There were other, better teams in the conference then. Why did none of those teams ever have the same cultural mark on Auburn? Why, for example, did Auburn never toilet paper trees when LSU lose a football game instead of Alabama?

      And speaking of LSU, they are perhaps Alabama’s greatest rival of Saban’s tenure. We can argue the rivalry some other time, but they are rivals and that game is often the toughest of the season. So why doesn’t LSU choose to define their success by Alabama the same way Auburn does? Beating Alabama is at least as important if not more so after losing a national championship game in their own back yard to the Crimson Tide. You don’t have to like it, but the rivalry is huge and it’s defined by the games alone, not by cultural identifiers like Auburn.

      And that’s what makes me sick. Auburn chooses to be the underdog to Alabama. They purposely take on the little brother role and it’s disgusting. I can’t imagine using the same cultural idendity in my businesses. Sure, it might be effective to say, “Beat Michelin,” but personally it makes me sick. You don’t have to make it out to be negative, but it’s simply a defining part of Auburn’s culture whether any fan likes it or not. I don’t, and I can definitely understand why anyone else wouldn’t want it that way, but remember you’re a minority in that culture if that’s the way you feel.

      1. At the end of the day, why do you care? If Alabama is above all of that then why even mention it? If Alabama fans are superior to all other fans then why even acknowledge their existence? What does it matter to Alabama what is written on the wall at Auburn? Why do you try to identify siblings among other schools? How does any of this pertain to the University of Alabama and its football program? Why would you care that Auburn or any other school chooses to be an underdog? Why would that make you sick? Why do you care to explain the culture of Auburn to anyone? Obsession comes to mind.

        1. @afan

          I didn’t say better. See what I mean? I simply didn’t say that at all. It’s not about being better, it’s about identity.

          Once again it’s “what are your crimes?” It’s deflection. It’s a cult tactic used most famously by Scientology. I don’t know why you’re not willing to talk about it but I think you realize what I’m saying makes sense because I’m simply saying what I think about what Auburn does, which you didn’t do.

          You don’t respond to anything I had to say or questions I asked. Why not answer the questions, or ask them of Auburn?

          Obsession is putting Alabama’s name in your film room, rolling trees when Alabama loses a football game, but not writing about it in the off-season. I explained why it makes me sick. You explained nothing. You still can.

          For example, what does it mean to you, personally? What does “BEAT BAMA” mean? Have you rolled trees for Alabama losses and would you like to say anything about how that defines either culture instead of just saying I’m wrong and pretending it’s me making this up and not Auburn’s collective leadership embracing it? Again, most Auburn fans are proud of it. It sounds like you aren’t, but don’t blame me. That just doesn’t make sense.

          1. I don’t care what is put on a wall at Auburn. I don’t care what is put on a wall at UofA. I have no answer because I don’t care. What I am curious about is why you care about all of that. I find it interesting that you (an Alabama fan) go on one diatribe after another about Auburn, yet you claim that only Auburn cares about what happens with Alabama. Seems to me you care an awful lot of what happens with Auburn. Again you are the one who is trying to identify with Auburn by using a sibling analogy. I on the other hand do not care. I know nothing of UofA’s traditions and I don’t know how many championships UofA has made up. And if someone in PR of the athletic department at Auburn wants to start claiming past NCs – I don’t care, it’s safe to say they aren’t breaking new ground with that.

          2. @afan

            Again, you’re deflecting, then putting words in my mouth.

            You don’t care, you say.

            You don’t have to care.

            It’s there. It’s real. It doesn’t matter if you care or not, Auburn’s cultural identity is dependant on Alabama.

            Again, I’m the one saying that doesn’t make it a bad thing. I don’t know why you are trying to twist it into an outright insult except that I personally can’t stand it.

            I’m a college football fan. I care. I’ve been all over the country to see college football teams. I’ve seen some gorgeous campuses and intense, passionate rivalries. I’ve never seen anything like what Auburn is to Alabama, but since it is to Alabama that’s why we’re talking about it. Hope that clears things up a little bit.

          3. “Sure I’d like to beat Notre Dame, don’t get me wrong. But nothing matters
            more than beating that cow college on the other side of the state.”

            That says it all, UofA’s cultural identity is dependent on beating Auburn. So says the Bear.

          4. Once again, complete deflection.

            I’m not trying to be outright insulting. You keep interpreting that way because you want to think I’m wrong. I know it wasn’t your idea for Auburn’s culture to be identified this way, but, for your own sake, don’t blame me.

