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UPDATED – December 2, 2013
Auburn wanted Bama, and they got them. The Tigers put themselves in a position to win in the 4th quarter while Alabama failed on numerous occasions to close the door and put the game away. Playing not to lose is rarely a winning equation in football, but that’s exactly what the Tide did time and time again in the final period. The result? Auburn took advantage of their opportunities (and the refs not calling 4 blockers downfield on their tying touchdown pass…sorry Aubies, it’s just true) and Bama did not.

So, big things await Auburn before this season is finished, and I for one am rooting for them. The turnaround has been phenomenal, and if you love college football, it’s hard not to shake your head in amazement.

Can they sustain that success? That’s another question. Sustained success has never been a permanent resident on the plains. But in the here and now, here’s to the Tigers in their final outings of the year.

Now to the record-breaking article that garnered over 150,000 facebook shares (thank you to you all for your interest!)…

There’s been a common theme in college football this year. It’s been an attitude more than a theme, really. An idea among football programs literally coast to coast.

Now to the record breaking Capstone Report post that has now topped 150K views and over 100K facebook shares…

“We want Bama.”

Bama. The standard to which all programs aspire. The very personification of perfection and dominance, 105 strong, all wearing cleats and a game time mad-on.

The team who even when they aren’t at their best avoids “pulling a Stanford” and rolls to victory. The team who has had its ticket punched in more “Games of the Century” than any other program in recent history. The program who hasn’t lost a road game since early October 2010.

Across the state, Auburn has had an amazing season. A complete turnaround from a year ago, when blowouts were on the menu week after week, and the Tigers were the entree. Sitting at a most improbable 10-1, Auburn owns a season (as usual) of weird turns and twists. They say it’s better to be lucky than good, and the man who coined that phrase had to do so as his butt was planted on the cold bleachers of Jordan-Hare stadium. There is no luckier football program in the history of college athletics than the Auburn Tigers.

And Saturday night, on a 4th and 18, as the Auburn QB (who could not successfully strike the broad side of a barn three times in a row if given sunrise to sunset) heaved a final prayer as far as he could, Auburn luck struck again. Placed perfectly by a poorly trained DB in his bread basket, the only way the heave couldn’t have been completed is if Ricardo Louis didn’t have arms. He didn’t even really need hands. And with that early Christmas present…

“We want Bama.”

Has there ever been a program that has lived in the minds of everybody else as much as Alabama?
We know you do Auburn, or else you wouldn’t have put our name permanently on the back wall of your football meeting room before the season. Who else does that? But now, eleven games later, and literally everything riding on the line with four quarters standing between you and a season of achieved fantasy, in 13 days, you get Bama.

You get the Crimson Tide, who has been breathing and living on the thin, rare air for the better part of six years…air you’re just now stepping into. You get the team whose defensive backs are trained to swat away hail marrys rather than prolong your hope with interception attempts.

You get the team you haven’t scored an offensive point against in three seasons. You get the team that isn’t intimidated by crowds, or noise, or atmospheres. You get the team that 60 Minutes does stories on to try and decipher what makes these elite robots tick. You get the team that, even when giving up four turnovers, still beats their SEC opponent on the road by two scores.

In Alabama, you get the team who doesn’t blow 20-point 4th quarter leads. Whose nasty defense denies you points even in the improbable circumstance that you should get the ball deep in their territory. Whose strength coach stares your head coach down across the field during the game and taunts him, because he knows what you know, but don’t want to admit.

You get the team that faces LSU and wins, three times in a row now, wherever we face them.

You get the team that has shelved more trophies in the Nick Saban era than any other program.

You get the gold standard of college football in 2013. And 2012. And 2011. And 2009…

And you get a team unimpressed by flashes in the pan, something you’re well know for. But instead, you get a team who has conquered a term you’ve never gotten to know…”sustained success.”

You’ve won 10 games this season Auburn. Good for you. At Alabama, a 10-win season is considered a down year (see 2010). Now let’s see if your team of renegades can stand up under the pressure that ‘Bama has become known for time and again, and again, and again, and again.

The man who wakes you up in the morning and puts you to bed at night.
Let’s see how your coach…who was coaching high school football about the time our coach was lifting his first of four National Championship trophies…fares under the bright lights. I mean, when he isn’t facing a disabled foe. There isn’t an Alabama to take the manhood from your next opponent before you face them, and our playmakers will all be at 100%, un-hobbled by injuries you didn’t help create…but that you benefitted from, nonetheless.

You want Bama. And now, in 13 days, you get them.

Be careful what you wish for. Because from experience we can tell you, living at the top week-after-week while dining on the pressure that comes with that top post, everybody wants Bama until we step on their field, and step on their dreams.

And we’re stepping on yours in thirteen days. And the worse news for you? We want you too.

Because you stand between us and the thing that has been a regular stay in our diet of late. Championships. If you want to sleep at night for the next two weeks, don’t check Nick Saban’s record at Alabama in games when hardware is on the line. Just don’t do it.

Instead, let your fantasy live on. At least for thirteen more days.

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308 thoughts on “Let me guess, Auburn…”You want Bama””

  1. I thought Auburn looked pretty good.

    But Georgia looked so perfectly bad. Even the head coach gave Auburn a 1st down penalty resulting in a touchdown.

    But since Auburn is winning this year, the fans are actually coming to the football games, and I expect them to do the same for the Iron Bowl.

    Of course, with the Georgia win and Auburn taking the everybody-else-does-so-why-can’t-we bye-week before Alabama, Gameday will almost certainly be at Auburn for the Iron Bowl. Poor guys. Roll Tide.

      1. Bama has a scrimmage this Saturday, which has proven to be the perfect plan. Time to go down to the farm and pay our taxes on that heaping dump that we own down there.

          1. “Memories,
            Like the corners of my mind
            Misty water-colored memories
            Of the way we were
            Scattered pictures,
            Of the smiles we left behind
            Smiles we gave to one another
            For the way we were…”

    1. @ The Condult

      “but since Auburn is winning this year, the fans are actually coming to the football games,”

      This comment coming from a team whose student body got an email from the university asking them to PLEASE not leave during halftime, that it is “rude”….. Bama’s having a WINNING season, and your fans aren’t even staying.

      Pathetic, and typical bammer style.

      War Damn.

      1. Wow. You think that’s no different from the entire fanbase not showing up just last season with virtually all of the same players as this year?

        The University of Alabama asked the frats in the student section not to leave early before the end of the game, regardless of the reason.

        And they listened immediately.

        Auburn begged students and fans to come to the games and lowered ticket prices to a level I’d be thrilled to pay for my team. It still didn’t work.

        Nice try though. Good grief.

          1. I’d like to say something, Jake.

            We own you. And we’ll be coming down to the farm to remind you in just a few more days. It’s a holiday in our house!

        1. Yeah. They listened because they were threatened by the administration. If they had left they would have lost their block seating for remaining games. I understand wanting to leave because as good as they are, Alabama games are just boring. Could anyone keep their eyes open during that last Bammer game. Good grief. What a yawner. I about puke with your process. Our heart will beat your process. Beating a great team is fun but not nearly as much fun as watching their fans after a loss. They are all such experts. Hell, 99% never attended college. Most just hate Auburn because their boss went to Auburn

          1. Ticket prices were raised at Auburn last year and that’s why nobody went?

            Alabama ticket prices are still much more expensive even when Alabama isn’t losing. But I’ve never seen anything like I did at Auburn last year.

            And everyone wants to see Alabama football—-that’s why the university did the right thing telling the frats not to leave after the first half.

            Wait. Am I really trying to explain this?

            You got me, little brother. You caught me and I took the bait. Well-played.

          2. As for Alabama games being boring, Auburn is jarring—you can’t even watch replays before another magic trick is performed. It’s abrasive. My wife had never seen anything like it having not watched an Auburn offense under Malzahn before. It’s hard to adjust to. Never kicking to the opponent is one thing, but the timing of that kind of football doesn’t match up with television yet at all. When it does, it’s because we’re watching a replay on one half and a live game on the other half of the broadcast. It’s, ugh, it’s just hard to put up with.

            But Alabama plays fundamental football, and not everybody likes that, so I understand thinking it’s boring. Sure, it’s proving to be the most successful kind of football, but it’s definitely not for everybody.

            As for me, I love fundamentals. Roll Tide.

          3. Yep Mark. Because emotion has won so many football games.

            Wait, no it doesn’t. It wears off in the 1st quarter. Nick Saban eats emotion for breakfast.

            But I love the “heart” talk. Typical barner-ism in motion.

            And I love made up statistics on the spot. 99%? Really? Got some qualitative research to back that up, or did it just come from you “heart”?

            We own you. Get over it.

    2. Hey bro, the least you can do is show back up and take your medicine. I know it’s tough, when Auburn ran it down your throats for 300, and Carl Lawson stood TJ up on 4th and inches, and Nick Marshall made the plays with all that “biggest Iron Bowl ever” pressure on him….. but it was you that wanted to make this a game about more than two teams playing football.

      So come on back and admit that Saban can be out-coached, and all your superstars on D can get out-muscled (did you see that “yards up the middle” stat?), and that the Tide can get tight in a big game. You may have to rethink how you got to the point that you felt so superior because of some college football team you support. Your way of thinking is typical of most Alabama fans, who can’t just accept their good fortune during this run with any humility. And you can bet that Auburn fans are enjoying not just the joy of beating you guys, but knowing how it stings all the assholes like you to have to deal with the fact that Auburn killed your season and your chance to make history, and sent AJ off with a loss he will never forget… fuckers deserve every ounce of the pain you are feeling.

    3. Hey man, where r u? Come back up your idiot arrogance now. Auburn just physically stood up to you guys, ran the ball down your throat, and outscored you 27-7 after trailing by two TDs. Don’t hide…..come on back and either try your pathetic excuses or try to reverse course and pretend you’re a stand-up guy (“Auburn played a great game”). You’re a piece of shit for thinking you are better than anybody because of a college football team. You guys deserve to have your season and your “chance at history” ruined in this the most painful of ways. Go fuck yourself.

    1. Obviously it’s 2013 and Barner Fife blows 20-point 4th quarter leads against pathetic teams at home.MushMouth Marshall is half the QB SCam was. Enjoy another 4th quarter collapse and a hail mary.

      1. This is pathetic…. A man who is having a fantastic football career you have the audacity to call Scam. I have never met people as bitter as Alabama fans. They cannot handle loosing, so the excuses come.

        1. I always laugh when a Bama fan EVER EVER EVER tries to brig ethics or cheating into the conversation….. Surely…They are joking…

          1. If you are referring to the Bryant Era, most of what he did caused rules to be MADE. He wasn’t cheating just using the rules to his advantage. If you refer to another era please let me know and I’ll look into it.

