ITKToday, Anthony Grant will earn $5,013.69. That’s just today. For the week, $35,192.30. In these tough financial times, Bama’s 5th year basketball coach will earn $152,500 by the end of January. These are the sort of things a $1.83 Million annual contract will get you.

What it won’t get you is results.

The look on Anthony Grant’s face each time he remembers how much jack he’s getting for producing nothing.
18 games into the 2013-2014 campaign, the Tide owns a record of 8-10. All eight wins coming at home, two over Stillman and Georgia State. Now in the jaws of SEC play, a losing season is no longer a possbility, it is breathing down Bama’s Crimson neck.

Meaning, barring a Disney movie-esque run from here until March, Alabama basketball will miss the NCAA tournament again. Just making the dance (and not necessarily winning while there) is the only historical standard for Alabama basketball, a feat that gets a coach fired other places.

And yet, here we are. Last night, Florida came to Tuscaloosa, and Florida left with yet another victory over Grant and Co. A loss that cost the University $5,013.69.

To put Grant’s tenure in perspective, he is way behind the career accomplishments of David Hobbs…thought to be the worst Alabama coach since the days prior to CM Newton. In his six seasons at Alabama, David Hobbs racked 17 wins over teams that made the NCAA tournament. That included a National Champion (’93-’94 Arkansas), a National Runner-up (’94-’95 Arkansas), and 3 additional teams that made the Final 4 (’93-’94 Florida, ’95-’96 Miss. State, and ’96-’97 Minnesota). Even his worst team beat a nationally-ranked and tournament-bound Arkansas team in 1997-1998.

In five years at Alabama, Grant’s best win came in the fourth game of his first season, against a Baylor team that would go on to the Elite 8. Since then, he has managed just seven wins over eventual NCAA Tournament teams.


If this were a football scenario, Grant would’ve been shown the door long ago. Insert the name Shula for Grant and this coversation would’ve been over after last season, minimum. But instead, here we sit, swimming in Crimson mediocrity…and less than that, truthfully.

As I tweeted this morning, Anthony Grant should not be fired. Instead he should be a man, admit his failure at Alabama, do the right thing and step aside. Five years into his regime, the program is in the worst shape I have ever seen it in my lifetime. It is atrocious.

Alabama basketball right now is like that family member that everybody knows needs to be in rehab, but nobody will say or do anything. Here’s hoping someone forces the issue and calls for an intervention, because the Grant experiment in Tuscaloosa is long over.

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21 thoughts on “Bama plays, Bama loses, and Anthony Grant cashes in”

  1. When you see all the empty seats in Coleman Coliseum (there will be more fans at the gymnastics meet tonight), then you also realize that Grant has cost the UA Athletics much more than the measly $5K it costs to keep him fed and clothed. Maybe someone will do something when even the 4 or 5 thousand that will actually attend a game in Tuscaloosa stop wasting their time buying tickets and filling seats. I can’t imagine how poorly the concessions are moving in Coleman right now. However, I truly think that the food service guy for Coleman will lose his job before Anthony Grant does. I don’t know who this guy has pictures of, or what kind of behind-the-scenes manipulating he has done, but he appears fireproof with the Athletics Department and the Athletics Director.

  2. It’s not pictures and such. I’d think it would be obvious to anybody. Nobody wants to be the one who fires the first African American coach at the school Wallace made world infamous. Tough situation. RTR!

    1. Yeah because we all know that racism is not welcomed on bama’s campus. Just look at how ANOTHER Black QB is getting the shaft with the bammer football team. Poor Blake Sims put up better numbers last season than Coker, and is way more mobile, but the good ol’ boys at bammer cant have no colored QB! Wait till I email Jessie Jackson about this! Bwaww haww haww

      1. Stupid retarded Motherfucker. Sims is still the #1 backup until spring and summer camp show otherwise. We’ve just seen enough of him the past 3 years to know he ‘aint gonna make it. Besides, he was recruited as an athlete, not a QB. As for Coker, you stupid piece of dog shit, he is a better runner than Sims. Even against tired defenses Sims was never able to break one. Besides, just fuck it and fuck you. Nobody cares what your dumb ass thinks. You don’t even deserve a fucking response. Go back and suck up to your 2 National Championships, and pretend you even exist outside of Lee County. ROTFLMMFAO! RTR!

        1. Coker is a better runner? I am sure that you could back that up with stats , right? Of course not. This is the CSR! Who the fuck needs stats or any other type of facts when making a statement here. Coker avg just 1.5 yards per carry and that was because of 1 lucky 24 yard run. Sims avg over 4 yards per carry , and had a better QB Rating, less INTs, and a lot less baggage. Only knock you turds can really throw at Simms is he is Black.

          1. Coker was hurt in the 8th game and missed the last 6 games of the season or his stats would have been a hell of a lot better. Sims stats were inflated because Saban played him against UT Chattanooga where he got over 3/4 of his total stats for the year. WOW! Also except for UTC, Bama ran the Pistol almost exclusively when Sims was in, which is run oriented; and the tired defense had to try to adjust to something they hadn’t practiced against. When Coker played it was the same West Coast passing offense that Winston ran. FSU’s whole team says Coker is just as good as Winston. Don’t think you’ll find too goddamn many people claiming Sims is as good as AJ. Brain dead Rat Turd.

