Paul Finebaum appeared on ESPNU during the afternoon session and talked not only about SEC football, but about his new radio show on the SEC Network. The Paul Finebaum SEC Network show will be somewhat different from his traditional format for the old Finebaum.

The Paul Finebaum SEC Network Show will be broader than his old Birmingham show.
The Paul Finebaum SEC Network Show will be broader than his old Birmingham show.
The old Finebaum show was based in Birmingham and provided a strong focus on Alabama and Auburn. The new Paul Finebaum SEC Network Show will go beyond that paradigm.

“It is going to be a broader show,” Finebaum said.

Broader means more coverage for all the SEC.

“We realize there are 14 teams in this conference,” Finebaum said. He went on to promise to talk about “the other 12 teams” beyond Alabama and Auburn on the Paul Finebaum SEC Network Show.

I suppose this means less time for Country Boy Butt Whippings and Larry Langford interviews. Oh, Langford is in prison? Make that Richard Scrushy singing. Prison too? Harvey Updyke is out of jail.

Not to brag, but earlier this year before the ESPN deal was announced, I speculated about Finebaum TV.

The Paul Finebaum SEC Network Show will be different, but so was the Finebaum experience when it expanded to include satellite radio listeners. While the topics broadened, college football drove the program. Never fear Alabama fans, since the Alabama Crimson Tide is the most important program in the SEC and all of college football, you will get lots of Alabama discussion on the Paul Finebaum SEC Network Show.

Gene Chizik gets a radio show

Finebaum wasn’t the only radio news to come out today. According to Brett McMurphy on Twitter, “Former Auburn coach Gene Chizik will host a show this fall on @SiriusXMCollege radio.”

Gene Chizik on the radio.

I wonder what questions Alabama, Mississippi State and other SEC fans might want to ask him. Do you think Cam Newton might get mentioned?

Every day.

365 days a year.

This is so going to work out perfectly.

What do you fans want to ask Gene Chizik? Who plans on listening?

25 thoughts on “Paul Finebaum SEC Network Show details; Gene Chizik coming to SiriusXM”

  1. How in the world did you manage to get fired 2 yrs after winning a National Championship?

    No goodwill from the Fambly? Why are Aubs so delusional?

  2. The BARNERGEDDON I called down the very night Newton played his last game is a powerful force. No team in history fell so far so fast, 2 years removed from a National Championship. Green Gene on the radio? LMAO. His wife and dog will be 2 of his 5 listeners.

  3. Hey!! don’t forget ol Patrick Dye now! I believe he’s still head of the Fambly, and him being ‘all in’ and all that, I’m sure he would be happy to take some of his
    valuable’ time to listen to his ol friend, why I bet he’s got his radio show on one of those ‘do all cell phones!! LOL and RTR

  4. K, Auburn panty-wastes notwithstanding, why Chizik?

    I just don’t think he’s very interesting to listen to. He was more of a motivational speaker than a college football mastermind, so why now? The fact that he doesn’t have a coaching job of any kind after winning a national title should say something about how much we shouldn’t care about what he has to say on a radio show, right? I’m sure it sounds like just raw rivalry hate, but seriously, just, no. No, Chizik. Good grief.

  5. i am an AU fan and grad and I want to ask him how in the world he managed to take a program through the trenches and drag it so far down in the pits of despair in only four years. It was an impressive feat…..needless to say we “AUBS” are glad he is no longer our coach. I am told he is a great guy, but not able to coach….pretty sure that is obvious to everyone else.

  6. Recruiting question about Bama: Don’t you have a QB commitment for the 2015 class? Thought remembered a commit from Arkansas QB. Know about David Cornwell in 2014.

  7. “Gene, did YOU ever believe the bull crap that came from your mouth while at Auburn? We didn’t, but was just wondering if you thought you were a real coach and all.”

  8. Gene: How did you keep(and still do) your composure while accusations proven to be false were hurled your way? Do you get satisfaction from knowing what they said was all lies, even though to this day, it is still trumpeted as truth? Did you ever consider going postal on some of the dirt bags in the media(Joe Schad or Pete Thamel, or especially Paul Finebaum who can’t get his lips off CNS butt?)