        2. Well, for a fan base that continues to live in 2004 and 2010 (for good reason), you are a little critical of anyone bringing up your past as well. The problem with the Barn is, they keep trying to re-create a once-in-a-lifetime achievement with a once-in-a-lifetime player who was acquired with a lot of sketchy circumstances. If you want to keep bringing up Cam Newton all the time like you do, then you have to take the good with the bad.

        3. What the hell is “loosing.” Looks like we have another illiterate Aubie sociology major here.

          1. Funny you should mention Auburn fans not being able to spell..last time I checked, it was Hail Mary, not “hail marry.” Did the idiot that wrote this even go to college?

      2. Listen to your own players talk before you knock ours. After watching Reuben Foster commit to UAT last winter, I felt as if I needed to go read a book to make sure his stupidity didn’t rub off on me.

    2. Just how long are you going to hang on to that memory? Till it stops giving you hope?

      That was three years, or in football terms, 38 games ago. Or you you want to measure this way, a point tally of 91-14 ago.

      Seems the last time we played in your dump we nursed that 24-7 halftime lead pretty nicely. Hint: It ended 42-14. I’m expecting something similar Nov. 30th.

      Get ready to grab you’re ankles, barner. Bama’s coming, and you’re in our way of us shelving another championship. And history overwhelmingly says that isn’t a good place to be.

  2. We know you do Auburn, or else you wouldn’t have put our name permanently on the back wall of your football meeting room before the season. Who else does that?

    Uh, Alabama did, after the 2010 Iron Bowl.

      1. The Dumb @–is referring to “NEVER AGAIN” which were POSTERS NOT PERMANENT PAINTINGS ON A WALL IN THE TEAM MEETING ROOM. Auburn was pathetic in PAINTING BEAT BAMA

  3. Funny how the only thing in life that matters to the Barnturd’s is beating Big Brother, but to Big Brother the Awbie is just another pile of shit to scrape off the shoe on the way to much bigger things. Bwaa Haww Haww! RTR!

  4. This article calls Auburn lucky when Bammer backed into the national championship game 2 years in a row after they lost in November. As Bammer luck would have it, the teams ahead of them started losing too. Remember 2009 when Terrance Cody blocked 2 Tennessee field goal attempts, the last to preserve a Bammer win. Yes, last night’s TD reception had a lot to do with luck, but nobody can say that there is no luckier college football program than Auburn when Bammer has big advantage on them in that category. I forgot about Colt McCoy, the qb of Texas getting hurt in the first quarter of the 2008 NC game. Texas had Bammer on their heels and then he got hurt. Oh yes, Auburn wants Bammer in 2 weeks. Might not win, bat as Pat Dye told Bear when he first got the Auburn job, “We’ll be after your asses.”

    1. PAT DYE said that because he knew his mentor would not be at Alabama much longer. DYE WAS ONLY 2-2 AGAINST PERKINS and 0-3 against Stallings. GOING 3-0 against CURRY is no accomplishment

    2. A blocked field goal (practiced every week) is equal to a tipped ball by two defenders right into the hands of a waiting receiver?

      A defensive end pummeling a quarterback is luck?

      Friend, you’ve been drinking the orange and blue koolaid a little too long.

    3. Is that all you have to do shit for brains, is sit around making up excuses for your teams impotence. Didn’t see the butt fucking Barnturd’s doing anything to stop Bama from ‘backing’ into the Championships. Other teams not good enough to keep winning isn’t luck. That Bama’s d’line was so overpowering that the rush allowed Cody to block the kicks, is not luck. That a 1st round draft pick knocked the shit out of McCoy is not luck. Bama knocked 5 QB’s out for the games in 2009. However, dumbass inbred, a badly overthrown game ending pass being slapped up; in the air, instead of to the ground is fucking luck. your team was curb stomped in the 4th quarter, and it’s not like Georgia hasn’t done that before in this season either. And by the way retard – I didn’t see Georgia ranked anywhere in the top 25. And any dumbass Barnturd saying anything about any team backing into a Championship should be stood up against the garage and shot.No one has ever backed into anything as much as your sorry asses backed into the 2010 Championship. You won 6 games by less than a TD and were outplayed in several of them. We’re not even going to talk about the bullshit luck in the Bama game. And then the dirty, dirty plays that allowed you to squeak by Oregon. Pathetic. Bwaa Haww Haww! RTR!

      1. Georgia was ranked 25 when Auburn played them you illiterate ass. But of course, being a Bammer homer, you can’t read. Get your mullet gut from out of your eyes. 2010 still gets to you I see because you got your asses handed to you in Tuberville Denny Stadium. And you and your type, my toothless friend, are one of the thousands of reasons that Saban will be coaching at Texas next year. The Fluker scandal is being investigate now and Saban will pull a Pete Carroll and get while the getting is good. FYI- If Bammer is such a great place to coach, whey did Saban insist on having a no buyout clause in his contract?

        1. Who gives a shit what they were last week, numb nuts. Where are they this week? And they are a 4 loss team. And they are a better team than Awbie. Oh really? We got our asses handed to us by ONE point? YOU got YOUR asses handed to you in BD Hare 42-14 and Malfeasance’s offense didn’t score a point. I think YOU better worry about what Saban will and won’t do a hell of a lot more than I do. Bama was kicking Awbies chickenshit ass before Saban was even born. You and your other cum slurping Barnturd’s seem to worry your mother fucking asses an unhealthy amount about what Nickey is going to do. Could 42-14, 49-0 and the bitch slapping curb stomping coming up in two weeks possibly have something to do with that? I can’t wait to see what happens when your skinny asses try to establish a running game against Bama’s defense. How many QB’s do you have on roster? Bwaa Haww Haww! And you think you had trouble stopping JawJaw’s offense? You dumb shits, we’re not ranked #1 and JawJaw unranked just for the hell of it. Bama 52-17, and I have $5000 and PayPal for an even bet! Nutless! RTR!

          1. You are obviously a crossbreed between your father and his mistress cow. We will beat Bama. So you say 52-17. I will take 34 points and bet you $5000 since that leaves me a point short. Man up Dickless.

          2. No dumbass, that’s not the way it works. There’s no doubt Bama will win. The books are making your Barnturd’s 17 point dogs. It’s you stupid motherfuckers who are claiming Barnie will beat Bama, and running your mouths like a bunch of dumbasses. Therefore since you are so SURE Barnie will win, then there will be no points given or taken. Are you gonna win or not, dumbass? Maybe you are a stupid motherfucker, but I’m not. I don’t bet points in big games. Either you have the team to win or you don’t. If you don’t bet your team straight up, you are a chickenshit cause know it ‘aint gonna happen. Besides, I can tell from your posts that your ass couldn’t raise $5000 to bet if you sold your wife. Bwaa Haww Haww! RTR!.

          3. Man, of all these morons, you are the best! What a complete idiotic embarrassment to humankind. Skinnyasses trying to establish a running game? Take 300 right up your asses Mr. Invincible. That shit was embarrassing. Mighty Bama getting shoved around by a spread offense. You guys knew we were a running team right? I mean, you practiced defending it didn’t you? It was hard to tell. Maybe the same guys who decided to kick a long FG with no cover guys prepped your D…..the email address you need to dump those SEC tux is Enjoy the Orange Bowl shithead.

    4. Hold on.

      Yes, Alabama may have been lucky to get to the title game thanks to tOSU’s deferred penalties last year and Alabama missing five field goals against LSU at home the year before.

      But what you’re suggesting is Alabama wasn’t the best team in the country in spite of it.

      Not only that, but that they were lucky to win in those games?

      Let’s get one thing clear. Alabama is the reason we’re going to have a playoff series to begin with. The goal is to better determine who the best team in the country is. If you’re suggesting Alabama wasn’t the best team in the country in winning the last two national championships and instead those victories were just as coincidental as the miracle catch Auburn had against Georgia this past weekend, you’re simply inaccurate.

      Texas had Alabama on their heels? The suggestion is that either Texas was clearly a better team than Alabama if only they had Colt McCoy, or that Alabama didn’t want to play against him regardless? Nobody wanted McCoy hurt.

      I just don’t get this little brother stuff. It really does cloud a person’s judgement. I don’t know what to say. I don’t think anything would matter, honestly.

      But no, none of us forgot Cody’s two blocked field goals against UT. Just sayin’.

    5. We hurt poor McCoy if I remember correctly. While in 2009, EVERY SEC TEAM we fought had a bye week before our game and we had none. The fact that we still won most of them was how determined we were to win another title.

    6. Even if we “backed ” into the championship game we handled business when there . We “dominated ” even . Lmao

  5. ITK,
    Personally I think Auburn is overmatched in this Iron Bowl. We will give them a large dose of runs with Drake and Yeldon, switch up the passing game with White and Cooper, and change the pace and keep them off balance with O.J. Howard. In my estimation we win by 14 to 17 points. Georgia is decimated by injuries and still should have won the game. Sadly for Georgia it was hard to get up for a team they have beaten 6 of the last 7 times. If Saban keeps their minds right it should be a methodical win by us. However I wouldn’t say Auburns turn around is amazing, Auburn is a top 15 program historically, thats according to sports illustrated and They have talent, they just desperately needed coaching which they have a little of now. Roll Tide.

      1. Well, considering that the barn squeaked by MSU 24-20 and BAMA beat MSU 20-7, I would have to say that even if the TIDE plays the way they did against MSU it should still be good enough to beat the barn!!!

    1. The biggest thing, Auburn will find a trained killer standing in the gaps everywhere a defender hasn’t been all season.

      Welcome to playing a top 5 defense, Aubies.

      1. Yeah that was scary. The trained killers know to chase the guy who HAS the ball right? Auburn so afraid that with a minute to go they were dropping back heaving bombs right? Oh wait, no, they just ran down Bama’s throat until some dipshit left Coates wide open. Maybe they can slow down Duke in the Orange Bowl….

    2. UGA had everyone back except two WRs they loss first 3 weeks as Au loss WR in week 4
      “UGA should have won the game”. Au dominated for 3+ quarters Give UGA credit but could have been 45-10 at half. Your assessment is incorrect

      1. Georgia was terrible, particularly on defense.

        Their fundamentals were puke. They were pushing instead of wrapping-up for tackles, off-sides penalties, and even the coach got a penalty for losing his discipline before going into the tunnel at halftime and talking about how the team has to execute with more discipline…

        Nevermind trying to catch that final Auburn ball. Wow.

        Let me just go ahead and suggest that in the Iron Bowl Nick Saban doesn’t get a personal penalty that results in a first down leading to a touchdown. Bold prediction. I’m sticking to it.

      2. Doesn’t matter who JawJaw had back on offense, because their defense is one of the SEC’s very worst, and will stay that way this season.

      3. Marshall is not a WR. He’s the other half of what was one of the best running back tandems in the country and was lost for the season.