            Bear Bryant destroyed Auburn for decades, for the record. But thanks for searching for Bear Bryant quotes for us to read. When Alabama installs that quote on a placard they have to pay to install, then we can talk about who defines who’s idendity.

          5. I’m not deflecting anything. I’m simply pointing out that UofA defines itself, as said by Bear Bryant, in the same manner that you have stated that Auburn defines itself. I don’t think putting something on a wall carries more weight or has more significance than the fact that Bear Bryant said the most important thing to Alabama is beating Auburn, it was true then and it is true now. That that would be important to Auburn should come as no great revelation and no more defines Auburn’s cultural identity (whatever that is) than it does UofAs. For that to make you sick (and those are your words) then UofA’s obsession with Auburn as spoken by Bear Bryant should also make you sick.

          6. And lets not forget:

            “We have an opponent in this state that we work every day, 365 days a year, to dominate, aaiight?” Saban said. “That’s our goal.

            To say that Alabama doesn’t obsess over Auburn as much as Auburn obsesses over Alabama is ridiculous.

          7. And again, complete deflection from both of you.

            See, just try to respond to the questions I brought up in the first place.

            Never mind. Deflect. “What are your crimes?”

            If you think those two lone quotes are the same as “BEAT BAMA” installed on Auburn’s walls, Iron Bowl trophy cases from 2000, and rolling trees for Alabama losses then there’s simply nothing else to say.

            I don’t expect to change your minds in particular, I just don’t understand why the truth bothers you so much when the Auburn leadership, football team and most of the fans don’t just accept it, they embrace it.

          8. Your coaches say beating Auburn is the most important thing, your players say it and hang posters in their lockerrooms regarding it and your fans lose their minds to the point of idiocy (Updyke) and violence (Bama fan that stabbed 5 Auburn students a few years ago). And this site posts as much about Auburn as it does about Alabama.

            So sure, keep pretending Auburn doesn’t matter to you or Alabama fans. The actual truth keeps whacking you in the head but you ignore it.

          9. @peachy

            Another deflection, let alone total misinterpretation, then citing the fringe, etc. I can’t believe this just keeps happening with you. Aren’t you an LSU fan? Don’t you have something to contribute to show the relative difference, for example?

            I never said Auburn doesn’t matter. Now you’re putting words in my mouth and still not once ever responding to the questions at large.

            I don’t think there’s really much else to say.

          10. @conduit

            Where’s the deflection. I’m simply pointing out the absurdity in your argument. Beating Auburn is just as important to Alabama as beating Alabama is to Auburn. For you to be upset and driven to sickness (which most people would recognize as at least a mild obsession) by the fact that Auburn uses that for motivation is ridiculous when your school does the same thing. It matters deeply to both schools and fan bases. Sure Auburn throws toilet paper in trees, Alabama poisons trees. Sure Auburn fans may celebrate Alabama losses and of course Alabama fans wear University of Oregon t-shirts. For you not to recognize all of that is ridiculous. Go on and on about the process and excellence and blah blah blah but if you can’t do all of that and beat Auburn then Alabama has failed and when they have failed at that that is when Saban and Bear have reminded everyone how important it is to beat Auburn.

          11. @afan

            I’m starting to think you’re deliberately misinterpreting the things I’ve made a point to clarify with your questions.

            Unfortunately for both of us, you’re not giving the same responses to my questions and the ones raised in the artile.

            Then you say, “Alabama poisons trees” in the same response where you mention you’re not deflecting. Brilliant.

            Alabama fans wear Oregon shirts?

            Or the University of Alabama encouraged Alabama fans to buy Oregon shirts? See the difference? “BEAT BAMA”? Nothing?

            We’re done here. Auburn doesn’t make me sick. I’ve been to worse places. Apathy makes me sick. Striving to beat the best rather than to be the best, that makes me sick. Auburn does it, and Auburn isn’t alone, but Auburn’s culture is defined that way by its leadership, and yes, that does make me sick. They love it, though. I’m not sure why you don’t. But we’re done. You literally think a fringe fan poisoning the Toomer’s corner trees is the same as a tradition of hate. It’s disgustingly narrow-minded and epitomizes Auburn’s identity.

