Bama plays, Bama loses, and Anthony Grant cashes in

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Today, Anthony Grant will earn $5,013.69. That’s just today. For the week, $35,192.30. In these tough financial times, Bama’s 5th year basketball coach will earn $152,500 by the end of January. These are the sort of things a $1.83 Million annual contract will get you.

What it won’t get you is results.

The look on Anthony Grant’s face each time he remembers how much jack he’s getting for producing nothing.

18 games into the 2013-2014 campaign, the Tide owns a record of 8-10. All eight wins coming at home, two over Stillman and Georgia State. Now in the jaws of SEC play, a losing season is no longer a possbility, it is breathing down Bama’s Crimson neck.

Meaning, barring a Disney movie-esque run from here until March, Alabama basketball will miss the NCAA tournament again. Just making the dance (and not necessarily winning while there) is the only historical standard for Alabama basketball, a feat that gets a coach fired other places.

And yet, here we are. Last night, Florida came to Tuscaloosa, and Florida left with yet another victory over Grant and Co. A loss that cost the University $5,013.69.

To put Grant’s tenure in perspective, he is way behind the career accomplishments of David Hobbs…thought to be the worst Alabama coach since the days prior to CM Newton. In his six seasons at Alabama, David Hobbs racked 17 wins over teams that made the NCAA tournament. That included a National Champion (’93-’94 Arkansas), a National Runner-up (’94-’95 Arkansas), and 3 additional teams that made the Final 4 (’93-’94 Florida, ’95-’96 Miss. State, and ’96-’97 Minnesota). Even his worst team beat a nationally-ranked and tournament-bound Arkansas team in 1997-1998.

In five years at Alabama, Grant’s best win came in the fourth game of his first season, against a Baylor team that would go on to the Elite 8. Since then, he has managed just seven wins over eventual NCAA Tournament teams.


If this were a football scenario, Grant would’ve been shown the door long ago. Insert the name Shula for Grant and this coversation would’ve been over after last season, minimum. But instead, here we sit, swimming in Crimson mediocrity…and less than that, truthfully.

As I tweeted this morning, Anthony Grant should not be fired. Instead he should be a man, admit his failure at Alabama, do the right thing and step aside. Five years into his regime, the program is in the worst shape I have ever seen it in my lifetime. It is atrocious.

Alabama basketball right now is like that family member that everybody knows needs to be in rehab, but nobody will say or do anything. Here’s hoping someone forces the issue and calls for an intervention, because the Grant experiment in Tuscaloosa is long over.

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