  6. This article is a complete piece of crap!! No program has been luckier than Auburn??? SERIOUSLY?? Two years ago bama got smacked down IN t-town by LSU and needed both Oregon and Iowa state to lose in order to have a chance and they did. Last year bama gets smacked down by A&M and once again needed multiple teams to lose to have a shot at the title and once again “luck” struck!!

    1. for some reason the Iowa State loss escapes me, however I do remember Bama needing and getting a K State loss, but hey talk smack not really knowing any better, it fits the “I hate Bama with a touch of penis envy” modus operandi

      1. ITK….you don’t have crap!! I didn’t see anyone on that field with ITK on the back of their shirt!!!

  7. A lot of arrogance in this article about zero fear of Auburn’s crowd noise. We saw yesterday with your 4 turnovers at Miss State that the noise does affect you. I mean it was Starkville for Christ sake

    1. The noise yesterday had very little to do with the turnovers. Poor ball security and terrible pass catching had everything to do with it. If Bama had had several procedure calls on the OL, then maybe – maybe – the crowd noise is a factor.
      Are you saying that the Barn is going to bring cowbells and ring them during plays like little MSU did, against SEC regulations? (in case you’re wondering where the cowbells are, they’re hanging around your girlfriend’s neck).

      1. It’s called the post-LSU game hangover, and it is real, pal.

        The name of the game is win however you can after that game, and Bama did. On the road. By two touchdowns. It was ugly, but it keeps us perfect.

        1. You need to clean the wax out of your ears and to what Little nicki has to say you small man. He says that that had nothing to do with it? So which is little man?

    2. Yep, the crowd noise had everything to do with those turnovers. Couldn’t have been anything else.

      New to football, are you?

    3. Dumbass, this team has played in front of and won in front of the largest and noisiest crowds in the Nation. 107,000 Whiteout in Happy Valley, 102,000 in Neyland, In the Rose Bowl, The Sugar Bowl 3/4 full of LSU fans, in Death Valley, in The Swamp, In Kyle Field, In Miami 3/4 full of Notre Dame fans, In Awbies dumbass stadium, etc. There is no team in the nation as seasoned against hostile crowd noise like Bama is. Scream all you want dipshit. But I doubt if you can sell enough pigs to buy a ticket. RTR!

      1. What happened? Did you enjoy watching Auburn strip your team of its chance at history? Did you enjoy our 300 yards? Did you check out that “up the gut” yardage? This is why it will never pay to be an asshole acting above everyone else. You were just beaten by a team who worked for where they are. It wasn’t given to us to hold onto . We didn’t start in the top 25. But today we stand at #3. Looks like that whole shelf thing isn’t that big of a deal for you guys anymore.. Just head on back to the house and get ready for your next shift at McDonald’s.

  8. Let me guess, you’re free to post whatever you want on this website? Because, this is the most ignorant article written. I guess this writer forgot to mention multiple luck Alabama has needed. Last year they played the most over-rated team in the nation. That was a game handed to them. Auburn probably could have beaten Notre Dame. Didn’t they blow a HUGE lead, against Auburn a few years ago. That Tennessee game was a pretty lucky win a few years ago. Waisted my time reading this. I would much rather read articles from “The Onion”. Actually, I would rather read articles from Fox News.

    1. Let me guess – your team didn’t get the chance to play against that “over-rated” team because you had a fraud as a coach and no wins in the SEC. When you can win more than one NCG in 5 decades, then you can talk big.

      1. Funny thing about your reply. Did, I ever mention that I was an Auburn fan? Nope, I’m not. It’s a simple call out. There is a thing called criticism, not to sure if you’ve heard of that. Which obviously you haven’t. Anyone can call out them regardless of who the team is about.

          1. Nope, I’m not. I’m not even a fan of the S.E.C. period. I’m actually a Nebraska fan if that makes you feel any better.

          2. Oh, crap – I’m sorry, Jason. If I were a Nebraska fan, I’d be trolling Bama sites as well, hoping to find someone, somewhere that knows how to play football.
            Your smacktalk is weak. Like your team.

        1. Doesn’t matter if you’re an Awbarn fan or not. Whatever team you like sucks just as bad and has eaten just as much of Bama’s shit! And you are just like an Awbarn fan, full of penis envy and horse shit. Hope all you dumb bastards come back on here to get your asses reamed after the IB. But you won’t. We’ll never see you again.Actually, after the way that unranked Georgia team curb stomped your asses in the 4th quarter, I’m a little surprised you have balls enough to come on here running your fucking mouths. ‘Cause you stupid bastards have to know Bama is going to rip that ass apart and feed it to the pigeons. Bama 52 – Awbarn 17. RTR!

          1. I sense Sammsonite us a little testy tonight. Did your mama forget to feed you your warm elephant milk tonight?

          2. Georgia was ranked. Maybe you should actually get some facts checked before you try to sound like you know what you’re talking about…. And I remember a little game last year when Alabama got pretty darn lucky in the SEC Championship to the same team. Hmmmm….

          3. Maybe you should follow your own fucking advice, dumbass! The asshole above was talking about rankings right now, not last fucking week. And OH BOY, Jaw Jaw was a fucking 25th ranked team who tore your asses apart in the 4th quarter! And only a football retard could say this is the same Georgia team we played last year. Seems to me that team was ranked #3 and had a top 10 defense, not a fucking 84th ranked sieve. I love you dumbasses. The more you post, the dumber you get. You won’t be back on Dec 1st. RTR!

          4. I will take that 35 you write we will lose by. Big talking typical arrogant had nothing to do with any success Bama has window licker with a foul mouth. My father explained it to me. Those people lack an extensive vocabulary so using curse words is what they do. Curse words to compensate for a bad education. Must be an Alabama grad.

          5. Hey fucktard, you ‘aint taking nothing. You’re a retarded kid on his momma’s computer. You wouldn’t have $5000 if you saved your lunch money for 25 years. And you don’t get 35 points fucktard. The bet was straight up since you dumbasses can’t shut your fucking mouths and are so sure your 17 point dog is gonna win. The bet is to find out if you really thing the Barnturd’s will win, or if you’re just a fucktard. Well???? Put your money where your mouth is or fucking shutup. RTR!

      2. Maybe, you’re to upset that I mentioned I would rather read the most bullshit news station or even The onion rather than read this garbage.

        1. Jason, you’ll learn more here. Please come back often. From reading your posts, you need some football training, and you’ll get it here.

          1. Oh really? I need some football training, how is that? Please give me some details about how, I need football training? Have I made any negative comments about Alabama? No, I have not made any negative comments period. Does Alabama suck, I must admit they don’t suck. Have, they had lucky games, of course they have. Every team, ends up with some sort of lucky game. You would be to blind, to not realize that.

          2. As a Nebraska fan, I feel sorry for you. We were once where you were, our best days far behind us. Here’s hoping Pelini gets the boot at the end of the season and someone of value sees the worth of taking on your program.

          3. Oh boy, I couldn’t imagine how bad your article would get destroyed if this article was actually posted on ESPN or any website related to football. This is clearly an ignorant article. Trust me you’re safe keeping this on here. Please just keep it here. I’m doing you a HUGE favor and keeping you from getting obliterated by other critics.

      1. Actually, Auburn would have had a possible chance of beating them. As much as I don’t like Auburn. They could possibly beat Notre Dame. Notre Dame was so weak last year. Despite their undefeated season. They weren’t that good. They should have lost to Stanford last year, we ALL know that was a bull crap win.

        1. Now you just showed how fucking stupid you are. Notre Dame proved how good they were last year. They stomped Oklahoma and Miami. Beat the Pac 12 Champion Stanford, Beat BYU, Beat Michigan and Michigan St. Had the #2 defense in the nation. They would have stomped shit out of Nebraska. Hell, Oklahoma would have stomped shit out of Nebraska. Auburn lost to fucking Vanderbilt. Auburn is the only team in the nation on whom Vanderbilt has scoreboard. Bwaa Haww Haww! You’re just a jealous piece of shit who can’t stand it because Bama has already tied the best that the Cornholers have ever done, and in a few weeks they will leave your asses in the dust. Actually Bama has already left Nebraska’s ass in the dust, because when ya’ll won your 3 in 4 years you fucking fell apart after the 4th year, never to be shit again. After Bama’s 4th year we are getting stronger and stronger with no end in sight. Roll Damn Tide Roll!

          1. The end was in sight. And i know you seen it. Guess what.. Your dynasty just got stopped. Notre Dame played nobody. If the team isn’t SEC it doesn’t matter. Now shut your mouth and go sobb into a corner and think about what it would have been like if alabama had a kicker or an Offensive Coordinator as good as Auburn has. (they would have won)

        2. But so what?

          So what if Auburn could have beaten Notre Dame last year?

          I don’t think they could have, but it’s incidental———the point is that game Alabama played against Notre Dame was to determine who the best team in the country was, not whether or not Auburn could beat any team Alabama played that year or the year before.

          Was Notre Dame the best possible test for Alabama? Everyone seems to say no, but nobody seems to be saying Alabama wasn’t the best team in the country.

        3. Man Jason.
          I’am so sorry about the Huskers. Guys do you think we should take up an offering and donations to help Jason and the Husker fanbase buy a new coach?

    2. Preach on Jason. These twits are petrified right now like a dog……or elephant backed into a corner. Let’s talk about luck, do you really consider it luck that a talented receiver beats two defenders down the field? Is really luck that a ball is tipped and an elite athlete was aware and disciplined enough to catch the ball? Come in man!! If that were the case, we could find examples of plays just like that for any team. Face it, AU won and the next game on the schedule is bammer. Auburn was and is not expected to win. Of course not! How could we Auburn fans dare to think that we can tame the Tide!! Oh my, that would be sacrilege! So why even waste your precious time writing an article of hate? We are nobody. We’re lucky. We are substandard. So chill out little man and go ahead and “write” your victory rag crowing about how you’ve won your 7,890th national championship! And just remember this, pride comes before the fall. Now go grab your beenie weenies and head back to the bush hog you crawled out of before your boss docs your pay.

      1. Afraid facts mixed up Barner-san. 2 Georgia defenders beat your elite athlete WR down the field. MushMouth Marshall, aka “I steal from my teammates” threw a horrible pass. LMAO@ you Barner Fife’s bragging because pathetic Georgia sucks balls.

      2. Jason – are you replying to your own comments under an alter? Only an idiot would attempt to make this arguement on an *obvious* Bama site, with *obvious* Bama fans’ comments. And, BTW, this article, and several others, has been referenced on ESPN, but most of the posters there actually know football and don’t make stupid comments just to see how many jimmies they can rustle.

        Thanks for participating. Your trophy is at the door.

