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BREAKING 3/21/14 – AU fans now say Mercer “owns” Duke

When your football program has fallen behind others in your state, division, league, and heck…everybody else, you start seeing signs. Indicators begin to pop up that there is cause for concern.

This weekend a recruit visiting the loveliest village on the plains shares one of those signs with us. He tweeted this picture out for all to see what is in and on the minds of the Auburn boosters, administration, coaches and players:

How freaking sad.
How freaking sad.

Two words created as permanent signage in a football meeting room. Not a poster, mind you. Permanent signage.

Has there ever been a time when the University of Alabama football program was so entrenched in the Auburn mindset? Nick Saban and company should have to pay rent for the amount of time he and his program spends between the ears of every Aubie alive.

Alabama football has always defined Auburn football for them. From the beginning of time (which is 1982 if you’re an Auburn fan), how the Tigers have fared against the Tide has been the benchmark for their program. I know a guy who won’t buy a car made in the years Bama has beaten Auburn. It’s safe to say he won’t be in the market for a new car for years.

It must be a feeling of hopelessness. Beat Bama. The team that you haven’t notched an offensive point against in two seasons of football. The team that not a single player on your active roster has ever scored a point of any kind against. Not a safety. Not a field goal. Certainly not a touchdown or point after.

Scores like 42-14 and 49-0 (which every Aubie knows could’ve been 77-0) don’t get flipped in a year. The differential on the field was much more than just points. It was personnel. It was coaching. It was coaches. And it was a mindset much bigger than “beat your rival.”

And in turn, after hiring a snake oil salesman who’s been a head coach just one year…equipped with just a dipsy-doo, trickeroo style offense to fend off the most dominant football coach the game has seen since Paul “Bear” Bryant…you do this to your players: “Beat Bama.”

It’s cruelty in motion. Why don’t you just take the guy pictured below and tell him “Marry Jessica Alba.”

A union about as likely as "Beat Bama."
A union about as likely as “Beat Bama.”

So what happens next November when Auburn limps onto their own Pat Dye Field at 5-6 (and that’s assuming they can beat one fellow SEC team this year) and they get reamed for the third straight year? Do you take it down, or leave it up so the graduating seniors after the 2014 season are reminded of what they were never able to accomplish?

Instead, shouldn’t the signage say:


Or, this would probably be more realistic:


What happened in 2010 was just as cruel to the Auburn fanbase as a “Beat Bama” sign in the back of an Auburn meeting room. Like a gambling addict winning money in a casino slot machine, the Aubie was duped into believing seasons like that one can happen. It was the perfect, once-in-a-lifetime storm.

Auburn’s disadvantage (one of them) is that the Gus Malzahn offense isn’t new anymore. There are now plenty of undermanned teams trying to gain an advantage with quick snap counts and flag football-esque misdirection. The last time Bama saw Gus’ brand the score was 42-14.

For Auburn right now, “BEAT BAMA” is like telling your mentally deficient 6th grader “GET ACCEPTED INTO MEDICAL SCHOOL.”

At the depths of Alabama’s woes last decade, “Beat Auburn” was never the cry. Getting back to a place of prominence in the college football world was. But again, this signage helps you peer into the mind of the Aubie. Their world begins and ends with Alabama football. And “Beating Bama?” It is the end all.

Might I suggest another goal instead for Auburn?


Do this and you’ve overachieved, and it means you’ve beaten your weak non-conference schedule and two SEC foes.

But a Beat Bama sign tells the world your goals are no higher than getting off the mat against the big brother that has you there. It tells recruits that while Bama has its eye on another national crown, their fourth in five years, we just have our eye on winning one game.

Not that it’s needed, but the Auburn staff could not have done Alabama recruiting a bigger favor. For what they’ve really told the world is:

Little brother

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118 thoughts on “How do you know Auburn is decades behind Alabama? The answer is in your Sunday Cup of Coffee…”

  1. Beautiful. Thanks for helping us out-recruit you, again, Barners. Can’t wait till we pound you again this year!

  2. What’s outstanding to us Auburn students/alumni is how much you all care, how much time you spend to write an article about something as pointless as a sign. But what’s even better about all of this is how much you only care about your football team. Honey, say what you must to get a rise out of your ingrate fans, but lets not forget that at the end of the day you might be able to say you’ve won some national championship but half of your fan base is illiterate and/or married to their cousins. Oh and next time you post an article to the internet, you might want to get your editor to look over your ignorant grammer mistakes. Can’t wait to be your boss one day. War Eagle.

    1. So many things here.

      1. The sign is anything but pointless. It’s an indicator of the sum total aspirations of your football program.

      2. This sentence from you illustrates this beautifully…

      “Honey, say what you must to get a rise out of your ingrate fans, but lets not forget that at the end of the day you might be able to say you’ve won some national championship but…”

      (First, championships should be plural, because we have a lot. But secondly, there is no “but.” Winning championships is the goal. But not in Lee County. Recruits, hear this.)

      3. I think Bama fans are very grateful. But then you probably didn’t really know what “ingrate” means. Just sounded good to you.

      4. Ethan is right. There is nothing funnier than someone making a grammar mistake while trying to point out another’s grammar mistake.

      5. You can’t be my boss because I’ll never work at Waffle House.

      1. ITK,
        I really do think you must be 16 years old or younger based on the immaturity of some of your post here.

    2. @Hunter—–Have you ever had to do any signage of any kind?

      It’s not cheap, it’s not easy, and it’s always explicitly deliberate. You have to pick every single letter carefully before going to print, and just a banner can be hundreds of dollars.

      This “Beat Bama” sign above? It probably cost thousands of dollars, and, maybe more importantly, it took more time to plan, coordinate, and install than we’re ever going to spend on it here, so don’t worry too much about how much time we spend here in the off-season talking about “just a sign,” a sign that cost a lot of time and money to install simply to remind people that they are not the best.

      Auburn isn’t just a rival. Auburn represents everything I can’t stand about college football. The “us against the world” cult mentality, the desire to hurt your opponent rather than to win, and the capacity to do anything to meet those goals no matter how unethical the process.

      Make no mistake, the Toomer’s Corner trees were littered for Alabama losses, not simply for Auburn wins. That’s a kind of hate and apathetic disgust that that, no matter how much time we ever spend talking about Auburn here at, simply can’t compare to what makes Auburn and its culture so terrible. The fact that you think this article is designed to upset Auburn fans rather than your reaction being a side-effect says everything you need to know about why Auburn represents the worst in college football.

