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Gone Gueye: Bama’s big center to transfer

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Gone Gueye.

Bama’s 7-foot center Moussa Gueye will not return for his senior season at Alabama, citing style of play as the reason for his decision to transfer.

A native of Dakar, Senegal, Gueye came to Alabama two years ago from Lake Land College in Matoon, Illinois. A knee injury before the 2011-12 season sidelined him for most of that season, leaving him able to play in only 12 games.

In 2012-2013, Gueye played in all 36 games, starting in 27. “Moose” averaged 15.4 minutes a game, and 1.4 points per contest. His playing time skyrocketed when Bama’s other 7-footer, Carl Engstrom, went down with a knee injury in the early going of the season.

The University issued this statement regarding the transfer:

“We’re proud of Moussa for completing his degree in two years and for his efforts and contributions to our basketball program,” Alabama coach Anthony Grant said in the release. “Moussa has decided to pursue other options for his final year of eligibility and will seek to transfer to another institution. We wish him the best of luck in his future endeavors.”

Gueye also is quoted in the release.

“I really enjoyed my time at Alabama,” he said. “People have been very supportive during my two years here. Since I have my degree, I just decided I wanted to leave and try and continue to get better. I love my coaches and teammates – they helped me get better. I have nothing but great memories here and I am grateful for my decision to come to the University of Alabama.”

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4 thoughts on “Gone Gueye: Bama’s big center to transfer”

  1. “But I’ll never get the coaching or the exposure I need to move on to the next level if I stay here.”

  2. Considering that he was already in a hot bed of basketball in Illinois and he chose to come to Alabama probably means all those talented northern teams didn’t think too much of him. It’s just posible that he’s already come as far as he’s going. Anyway, we seem to have a get the hell out out of Dodge complex on this team at the end of every year. I think Grant was too young to be paid 2 million. He can’t handle the pressure and blames the team without taking responsibilty himself. We should have gone after the x Kentucky and Minnesota coach last month.

  3. I guess this means those true freshmen coming in next year will be on the court. No other options, really.

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