      3. First place dumbass, it was three defenders. Second place, all three were ahead of Awbie’s receiver to make sure they were between him and the goal. Third place, asshole, the ball was thrown 5 yards over the receivers fucking head. It should have been just let go. 4th place, the Georgia defenders had to jump to even try to catch it, which is why it got knocked up in the air. And because they left their feet to try and catch it is why the receiver was able to run past them and get to the tipped ball. It was nothing but a clusterfuck on Georgia’s part. The game was over the moment the ball was thrown. Merry Fucking Christmas! RTR!

  9. Articles like this are the reason that everyone else in the country hates Alabama fans. I have respect for that program but the fans are some of the most classless people I have ever come across. I wouldn’t get too cocky just yet.

    1. You are the classless piece of shit. You who come on our boards and run your fucking cumhole. You are also a fucking retard. I travel the United States, Canada and Mexico constantly, and everywhere I go everybody is interested in and wants to know about Bama. We are loved everywhere except on internet blogs where snotty nosed little transvestite bastards like yourself can run their cumhole in obscurity. F.O. and RTR!

      1. ahahahahahahahahahahaha all I can do while reading that is laugh. I actually feel sorry for you. If you could read maybe you would see that I said they hate Alabama FANS. such as yourself. Obviously the team is damn good, nobody can deny that and nobody has! But fans like you who think Alabama can never be touched are dead wrong. You take your wins for granted and I PROMISE that will bite you in the ass one day. And maybe instead of getting so offended that Auburn would even dare to want to beat your team, you could take it as a compliment that these teams find you such a threat. But for now, enjoy being the uneducated, bitter person you are who only has a game for 18-22 year olds to look forward to in life.

        1. You’re so retarded that I don’t know why I bother to answer you. It’s impossible for you to comprehend anything. I am one of the fans, dumbass. According to your inbred reasoning, it is fans like me why
          everybody hates Bama fans. Well shit for brains, it is me who all these people enjoy conversing with about Bama. Your opinion is nothing but a butt hurt, sour, whine from a Bama hating inbred. I, like most Bama fans am very different in person talking with normal people instead of internet retards. It’s the shit you fuckers bring to the blogs with your jealousy and hate and just plain stupid facts (actually non-facts), that cause me and others to toast your asses. I love it! Cause I hate Awbie and anybody anywhere who DISSES Bama. You can love your team – bitch! But don’t Dis Bama in front of me! But by all means, please stay here for the next 12 days. Please. God only knows how much shit you can spew in 12 days; while building a gigantic pile over your inbred heads, which will be so fucking sweet watching it fall and bury your asses on Nov 30. Bwaa Haww Haww! RTR!

          1. But somehow you keep answering me anyway? And YES it is pieces of shit like you who give Alabama a bad name. And I should hope you don’t talk like this in person or somebody would have put you in a mental institute by now. But regardless, I NEVER once said one bad thing about Alabama football you MORON, the only thing I shit talked was fans like you. Even other Alabama fans have commented on what a low life you are! I don’t have to spew any shit because it is irrelevant to me, my life consists of more than football. My initial and only point is that I wouldn’t be so cocky about Auburn. If you didn’t think they were a threat you wouldn’t be wasting your time on here, and you know it. So shut up and let the game do the talking instead of making it your mission to “take care of us bastards” or whatever the hell you said. Bwaa Haww Haww!

          2. Hey World Traveler, where you at? You asked us to wait here for you. Your Internet works right? If not, go to the trailer next door and use theirs. Be a man and come back out and admit your Bammers got their asses handed to them.

      2. Becuase Crimsonshite is a nasty ass,truck stop whore banging , truck driver!!! WHO FUCKING HOO!!! You are a damn joke crimsonshite. Tell the rest of the readers about the mexican prostitutes you use to brag about.

        1. On behalf of my good friend C’mite. I will respond with a pithy comment. Go F*ck yourself. And have a nice day.

      3. pure class…oh, and what year did you go to alabama? That is right, you are a fan because someone you know stopped at a gas station and bought you a red t-shirt

  10. Obviously Clay Travis based his statement that alabubba fans are the dumbest in the country based on reading comments on this piece of shit site. You Turds better get off your manager’s computer in his office before he gets back and sees you haven’t made enough fries and chicken mcnuggets!

    1. Clay Travis. You referenced Clay Travis. Any further proof that “Jason”, “Sam”, “Rawtaaaade” and this idiot are the same person?

      Does your mother know you stayed home from school today and jacked her Wifi password?

      1. Clay Travis?… The Michael Moore of the sports world? I sometimes print his articles just to wipe my *ss on them.

  11. It’s fun to joke about with all the hoopla around the phrase, but there is no “wanting” needed. Auburn gets Bama.

    (by the way, Bama fans know it’s a compliment all those teams have said that, right?)

    1. Of course they don’t know that. Print it on a shirt, sell it for 6 bucks at Walmart. Then they’ll take it as gospel.

  12. Of course we do. It’s the ones who held those signs up who are cool. It’s the jealous retarded homer piece of shits on the internet quoting the signs that are the cock suckers who can eat shit and die. There’s no respect out of 99% of those bastard. All they want is to flame and hate. Well that’s what ‘m here for – to deal with those bastards. RTR!

    1. Coming from a Bama fan (and somebody who actually went to school there), you are an embarrassment to us all. It is people like you who give us a bad name. Show a little class.

      1. You never came within a hundred miles of Bama, smartass. Also you are a one day wonder on this board and I am a 5 year regular. So I don’t give a shit what you think. Go back to the quiet spot you came from. If you can’t take football hate blogs, then stay away. Never has been and never will be enough posters on this site to keep anything interesting when everybody is civil. This site has been pure flame and hate since the beginning. It attracts the worst of the Homer bastards from everywhere, but especially Awbie and LSWho. Anybody who doesn’t fight back in the terms the bastards understand, will just get run over; cause that’s the only reason they are here. It’s also the ONLY time any threads have more than one or two posts. You find a 50+ post thread on this site and you’ll find flaming, hate, bullshit and ME! RTR!

      2. SECfootball, though I was not afforded the luxury of actually attending the U of A (still have my acceptance letter from June 1982) I am a lifelong, die-hard, dyed in the wool BAMA fan and I agree with you that people like Crimsonite give all of us true fans of CRIMSON TIDE football a bad name! Maybe it’s just because my generation can accept winning with class with no need for cursing and verbally running down a bitter rival such as AU or UT!!! RTR!!!

        1. THANK YOU!! I agree. At what point does it stop being about football and start being about pure bitterness and hatred? No need for people like that!

          1. Where was your bleeding heart during “the streak”? I assure you, there was plenty of orange and blue hatred to go around, despite their shrouded success.

          2. Sure it is. That’s why the IB and the other 364 days a year is known nationwide as the nastiest rivalry in college football. There may be some amicable fans on both sides, but especially on the internet if you act polite, you just have to suck up all the shit the majority throws at you. Personally I don’t suck up shit – I throw it. You don’t know me and I don’t know you. So if you don’t like what I say, then just consider it computer generated by a machine. Bwaa Haww Haww! RTR!

      3. Now you, do show class. The people that actually attended college there are great people, it is the idiots that give such a bad name to the school

  13. Hi my name is Crimsonite,
    I never actually attended school at the University of Alabama because my 9 on my ACT just wasn’t enough!! I’m really not sure where Tuscaloosa is but my inbred momma told me it was close to Birmingham?? Oh and I’m just obsessed with Auburn because it’s the only exciting thing in the state. We know bammers gonna win so I might as well spend all my time talkin’ shit on these boards. After all, my disability check comes in the mail tomorrow, so no work for me….plenty of time to “deal with those bastards!!”

    I just got too much bammer in me.

  14. Crimsonite,

    You are an embarrassment to the Bama Nation and quite frankly the Human population! And I will expect a very unclassy and vulgar response because it is quite apparent that you are too uneducated to speak of otherwise.
    Now on to football talk. The Alabama Crimson Tide are a force to be reckoned with and have been that way since Saban has stepped on campus. Auburn doesn’t stand much of a chance simply because physically we “aren’t there” yet. 10-1 is a phenomenal start for a first year coach no matter which team you root for. Alabama has had their moments of glory and might continue to do so for some time. But to now think that they are self-righteously above Auburn at this point by the way Gus has turned the ship around is pure ignorance. This has been orchestrated in less than 12 months. Imagine what he can do with more to come? Bama, i say this as respectfully and rewarding as I can, you have had your time in the spotlight. You have your time of glory and congratulations. But Gus is about to change the standard! Bank on it! War Damn Eagle!

    1. What standard is that? Chizik brings in a common thug thief to play QB. Gus brings in a common thug thief to play QB. Nothing has changed.

  15. “You start talking about the best player in the country,” Auburn coach Gus Malzahn said. “I think he should be in the conversation.”

    OMG what an idiot! MushMouth is 8th in the SEC and 50th in the country in QB efficiency.

  16. This was written by an Auburn fan as an attempt to make fun of bama, right? Nobody’s that big of a goober? I feel bad for the poor boy the next time bama loses…his life is going to be shattered.

  17. CDS-
    “This has been orchestrated in less than 12 months. Imagine what he can do with more to come? Bama, i say this as respectfully and rewarding as I can, you have had your time in the spotlight. You have your time of glory and congratulations. But Gus is about to change the standard! Bank on it! War Damn Eagle!”

    When Gus was the top offensive coach for Aub they went 8-5 to 14-0 and then back to 8-5 – and without a few comeback wins would of had a losing record.

    Not very consistent.

  18. I don’t think the AUBS will cross the 50. Funny read from Montgomery Advertiser , one of the reporters on the AUB payroll actually suggested the AUB QB should be included in the Heisman discussion..

  19. That’s a pretty big roofing company you work for Crimsonite, traveling to Canada, Mexico and the US. I bet it gets hot putting on those roofs in August. When you travel south of the border next year, stop in Austin and say hi Nick. You are one of the thousands of reasons that he will not be coaching in Tuscaloosa next year. After all, it’s your type that made him make the powers that be put a no buyout clause in his contract. Row Tie Row

    1. Funny asshole. Where do you come up with roofing? I own a trucking company and I have several very lucrative internet businesses. I also have an international business which I’m not talking about. And just for the hell of it since nobody can find me, I’ll let you know that my brother in law is a Mexican Cartel Enforcer and you can just read between the lines on that one, smartass. As for the rest of the bullshit you said; you motherfuckers are unhealthily preoccupied with everything Nick Saban. Maybe 3 going on 4 crystal footballs, 36-0, 42-14, 49-0 and the 52-17 beatdown coming Nov 30th has something to do with it? Saban can come or go. Bama’s been stomping that ass since before Saban was born. Won’t stop now. But Nickey isn’t going anywhere, so you can put up the pig fat and get your dick out of your hand (or was that pig fat actually your wife?). The fantasy is over. Your single option offense trying to run the ball against the nations best defense and best run defense is going to be so fucking funny. And that thing you call a defense trying to stop AJ,Kenny, DeAndrew, OJ, Norwood, Cooper, Yeldon, Drake and Nudie, is going to be just the funniest thing I will see this year. Bama 52-17! And by the way, once again all you dumbasses claiming Awbie will win – I have PayPal and $5000 on Bama to win straight up! Takers????? Thought not.