      Also, you asked about grammar mistakes. First, it’s an Alabama fan new site, not an accredited thesis published in the journal of medicine about understanding post-modernism in the 21st century. There isn’t an editor. This isn’t the Daily Planet.

      Second, it’s spelled, “grammar,” not, “grammer.”

      Third, Auburn sucks.

      1. I’m just surprised at how ignorant the Alabama folks are. I mean, seriously? Plenty of college teams do this, Ohio State and Michigan ring a bell? Auburn acknowledges Alabama as a rival, but Alabama refuses to acknowledge Auburn. What a load of snobbery. Auburn beats Alabama enroute to the national championship and some Alabama yahoo poisons the tree at Toomer’s Corner. A hurricane blows through Tuscaloosa and the Auburn folks offer to help.

        I’d rather be “us against the world” than be part of the unabashed snobbery of the Crimson. Alabama and it’s fans represent the worst of college football. Entitlement, win at all costs fan base, and an air of arrogance that makes every loss that much sweeter. We weren’t celebrating the football team’s loss on the days that the Crimson went down, we were celebrating the lament the fans were going to go through. It was more funny than anything.

        1. Now you’re blaming the entire Alabama fanbase for Harvey Updyke’s crimes, and you’re praising the entire Auburn fanbase for helping the tornado recovery efforts in Tuscaloosa.

          Alabama fans helped raise money for the trees before the tornado, if it makes you feel any worse about generalizing the fanbases.

          The difference is the culture. We don’t celebrate Auburn losses with a tradition. We don’t teach “BEAT AUBURN” as our primary goal and pay for a sign to remind us every day.

          Alabama represents the best in college football, as well as the best in culture. Entitlement? Do the words, “Never again” ring any bells? Because it wasn’t about Auburn, as some like to think. That’s why we’re winning more championships than football, and we’re winning titles with some of the best minds in college sports.

          I don’t think it’s Alabama’s sense of entitlement that makes their losses so much sweeter to you. I think it’s how rare they are that makes them so sweet. A 3-loss year was terrible for us, but usually it’s just the one loss, sometimes less.

          And regarding littering the trees, “We weren’t celebrating the football team’s loss on the days that the Crimson went down, we were celebrating the lament the fans were going to go through.” Doesn’t that say everything about the culture at Auburn and why it’s one of the worst in college football? A tradition of hate? I don’t think that’s something to be proud of, but if you’re proud of it, I accept it—-I just don’t respect it.

          But you’re right—–the Ohio State University does have a song that includes their hate for Michigan in it. And I never said the Ohio State University was good for doing it, or that it’s something to be proud of either, because tOSU is perhaps the best example of the worst in college football. They celebrate their villains.

          1. Conduit, when you talk it’s like I’m listening to myself. You are simply a Triton of truth, my friend. You’re so right on everything you’ve just said, all I can do to do your thoughts justice is sit and read them again silently.

            I’ll just say this. Those who hate Alabama betray their thoughts and what they think is transparent ire with their own stupidity. You’re so right. Our gafaws over the trees were never about the trees, but about the cultish reaction from a fanbase built and focused on Bama’s demise. This instead of their own triumph.

            This is why “Beat Bama” is even more utterly hilarious than worship of couple of butt paper trees getting axed. Oh, and their killer walking FREE today.

            Roll Tide. And yes, God bless

          2. We don’t celebrate your losses. That’s not what rolling the oaks is about. The tradition started back when the football games, not just the Iron Bowl, weren’t on national television. The workers in Toomer’s Drug Store would post papers on the trees to let people in town know what the score was. Once televised games became a normal thing, there was no longer a need for it. Instead, we adapted a tradition that so many have loved for over half a century by rolling the oaks in Toomer’s Corner. It isn’t about hate or celebrating someone else’s lamentation for a loss. Any one who says it is does not truly understand the culture that Auburn students, past and present, enjoy. When the student body, alumni, and fans celebrate a win at Toomer’s Corner, it’s all about comraderee and unity. Not unity in hating a specific team, but unity in excitement. A lot of schools have their traditions to go along with sports or other events. Please don’t knock ours until you’ve heard it from someone who truly understands it. War eagle and God bless!

        2. If Bama put up a sign, it would have to read, “BEAT EVERYBODY.”
          ‘Cause that’s how you win national championships.
          Bama’s gotten pretty good at it.
          Auburn should try it more often.
          Instead of just focusing on one team.

          1. @LMAO.
            Still won NCs though.
            Both years.
            Didn’t we?
            LMAO while admiring TWO (2) more crystal trophies.
            The point was, “LMAO”, when you try to beat everybody instead of just one team, you tend to win more games.
            A lot more.
            But if you knew that without having to be told, awbarnz wouldn’t be awbarnz.

          2. Really?! When you try to beat everybody instead of just one team, you tend to win more games. A lot more.

            You must have graduated from the university of alabama Rouge, because you are a fricking genius!

            Just wait till all of the other college coaches hear about this, now that you’ve let the cat out of the bag Rouge!

            Maybe Auburn should put up a another sign under the beat bama sign that says “and everybody else”.

            Roughe does bama have a sign that says try to beat everybody or do you think they just know to try and do that because they are so much smarter than everbody else?

        1. It’s been said that the written truth cuts deeper than any sword. And your profanity indicates that thou art bleeding. But don’t worry. Your team has a “Beat Bama” sign installed in its football complex. Your Tigers have branded themselves with the Tide. So everything is okay.

      2. Hey Bama… a second?

        34-28. You’re welcome.

        Its really, really sad to see the last tiny shred of mentality and dignity Bama fans have slip away…….

        Oh wait.

    3. Hunter, I don’t think this means Alabama fans are obsessed with Auburn.

      After all, I’d be interested in any wall that has “BAMA” written on it. I’m an Alabama fan, so writing “BAMA” with 4-foot letters makes me want to read more.

      Also, Alabama fans don’t just care about our football team.

      We also care about our men’s golf team.

      And we care about our softball team.

      We care about our gymnastics team, too.

      And how could we forget women’s golf? Brilliant.

      But we Alabama fans care about other teams at the Capstone that haven’t won a championship in the past 14 months, too. Still, there’s a lot to care about just from the title-winners, so let’s just stick to those for now. Roll Tide.

  3. It’s spelled grammar…the irony is painfully obvious.

    Grammer mistakes are when you misquote an episode of Frasier.

    1. Someone’s got a little but hurt going on. I’m proud that Alabama has monopolized Auburn’s mindset. It’s great to know that playing Alabama is more important than going to or playing in a bowl game. Roll Tide.