    1. Proven to be false? Wow ok, I dont seem to recall that part, but I do agree that horse has been blugeoned to an unrecognizable pulp. And before you post a Google link with 200000000000+++++ hits of the NCAA reporting Auburn has been cleared of any wrong doing,understand that means as little to me as much as it means everything to you. Why it went down the way it did? I dont know, but my instinct tells me Mike Slive should be on your Christmas card list.

      1. I don’t post Google links. you should look them up for yourself, and then post based on those findings, not on pre-conceived notions. You can google NCAA finds no major violations in Cam Newton/Auburn. It is an article from ESPN. They are not friendly to us. I could have looked up others, but have too much to do to waste time on people who aren’t going to be persuaded no matter how many facts are presented to them. I can understand why some people have a problem with the way it was handled, but when it was all over, the NCAA had no vested interest in finding us not guilty. Unless we were.

      2. The NCAA said “these were false, baseless accusations brought about by rival fan bases…”, so if they said they were false, why shouldn’t an Auburn fan think that is proven false? Like we said all along, this was a MSU problem. By the way, the NCAA found the money given to one of their recruits. So we know they can find it, and it is impossible to believe if they found it with us, they would say that is okay, and let us get away with it.

        1. The only place I can find any quotes similar to the quote you quoted above is on Auburn sites with no references to where or when they were said by any NCAA representative? Do you know what a quote is? It helps if they are used appropriately. If not, it’s considered libleous. I say provide a link, that’s all.

  9. I have read every article about Auburn wrongdoing ( most of them sent to me by Bama fans), and the ensuing articles that de-bunked the first one. But if I ask them to read an article about Bama, they say no need to do that. Because if we did wrong I want to know about it.

    1. Nobody reads your links because you didn’t post anything to read. I’ll read any link you send. Promise. They found nothing, great, but then made exactly what he did against the rules and punishable by ineligibility, forfeited wins and loss of scholarship. Not guilty and not proven innocent are not the same thing, kinda like wanting to beat the best vs. wanting to be the best.

      I found one link online that seems to substantiate some of your claims about Alabama though, give it a read and let’s talk;

  10. I don’t post links because of viruses embedded in them. Nor do I click on links unless I know the person really well because of that same reason. Don’t take that personally because I would expect others to do the same to me. Real busy at work so won’t have time today or tomorrow, but will type in the link you provided, and read and discuss what is in the article.

    1. You can input any link into many virus-sniffing sites nowadays. Try it. Don’t be scared of the internet. It’s a wonderful place with lots of information and facts.

      1. Asked a recruiting question earlier in this thread and no one answered it. Just had a comment about AU and UA QB commits, but want to make sure my comments are right. It is a compliment about both schools, so no hidden agenda here. Will check back in at lunch if time.

          1. To quote an article from this site is disingenuous, because of the numerous allegations about Bama that are never brought up. Never an article on here about: Dee Hart and his claims of an Alabama recruiting site lying about Auburn in his recruitment, Brent Calloway and his trip to Florida before NSD, TTown Menswear, Hot Wheelz of Mobile, grade changing at Hoover High for Josh Chapman(or Kerry Murphy), Deon Smith and his 2 arrests for rape, Devonte Pollard and his role in child kidnapping(basketball.) This list is not all there is, but just some that escaped attention on this site. But If an Auburn player jaywalks, it will be on here talking about the thug culture there. Almost forgot Rolando and his assault on a UA student, his firing a gun off beside a guy’s head to scare him, or the 4 UA players who beat up 2 fellow UA students.

          2. I can say absolutely we’ve talked about Rolo and his mistakes, as well as the players who never played a down before ruining their future for something so stupid as snack money by beating up a student.

            But it will never be enough for some people. Some fans just want Alabama fans to hate Alabama as much as they do. It’s clearly not going to happen, but we have an article coming up about the psychology of that kind of prejudice.