      1. I don’t trust you to be honest with a bet, or I’d be a rich man right now. Hope you’re having a good night. Cheers.


  20. Awbarn in recent years-

    That’s a wild roller coaster of a record.

    Wonder how they achieve the instant success?…and then wobbles to nothingness in short order?

  21. Might it be they get a lot of good players ($) of questionable character…and after a year or two become malcontents and a demoralizing factor on the team.

    Might it be.

  22. Let’s back it up.

    Yes, Auburn got lucky to beat Georgia.

    If you don’t think that last play (nevermind any other plays in the entire game, for the sake of the argument) wasn’t luck, at least don’t say it’s just because you hate Alabama or vice versa.

    If it’s not luck, then at best it’s Georgia’s fault for trying to catch it instead of swat it away.

    But suggesting Alabama being the national champions last year and the year before and in 2009 are all due to luck simply isn’t the same thing.

    You can say maybe Alabama shouldn’t have been in the title game for so many reasons, but that’s very different from saying Alabama wasn’t the best team in the country all three of those seasons.

    Alabama shouldn’t have played against LSU in the title game? Too bad they put an exclamation point on the crystal trophy in LSU’s backyard.

    Notre Dame wasn’t that good? Watch the goalline stand they had against USC leading into that game. They weren’t as good as Georgia, but Alabama beat them, too.

    Texas lost Colt McCoy, so now Alabama isn’t that good including with their first ever Heisman winner? A lucky break is one thing, but suggesting Alabama wasn’t good enough to earn the national championship in any of those 3 seasons is wrong, and it’s simply not the same as saying Auburn’s near-incidental win on a miracle play against Georgia is just as lucky.

    Forget it. I can’t stand Auburn. Just look at this page. Auburn puts up Bama signs in their film rooms because nobody came to their football games when they lost. Now they’re winning enough football to compete for the SEC title game, Georgia blows it, and everyone buys a ticket and has something to say?

    That’s Auburn. Suggesting Alabama’s national championships are either unfair or lucky, that’s little brother. “BEAT BAMA,” that’s little brother.

    Auburn has a good football team. I can’t say they didn’t deserve to beat Georgia, but turning that into Alabama being lucky to win titles year after year after year just loses too much statistical integrity to take as anything other than clouded judgement by a little brother “us against the world” cultural mentality.” I hate your culture, Auburn. The rest of the world might want Alabama to lose, but it’s not because they all hate Alabama for being better than they are.

    Enjoy your bye-week. Roll Tide.

    1. Being an Auburn fan I have to completely disagree with what you’re saying. I don’t think anybody thinks Alabama is not the best.. We all know it. Is it a crime for us to want to beat them? To be the best you have to beat the best and right now… Alabama is the best. What would be the point of
      the game if not for a little healthy competition?

      Maybe there are individuals who think this way, that Alabama is just lucky, but please don’t generalize us.

      1. And, vice-versa WDE. I am completely impressed how Gus has taken virtually the same players from last year’s team and done what they have done this season. It DOES show that Chiz had absolutely no business being the head coach of a D1 team in the SEC, particularly after Gus left. That was my whole problem with the Barn nation last year – that the issue was with the players and not the coaching staff. Everyone was “all in” with Chiz and Trooper and Luper, and even the “Stach” OC, so the problem must have been that the players didn’t want to play. I’m embarrassed that Chiz even has a part in a sports radio show on XM – who would want to hear his opinion on anything having to do with college football after last season and this at the University of Auburn?
        Enjoy your ride. Seasons like this don’t happen often on the Plains, but maybe they will happen more with a decent staff. I’m not ready to jump on your “Bus” at this point, because the Barn has to be able to do this more than one season in a row to make many of us outside the fambly believers.
        Here’s to a good game on November 30!

      2. No, I’m not generalizing Auburn for some fans suggesting all of Alabama’s national titles in the BCS era are due to luck. I didn’t mean to suggest that.

        But I will disagree with being the best versus “BEAT BAMA.”

        If beating Alabama is the goal, Texas A&M the best team in the country last season, which I don’t think is accurate.

        Beating Alabama is not the same as being the best. Otherwise how do you explain Alabama? What’s their goal to beat?

        All I’m saying is it’s not the same. Being the best isn’t the same thing as beating the best. If the same success comes as a result it still doesn’t mean the same thing. It defines the culture. There was no “BEAT NEBRASKA” sign in the 90’s, no “BEAT FLORIDA & tOSU” sign in the 2000’s, etc.

        Be the best. Wanting to beat the best doesn’t make anyone the best. Winning a national title isn’t the same as beating the team that won it. Because that’s not the goal; it’s a side effect. Otherwise the goal is to end someone else’s goals, and that defines the culture. There is a difference.

        1. Calm down there “NEVER AGAIN”. Don’t pretend like this crap doesn’t go on on both sides so you can get indignant when you see something you don’t like. Not a few comments up you were agreeing with somebody calling out an ignorant Alabama comment. Don’t go on a rant if it happens on the other side, especially when the ratio of those types of comments is heavy on your side.

          1. This is exactly what I’m talking about.

            You think it’s just an Alabama thing, and we just hate Auburn with no reason and our judgment is clouded.

            “Never again” is not about Auburn. It never was. But if I say the man who said those words explained how it wasn’t about Auburn, then you call him a liar and use Miami as evidence. Even if it was about Auburn, Alabama didn’t commission a sign of it for a film room.

            Instead, it’s the “us against the world” Auburn mentality. I can’t stand it.

            You’re not alone though—-tOSU has it, too. But at least this year I understand tOSU rooting for Alabama to lose because they have a lot to gain.

            I wasn’t agreeing with “an ignorant Albama comment.” See again above; I was agreeing with the guy who said the Alabama comment was wrong. That’s why the replies are tiered, if it helps, just for the record.

            No, it does not happen on the other side. Alabama does not have “BEAT AUBURN” installed in any room, and we do not have a university-governed tradition for celebrating a rival’s loss or the anniversary of a rival coach’s death.

            And while I understand that there are “good” Auburn fans out there who don’t actually hate the way the culture asks and celebrate that hate the way so many parts of the culture do, it’s still the same culture, and no, it’s absolutely not the same on the Alabama side, including “never again.”

            Maybe if there was one example of that kind of cultural hate at the university level, like “never again….will we lose to Auburn” or something similar being quoted by a coach or installed in a weight room, then I could understand.

            Instead, what “never again” has so far come to represent is “never again” will Alabama let anybody else win a championship, because since that day nobody else has won a title other than the University of Alabama. Beating the champion is not the same as being one, and not participating in the most hateful parts of Auburn’s culture doesn’t mean they don’t exist and define the culture itself.

        2. I understand what you’re saying but I go to Auburn and I tell you there is nothing hateful that we do towards Alabama… at least nothing I’ve ever been a part of. Are we rivals? Sure. Do we want to beat them? Absolutely. But that’s it. We do the “Beat Bama” or whatever team it is signs for every single game. I have a “Beat LSU” pin, “Beat Ole Miss”, “Beat Georgia”, and many more. Also, why not be flattered that we would want to beat you? Bama has been on top for so long, who wouldn’t want to beat them? That’s what this rivalry is all about and I don’t think there’s any reason to get defensive.

          That being said, thank you for actually having some intelligence and being able to carry on a discussion unlike some others on here.

          1. Let me know when there’s a “Beat LSU” sign in an Auburn film room or a toilet paper party to celebrate the anniversary of an Ole Miss ball coach’s death or a Georgia loss.

            It’s not flattering to want to beat Alabama. It’s successful when teams try to be like Alabama instead.

          2. I’d love to know where you are getting your facts. The only “toilet paper parties” we have are when WE win a game.. That is, until an Alabama fan poisoned an killed our trees. And I’m sorry if you are offended that we would want to beat Bama, but that’s the name of the game. Not saying we will, but that’s the goal obviously since, you know, they are the next ones on out schedule.

          3. Alabama is the next team on the schedule for Auburn, true.

            Not sure why “beat Bama” didn’t show up until this week. It’s been there since before the season, even.

            And yes, not every Auburn fan throws toilet paper to celebrate Alabama losses. Not every Auburn fan is a creep, it’s a cultural idendity of hate and it’s hard to explain that to people who can only take it as a simple insult.
            But not every Alabama fan poisons trees, either. Grossly outnumbered there.

            As for not papering the trees for an Alabama loss, I just don’t know how to respond to that. It’s like saying the holocaust didn’t happen. I mean, I wasn’t in the holocaust, but wow. You didn’t have to be toilet papering yourself for it to have happened, like when Alabama lost to Florida in the SEC title game, or when Alabama lost to LSU, etc. There aren’t any Toyota dealerships in Tuscaloosa who will pay for your new car if Auburn shuts out Alabama, for example.

            It’s Little Brother Syndrome. Nobody wants that.

  23. Well that was a good set of words to define your emotions. What you said and how you put it, we cant argue with that. Yes Alabama is the dream, at the top of its game, an epithet of success, and yes Auburn is a underdog, digging our way to where we are right now.
    But reading about how you feel, one thing got clear. Even though we have talks of alabama in every meeting (what a joke), you guys will have one just for us. And looking at your thought process, that must be an achievement for us. Well it is for us, coz right now we can believe, we can dream. And to tell you the fact we dont want to stare at your coaching staff across the field, we have better things to watch, the game.
    So, if you have noticed, we are not head over heels. We are learning, we are improving, and in so more years, we are believing. Yes we want bama, we have always wanted bama, that doesnt mean we will win, but there is a belief. And i get this sense that the bama fans dont like this idea of Auburn have this magical season. But we are having one, and you guys can do nothing about it but one..write a damn long article about it!!
    So may the best deserving team win. WAR DAMN EAGLE

  24. Do we want Bama? Well, why the hell not? We’re playing with house money, boys. Nobody expected us to be where we are not even Auburn fans. Reading this article confirms my theory that bammers are scared. The pressure is all on the crimpsun tawd. Which makes this game all the more sweet. WDE!! Enjoy the next 12 days.

    1. Dream on if it makes you feel good to say Bama is scared! Dumbest damn thing I’ve heard today. Awbie is scared. You’re scared of Saban. You spend more time fantasizing that he will leave than you spend in bed with your wives. You’re scared that you can’t fulfill what has become a fantasy year for you, because you have to go through Bama, and you know that ‘aint happening. Scared of Awbie? Bwaa Haww Haww! Not at all. I am actually more worried about Mizzou if they win the East, because they have a more diversified offense and a damn good defense. But I’m not scared of Mizzou. I am more concerned about FSU because they are an unknown entity. They have been slaughtering everybody. However, that everybody has been D2 and ACC teams. And we all know about ACC teams. So, the question is, is FSU a threat to Bama, or will they die just like Notre Dame who actually played a much, much tougher schedule last year than FSU has played this year. I mean geez, Clemson beat JawJaw and JawJaw is unranked and has lost 4. Miami beat Florida who just plain sucks and was just curb stomped by Vandy. USCjr gets Clemson in two weeks. Let’s see how that turns out. Cause right now I just don’t know who FSU is. RTR!