      PS How’s my grammar?

      1. There you go, another bama fan who wants to talk about “butt hurt”. It must be a subject a lot of you gumps or intimately familiar with since ya’ll can’t seem to post here without talking about someone else’s butt.

  4. “….is like telling your mentally deficient 6th grader “GET ACCEPTED INTO MEDICAL SCHOOL.””

    It is probably more akin to telling an Alabama graduate to get into medical school.


    1. “I know you are but what am I” would’ve made more sense. The University of Alabama system has one of the most respected medical schools in the country.

      But keep trying.

      1. One of the most respected. UGH…..

        Considering the school is at the University of Alabama – Birmingham, it’s quite a stretch to pull them into the discussion. Not to mention it’s not the point of previous comment, but Alabama graduates have some trouble with reading comprehension.

        I’d point you to US News and World Report rankings which have U of Alabama still behind Auburn. If you want to play that game.

        Retort deflected. Play again?

        1. @Toomer

          “Considering the school is at the University of Alabama – Birmingham…”

          The Univeristy of Alabama Birmingham is not the University of Auburn Birmingham, and UAB is the University of Alabama School of Medicine

          Understand that if you’re trying to suggest the medical school is in Birmingham and not Tuscaloosa and has nothing to do with the Capstone, you’re wrong on both counts. There have been classes for the Alabama School of Medicine in Tuscaloosa since the 70’s if I remember right. UAB is independent but under the Univeristy of Alabama “umbrella” so to speak, like how Caesar’s Palace is also part of Harrah’s Casino, Rio, The Flamingo, etc. It’s also similar to how Baylor’s School Of Medicine isn’t in Waco, but Houston. Go give them hell, too, if you like.

          The University of Alabama School of Medicine has no classes or affiliation with Auburn University whatsoever.

          Auburn does, however, have a fantastic Veterinary Medicine school, the only one in the state. Congratulations. And congrats, too, on the magazine article that says something about Auburn possibly not being second place to Alabama in everything else ever.

          1. And you missed the point completely! Again!

            It’s not much of a stretch to find a US News and World report article. Unlike your little diatribe. Keep it up with the snobbery though!

          2. By virtue of the fact that I have two family members with degrees from the UA school of medicine, and having seen their diplomas, I’m gonna go on record saying it’s the UA school of medicine.

          3. How about you check your facts, while Auburn does have a fantastic Veterinary Medicine School, it is NOT the only one in the state. There is one literally 30-45 minutes from Auburn (depending on how fast you drive). But way to be a typical Alabama fan and discredit that school because they don’t have a national championship winning football team. This is why a lot of people don’t like Alabama fans, because you pretend you know everything, when you obviously do not. I’m not saying I know everything, I just am intelligent enough to check my facts before I post something that is an outright blatant lie. I also don’t look down on people for things that don’t matter, such as this. Did you play on any of the national championship winning teams? If not, then stop. There is a difference between being proud, and being a douche and you have crossed that line.

      1. Truly ITK? Do you really believe you’ve “exposed Aubies for what and who they really are”? OR do you really just expose YOUR opinion, as viewed through crimson glasses, of what and who YOU think they are?

        I believe any unbiased reader would say it is the latter.

        And if your last statment is true, “it’s what you do best”, even if that is your opinion, what a sad and miserable life you must lead. There is so much more to this world and life itself than just the Auburn/Alabama rivalry. May I suggest you try to learn to be your best at something with more meaning and value in life than what you claim to be best at. I promise it will make you a better person for just having tried.

        1. @LMAO

          Sorry about your loss. Roll Tide.

          What are Auburn websites like? I’m just curious, really.

          Back on topic, what do you think about the “BEAT BAMA” sign in the story?

          1. @Conduit

            Sorry about your TWO losses to TROY. Who? Yes TROY, and the fact that you didn’t have a chance to make it to a Super Regional nor celebrate winning a spot in this year’s College World Series like LSU and Miss. St.

            If you’re really curious about Auburn websites, why don’t you go check them out yourself (like we all don’t know you have already).

            Personally I don’t have problem with Auburn having a sign saying “BEAT BAMA”. If Auburn had sign that read “BEAT LSU” it wouldn’t have gotten under my skin enough to make me write an article about it. I will say, having owned part of several sign companies, ITK is wrong when he tries to be over dramatic and calls it “Permanent signage”. No Sign is permanent. Hell for all he knows maybe there was a third word to that sign that said “Again” that was up there during their streak of beating bama 7 years in a row.

            But the most laughable and hypocritical comment he makes in this article about the signage is “Nick Saban and company should have to pay rent for the amount of time he and his program spends between the ears of every Aubie alive.” It seems to me with as many articles that I’ve seen about Auburn and it’s program on this site, including this one, that maybe ITK should pay rent for the amount of time Auburn, Auburn’s Program and Auburn Fans spend between his ears.

            For example, if this is supposed to be an “Alabama site” like I have been told so many times, why did he choose to write a meaningless article about a sign, yet there has been no article about the arrest of Alabama basketball forward, Devonta Pollard on kidnapping charges, and the continued desinagration of Alabama’s basketball team. The reason he didn’t is precisely because his perceived problems that Auburn occupies more time between his ears than the real problems that Alabama has.

            But then again even he admits he’s better at exposing who Auburn is than who Alabama is.

          2. lamo, when did Auburn beat Bama 7 years in a row? Wait let me guess you assumed again. Yes indeed, imagine that..

          3. @LMAO

            It’s an article about a sign that has “BAMA” in it. If it said “GO AUBURN” and they wrote about it here, they’d be obsessed with Auburn.

            Instead, they’re obsessed with Alabama.

            Also, Troy? Are you talking about baseball? Sorry, that’s kinda my least favorite sport. I still want Alabama to perform well in it and all, but wow, you’re pointing at a game of attrition, a game of errors, to illustrate your point about, wait, what now? I don’t understand.

            Also, I didn’t say I was really curious about Auburn websites. Just a little curious. I mean, I’ve never been there. I don’t care to because I’m an Alabama fan. I thought you might be able to help as an Auburn fan. Maybe you’ve been to one, or maybe you just come to Alabama fan sites, I dunno, just curious and only a little, not enough to care to look.

            Permanent signage—-it’s installed. It’s not taped to the wall like a poster. I asked before if you’ve ever had to do anything with signage, now you say you’ve owned several sign stores? So you know this sign is deliberate—–getting those letters lined up takes precision, time, and it looks like it took some good money, too (what’s your estimate, by the way?)
            But no sign is permanent? Grasping at straws or missing the point—-no planet it permanent, if you’re gonna go that far. It’s installed, not taped to the wall. It’s not going anywhere because of this or any other article or twitter pic.