          12. The fringe fan poisoning the tree is a direct result of the culture of hate fostered by Alabama and statement’s made by the head coaches about beating Auburn and dominating Auburn are the most important things. So what is a fringe Alabama fan supposed to do when Alabama has failed in what is the most important thing? The fact that you view words on a wall as being institutional hate but words spoken by employees as nothing speaks more to your bias then it does in my inability to understand the absurd point you are trying to make. Auburn cares about beating Alabama, nobody would deny that; Alabama cares about beating Auburn, nobody should deny that. That you think there is some institutional/cultural hate fostered by Auburn University that is not reciprocated by the University of Alabama is absurd. ESPN did a 30 on 30 about that exact thing – Roll Tide/War Eagle.

          13. @afan

            You have got to be kidding me.

            I feel like I’m being punked here. Where are the cameras?

            For example, you say Updyke’s crime is a direct result of Alabama’s tradition of hate? It’s like you’re saying it was Alabama’s idea for Auburn to toilet paper trees when Alabama lost a football game to any team? Seriously? I’m just going to go out on a limb here and say rolling trees and “BEAT BAMA” signs and post-2000 Iron Bowl trophy cases on Auburn’s campus weren’t the University of Alabama’s idea.

            Maybe that’s just me…

            You really don’t want to believe anything about how important Alabama is to Auburn’s identity, do you?

            Seriously though, I’m just going to go on the record and say the University of Alabama did not coerce anyone to poison anything and certainly never condoned it, but instead publically condemned it.

            Meanwhile, I’m not sure how anyone can defend the “BEAT BAMA” part in relation to however important it is or isn’t to beat any team (again, Alabama doesn’t have anything like this and Auburn doesn’t have anything similar referencing any other team besides Alabama), or the tradition of rolling trees FOR ALABAMA LOSSES in the first place.

            What I still don’t understand is why you refuse to answer the questions about why they’re different. For example, the guy you are talking about, Harvey Updyke, he didn’t just poison any old trees because Alabama lost a football game to Auburn; he poisoned specific trees that were used to celebrate when Alabama lost a football game to any team, correct? Do you know about the trees at Toomer’s Corner? If you can’t see the difference, oh good grief, I’m done.

          14. Good Grief. Toomers Corner is not rolled every time Alabama loses a football game. My God now your making up things to support your absurd viewpoints. And would that justify an Alabama fan destroying them? I saw Toomers Corner rolled after the Atlanta Braves won the pennant to make it to the World Series. Nobody from the Pirates tired to poison the trees. By the way Harvey, said he did it because someone put an Auburn jersey on Bear’s trophy not because Auburn rolled Toomers two years after Harvey poisoned when UofA lost a game. What is this Back to the Future? If Alabama did not care so much about what Auburn did or did not do then none of this would matter. And that’s just it, its Tit for Tat. I suggest you watch that 30 on 30 episode from ESPN, maybe then you can fully appreciate how dependent Alabama’s cultural identity is to beating Auburn. You can make up things all you want but the Bear’s quote will live forever, sure he’d like to beat Notre Dame (nothing about process, blah, blah, blah) but nothing matters more than beating Auburn. Nothing matters more, I didn’t make that up, I’m not taking something he said and twisting his words. Nothing matters more. Bear set the standard. If you choose to ignore that than so be it. But your entire argument is fundamentally flawed.

          15. Justified? Yes, that’s the word I chose to use given this diatribe by you… “For example, the guy you are talking about, Harvey Updyke, he didn’t just poison any old trees because Alabama lost a football game to Auburn; he poisoned specific trees that were used to celebrate when Alabama lost a football game to any team, correct?” … If those trees had only been rolled after Auburn victories would that make what Updyke did any different? What does it matter unless your attempting to justify some rationality to what he did? In regard to Updyke, I’ll shed some more insight on Alabama’s obsession with Auburn and how Auburn is the focus of UofAs cultural identity and that comes directly from this site…

            “Hurl the insults at me if you will, but you are lying if you’re an Alabama fan and you say you’re saddened by what he did. You may say so in public, or in earshot of your Auburn friends, but privately you’re elated. If you love Alabama you hate Auburn.”

            That’s a quote from ITK posted less than 12 months ago on this website.


            You should be done with this. Take some time, do some reflection and come to grips with how important Auburn is to Alabama.

            Nothing is more important than beating Auburn.
            Never again.
            We will dominate the other team in this state.
            If you love Alabama you hate Auburn.

      2. OK, I did not read the whole thing above, but have to make a point here:

        “I’m aware how lucky I am to be born into a culture like Alabama’s where the cultural leadership says the responsibility for what you do and your success only comes down to you.”