  25. Who exactly is this article aimed at? I haven’t seen any “we want bama” from Auburn yet.

    Yeah, we’re excited to be possibly be putting up a fight this year, but quit using a strawman for your article aimed at your perceived “uppity” Auburn fans.

    We get it. People don’t like their rival teams. This goes for both sides. Now can we please stop oozing ignorance? I have to live in this state too.

    1. The article is a collective shot at all of college football… Everyone short of Samford fans have hoisted their signs, and it’s just gotten to be funny. Even Kansas fans (in humor) were putting up “We Want Bama” signs at their game Saturday. I’m not sure how long you’ve lived here, but if you’re new, Auburn fans and Alabama fans don’t like one another. Call it a pre-emptive shot across the bow for a rival that’s gonna get the best from the best on Nov. 30th.

  26. Alabama is the best team and has dominated the competition for many years.

    Fact: They played very sub-par against a MSU team.

    Fact: To get to the SEC championship game they will have to beat Auburn. An Auburn team that has been having a magical season.

    Fact: If they can beat Auburn, they will have to play the best the SEC east has to offer.

    To top all the above mentioned obstacles Alabama has to overcome they will also likely have to beat a very good FSU team.

    If bama can do all of that then they can boast once again. Call the catch made by Ricardo Louis luck, call it whatever you want, I call it a win!

    Alabama is scared by the threat AU poses, and with right AU is playing good football. Alabama has to come to AU to play that game. Bammers don’t like the fact that if they lose to Auburn they can’t even play in the SEC champ game. Auburn has nothing to lose coming off a 3-9 season. Alabama has everything to lose. I’d hate to see Alabama get knocked off the high horse by such a “sub par” Auburn team. AJ McCarron being a heisman candidate is a joke! His daddy doesnt even like him, AJ’s got the scar to prove it! WAR DAMN EAGLE!

    1. GoToHellNickSaban, I won’t bother responding to your crap because your name says it all.

      The man scares you to death, and he should. Because games like this one down on the farm is where he is at his best. Don’t check his record in big games. It’ll just keep you up more.

      But it’s been a fun ride for you guys. Don’t let the coming loss ruin what’s been a good season.

    2. “Alabama is scared by the threat AU poses, and with right AU is playing good football.”

      I highly doubt that Coach Saban and this team are SCARED by the threat that AU poses, though some BAMA fans might be! You are right, AU is playing good football (considerably better than 2012), but just as AU has steadily gotten better as this season has progressed, so has BAMA!

      I fully expect a more competitive game this year, as opposed to the previous two!

  27. Born in Jefferson County, 24 years later still live in the heart of Dixie. But man oh man, some of my fellow Bama fans are a sick embarrassment.

    I don’t feel like AU should challenge Bama since they struggle passing the ball, HOWEVER it’s the Iron Bowl, which tends to play by its own rules.

    I love all the “We want Bama” signs, it’s flattery and to act like some teams are “stupid” for wanting to play the number 1 program in the nation just shows how many of you guys/gals have never played a sport in your life. Who plays a team sport as dedicated and time consuming as football and DOESN’T want to play/compete against the best?

    1. No RTR89, if you check the history in the series, the favored team tends to win. And last I saw Bama was sitting as a 17-pt. favorite?

    2. At least some of you have sense!! It is about a SPORT and the love of the game! Why have so many people lost sight of that? Some of the most bitter and hateful people I have ever come across on here jeez!

  28. The team that doesn’t blow 20 point 4th quarter leads, but you give them a 24 point spot and it’s gone. WAR DAMN!

    1. Matt, you throw your back out reaching WAAAAY back into 2010 for that one?

      Notice, that was the last game your offense scored points OF ANY KIND against Alabama. So I see why you’d want to reach back for that little barb.

    2. Matt, that’s an exceptionally lame analogy. AU blew a 20 pt. lead in the 4th quarter. Bama vs. AU in 2010 was 24-7 at the half. That’s a 17 pt. lead with a whole half of a game to make up that deficit. And I, along with most anyone else with half a lick of common sense, knew that with AU getting the ball to start the second half, that if they scored quickly, AU would basically still have almost an entire half a game of football to make up only a 10 pt. deficit. And that is exactly what happened. A 10 point lead is not much when playing against a Cam Newton type of player. 24 point leads are not out of reach when such leads are established early in the game. We see leads that large dissipate in games year after year, esp. out west. So that BIG 24 pt. lead that Bama blew is not as big a deal as you Aubs love to make it out to be. I recall quite well when in 1989, Ole Miss put up 21 pts.on Bama in the 1st quarter in Oxford. Bama’s Gary Hollingsworth then led Bama to 52 unanswered pts. and a 62-27 bloodbath of a final score. You had your once-in-a-lifetime player who pretty much single handedly led AU to a national title and you erected a statue in honor of your controversial ‘role model’ of a Heisman winner. I’m sure you’re all happy with that. But it’s just a bit overboard and a stretch to turn every AU victory over Bama into a collection of enchanted tales of lore, legend and magic. But if such feats are all it takes to sate the AU fan base and something to hang your hats on, so be it.

  29. This post simply shows the conceitedness and arrogancy that has become Alabama. There are several inaccurate points made, but I’m just going to leave it alone.
    True football fans on either side KNOW that this game could go either way. Bama is NOT infallible. Auburn has been fortunate (like Bama was a few years ago blocking a Tennessee field goal to keep their championship hopes alive)
    You want to pull for your team – that’s one thing. But being an arrogant ass is another.

    1. Ha! AU wrote the book on arrogance. I like to call it AUrrogance. AU fans carry on like every AU fan is an actual graduate of Auburn, while Bama fans are all sidewalk fans. What nonsense! Where I live, I know many Auburn fans. But I only know TWO who have actually attended Auburn. I know as many Bama fans and several of them have attended and graduated from UA. I’m a Bama fan who attended the College of Charleston in SC for a couple of years and then transferred to, and graduated from UAB. So what? I’m also a fan of the Atlanta Falcons. But the last time I checked, they don’t have a university for its fans to attend and graduate from. I don’t believe it’s a prerequisite to attend or graduate from any particular school to be a fan of its sports teams either. But from my own experience, AU fans tend to be more snooty, nose-up-in-the-air types who think they’re smarter and make more money than Bama fans. Newsflash. Fans of both schools both live in the same state and by and large are no different from the other in the scheme of things. We all just happen to have different allegiances. But neither is ‘better’ than the other as a group. Hell, look at all the families out there in which fans of both schools reside. Are the members of that family who root for the Tide really any different than the ones who root for the Tigers? In a word, no.

  30. Nick Saban…
    Nick Saban…
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    Nick Saban…

    1. He haunts their every night. Right now he’s already figured them out; probably took him a half hour.

      Get ready barners…

      Here comes Saban.

  31. This is dumb. They’re scheduled to play… every year. I’m going to buy a box of crayons and start publishing articles.

  32. The Aubs haven’t played against a good defense in quite a while.-

    Sept. 14 – Miss. State…..24-20…….8th in SEC
    Sept. 21 – LSU…………….21-35…….6th
    Oct. 5 – Ole Miss………30-22…….7th

    Lately it’s been Texas A&M (11th), Arkansas (13th), Tennessee (14th) and Georgia (12th) – the bottom four in the league.

    1. Come on RollTide…shhhhhhhhh….

      Don’t burst their bubble just yet…. 🙂

      Let them figure it out on their own Nov. 30.

      1. Yep, we figured it out. Just run the damn ball down your throats for *yawn* just another 300-yard rushing game on the list. But hey…you guys keep sucking each other off and talking about your vaunted defense. Meanwhile, we’re playing for a championship. War Eagle.

  33. ITK, you’re right. I am an Auburn fan and I do sometimes like to revisit great moments from the past like 2004, or 2010. It’s because they were awesome! Watching Cam play was so much fun. It was awesome seeing Bo Jackson, Carlos Rogers, Junior Rosegreen, all those guys. Because they were a part of our team, a part of our past. Yes, the punt bama punt game does make me smile, but I will not assume that Auburn is superior to Alabama, or that we will win the iron bowl. Above all else I am a sports fan. You know what else has been fun? Watching Alabama play elite football. CJ Mosley is one of the best defensive players I’ve ever seen. AJ doesn’t deserve the heisman? Are you kidding? He’s amazing. Alabama is so fine tuned and disciplined how could you not just take a seat and say “Wow”. The last drive of the LSU game last year should have won the damn heisman. Auburn fans-pull your heads out of your asses. They’re not perfect. Alabama fans-pull your heads out of your asses as well. They’re not perfect. ITK, I offer u a friendly little challenge. Are there any Auburn players or games that you enjoyed watching?

    1. Amen! Couldn’t have said it better! I am so sick of the hate between the two fan bases. It is not doing either school any favors. AJ McCarron, one of the people y’all are bashing each other over, has a girlfriend who GRADUATED FROM AUBURN! I know many families who have kids at both Auburn and Alabama! Can we get back to what’s important: the game, and set all this other BS aside?

  34. Can’t we all just get along?

    Also, this article is no way going to help in attracting readers to your blog. It only shows how dumb you are. Be polite and respectful, like it or not they’re producing revenue for you. Jack-ass.

    1. “Can’t we all just get along?”….followed up with….”It only shows how dumb you are.” and “Jack-ass.”
      Why bother to even ask the first question?…lol.

    2. Yep, that’s why it has over 100K reads so far, 80K of that coming from Facebook shares…and it’s less than 48 hours old. Tell you what Aristotle, you really know your stuff.

  35. Ricardo Louis didn’t need arms or hands to catch that pass? The writer of this article must have a mean case of Down Syndrome.

  36. I am curious who from Auburn said we want Bama. I don’t see it in the article. I also don’t understand why anyone would say it since we get to play Alabama every year. Seems like your using the fact Oregon shot their mouths off just to talk trash and toot your horn. But it goes without saying, we want Bama every year.

    1. Keith, it’s more a humorous take on the fact that everyone says they “want Bama” when they’re safely in another stadium.

      I’ve never in my life seen a football program so chocked with excellence and trained killers like this Crimson Tide football team. So when they step on your field. The team (MSU) Auburn needed an entire game to beat Bama denied time after time after time. This defense is rivaling the 2011 version, which gave up 9 TD’s all season. This one has only yielded 12, and 6 of those were to Johnny Manziel. I’m looking forward to seeing if Nick Saban can handle Gus Bus’s dipsy-doo, trickeroo offense. Boy I sure hope he can.