            It will still be there tomorrow to remind Auburn of the level of competition they hope to try to one day be able to reach—–Bama’s.

            If you’re so high at the top that other teams are putting your name in their rooms with installed signs to inspire greatness, that’s something to be proud of… and something to write about. God bless Roll Tide.

  5. So AUBURN BEAT BAMA SIX YEARS IN A ROW not seven, forgive me yellowhammer but I’m not an Auburn fan, but you got my point because YOU KNEW IT WAS
    SIX IN A ROW didn’t you Yellowhammer? You bet you did.

    And Yellowhammer since you and ITK love to point out my mistakes and since you only responded to my use of then number SIX instead of SEVEN, i guess everyone can take it that you agree everything I said in that five paragraph post was correct, or surely ya’ll would have said someting.

    And @Conduit, we know most bama fans are like you and don’t give a shyt about any other sport other than football, but yet most of you can’t understand and like to complain when your teams in two of the other three major sports aren’t worth a crap. I mean come on man, you may not like baseball but to know your baseball team is not even as good as TROY, from you own state?! I mean a National Championship is a National Championship right? Didn’t this very site just post an article about bama winning a GOLF Championship? Hypocrit.

    If you think your school winning an SEC Championship or National Championship in Baseball is not every bit as exciting as winning one in football, than your just not a true fan of your school or either you’ve never experienced it…oh wait bama never has won the College World Series in Baseball….never mind.

    So let me get this right Conduit, when you said “What are Auburn websites like? I’m just curious, really.” You didn’t mean you were curious about Auburn websites, you were just letting the world know you were “curious”? Well I guess this is as good a place as any for you to come out of the closet.

    And for the umpteenth time Conduit, I am not an Auburn fan. How many times do I have to keep correcting you gumps about that? It seems like you could even figure it out by yourself.

    And I don’t care if it was taped, screwed, nailed or hung on hooks it still doesn’t make it permanent. You could nail or screw a poster to a wall, it wouldn’t make it permanent. And I glad to see YOU agree with me on that, I was just pointing out ITK’s over dramatic point of stating that it was permanent. Glad you agree with me.

    And while “you are there tomorrow to remind Auburn of the level of competition they hope to try to one day be able to reach” maybe you can remind your Alabama baseball team of the level of competition they hope to try to one day be able to reach – LSU’s…no make that TROY’s! LMAO

    And don’t flatter yourself too much, no “other teams” besides Auburn “are putting your name in their rooms with installed signs to inspire greatness, that’s something to be proud of”.

    1. @LMAO———I can assure you that I haven’t ever complained here about Alabama’s basketball or baseball performance.

      A national championship is a national championship? I sorta disagree. For me, a football title is more important. But I’m a fan of football. It’s 13 or so games in a season instead of 13 games in a week. Every game is more significant. Every national title is more improbable than the last.

      And Alabama isn’t just winning national championships in football—–they’re winning them back-to-back now, and three in four years. Now THAT isn’t “a national championship is a national championship.”

      And yeah, I love golf. I wish they televised more of it at the college level. I’m not sure where the hypocrite part comes from? I watch the sports I love. I don’t watch Alabama’s track and field team either, if it helps.

      I don’t believe they’re building the SEC Network in Charlotte because of baseball, either.

      And yeah, I’m curious enough about Auburn websites to ask you. I don’t care enough to actually go myself, that’s all. You see, I’m an Alabama fan. It’s true. So I like to go to Alabama fan sites and read about Alabama news. When our in-state rival puts Alabama’s name in their film room, it interests me. Somehow you turned that into a gay-bashing joke? In the 21st century. Really?

      For the record, I like Troy. Good people.

  6. lamo it would be different if mistake laden rants were only occasional on your posts but you have a record for being wrong that few others if any rival. Secondly I didnt respond to any of your other blabbering because I really didnt read it. I picked up somewhere in the middle and instantly recognized you were assuming again. I used to read them but now they are too boring repetitive and always…. wrong

    1. Yea right “..because [you] really didn’t read it. [You] picked up somewhere in the middle….” – liar

      ‘[You] used to read them but now…” you don’t? – liar

      It’s funny how you sure do respond to every post I write for someone who doesn’t read them! – gump

      1. Can you please provide a link that proves I’m lying? (you know the requirement you so conviniently pose on everybody else) and yeah what I said is true, it wasnt always that way but is now.

  7. I wish Alabama would get a good coach so we can make another appearance at the CWS. Maybe next year, since we are a young team.

    I’m glad LSU has a good baseball program. They need SOMETHING to brag about. And it makes the SEC look good.

    LSU is king of baseball, Alabama is the king of football.

    Fine with me!

    Auburn, is the king of…….swimming? or diving? Or do they suck in that sport now?

    1. You’re right Whore, LSU is king of baseball and Alabama is king of football right now and maybe if Saban stays at bama long enough your football program might reach the heights of LSU’s baseball program under Skip Bertman. The real challange will be if bama can maintain that success after Saban leaves, like LSU has since Bertman has left.

      But the real difference is LSU football has also played for three and won two national championships in football in the last 10 years and has been to the Final Four in basketball four times.

      How many times has Alabama’s basketball team been to the Final Four? Thats right, never. And how many College World Series has bama won? That’s right none.

      So I would turn it around on you and say Alabama needs something to brag about besides football…….and golf!

      PS. I’m sure Yellowhammer didn’t read this.

      Yea right! LMAO

      1. Football is the biggest sport. I’m fine with just football. Everything else is just icing on the cake.

        Talking trash about baseball and basketball is wasted breath. People care about those sports, but not enough to argue about it.

        LSU is a great baseball program. Alabama is a great football program. Only difference, we’ve been winning championships for a LONG time. LSU…..only recent success.

      2. @LMAO——Sorry, I don’t care much about baseball. Of course I’d want the Tide to win, but I’m a football guy much more than baseball. I’m glad I was born into a football school rather than a baseball or basketball school.

        I live in South Carolina now, I’ve loved watching their incredible recent success in baseball, especially closing out the old and the new CWS fields with titles, but I’m not a fan of many sports games of attrition like baseball and basketball. Sure, I want Bama to win, but sorry, no, I care much, much more about sports like football. That’s just me. I love football, golf, hockey, Formula 1, football, football, and football.

        “Alabama needs something to brag about besides football…….and golf!”