        2. Crimsonut to Cant spell roll tide without 2 L’s – “Nobody cares what your dumb ass thinks.”

          Obviously you care Crimsonut since you respond and try to refute every thought he post here.


          1. If ya’ll weren’t so fucking stupid, I wouldn’t need too. As for caring, don’t kid yourselves. I just get a hard on from the opportunities you assholes give me to practice my cursing on shit heads who really deserve it. ROTFLMAO! RTR!

  3. Actually, I guess Harvey Glance was our first African American head coach. But them I’m talking about in a major sport. I’ll bet 90% of the Bama fans have no idea who Gance is or that he coached the track team for 14 years. Anyway, he retired, not fired. RTR!

    1. Jacob Coker 18 for 36 250yards , 50.0% 6.94yards per attempt 0 TD 1 INT 102.8 QB RTG

      Blake Sims 18 For 29 167Yards 62.1% 5.76 Yards per attempt 2TD 0 INT 133.2 QB RTG

      Now if you are trying to say that Sims played more than Coker, then you my friend are truly dumb. Your boy coker had more attempts than Sims. Then the UTC arguement that you are trying to make, please inform me which high powered defenses did Coker light up? Now I backed up my stance with facts/stats. Try to keep up and do the same, you foul mouth redneck.

      1. Truth be told, Coker hasn’t played a single down yet at the University of Alabama.

        You’re alleging racial discrimination by an entire program based on the starting QB position in 2014. It hasn’t happened yet. So much for stats and facts. good grief.

        Marlon Humphrey just committed to the University of Alabama, too. Maybe he’ll get the starting CB position one day?

        1. I am playing the racism card with alabama because of their lact of interest in playing a QB of color over their entire history. Sims is just the next poor kid to get screwed by bama because of his race. The last starting Black QB bama had was forced to look over his shoulder every week , and even got pulled for a less talented white QB. If I am wrong, I am sure you will enjoy posting the name of every starting Non-White QB that bama has had during its long history.

      2. You retarded Son Of A Bitch, UTC was the only game Saban allowed Sims to throw in. Coker threw just like Winston in his games. Coker played against FBS teams, not one of the perennially worst D2 teams in history. Just shut the fuck up you goat humping dog turd. Who the fuck do you think you are coming over here and telling me details about MY teams players. You’re a faggot Goat Fucker. Get on back to Lee County with the rest of the queers and worry about your own goddamn team.

      3. Don’t make me feel the need to look your ass up, Gulf Shores. Stop dissing my school and it’s players and coaches, whom you know nothing about – Weagle Goat Fucker.

        1. You ….come look for me….LMAO! You said the same thing when you wanted me to meet you at the truck stop in Montgomery a couple of years ago. That told me everything I needed to know about you. You are nothing more than a toothless redneck truck driver who hangs out with the ” working girls” at truck stops. Look if you really want to come find me , I will be more than happy to give you directions here. I must warn you that Gulf Shores is made up of people way more classy than you. There is no truck stops for sure. Tell me when you would like to meet and We can plan on meeting at The Hangout, or how about wal mart so you will feel a little more at home? Bwawww hawww haww

      1. Motherfucker I’ve forgotten more about Gulf Shores than you’ll ever know. Hangout, Wal-mart? If I come looking for you it won’t be in any damn public place – understand. I told you the TA in Monkeytown just to see if your chickenshit ass would show. Well we know the answer to that. Your hangout is a pussy joint now, fool. When I grew up the Foley High Islanders fought fist to fist, knife to knife and bumper jacks to bumper jacks in the real Hangout parking lot against assholes and football players from Bay Minette, Fairhope, Robertsdale, Vigor and Murphy. No place for pussies like you. I grew up with the meanest bunch of islanders who have ever lived there. In fact I don’t have to look your ass up. Those guys still live there and still have the island wide reputation. All I need to do is contact any of them. They’ed do your ass for a fucking 6 pak. You little chickenshit bastard.

  4. Where the hell did you get that picture? That’s the funniest thing since Jerry Clower. When you think of a Jackass eating briers – that’s the picture that should come to mind. Bwaa Haww Haww! RTR! Uhh Ohh! With defeat in their grasp last night Bama fell to victory over LSU! From the way this conference season has gone – beating Miss St, and LSU and Pushing Fla, Ga, the SEC must really, really suck – except for Missouri.

  5. Stupid retard is redundant. ITK don’t know s***, but he is correct about CAG. 5 years is more than enough time to turn it around.

    1. I strongly disagree. Retarded is a mental disorder caused by a defect of birth or a accident involving a blow to the head. Stupid is a lack o$ education, lack of commin sense, lack of motivation to learn, etc, or any combination of the above. Stupid is inexcusable. You can’t fix stupid. ROTFLMMFAO! RTR!

  6. Well, I ain’t happy with the BAMA Roundball program, but I think it is the PLAYERS not the coach…No one wants to play basketball at a football school…If Grant had Donovan’s PLAYERS…We would be ranked #6 too…The failure is in recruiting…Not Coaching…We have one guy who can play…Releford…Period…If we had three Releford’s…We would be relevant…But we don’t so we ain’t…I don’t know why Lacy quit??? But we would have been better with him than we are without him…It’s the PLAYERS Yo…

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