    2. K, look up “we want Bama” online and you will find chants and signs from Oregon, Florida State, Ohio State, etc. (even Alabama). It’s been sortof a “meta-trend” in college football this year, that’s where it comes from.

        1. Mad? I’m not mad at Auburn for that part.

          See, slow down. It’s the “us against the world” mentality again. It clouds a person’s judgement.

          I’m not trying to fix that. Neither is Auburn. Consequently, Auburn’s culture encourages it.

          Try seeing it from any other fan’s point of view. For example, Alabama has many rivals, including LSU and Tennessee. Bear Bryant’s #1 rival was Tennessee, not Auburn.

          But none of them, not LSU or Texas A&M or Tennessee have a culture inspired from and defined by traditions of hate and explicit reference to Alabama. Lots of teams hate Alabama or want to beat Alabama. Only Auburn is defined by it. It’s not “we want Bama” that bugs people, and not just because everybody wants Alabama.

          1. Conduit, you SERIOUSLY need to quit acting like such a victim. If you think the only thing to Auburn is hating Alabama you seriously need to get over yourselves. Yeah, we like the rivalry and it’s fun and it’s tradition but Auburn is about so much more than that, and frankly it’s not something I feel the need to explain to you. Enjoy the game.

          2. Victim?

            I’m not acting like a victim.

            If you think Alabama isn’t the only thing to Auburn, you’re distancing yourself from the culture itself. You are trying to convince everyone else that Auburn doesn’t care about Alabama the most. Maybe you don’t. Your culture does. That means hundreds of thousands of other people who are also Auburn fans and the coaches and administration are simply ignored. That’s the “us against the world” mentality Auburn teaches. You’ve picked that up perfectly by trying to pretend it’s just an outright attack. It’s not. I don’t have anything to do with “BEAT BAMA” being commissioned by Auburn’s leaders.

            Auburn as a university and its alumni as a unit are absolutely about more than just beating Alabama. I understand that, and the football season is short. But Auburn itself still chooses to define its identity by its association to the University of Alabama. I don’t expect you to understand and I don’t mean that as an insult, but don’t ignore your own culture just because you don’t necesarily embrace the part nearly every other Auburn fan does.

            There’s a reason why the Iron Bowl is still the best and most dangerous rivalry in college football, and it’s not because of all the other stuff Auburn does as a university.

          3. It’s called a rivalry. If your only goal every single year is to win a National Title you will be severely disappointed. It doesn’t happen every single year to anyone so why not enjoy the individual victories? Yes, Auburn wants to beat Alabama. Alabama wants to beat Auburn no matter how many ways you try to convince everyone on here otherwise using your “beautiful grammar” and “eloquent writing”. Auburn does not revolve around defeating Alabama. Take the Georgia game for example. It was louder than the Iron Bowl. Let me run you through the way sports work! There are two teams. They play against each other. There are fans for both teams. They both would like to win the game. This is normal!!! Weird right????

            If Auburn has to win “prayer in Jordan Hare” style…. Perfect! I love prayer! Auburn’s culture is about family by the way (just to fill you in).

  37. What is going on at bama? 2 highly recruited players have flipped on their commitment in the last couple of days? One of them even had the nerve to flip to hated AUBURN!? Word getting out about lil nicky shopping himself to Texas?????

    1. That’s neat. I heard about the California kid deciding to stay close to home, kinda like Jadaveon Clowney did. He was a 4-star if I remember right.

      Then a kid from Auburn decides to go to Auburn? Staggering. Nice selective reasoning with the Texas rumors, but I’m not entirely convinced Alabama is doomed.

      Regardless, you’d have to have a submarine fleet to sink the battleship of recruits coming in for next year, particularly the highest-rated recruits, just to take Alabama out of the #1 recruiting class for next year. An Opelika CB committing to Auburn is what Auburn refers to as a “coup.” Congratulations.

      Trying to turn that into potential demise at Alabama though, wow, that’s Little Brother Syndrome symptom #1.

      1. Conduit, stop giving Aubies fact, truth and rational thought. They simply don’t know what to do with it. It all just goes to waste.

        Just 10 more days Conduit…ten more days till their orange and blue hopes are crushed. At least the series of wires at Toomer’s Corner will be safe.

        1. But it’s hard for me not to give them truth and rational thought when they have so little.

          It’s like seeing a toddler walking into heavy traffic.
          Sure, she might get out of there on her own without being Plinko’d by a dozen Toyota Corollas, but I at least have to ask her to get out of the road.
          I’m not going in after her, and she obviously doesn’t know any better, but I can’t just let her sit there and wait to be destroyed thinking it’s her own personal playground while she yells at the cars that they have no chance.

          I puke orange and blue. Roll Tide.

      2. Little brother? I guess you are 30 years our senior at the ripe age of 50! The 20 year old fit “Little Brother” beat your ratchet team. Thank you.

    2. Yep, my Ever To Yield Foundation friend, take any sliver of info and multiply it exponentially to give yourselves hope. Keep choking your preverbial chicken to that kind of fantasy…like I had to tell you to do so…

    1. Let me know when the Semiholes actually play a decent team. Even Miss St could go undefeated against your schedule. And by the way, not only can Bama stomp the best the Holes can send, but it looks like you’re gonna be without your QB for Pasadena. Bwaa Haww Haww!


  38. Does not matter if the kid was from Auburn (Opelika actually) or North Dakota. Kid made the right decision for him. Just curious to why he thinks Auburn is a better fit NOW??? Is it the Fluker rumors and possible NCAA issues? Is it that Nick and his old ball and chain are already house shopping in Austin? Maybe it is because the kid did not want to deal with a hillbilly fanbase made up of people like crimsonshite,condom,and wishIknew. It SURELY can not be that the Auburn staff out recruited nicky!? Could it???? Just the begining boys! We are playing with house money right now. We was suppose to only have 6-7 wins at best according to wihIknew and the rest of the CSR hillbilly posse. Win or lose next Saturday, Auburn is back and it is killing you gumps.

    1. No, see that’s nothing but the Little Brother mentality coming out still. I think all you’re really trying to do is make people upset. It’s not working, but you’re just not making sense and y our clouded judgment is making you say ridiculous things.

      For example, last year when nobody came to Auburn games he wasn’t committed to Auburn.

      Days after Auburn’s first sell-out game of the last 3 years and a game-winning historic moment he decides the school that he originally wanted to go since he was a boy might not be as bad as he thought. Is it really that hard to see “now” how Auburn isn’t the most completely unexpected decision for a kid from Opelika to make, when Auburn is having a winning season and there is so little depth at his position he’ll likely play immediately at Auburn?

      K, Fluker’s taking down Alabama for a decade, Saban’s moving to Texas next week, and North Dakota is the same distance as Opelika is to Auburn?

      Good grief.

      Look, it’s one thing to hate Alabama. It’s one thing to love Auburn. But this, I mean, make up your mind; is Auburn so bad that it really is a surprise they could get a 4-star recruit from Opelika to commit (particularly right after the season’s first sell-out crowd and a historic game-changer), or is it that Alabama is going down so hard for every rumor nobody else seems to believe, meaning Malzahn isn’t actually any good at recruiting but a kid’s gotta go somewhere and, and, oh man, I just can’t do this.

      You hate Alabama, we know, no matter what name you use, but you are blinded with Little Brother Disease.

      Here’s something to keep in mind——there’s never enough room on the Alabama roster for everyone. Malzahn is a great recruiter, but saying he’s out-recruiting Saban at Alabama, I mean, good grief. Did you know Alabama got another 5-star commit just this week from Virginia?

      Or is Virginia the same as Tuscaloosa like Opelika is to North freaking Dakota?

      So just stop and think for a second without the blind hate of little brother. It’s not “killing us gumps.” That just doesn’t make sense. You can’t even hate well. It’s hilarious, and it defines the Little Brother culture at Auburn. It’s disgusting. It makes me sick.

      But you’re right. I don’t want to hear your crying anymore, so let’s just say it. Auburn’s staff out-recruited Alabama on an Opelika kid. This is just the beginning, Alabama is doomed, Terry Saban bought DJ Fluker a house in Austin, TX and he’s letting his old coach move in next Tuesday so they can watch Auburn win 3 titles in a row and, oh man, I just can’t make up stuff better than what you already believe, I’m sorry.

      Enjoy the bye-week. Roll Tide.

    1. The only fuckin’ that’s gonna be done is that Elephant ass raping a dumbass Battle Buzzard! RTR!.

  39. I think Auburn has a tougher game this week than bama! LOL Off week,,,pffftttt. You can bet your ass that Gus is working the players. As far as this ” little brother” thing you bammers love to spew…..are you sure we are your brother? I mean with your uncle being your dad, and then your sister is somehow your cousin and wife…….How the fuck do you bammers keep up with your family members? You family tree has to look like a 3 year olds crayon scribblings.

    1. Nope, bama has the toughest game in the nation this week ’cause they have to practice against themselves. RTR!

  40. That’s a good question Shit For Brains. Actually I’m not too worried about it cause I’ve been having way too much fun with your Mama. Bitch can suck a tennis ball through a chain link fence. Tell me Cum Slurper, did you teach her to give head like that? Dumbass Barner. RTR!

  41. Crimsonshite = Good Buddy ( inside joke that a truck driving POS will get) For someone that is a truckdriving,business owner, mexican cartel drug runner, pimp of nasty truck stop whores,Football Guru , etc, etc, You sure do have a lot of free time to be on the internet….

    It is funny as hell watching you gumps running around crowing ” we aint scared!” . If this is typical pregame smack , where is the story about Chattanooga wanting bama??? ITK comes up with some of the most contradictive crap I have ever seen , anywhere, Then you sheep follow along with it , even though you know you are nervous as hell. What really pisses you off is that Auburn is going into the IB with nothing to lose. Even if bama wins the IB , the uprising across the state has un-nerved every gump in the nation. Auburn was not suppose to be this good , this soon! Nick supposingly dealt the Tigers a death blow with his coaching, recruiting, and endless resources! Wow was y’all wrong! If bama wins next week , I will pull for bama the rest of the way. Not because I want them to win. I want to be able to watch them TRY to enjoy victory while looking over their shoulder. Looking for the NCAA to come. Hopes that Saban stays. Then the fear of Auburn gaining on them alot sooner than the bammers ever thought. WMFE!!!

    1. You are insanse. Like, in the literal definition of saying the same thing over and over and over and expecting different results.

      Auburn is going into the Iron Bowl with nothing to lose, you say?

      You do realize they beat Georgia last weekend, right? Meaning they have an SEC Championship to lose at this point, yes?