        Alabama bragging about something other than football, golf, gymnasitcs, and anything else we’ve won a national championship in recently, really? We need something ELSE to brag about?

        Be careful what you wish for… Roll Tide.

      3. It’s been said many time by many people that most of the fans that pack Denny Bryant Stadium on Saturday night are just sidewalk alumni who don’t really care anything about the school just Football. Let me present evidence that those statements are true.

        WhoreEagleJune 11, 2013 at 4:56 am#
        Football is the biggest sport. I’m fine with just football.

        The ConduitJune 11, 2013 at 7:50 am#
        Sorry, I don’t care much about baseball. I’m a football guy.

        The ConduitJune 11, 2013 at 8:06 am#
        I can assure you that I haven’t ever complained here about Alabama’s basketball or baseball performance.

        (if you cared maybe you should. Oh that’s right you already said you don’t care about baseball. When true fans, i.e. alumni, don’t care, the university doesn’t care and hence the decline in the programs)

        1. @LMAO – what’s your point? This is primarily a Bama Football blog. We will talk about other sports, but we are here #1 for Bama Football. Why does that bother you so much? Could it be that its because Bama has owned the Bayou for the past 2 seasons? Or is it still the 21-0 total beatdown in the 2011 BCSNCG? So, LSU has a good baseball team – so what? Does this translate to great things happening in all your other sports? Does it make you feel all better about your crazy-ass football coach? Does it make 21-0 feel just a little better? Maybe LSU should put their great baseball team on the football field this fall so they can all feel better about themselves. They’d likely do as well, if not better, than the football team. BTW – do the baseball players also get a pass on using banned substances and/or drugs?

          1. Hey Petie I have searched this blog and I see no where that is says hey “this is primarily a bama football blog”. In fact just the oppisite I see articles here about almost every sport.

            You guys live in the past too much that 21-0 game doesn’t bother me anymore than the 9-6 game excites me.

            For you to say to me, a huge LSU fan of all sports, “So, LSU has a good baseball team – so what? is as stupid as if I was to say to you So, Alabama has a good football team – so what?

            Maybe you should go reread my post in context to the post I was replying to and then maybe, and I know thats a big maybe, you would ask such stupid questions.

          2. No, LMDAO – no where does it say this is an Alabama FOOTBALL site. However, given that you actually can read and are not a group of endangered chimpanzees that have been given computers, YOU are the only one NOT talking about football here. YOU are the only one who keeps bringing up other sports that, for the most part, none of the rest of us are all that interested in. I’ve been to basketball games. I’ve been to baseball games. The last time, a long time ago, that Bama went to the CWS, my mom actually went to the games and supports most every Alabama team. I don’t have the luxury of a retiree’s time availability, nor the interest in most of these other sports, to take the time for them. I have a passion for Alabama Football, though. I grew up in Tuscaloosa playing high school football in Denny Stadium. I sold Cokes and programs at the games as a kid. I went to the games during my two stints there as a student and grad student. My Saturdays in the Fall are set aside for football games, even though I find myself in a part of the country surrounded by other team’s fans. So – LMDAO – as far as I and most of the other readers and posters on this site are concerned, this is pretty much a one-sport website. All other sports are peripheral to Football. You don’t like that, fine. Go cheer your basketball and baseball teams. Have fun – it’s sports, after all. But don’t get all in a bind that we don’t want to talk about it here. There is one sport that is king, and that is Football, particularly college Football. Nothing gets my adrenaline up like watching a Football game – not basketball, not baseball, not softball, certainly not golf, not swimming, not equestrian sports, none of the secondary sports on a college campus. I am a Football Fan #1. You aren’t (and I wouldn’t be if I went to LSU, either – heart attack city, alcoholism city). So, good luck to the Bengal Tigers in their quest for a victory at the CWS. It will never take the place of the BCSNCG in my book, and I could care less if Alabama’s baseball team ever gets there. Just not that interested.

          3. I’m not sure what point LMAO was trying to convey.

            I do know he cares more about Alabama than LSU baseball. His posting numbers and content reflect that.

            Thanks for caring LMAO!

        2. If it makes you feel better, I’m in the process of writing a book on Tuscaloosa in the 21st century to raise money for the ongoing tornado relief to be released next spring.

          Tell me again I don’t care. Go on. Tell me. I care about the school and the city more than I care about football.

          What a dick. That’s all you’re trying to do is hurt people. War Eagle? Good grief.

          1. Who the hell is your rant replying to Conduit?

            War Eagle??

            I didn’t say you didn’t care, you did. That was a direct quote from you. Obviously you aren’t smart enought to figure that out for yourself.

          2. @LMAO

            I’m not sure what happened to you, why you think the world owes you anything.

            It doesn’t. Don’t be so mad at it. If you love your baseball team so much, enjoy it. Go on, have fun with it.

            But I don’t think you would continue to come back here just to pick and prod instead of talk about a story that has nothing to do with your team, with baseball, or with how much “true fans” care about anything and what it means to care.

            No, I don’t care about baseball. But I’ve had a lot of fun at Alabama baseball games. That doesn’t mean I have to love it, or that you have to love football because LSU has been good at that before, either. I’m sure there are Alabama fans who don’t love football. I’m sure there are LSU fans that don’t love baseball. I’m sure there are Duke fans that don’t care about basketball. Whether or not that makes them “true fans,” why bother? I was a fan before I was old enough to be in college, but I wasn’t a true fan because I hadn’t graduated college?

            I am afraid you’re only going to see this as an insult. But I sincerely hope you can figure out what makes you so hurtful and fix it. I don’t care about you coming here to do it. It’s kinda silly, but that’s the internet—–this whole story is silly, that’s why it’s fun to talk about. But good grief. I don’t understand why you would hate so many people so much if what you care the most about is LSU baseball. You win. You’ve got it. Baseball is your thing, and your team is winning like crazy. Forget football. Forget Auburn’s focus on Alabama. Focus on baseball and focus on you. Focus on what you need to do to care more about yourself than hurting others.

      4. Well dipshit, since you finally found something the Corndogs are good at, yhen I’ll just have to jackslap you and bring you back to reality. While it’s true that the gumbo stompers have advanced further in the basketball tournent and they have more Natty’s in baseball – all of those accomplishments have come in post Nixon times. The real truth of the matter is that Bama is #2 all time in SEC basketball wins and SEC championships – Bama is #1 in all time SEC baseball wins and SEC Championships. So dipshit, the Corndogs are #1 in anything in the SEC. F.O. RTR!