        So, why is your Idol Saban working so hard to change a rule that has been in place forever right after he has two straight loses from teams with hurry up offenses? If the responsibility of his success comes down to only “you”. Why not figure a way to beat that type of offense instead of crying about it. Be a man. Strap on some pads and play football. The truth of the “Saban Rule” is settling and the rest of the country and coaches are now seeing Saban for what he truly is. Btw, didn’t bama hang a poster in their locker room with the Auburn score from 2010 and say “Never Again”?

        1. Again, this response illustrates the point of this story brilliantly.

          First, Saban didn’t create the rule proposal. Let’s start there. We can argue all day about the HUNH—–personally, I don’t like it. I like watching the snap and not having to watch a live feed in broadcast picture-in-picture.

          But that’s why you make the proposal, to ask if that’s what we want the game to become. The answer from everyone else has been that they want it, but don’t blame Nick Saban for being the guy who cares enough to do something when no other coaches do.

          You will always beleive it’s because Nick Saban missed 5 field goals in an Iron Bowl that now he’s all of a sudden a coward making excuses, but that illustrates the littler brother mentality above when Auburn, not Alabama, is the team that has had issues with players allegedly faking injuries to stop or slow HUNH offenses.

          Regardless, it’s all deflection. Again.

          And again, and this is the last time I will say it, “Never Again” was simply not about Auburn. Read above, read what Saban said, read what the other teams that beat Alabama didn’t say that year (that “never again” was about them) and then recognize that the following two seasons were consequently championship-winning seasons for Alabama. No, the “never again” did not have the Auburn score on it, just for the record, believe it or not. Just answering your question.

          “Strap on the pads and play football,” you say?

          But that’s what I want? I want teams to play football, not try to disguise where the football is and create confusion so essentially you don’t have to play football. I’m confused, why would you say that?

          Also, the “Saban Rule” was created when Saban wanted to work when other coaches decided it was a time to vacation. They created the rule to stop Saban from working. That’s why that rule was called the “Saban” rule. Saban didn’t come up with the proposal for the ten-second-runoff rule. I’d ask you to actually listen to the interviews with the director of the board who came up with the proposal at least two (yes, two) years ago (the interviews are free online including on ESPN and he specifically mentions Saban for your citation).

          You don’t have to read what I say. Fine. But you don’t read what the people who create the things that you don’t like say, you didn’t read a poster you asked and were wrong about, and if you aren’t reading then you aren’t learning and that’s part of the cult mentality. The article is right. And you still don’t have to like it. Most Auburn fans really do. I almost have to respect them for that. I just plain don’t like the concept though. Be the best, don’t simply beat the best, that’s just how I feel.

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  15. To the new posters : Just over look crimsonshite. He just found out that his mexican whores gave him a gift that he can not get rid of. You will notice that crimsonshite does not post everyday , but on the days his does he goes on forever. That is mostly due to the fact that not every truckstop or whorehouse offers free internet/wifi. Now cantdoit is just protecting his main bitch ITK. Cantdoit is a hypocrite. He spews his hate and biased opinions about Auburn , then claims Auburn fans can not see the bama program for what it is due to their hate. Next you will see crimsonshite and cantdoit brag about being geniuses, English professors, Millionares, mexican crime/drug lords, authors, and damn great americans. lmao. Fuck um both.

    1. You never really have anything to say. That’s why I don’t respond usually. It’s just blind hate and rage. You would never talk to someone like that in person and if you would, well, War Eagle.

      Just because I’m an author doesn’t mean I brag about it. Good grief.

      And again, it’s spelled, “The Conduit.”

      I’m very sorry for your loss. I don’t know what is so wrong in your life. I hope one day you can find the courage to try to fix it. I really do.

  16. Have you started deleting posts in bulk? Over half the posts on this thread are missing, including the Bama ones. And what the hell is that http//l shit that has suddenly appeared in my email area?

    1. They are probably deleting you because of the language you are using in every post. People who have nothing intelligent to say usually resort to that. It is also making the entire program look bad, so why not tone it down and try and make some useful remarks that add to the threads so that there can be some good debating going back and forth rather than resorting to the name calling and smut that you do every time someone makes a point that you don’t like. It makes it all less fun when someone takes it down to the level that you do.