            Regardless, you never posted the link for what you wanted us to read anyway, or responded to the quote that doesn’t seem to actually be a quote. And we are still the champions.

  11. I don’t expect Alabama fans to hate Alabama, but they do need to know their team makes mistakes like everyone else. Bringing a subject up in comments, is not the same as that subject being the point of the article. I said I don’t post links, and why I don’t. I m a guest on this site from a rival school, and if I posted a link and it had a virus in it, that is abusing the privilege of posting. I would not post one knowingly, but at that point it wouldn’t matter. At least to me it wouldn’t. Alabama is the champs, and since you face the 104th toughest schedule according to the NCAA, and 14th toughest schedule in the SEC, you will probably be champs again. But like most of the titles you claim, to have won them, and to have deserved them is 2 different things.

    1. I don’t think there are any links. You can test them online with free virus testers anyway. Regardless, I’d test them first personally if you asked before I read the links myself. That way I could read them.

      You can argue if Alabama deserved all their titles. But I say arguably Alabama deserves at least 4 of the national titles I’ve seen them win with my own eyes.

      The quote is libelous because it isn’t a quote.

      The subject of articles including about the arrested players and Rolo have been right here, on this site. I think you might be confused with another Alabama fan site you go to, maybe? Dunno. I love

      1. I will see about providing you a link or two, but because of work, family, and other obligations, that is not the most important thing. I am still new to computers, and had typed up a reply and accidentally deleted it, and had to start over. Since I was at the library, I forgot to put in name, email, and stuff, which I don’t have to do if posting from my phione.
        What quote is libelous? That Bama didn’t deserve several of the titles they claim? In 1941, you finished 20th in the AP poll, had a record of 8-2 and Minnesota went 10-0, after being the champ the year before. In 1964 you went 9-1-1, and lost the bowl game to Texas. Arkansas goes 11-0 in the Big 8, and beat Texas. In 1973 you lost to Notre Dame, they go 12-0 and you go 11-1. In 1978 you lose to USC, they go 12-1 and you go 11-1. In all those years you had a worse record than the other team, and in 2 of those years, they beat you. That tells me the other team deserved it more than you did, and anyone using logic would come to the same conclusion. 1966 I think Bama should have been # 1. When you are the only undefeated, untied major conference team in the country, you are the best. That also would apply to Auburn 1993, as I am consistent with my standard. i can’t say we deserved that one, and then using the same logic, say you don’t. (By the way, we should be claiming 9, and it puzzles me why we don’t. We were awarded those titles, and those teams should be recognized by us for the hard work they put in.Those teams went 98-2-2, which is pretty strong by anyone’s standards.)Not really sure what to do with 2011, as there never should have been a rematch, but LSU finsihed 13-1 to your 12-1. They were SEC Champs and you weren’t. But you beat them in the last game. If they had done in 2003, what they should have ,about making sure to play for the BCS, you had to win your conference, then that would have never come up. I don’t think if you had beaten LSU in 2011 during the regular season, they should have got a rematch either. In 2006, no one in the SEC thought Michigan deserved a rematch against Ohio State. We were right then, but wrong in 2011. Once again, the standard needs to be the same. It should not matter what teams are put in those scenarios, but unfortunately, all too often it does. That is why I am glad to see the BCS go. Only in a couple of years did they get it right, because the problem was several times, there was a 3rd team that had a legitimate claim to being in the game.So somebody will get left out.
        I don’t go on other Bama sites, and would have never found this one had it not been for articles posted about Auburn. The articles were lies, stretching of the truth, or half-truths at best. I do like honest, spirited debate, and will do so as long as I am welcome on this site. But I will never resort to name calling of a poster. Once I do that, I have lost the debate, because when you can’t attack the message, you attack the messenger.

        1. There is only one quote you posted, I can’t find a citation for it anywhere online, no link was provided with a citation but it was the basis for the argument.

          Libel is quoting someone without them actually saying it, regarding the NCAA offical’s quote.

          I never called you any names, if you’re implying I did. I’m not attacking the messenger, just asking for the links or citations, that’s all.

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