It was a game of nauseating proportions, with a fitting ending.

Channeling his inner Mike Shula, Alabama offensive coordinator Doug Nussmeier, and ultimately Coach Saban, performed some of the most predictable offensive play calling ever seen. All that was missing was the “elephant package”.

Pounding an indecisive TJ Yeldon over, and over…and over, and over…into an offensive front that was dominated at the line of scrimmage all night, the Tide failed to take advantage of the cracks the Tigers left open for them, on both sides of the ball, to put the game away.

Forget the game tying QB “pop pass,” where three linemen and a fullback were already blocking downfield (watch the video, it’s plain as day). But still, that’s where the game is going, and if you want to partake, you have to put up with it. But it doesn’t mean it’s consistent with the rules of the game, or right.

And then, the final decision. With one second left, knotted at 28, at the Auburn 39, trot a freshman kicker out there, who is 165 lbs. soaking wet, to try a 56-yarder. What happened next should be something that eats the Alabama coaching staff and team alive for the rest of their careers. I’m convinced at least 6 of the 11 on wearing white on the final play had no idea Auburn’s Chris Davis could do that.

It was just a dumb call. A poorly executed game plan. A poorly called game from a coaching standpoint. And an outstanding, downhill atmosphere for an Auburn Tiger team that is about as hot as it can be.

Auburn played a whale of a game. But Alabama beat Alabama tonight, time and time again. And Auburn did what it needed to do to survive and advance.

Good luck to the Tigers now as they head to Atlanta, and beyond. The safe bet is that the state of Alabama is about to shelve more hardware.

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46 thoughts on “Alabama beats Alabama”

  1. Throwing the bomb on first down from your own 1 inch line for a 99.9-yard TD pass is predictable? Okay…..

  2. I will say that is a classy post though ITK. hope your right about the hardware man. Bama played a heck of a game.

  3. I was wondering why they didn’t run Drake anymore . Up the middle was clogged all night . Unless you were an Auburn running back . Seems at times Bama was just letting him walk through the line to find the lanes . Ah well it is what it is . We put up a fight and the coaching was questionable all night . The better team won for sure . Good luck to the Tiger Birds , hopefully they can bring it home for the state . Still a lot of football left . In all honesty I knew a loss was coming but am still proud of the way our team progressed through the course of the season . Got to lose to know how to win sometimes . ROLL TIDE !!!

  4. Classy post ITK!! I to wondered why they kepy running T.J. instead of Drake, but in any case we’ll just have to start over again, which is what the Tide does best. Yes this loss hurts but we’ll survive , and rest assured we’ll start another dynasty. the cow herders in Lee County got the best of us this year and they need to enjoy it cause these moments for them don’t come around very often. RTR

    1. Saban has time management problems worse than Miles…reverse karma time management..he gets beat by putting more time on the clock….lol

  5. Yeah, forget the 300 rushing yards or the fact that the game was tied with 1 second left. Once again Alabama doesn’t get beat according to Alabama fans. The other team cheated, ran illegal plays that didn’t get called and was really of victim of themselves. The other team had nothing to do with it.

    Keep crying Bama fans. It just makes the win that much sweeter.

    War Damn Eagle.

    1. Cheating? Illegal plays?

      I re-read the article. I couldn’t find any of that.

      But if you think Auburn beat Alabama more than Alabama beat itself, you’re wrong. Maybe it’s moot regardless, but that’s what it takes to beat Alabama and that’s what happened in this game. You don’t have to like it, but it should be easier to accept now, shouldn’t it?

      1. Are you crazy?

        Little Nicky Satan got OUTCOACHED! Auburn putting a player in the end-zone in case of a short kick was genius, while Nicky put all “Big Guys” to prevent a blocked kick!


        Maybe this loss will teach the Bammer Moron to have a bit of class and humility, instead of being obnoxious about winning!

        1. Hey dumbass, which bowl is UcheaT going to? Oh wait! You little faggot, you have no pride do you.

  6. Yeah, how about its time we start a dynasty. We got our best injured linebacker, senior DT, Nick Marshall after a full spring practice along with future superstar Jeremy Johnson.

    I think we got the NC next year wrapped up too.

    1. Not a chance. As lucky as Auburn was this season, they will never consistently put together consecutive great seasons. Never have. They will be figured out. Too lucky

  7. AU ran the ball down your vaulted defense throat. Keep playing whatever card you want but 300 rushing yards doesn’t lie. Roc Thomas and Pettaway can’t wait to be dressed out in the orange and blue.

    Boom!!!! Finally I hear the sweet sound of silence from the most arrogant asshole pompous fanbase alive. I think we gave the other SEC fanbase a the best Christmas present this year they could want. A bird finger in your face, a win that could be heard around the world, David knocked out Goliath, no 3 peat (something I don’t think any fans would have heard the end of in our lifetime), and the most precious trait we could serve and hopefully teach the Bama fanbase (humility). Just say you got beat by a better team last nite.

    BlowTide, WFE.

  8. How does it feel to have a team run the ball up the middle for a 80 yard touchdown drive? Alabama’s defense was exposed by the brightest offensive mind in college football.