      Chattanooga doesn’t have “BAMA” plastered in their film room. I’m going to guess you know nothing about Chattanooga though and just assume this is the cupcake of all cupcakes. Nothing I say would change your mind, and yes, everyone expects Alabama to win, but even our cupcakes are winning their conferences. Hell, they’ve got the same record as the team that beat Auburn. I think Chattanooga is a team you should look into, though.

      See, they lost their games by close margins, twice by a missed field goal. Similarly, Auburn won more games by close margins, including non-conference games like Washington State. They’ve held their opponents to 7 fewer touchdowns that Auburn has, too.

      Before I go any further with Chattanooga I’m sure you’ll ignore the relevant points and just throw it in my face with some swearing and insults about how I’m trying to act like they’re a juggernaut of the Southern Conference.

      But the point is this; Auburn is better than anyone expected this year, even to the fans that started coming to the games enough to finally get a sell-out crowd for the first time in 3 years. Nobody expected Auburn to improve so much so quickly, but that doesn’t mean they’re great. If you think the record alone means they belong in the category of elite, you haven’t been watching the games on both sides. Auburn will score against Alabama this year (probably, finally), and call me a Gump all you want but the Iron Bowl won’t even be all that competitive this year. You say a loss wouldn’t surprise you, and you live to hurt Alabama fans, but I don’t think you’ve prepared for the result.

      I don’t know why I bother. You can’t spell. You can’t write. You can’t do anything but hate Alabama, and even that you do poorly.

      Enjoy your bye-week and hoping for NCAA scandal and Saban to move and AJ McCarron to commit a hate crime against baby panda bears after stealing the crown jewels in his booster-donated Ferrari F50 before the Crimson Tide comes to Jordan Hare and reminds you where you belong.

      And stop changing your name. Roll Tide.

      1. This is hilarious. Truly hilarious. Thank you Conduit! Enjoy being the “little brother” sweetie!

  42. If I am insane…..what does that make the person that replies to EVERY post that I make???? Insecure? Nervous? Envious? Bat shit crazy? You damn right we have nothing to lose. We was not suppose to be here. Find one true expert that had Auburn winning more than 8 games at best. Most had them down for 6 wins. Hell not a single one of the ….*cough*….. ” experts” on CSR had them winning more than 5-6. This is the team that was suppose to be battling Arky and MSU for the 6th or 7th in the SEC West.

    Now as far as me ” hating ” bama. Its not bama that I hate. I have told you already , that it is the hillbilly fan base that I hate. There are a few decent bama fans and I give them all the respect in the world. Not because of who their team is, but because they catch hell from us Auburn fans, and also have to put up with their crazy fellow bama fans.

      1. Did you happen to go to the iron bowl this year? Ignorance is bliss.. so I guess I will allow you to twirl around in a blissful flower patch and keep you from the reality that Auburn crushed Alabama. Thank you!

  43. $aban is 0-5 against Auburn teams with 9 or more wins.

    AU owns Bama at Jordan-Hare to the tune of 7-4.
    AU owns Bama at BDS to the tune of 5-2.

    ITk is the idiot that claimed Bama “owns that heap” …and then goes into a ..”Memories” rendition just to try and cover up his stupidity. Another typical arrogant Bammer.

    Bama does “own that heap” known as Legion Field. So ..go wallow in those memories.

    1. Stats are fun, Little Brother!

      42–34-1, that’s a good one, Alabama over Auburn in Iron Bowl history.

      38–27, that’s another one I like; it’s the number of wins by Alabama and Auburn in the Iron Bowl, respectively, since 1948 after a 40-year hiatus.

      10-2, that’s probably my favorite stat. Fun!

    2. The other faggot has arrived! This is Alabama asshole. Not fucking LSWho or Mitchie St.What Saban did at inferior schools has just absolutely zero, ziltch, nada to do with Bama. Saban and Bama are 4-2 against the Barnshits. Your very good ’07 team snuck by Saban’s 6-6 Mike Shula team by only 7 points. Whoopie fucking do! Your ’10 National Champions got out played by a 3 loss Bama team and by luck snuck by with a one point win. On the other hand 11 win Saban Bama teams have a habit of beating the absolute dog shit out of your fucking Barnturds, and next week will be no exception!

        1. My language has been exactly the same for five + years – long before you came on here unless you have changed your name like that dumbass Master Of Conduit or what the hell ever he’s going by today. I don’t talk like that when I’m posting my own stuff. It’s saved especially for asshole Homers who deserve it. As long as they are here, so will my colorful descriptions. RTR!

  44. Conduit , gimme your thoughts on how the Bama defense is gonna handle this one demensional offense . This thread is very entertaining . I will give Auburn it’s kudos because they have had an awesome season . Great job . But I really don’t see them beating Bama .

    1. You forgot the hyphen in “trashy-like.”

      Also, that’s more than one word.

      Counting, spelling, grammar and winning championships are just some of the things you can learn at the University of Alabama. Roll Tide.

      1. Don’t even try to compare an education at Auburn University versus UAT. That’s a joke. The average ACT score to get into Auburn is a 29.

  45. Conduit…

    1. I love how you did not really answer my question about what does it make you to reply to my every post.

    2. Love how you attack someones grammar, after they put you/bama fan in your/their place. Thats kind of like screaming ” I am going to tell Mom! ” after your older sibling beat your ass.

    3. You can give up all hope of getting a decent post out of crimsonshite. I mean he hangs out in truckstops all day. That is the language of his people. The greasy truck drivers, and skank prostitutes would appreciate his writing style. lmao This guy called me out a couple of years ago and told me to meet him. Care to guess where? At the damn TRUCK STOP on Southern Blvd in Montgomery , Alabama. Prostitute/Drug capital of Central Alabama. I mean just look at what he brags ( imagines) he is . Just a few days ago he claimed to be a business owner, And a Mexican drug cartel runner. Who the hell in their right mind would want to claim to be part of that???? ONLY A BAMMER!

  46. “In Alabama, you get the team that doesn’t blow 20 point 4th quarter leads”

    You mean like in 2010 when they blew a 27 point 4th quarter lead to Auburn?

      1. ITK I hope you learn some humility from how things turned out. Try not being such a pretentious piece of human filth and you probably won’t want to kill yourself when your precious Tide fails to roll next time.
        Also, don’t call the kettle black you misguided pot.
        “Somebody doesn’t know what they’re talking about (hint, you).”
        As far as the outcome of the game and your prediction, it would appear that YOU don’t know what you’re talking about. And you’re the kind of moron with their head so far up their ass that you’ll never realize you don’t know what you’re talking about so you’ll just keep talking for argument’s sake.

        Also, if you’re going to write an article so god awful, presumptuous, and obnoxiously arrogant, you should at least have the balls to put your real name as the author. Hiding behind an acronym like “in the know” is just another testament to your ridiculously inflated ego. I would tell you to get off your high horse, but hopefully Auburn already knocked you off for me. Now you can get back to crying and don’t quit your day job, you’re no journalist.

      2. It was a 24 point lead but those 3 points don’t change the point he was making. It was a home game and you had a 24 point lead at the half. Don’t backpedal and make excuses. You guys flat out choked and blew it.

    1. Don’t forget bama was up 21-7 Sat humm but they blew it o also we ran for almost 300 yr on a D that everybody said that we can’t run on suck it bama the better team won

  47. That’s because in my Dads hole can’t say anything. He like so many pompous asshole Mullets have to swallow this loss like they swallow their dads jit. Nicky “we shouldn’t have lost this way”. Waaaaaaambulance.


  49. while I do feel a little bad that Bama had to lose that way and I respect the hell out of the program….


  50. I absolutely love this. Another arrogant bammer asshat, who thought their team was almighty and invincible. HA!


  51. Let the record Show that Marshall short-armed that pass, Mr. “heaved as far a he could”, the author does not proofread his articles, Auburn is the western division champion, and that Alabama may have to rethink their PERMANENT SIGNAGE “Never Again”, because it only took three years.

  52. Yeah, Auburn wants Alabama. They got them, chewed them up and threw them up.

    Guess which aspiring sport writer has a promising career ahead of them? Not you.

  53. Maybe that game will teach you a little humility. The arrogance in this article is laughable. Just makes that victory even better. Now go put on your AJ jersey and jerk off to that little midget you think we fear. I hope he doesn’t run to Texas. Thereafter more where that came from. WDE

    1. Humility is something every bama fan should learn but the vast majority never will

  54. Wow. “Awkward” doesn’t really cover it, does it? Do tell us how the underside of that rock you climbed under looks, you pompous, arrogant ass. #WDE

  55. “The program who hasn’t lost a road game since early October 2010.”

    Might want to change that to “The program who hasn’t lost a road game since late November 2010. And it was to Auburn. And it was because of an awful call by the famed Nick Saban, whom I have praised so highly here. Nevertheless, Roll Tide because we’re arrogant and ignorant.”

  56. So arrogant! Alabama came out thinking it was ‘just another Saturday’ and that they had this game in the bag but it’s the IRON BOWL and you’re playing Auburn. Ever to conquer, never to yield.

  57. Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha!
    Good one.

    BTW – it’s a hail Mary – not hail marry.

    OMG, I just loved reading this today.


    Did I say War Eagle?

  58. Alabama was just another team in our way to achieving our ultimate goal. While you guys ponder excuses and muse over how super awesome you are, we have a championship to play for and Missouri is a much bigger fish to fry.

    Saddest thing about this is….you guys will always and forever be the most arrogant, obnoxious, self-absorbed fan base in all of sports. And your love yourselves for it.

  59. Why would you even write this article? What a joke. How is it possible to be this arrogant? I believed that Auburn would win the game, but I would never deny that Alabama is an incredible team. What is it about you Alabama fans that allows you to be so arrogant? Who cares if you have won 15 national championships (half of which you claim before you get your ass whipped in the bowl game). YOU ARE NOT INVINCIBLE. Every year is a new year in football. Humility is beautiful. Let this be a lesson. Thank you, though for making our win that much better.

  60. “There isn’t an Alabama to take the manhood from your next opponent before you face them , and our playmakers will all be at 100%, un-hobbled by injuries you didn’t help create…but that you benefitted from, nonetheless.”

    I keep coming back when I need a chuckle and things keep popping out at me. Like the above quote. It’s a good one.
    So who did take your manhood? Hmmmmm?

  61. This is hilarious. Author is too ashamed to poke his head back in and stomach the realities of the situation. Make excuses about blockers in the back or whatever else you want. Bama got outplayed plain and simple. We ran the ball down your throat and with the exception of a couple big grabs by Cooper your golden boy McCarron got put in his place. You think the entire world of college football revolves around you guys. You might have had a few blowouts against poorly coached Auburn teams the last couple years but you are quick to forget the better part of the last decade (6 in a row) that we dominated you guys. Oh and as for being the team that doesn’t blow leads you are even quicker to forget the 24 point lead you guys had at the half at home in 2010. Cry me a river kid.

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