  8. What’s really sad about this entire blog is that apparently in all your “humble” Bammer glory, you have forgotten that there was, in fact, an entire “Beat Auburn” campaign when Satan first arrived at Bama…

    What was worse was the partnering, and oh-so-mature “Aubs eat Boogs” booster campaign, that required the mentality of a 4th grader to understand…but then again, you only have to have the mentality of a 4th grader to get in to Bama. I can name a lot of people that were rejected from getting in to Auburn, so they had to settle for going to UA instead.

    Bammers tend to get amnesia when anyone brings up the fact that their precious team really sucked not so long ago. At the end of that time period, right when Satan first came on board, they had this same mentality. Looks like it worked out well and turned things around for the team mentally, so why you gotta hate on a great concept, YOUR OWN CONCEPT?

    I would think you would be flattered, especially considering that Alabama is currently the best team in the country, and has always been Auburn’s biggest rival. Why not openly aspire to beat them? Then again, I guess Bammers really don’t have any humility at all, so why would I have such high expectations of you?

    Just remember, all dynasties fall eventually. When Alabama falls, they will fall hard, and we will all be waiting.

    War Eagle.

    1. “When Alabama falls, they will fall hard, and we will all be waiting.”

      Well, I won’t be able to sleep tonight.

      By the way, is humility demonstrated by holding fingers up when you beat a rival?

      1. No, humility is apparently demonstrated by only holding up the middle finger toward the rival fanbase while up 24 points in the Iron Bowl. Only to later lose. Thank you, Greg McElroy.

        Or maybe it’s a university-ploy to play songs over the stardium speakers meant to deride and humiliate a 21-year old college student.

        Or it could be the “Never All In” pins sold on campus that are an obvious and sad attempt to be anti-Auburn. (By the way, what does it say when your slogan seems to suggest that the students/alumni are not fully in support of the program?)

        Perhaps it is the “Never Again” posters on the walls in the athletic department after the 2010 season. Or playing replays of losses from previous seasons throughout summer workouts as a motivational ploy.

        Or it could even be creating a new poster this year touting the current two-game losing streak. Be very careful when you bash someone else’s program. You may have plenty of crow to eat as a result.

    2. @Never to Yield:

      “When Alabama falls, they will fall hard, and we will all be waiting.” Little Brother Syndrome. It affects the entire Auburn culture.

      Alabama sucked not that long ago? We haven’t forgotten. We also haven’t forgotten that we were damn good before that, and much better before that, and dominant even earlier.

      And today Alabama is again at the highest level of competition in football.

      If there was a “Beat Auburn” campaign at the Capstone, I didn’t see it, and I don’t see any references in your response.

      And the “Aubs eat Boogs” booster campaign? What are you talking about?

      You have “BEAT BAMA” installed with 4-foot tall letters in a film room. No, I don’t think it’s a disservice to try to reach greatness. But that’s the difference between Alabama and Auburn’s cultures.

      You see “BEAT BAMA” as the same thing as “be the best.” They’re not the same, even if the intended result might be. Say what you want about Nick Saban, but he and the University of Alabama’s directors and coaches teach to be the best you can be, to NOT focus on your opponent but on yourself, Not “BEAT TEXAS A&M,” not “BEAT LSU,” not “BEAT AUBURN.”

      I don’t expect everyone to see the difference, but putting it in 4-foot tall letters screams at everyone else the little brother attitude not because of performance on the football field, but because it’s become the most inspirational part of your culture. And it makes me sick. It’s not about having success over Bama, it’s about stopping them from reaching their own goals of success, and yes, they are different.

    3. Must be the Neckburn strategy. Don’t try to improve your own program. Just sit around and wait for the other guy to collapse. Many a pro sports GM has lost his job by adopting that very same strategy. I’m just saying.

  9. Crop facility fanatics are hilarious.
    There’s absolutely NO WAY they can explain this one away.
    Going 1-11 would be just fine with them as long as they “BEAT BAMA.”
    And, BTW, what the hell do they know about dynasties?
    One thing’s for sure.
    Nobody EVER fell farther faster and totally busted their asses than awbarnz from ’10 to ’12.
    And they absolutely, positively can’t deny that.

    1. “Auburn Dynasty”

      Has that ever been said before? I mean, outside the swimming pool.

  10. LMAO,

    Who gives a flying fuck about Skip Bertman and LSU baseball? Alabama continues to beat LsU in the sport that matters. I graduated from Alabama 10 yrs ago & NEVER went to a baseball game & they were good back then. Stop that stupid bullshit like you really give 2 craps about the rowing and track teams at LSU. I hope we meet up in Ttown this NOV so I can kick your ass

    Toomers, you are about the dumbest Auburn son of a bitch I ever read. Your team needs to man up and score points, and not with some Girly offense

  11. I am almost positive that Alabama has in their tunnel the words “Never Again” in reference to the 2010 Iron Bowl. Beating Auburn is just as big of a deal to Bama as beating Bama is to Auburn. Believe me, I grew up with a dad instilling it in me to hate Bama and I am now married to the love of my life who is a Bama fan. I see it from both sides. It’s a rivalry, but it’s dumb to compare who focuses more on beating who, because who doesn’t want to win?

    Don’t flatter yourself, Bammers. You aren’t all we care about beating. Just feels good when we do.

    1. Mr. 5th – That “Never Again” slogan has to do with that whole season of Bama football. Bama was weak in the 4th quarter – pathetically so – that whole season. They would consistently play about 2 and a half quarters of incredible football, then typically get blown out in the 4th quarter. “Never Again” means that not only will the Barners not beat Bama in the 4th quarter again, but no team gets to do that again. Has it happened since? It got real close with UGA last season, but, for the most part, Bama has become a 4th quarter team, especially when compared to the 2010 team that was so full of talent, but didn’t have the mental mindset to finish an opponent.

      But if you want to make that all about Auburn, go right ahead. Sorry about your losses. RTR!

    2. @ 5th Generation Aub;

      Alabama is the only one with their name on Auburn’s walls.

      And Auburn is not on Alabama’s walls in four-foot-tall letters anywhere.

      “Never again,” as I said earlier above, wasn’t about the Iron Bowl. Period. It’s that simple. It’s not a guess, it’s not crimson-colored glasses, it’s just what the man who said the words said they meant about being complacent, entitled, unprepared. If you want to argue about Saban not actually meaning that, I’m not going to go there, but regardless, it worked and it’s been true ever since.