  9. This story by ITK is not one of ” class ” as some people are thinking it is. It is ITK trying to cope with the ass beating that bama took last night. He is trying to put the bammer spin on it , and say that it took Auburn’s best game to beat a bama team that did not play up to their level. That is total BS! If not for the awful 2nd quarter that Auburn had ( Mason fumble, Off sides on 4th and 7 that gave bama a short 4th and 2, and Auburn got too cute with the passing early in the Qtr) this game would have a complete BLOWOUT! Bama could only manage 7 points in the other 3 quarters! Then ITK and other bammers like him are complaining about their offensive production. REALLY? You passed for almost 300 yards, and had a RB with well over a 100 yards!!! Does not sound like a bad performance to me. It sounds like the typical Auburn game plan that has worked all season. On defense it is the bend and don’t break approcah by Coach Ellis Johnson. On Offense it is to take the life out of the defense by running , running, and running some more. Auburn had around 200 rushing yards up the middle on the great bama defense. 200 yards right at their all world MLB Mosely. How many tackles did he side step last night? How many times did he try to avoid the blow that Mason and company was delivering to him ALL NIGHT LONG? Not only did Auburn take away your chance at the NC……Auburn also took your pride, soul, and heart with that type of beating. And all this happend after only 1 year under this ” high school coach”. What the hell do you think will happen next year!? WMFE!!!!

    1. Congratulations on the longest slide for an out. Sorry the playoffs aren’t this year where Alabama and Auburn would both still be playing for a national title. Instead, it’s FSU and tOSU who control their destinies. Auburn deserved the win, but I don’t think anyone would say they’re the better team.

      1. You are an idiot dude. Go back and re-read your posts before the game. You were so wrong. Bama’s D got shoved around. Your physical team couldn’t get two feet when it had to. And your guys were tight. If Marshall hits wide open Louis in the first and Auburn blocks the punt they should have, it wouldn’t have been as close as it was. Auburn is the more complete team and this year it’s the better team. Take your ass-whipping like a man and quit your bitching….

  10. ITK, Personally I thought Bama would win by 10, we should have took a knee and tried to win in OT. My biggest amazement was Auburn ran on us in the second half at will. Congrats to the tigers, what BCS game do you see us in. Who do you think we play?

  11. You cannot possibly tell me you expected the play calling to be anything but predictable. Alabama has always been cocky in that sense. The philosophy is that we are going to shove the ball down everyone’s throats and no one can stop us because we are the University of Alabama. Of course they were going to give it to Yeldon. Seriously?

    1. JW, Comments like yours are what makes a win like this for Auburn that much more enjoyable. It is miserable UA fans like you that makes the rest of the SEC hate your team.

    2. Perfect example of why Bammer fans are loathed by eveyone; NO CLASS!

      J W = ReTaRd Bammer loser!

    1. Go get you some Missouri Tigers.Then get back with me.You assholes talk the same shit for the last three years and my comments are bad.Shit we set the bar high and your team is not even close to getting there.That was your championship game right there lil sister.No BCS for you any time soon.

  12. Typical classless arrogant Bama attitude ….”we didn’t get beat …..we beat ourselves”. I realize that your coach preaches that arrogance, but in this case ignorantly accepting that arrogance is hiding the fact that Nick coached like a predictable NFL coach and then got beat by a savvy HS coach with inferior athletes. Keep dissing that HS ball ….oh yeah …and keep refusing to realize that CFB is changing. Nick is one of the very few coaches still winning with the old school stuff. The only reason he is winning is because he has much better talent that any one else in CFB. Just imagine how well Nick could do with modern day coaching schemes and that talent.

    Both teams made a lot of mistakes.

    In the 4th qtr Bama is up 28-21 and they let a very young Auburn come back and win. Championship teams don’t do that.

    AJ passed terribly. Just when his team needed him to be more than a game manager, he failed. Auburn has been open to the slant pass all season. AJ couldn’t hit those wide open passes and $aban had to abandon that gift. AJ under threw both long passes from the 1 yard line. Lucky for Bama that on the 99 yd TD, the player was soooooo wide open that AU couldn’t catch him.

    AJ is not a legit Heisman candidate. Aaron Murray is a much better QB.

  13. Before everyone thinks this is such a classy post on ITK’s part, see his many comments at this article:

    “Bama has a scrimmage this Saturday, which has proven to be the perfect plan. Time to go down to the farm and pay our taxes on that heaping dump that we own down there.”

    ITK isn’t classy, he’s humbled. It’s a back-peddle after all the trash that he talked before the game.

    1. Humble my ass. Trying to act like he wasn’t the classless asshat that wrote the other diatribe of a ranting fanboy is more like it. It’s all about the state now, huh, ITK? Trying to take a little of the sunshine Auburn will receive if they win Saturday as something that you and your ilk deserve? Go buy a Mizzou shirt painted red, if you haven’t already, no one at this school wants your “supportive” words, as disingenuous as they are.

      Stay under your rock and re-read that classy piece you wrote on 11/17/13 and your comments, knowing we are all laughing at you, and sharing your articles so others can see what bombastic, blinders-ridden fanboy writing looks like.