  17. Haha that’s funny, bummers talk about Auburn because it makes them laugh, and feel good about themselves. However the fact that anybody has to look at somebodyelse to make themselves feel better is hysterica. I mean that’s like being the prettiest girl in the ugly girl parade, or the smartest retard lol oits pathetic. And the fact that you actually think Auburn would attempt to compare itself to Bama lmao not in a million years. Auburn is like a beautiful perky virgin that’s never been touched or damaged, meanwhile bama is like an old worn out two dollar toothless whore. Nobody wants to be seen next to or even compared to a two dollar whore. Lmao dream on turds in turdtown Auburn is the only school in Alabama that’s laughing lol

    1. The only thing Barner Fife is virgin at is winning a legit national championship. LMAO@ 0 fer 125.

  18. Bottom line: Alabama fans worry as much about Auburn as Auburn fans do about Alabama. Probably more. Go to any Alabama forum and count the number of threads about Auburn. Then go to an Auburn forum and count the threads on Alabama. You’ll find Alabama fans post more about Auburn than Auburn fans post about Alabama. This very site posts about Auburn when ANYTHING happens regarding Auburn. Just on your front page you have 8 articles regarding Auburn.

    1. @peachy

      Borrom line, you say? Why not just answer the questions instead of trying to create a new point with total deflection again, and again, I couldn’t disagree more.

      “BEAT AUBURN,” I’ve never seen that sign.

      A tradition of doing anything in Tuscaloosa when Auburn loses a football game never happened.

      Date-selective Iron Bowl trophies? There is no room in Tuscaloosa for those, either.

      I’m an Alabama fan; why would I go to or care about Auburn web sites? I’m not sure what to call that kind of accusation coming from an Auburn fan…on an Alabama web site.

      The point, again, isn’t about Alabama ignoring Auburn. Good grief. I’m done asking questions I should know better than to expect an answer to.

      1. Please. Your own coaches and players put up a sign after losing to Auburn in 2010. And it was directed AT Auburn. Your player even said: “We put the signs up for motivation, to let us know that these guys are going to play their all every time they play us,” Alabama safety Robert Lester said. “We’ve got to bring our all when we play them.”

        That’s in response to Auburn. Not some other team. Auburn. Your coach has even said Auburn is one of their main focuses every year. “We have an opponent in this state that we work every day, 365 days a year, to dominate, aaiight?” Saban said. “That’s our goal.

        Your fans take losing to Auburn so badly that they poison our trees. We’ve had an Alabama fan STAB Auburn students prior to an Iron Bowl. Your university prints up shirts of our opponents that your fans buy and wear (remember those green shirts during the 2010 NC run?).

        To think that Alabama and its fans and coaches don’t make beating Auburn a priority is ridiculous. There are direct quotes and t-shirt sales to back it.

  19. And this ridiculous attempt to explain away some losses to Auburn:

    Suffering from sporting world Alzheimer’s, the above trophy doesn’t mention that the Tide was cut at the knees by the NCAA starting in 2000 that made the majority of those early wins possible.

    Sorry, does Alabama put notes or asterisks next to Iron Bowl wins they had when Auburn was on probation? Probably not.

    And its not Auburns fault you got caught cheating. You cant cheat, get caught and punished and then use that as an excuse for losing. Its alabamas fault, not anyone elses. But Bama fans ALWAYS have an excuse for losing other than the fact that the other team was just better that day.

    Utah loss: we didn’t want to be there and our best player was suspended
    LSU loss: We didn’t really lose, we missed field goals.
    TAMU loss: We outplayed them after the first quarter so they didn’t really beat us we just ran out of time
    Auburn losses in 2010 and 2013: They didn’t really beat us, we beat ourselves. NEVER AGAIN!

    1. Forgot the loss to Oklahoma: another “we didn’t want to be there” excuse.

      You guys have never really lost a game have you? You were either cheated out of the win or your players didn’t really want to play that day. So THOSE losses aren’t really losses.

      1. If you think none of those five games you listed were winnable, let me know.

        If you want to answer any of the questions instead of making up new assumptions I’ve never given you any reason to believe, let me know.

        If you know how many people poisoned the Toomer’s trees, let me know.

        No, I never saw the University of Alabama print up a green 2010 Alabama shirt (?), but if you can find one for sale or a picture of someone wearing one, even if it wasn’t printed or commissioned by the University of Alabama, let me know.

        But once more you’re putting words in my mouth, making things up, and completely deflecting again.

        And again.

        And again.

        And again…

        1. @ Conduit. Reading some of your posts, you are like arguing with my 9 year old daughter. You only make sense to yourself and you NEVER get the other point and always think your point is the end all be all. You also talk in maddening circles. You saying deflect all the time is an obvious example of YOU deflecting. Sometimes I wonder if you’re just pretending with what you are saying or if you are just childish. I hope the former, if not, some of your responses are quite ridiculous.

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