      Regardless, we don’t put anyone’s name at Alabama except Alabama, and no, “BEAT BAMA” and being a champion are absolutely not the same thing even if the result is the same record.

      “Never again” and “BEAT BAMA” are absolutely not the same thing.

      It’s not dumb to compare who focuses more on beating who because we don’t have traditions to celebrate someone else’s loss, or someone else’s name in 4-foot-tall letters in our film rooms to remind us of who we want to be able to compete with.

      Beating Auburn isn’t that big of a deal. They just aren’t that important. But it is a lot of fun beating anyone, including Auburn.

      1. A quote from Nick Saban in April 2011:

        “We have signs up in our building that say, ‘Never Again.’ Can you imagine what ‘Never Again’ might mean? Being ahead in a game 24-0 and then losing the game 28-27? We don’t want that to happen again.”

  12. Now ya’ll know damn well Aubie didn’t spring for thousands of $’s to have that sign painted on the wall. They have plenty of students fully capable of the task themselves. You know – in the School of Agriculture, Barn Painting101. Tooth, L.M.A.O., you being from that Cow College in Gumboville should be very familiar with that. Bwaa Haww Haww@ RTR!

    1. This just shows how ignorant you are. What the hell does the College of Agriculture have to do with painting signs or even hanging up posters. I am in the College of Agriculture and I don’t do anything like that. I learn how to grow crops and animals to feed your stupid uneducated self. This is why people hate Bama fans. I am a huge Auburn fan & student, but until I read this post I would not have said that I hate Bama fans. But this just shows how much of dicks the majority of y’all are.

  13. It will be great to see Bama lose this year. All dogs better clear out before Ricky Redneck Alabama fan kicks em.

  14. I can think of at least one time when Auburn was at the forefront of Alabama’s mind. That would be every damn year since 1907. Ever wonder where the name “Crimson Tide” and the subsequent trailer park motto that is “RTR” came from? I’ll give you a little hint: It’s from a game against Auburn. Your team’s entire identity is built around us. By all means, write your little rants online, complain about our tricky offense while professional analysts repeatedly say that it’s a “simple and pure offense that’s ran remarkably well”, crow over your false championships, and enjoy your delusions that playing the weakest schedule in the SEC means that you’re a good team. We’ll just be over here beating more ranked opponents in preparation for knocking you off of your pedestal.

  15. Regardless of stats, this article annoyed me from the get-go with it’s use of “PERMANENT SIGNAGE”. It’s paint. That’s right, paint. Two words stenciled on the wall, with paint, to fire up a football team. Regardless of the outcome of the Iron Bowl, I am sure it will be painted over, with more permanent signage, before the boys even get back into the room. Teams all over the country use, as you would call it, “permanent signage”, to market before each game. Lay off your Red Bull this morning, or meth, and chill out.

    1. Now it’s paint?

      Look at the other pictures online.

      Better yet, ask. They will tell you the same thing.

      I’m sorry, that’s just the definition of the Fambly attitude—–“it’s us against the world and we can do no wrong.”

      The whole point was the investment in being little brother. Even if it was made with the cheapest paint and free labor, it’s still little brother. It’s still Auburn. It defines the culture. Embrace it or try to change it, just don’t get mad at other cultures for it.

      1. Why are you so bitter at an attempt to fire up a football team? Do no forget that this is a game. Will always be a game. The attitude you have towards this is appalling. It is paint on a wall to put words behind hard work. Do not try to make something more than it appears. Also, do not pretend to know that the outcome of the game makes this more or less moral. This is a stupid, pointless article to appease the ego of a writer who is a bama fan. Nothing more or less than me, just a fan. Start being a fan for you team and less of an anti-fan for mine. War Eagle.

        1. Anti-fan?

          Who’s putting up the “BEAT RIVAL X” signs?

          I get that there are good Auburn fans out there. Your culture defines Auburn, though. After all, this article is about a sign that says “BAMA,” so why is anyone surprised to see that on an Alabama site? If it said, “BEAT RUTGERS” would it surprise anyone to see Rutgers talking about it?

          Get mad at Auburn if you want. This sign is their idea, not Alabama’s. If it’s just a game, why commission the sign? This article, and the sign, were created before the season started, by the way. Put hard work behind hard work. If Alabama put “BEAT AUBURN” signs anywhere on official university facilities you’d talk about it, too.

          Serious question here——-what’s your opinion on the university investing in a sign that says “BEAT BAMA” in the summer?

  16. Let’s all note that this was published on June 9th, when even Auburn fans “KNEW” that we might not make it to a bowl game. I do believe I could accept an apology here about this time of year…. The only thing that really irked me is that Auburn football has just as rich a history before 1982. You forget where “War Eagle” even comes from. It comes way before 1982. You forget John Heisman coached at Auburn, way before 1982. You forget how much Alabama whined about us having our own stadium. If you don’t like that wordage, I’ll reword to say that you only have a stadium at all because you saw ours and wanted one, too. You forget our stadium is not named “Bo Jackson Stadium”. You forget that Bo would have gone to Alabama if Bear Bryant wasn’t so naive to not let him start until junior year. I find it hilarious that you think there are actually more than 24 hours in one day because this conversation would not be finished over one cup of coffee on a Sunday afternoon. Auburn football has been around much before 1982, and although we do not have as many “accolades” as Alabama, AUBURN UNIVERSITY is the entire reason Alabama football is any good at all.

  17. Let me also note that the title of this article says ZERO THINGS about football. That is all you need to see to know the difference between an Alabama FOOTBALL FAN and an Auburn FAN. Alabama fans are fans of Alabama football. Auburn fans are fans of Auburn. Auburn is not decades behind Alabama. It might make a fraction more sense to say Auburn football is decades behind Alabama football. But when you talk about Auburn and Alabama, which is what the title of the article says (indicating as wholes), Auburn blows Alabama out of the water, especially regarding the fact that Auburn has been around 25 fewer years. Please do not make me elaborate any further.

  18. I would just like to say that Auburn Football is not defined by only trying to “BEAT BAMA.” Auburn University and the University of Alabama have numerous activities and programs throughout the year that is titled “Beat Bama.” Programs such as the Beat Bama Food Drive which is a competition between AU and UA to raise money and food donations for a good cause. Beat Bama is simply a catchy slogan that sounds good and for AU students, means a healthy rivalry. The Iron Bowl is the pinnacle of the football season for BOTH teams, is it not? That one game means bragging rights all other face-offs fall flat in comparison. You can not seriously tell me that you do not want to beat Auburn. Having a sign that says “BEAT BAMA” also signifies being the best team possible all the way to the end of the season. The season may be taken one game at a time but for any football fan in Alabama it comes down to the Iron Bowl. Depending on the season, that sign that says “Beat Bama” could really mean, “FINISH WHAT YOU STARTED,” “FINISH STRONG,” or any other numerous ideas. So I will say you got one thing right, beating Bama is important for Auburn, if it wasn’t could it really be a RIVALRY? I sincerely think that if you honestly think that not beating Auburn should be a priority to EVERY ALABAMA team EVERY YEAR, you have forgotten what football is about. Football was not always about winning championships, it was about beating your rivals…

    War Eagle!