  14. You’re smarter than you let on, ITK. I wouldn’t use my real name either if I wrote this garbage on a daily basis.

    1. And what does that say about the reader that comes over to this site to ‘read this garbage? RTR

      1. Entertainment??? Yes, that is what I calling, pure entertainment at its finest. Keep the comments flowing….

        1. hey now you tigerbirdpeople don’t go insultin the all powerful Saban, who won us 17 national championships and sent All-Barn cryin home for mama… you dont no what your talkin bout with all yer stupid talk comin out.. Oklahoma State (OSU) is gonna lose to Michigan State and that shootyhoops school is gunna beat those darn induns.. And Alabama will have it’s rightful spot at national championship number threee. THey will beat AllBarn 245-3 in the biggest ballgame since i poisoned the trees.

  15. It Continues,

    You really think the barn kicked BAMA’s butt. You fail again and again to see reality. Oh yeah, the reality is that you won the game and that is what matters, but how you win matters if you have expectations for a future. When you win and you know you shouldn’t have, it’s called luck. Luck happens but skill prevails. Read the history books. You barners have been, are, and always will be 3rd tier SEC. The wins you have over BAMA have never been as big as this one. You took something from us and it hurts, and it will always be remembered.

    One of these posts uses the analogy of David and Goliath. Without God on David’s side, what would have been the outcome? This is what you barners fail to remember. God hasn’t and won’t have a side in this war. We are Goliath and a lucky throw and stone is a part of this war, but that occasional luck is your hope in a war that BAMA owns. Call us arrogant. I would rather be arrogant every day than live in a dream world.

    Here is your worst nightmare in this soggy. Jamis Winston is arrested. Duke beats Florida St. Michigan St. beats Ohio St. You beat Missouri. Who do have for all the marbles? Watch your mouth because you are hoping for 2 of these 3 to happen. You don’t want Goliath to have revenge in his eyes.

    1. These Auburn victories happen more than you’d like to admit. AU is 20-10-1 against bama when the game is NOT played at Legion Field in Birmingham. You’ve got a lot of catching up to do.

      It was just a couple years ago we spotted you 24 points and pulled out a win and the bama nation echoed strongly, “NEVER AGAIN”. Well, it happen again and this 2013 Iron Bowl win tops 2010 win because of every bama fan and expert said we couldn’t do it, we couldn’t run it, we couldn’t be one dimensional and we’d be lucky to score. Go back and read the stories and comments. It is arrogance to the highest degree.

      Fox & Friends, Today Show, every national nightly news, every national sports show and another 363 days….Life is GOOD and next year looks even better.


      1. Yes you are right . The sun shined Sunday morning and i am above ground also alive. Next year looks even better.. RTR FOR EVER!!!

  16. Hey Pawwwll…. I just wanted to tell you… i was all Alabama’s fault they lost that game… in no way or fashion could Allbarn ever win that ballgame… I totally agree with these “totally reasonable” fans saying we should “Up an hang” our kickers… because everyone knows you should never disrespect the God-Emperor Saban

    In no situation could auburn ever play better (I think I threw up my mouth, so I had to chug whiskey to clear it out) and we deserve a chance to play for the national championship, because everyone knows, there is no physical way that Auburn could EVER beat the great Alabama

    I’m just glad that we should jump Auburn next week after their pathetic (and pointless) victory to MizzWHO? and Oklahoma State (OSU) because the whole country will go back to wishing that the national number two spot plays the great Alabama, and losing in a trainwreck of a game, so that way everyone has the ability to go to the greatest school on earth (They’ll name the field Bryant-Denny-Updike Stadium one of these days) and root for the team that OBVIOUSLY has the most championship (47 at last count)…

    I can’t wait for January, where we come around and beat the fire out of them


  17. Yeah, you”re real classy and a stand up guy ITK. You are a fucking idiot…but you DO represent the typical, misguided, self-important Bama fans who can’t handle their success without making morons out of themselves (see your 11/17 article and subsequent posts). Auburn whipped Bama’s ass and you made a fool out of yourself….deal with it.

    1. Not sure what game you barn turds watched. Y’all won sure but you didn’t “whip” anybody. We stepped on our sausage from start to finish, why? Hell i wish I knew. I hate to admit it but it seems like whenever we play a decent barn team we completely shit the bed. Dropped passes, missed assignments and missed field goals does not equal a whippin’. Why did we look so bad? They made us look bad of course. 49-0 that’s a whippin. Now the fact that no one on our sideline was paying attention when Gus called time and set up a return and we made no adjustments and we let something happen that has only happened 4 times in the whole history of college football, sorry not a whippin. But I understand you guys want to hammer all the people on here that bragged about how we were going to crush the barn. They deserve what they have coming to them, I don’t do that. But a whippin, not even a little.

      1. 300 yards rushing, with most of it right up the gut, and TJ getting stood up on 4th and two feet…..that’s the ass whippin I’m talking about….

  18. Alabama is the better team….. I can think of 34 to 28 reasons of why that is a stupid statement only a bammer could make. War Eagle learn how to stop the run

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