Alabama vs Auburn: Iron Bowl on hardwood, on ice

By Hunter Ford

What is more unlikely: a snow storm in southern Alabama or a basketball game between Auburn and Alabama that means something?

I am sitting here in Troy, Alabama, watching TV news about the winter weather alerts. Roads are closed. Schools and churches are closed. Will they close the Auburn and Alabama basketball game? Someone should. Both teams are horrible. The winner is likely to be the biggest loser. If Auburn coach Tony Barbee wins, it might help his job status. Same for Alabama coach Anthony Grant. Both coaches should have been fired yesterday, or sooner.

Tony Barbee is 12-44 in SEC play after three and a half years. Anthony Grant? Well, his record is much better, but his teams have been wildly inconsistent, and the future looks bleak.

I am really struggling here to conjure up some words that might make this upcoming “Iron Bowl” interesting to me, let alone, anyone who might stumble upon this post.

There is a weather girl on TV, right now, who just referred to the upcoming storm as a “weather event.” Why can’t the Alabama-Aubrun (sic) basketball game be an annual ( bi-annual?) winter event?

The weather reporters on Montgomery TV are losing their minds! The anchor, however, just “reported” that Days of Our Lives will be seen in its entirety today. No joke. That just happened. Bless those weather reporters. They finally have something important to do. I bet milk, bread and toilet paper sales are through the roof.

Now, a weather girl is pushing some de-icer windshield wiper fluid. No joke. That just happened. As if you could go out and buy that right now. Roads are officially closed, so, if you are in a non-emergency situation, you could get a ticket.

Okay, one of the talking heads just said, “If you have no business on the road, don’t get out on the roads.”

The Alabama and Auburn basketball teams have no business playing basketball. Unless it is an emergency situation.

You know what? I am going to quit trying to make this stupid basketball game mean anything. I’ll be more entertained watching these TV people lose their minds over the “Winter Event.”

I hope there are some responses to this, because I’m snowed in and need something to do.

5 thoughts on “Someone should cancel the Alabama vs Auburn basketball game”

  1. I’m bored too. I’m trying to find lots of reasons not to write a paper that is due on the Synoptics.

    Unfortunately, caring about Alabama basketball is not one of my options at the moment.

  2. If Alabama would give itself the death penalty in basketball, as I’ve suggested…no, pleaded…this season…we wouldn’t have to worry about it.

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