    By the way… this is what Auburn Football is…

    1. “Finish what you started” and “play like a champion” and “win” are not the same as “Beat Bama.”

      I never said the Iron Bowl isn’t important. But Auburn’s culture is defined by its desire to be like and defeat Alabama. It’s why they are called Little Brother.

      Case in point, even when Auburn has had a victory over Alabama, it doesn’t stop.

      But that’s the point. Beating Alabama and being the best simply aren’t the same, but when you say the rivalry is the best why can’t you handle the rivalry? This isn’t a food drive. This is a sign the university itself commissioned. It does represent the culture. You should be proud of it.

      And you shouldn’t be so surprised when Alabama fans talk about a sign dedicated to beating them. Beating Auburn is important to Alabama, but if Alabama ever commissioned a sign that said “BEAT AUBURN” it wouldn’t make sense, see what I mean? It just isn’t the same cultural identity. There can only be one little brother. Auburn embraces that role.

      1. It’s not so much a little brother role as the underdog role. And we do embrace it. And it just makes victory THAT. MUCH. SWEETER.

        War Damn Eagle.

      2. So, if what you say is true, and hatred of Auburn doesn’t consume the 85% and the 15%, then I would guess it was some random rogue booster who created Roll Ducks Roll shirts in 2010. I guess the group of fans at the 2013 SEC Championship game in dirty Alabama hats and fresh bright yellow Missouri shirts were just there to welcome a new team to the SEC? They weren’t there cheering against Auburn, were they?

        Face it. Alabama is consumed with hatred of Auburn, and the feeling is mutual. You can deny it all you want, but it burns you to your core that a silly little gimmick-based high school offense has Alabama trying to catch up by hiring Lane Kiffin, of all people.

        It’s okay; gymnastics season starts soon.

    1. Looks like you were BEYOND wrong in this article. Sorry but auburn has beat bama more times then they have beat us so it shouldn’t come as a surprise. Auburn worked so hard throughout this year and if you put last year and now together it’s clear that we started from the bottom and now were here!!!! Alabama football isn’t all it’s cracked to be and CLEARLY they care about auburn considering one of there fans poisoned our trees!! WAR DAMN EAGLE WE DID INFACT BEAT BAMA!!!!!!

  19. Well just stumbled across your article. See the iron bowl last night? Makes your article look kinda silly. Maybr spoke too soon huh? War Eagle.

    1. Hahahahahaha…. I bet this loser (pun intended) had a nice article thought out about the team he covers, but then decided a little too quickly (probably about one second) that he would go for the win.

      This article is equivalent to about a 56 yard field goal. All the ignorant author does is point out that Auburn is only worried about his team. By doing this, he sets himself up for a win, assuming Auburn does indeed have a bad year and loses again to his team. He fails to consider that going for the win can backfire on you pretty badly.

      It looks like his game winning field goal attempt failed to recognize our return guy 9 yards deep in the end zone. Turns out this guy fits right in with his team and their coaches. Maybe they should have spent a little more time thinking about Auburn instead of daydreaming about crystal. Turns out Auburn or Auburn football or whatever low IQ and arrogant point he was trying to make, isn’t quite decades behind bama. In fact, based on facts and not a pointless opinion, it looks like Auburn is about one second ahead of bama.

      Oh the irony of a crapstone blogger writing an article in June about the rival only thinking about his program. I hope Auburn fans have a little fun with this idiot. War Eagle!

  20. What about “Never Again”? That was posted everywhere in UAT. Maybe it can now read “Not Again”.

  21. Proof that you don’t need any credentials or true insight to post “articles” on the Internet. I hope the author is embarrassed after the 2013 game results.

  22. First that NEVER AGAIN slogan was all over you your locker room after 2010, so don’t even pretend that AL doesn’t think about AU. But more importantly…..How ya like us now? WAR DAMN EAGLE!

  23. Say what you want, but this article is pretty damn funny considering the outcome of the game. The saying “BEAT BAMA” has everything to do with the century-old rivalry between the two teams and nothing to do with Auburn being a “little brother.” I guess all you bammers have forgotten the six years in a row that Auburn beat Alabama. Alabama has, excuse me, HAD a two year streak beating Auburn. And if Alabama “doesn’t care” as much about Auburn as Auburn cares about Alabama, then why have you spent so much time commenting on this article trying to prove your point?

    The fact of the matter is, the Iron Bowl is an incredible rivalry where Alabama and Auburn go back and forth with wins/winning streaks. That’s what BEAT BAMA is about. And if I can speak on behalf of the rest of the Auburn fan base, we DEFINITELY don’t want to be like Alabama. We have a pride in our own city, school, and football program. I’m not trying to tell you what your football program is all about or what it’s like, so stop trying to tell me about mine.

  24. I wish we could all get along like we used to in middle school… I wish I could bake a cake filled with rainbows and smiles and everyone would eat and be happy…
    Warrrrr eagle! Love ya Bama <3

    1. ITK, I love the fact that you spent the time and energy to write an article about a “Beat Bama” sign. I hope the sign stays up for years to come.

      BTW, PLEASE keep writing your articles! They represent the bama fan base perfectly.

      WAR EAGLE!

  25. I remember hearing about a sign Saban spent a lot of time talking about and highlighting. NEVER AGAIN… in reference to the 2010 Iron Bowl. He used it over and over not just about losing a game but a game to Auburn. He did not make a sign for LSU or ULM.. Maybe he should change it to NEVER EVER AGAIN… or NEVER AGAIN*
    ( * = Unless (insert excuse here)).

  26. Has the “Beat Oklahoma” sign been posted in Tuscaloosa yet?

    Or maybe “Beat Louisiana Tech”. You know, you ARE currently riding a three-game streak of games against La Tech with no victories, right? So you booted them off your schedule and replaced them with … wait for it … Louisiana-Monroe. We know what happened there. So you had to dig deeper and come up with Georgia State.

    “Beat Georgia State!”

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