Finebaum TV?

Yes, please!

According to, “In addition to Cox, Finebaum has other, national suitors, including discussions with ESPN that include both television and radio (and would allow Finebaum to appear on 97.3 The Zone), and talks with SiriusXM Satellite Radio about being the exclusive provider of “The Paul Finebaum Radio Network.” SiriusXM had simulcast Finebaum’s show when it was on WJOX.”

Can you imagine Tammy or I-Man or Legend or maybe even All-Stars from the old days like Phyllis from Mulga or Don from Downtown on camera?

We could witness the “country-boy ass-kickings” live and in HD. The possibilities make the old Geraldo show and Jerry Springer look like Captain Kangaroo and Sesame Street.

OK, maybe that isn’t what ESPN has in mind, but the most recent update on the Paul Finebaum saga from makes the imagination run wild.

A Paul Finebaum television program could form the foundation of the much-anticipated SEC television network. What is more SEC than the most powerful media figure in the SEC and his band of faithful listeners? It would rivet attention year-round on the promised cable network.

That is probably a dream that will never happen, but it would be must see SEC TV.

Whatever Paul Finebaum decides to do with his show, WJOX’s days as the dominant sports talk station are clearly numbered. The Opening Drive is a joke when compared with 97.3’s morning show with Kevin Scarbinsky. Scarbinsky has an opinion unlike former Alabama quarterback Jay Barker—who rarely has an opinion on anything and appears to be the most unprepared radio personality in Birmingham. The Roundtable is not much better. LT is clearly the best part of that show, but his co-hosts steal too much airtime with their generic conversation.

Who lands Finebaum is open for speculation. The Birmingham News reported Finebaum has offers from at least three players.

There are some strikes against Cox and its handling of the entire The Zone launch. First, Cox executives talked too much too early about landing Finebaum for a show on The Zone. Did this complicate the legal proceedings between Finebaum and Cumulus? Perhaps. At the least, it showed management lacked a certain finesse needed to navigate the complicated contractual situation. Second, The Zone’s handling of the Eli Gold and Stan White show left much to be desired. While the station and hosts of the morning show said the hosts ended the show for personal reasons, it was clear the station did not support the show sufficiently during the critical formative time for the station. It takes time to build an audience in the Birmingham sports market. Ultimately, the move worked out as Scarbinsky is doing a superb job in the morning slot. However, these issues raise real questions about Cox management at the local and regional level.

Despite this, it is clear Finebaum has several real options for the next big move of his career.

Finebaum has mastered investigative journalism at the Post-Herald, mastered the art of commentary as a Post-Herald columnist and while at WERC and WJOX became the master of sports talk radio in Alabama.

More Finebaum on television could let him master that too.

The only question, will it be Finebaum as a talking head on typical ESPN sports product or will we get to see Finebaum and his radio cohorts.

Whatever happens, it will be fun to watch.

9 thoughts on “Finebaum TV has real possibilities”

    1. He is a great interviewer and honestly, I love hearing his opinions more than the callers. During the early days, his opinion drove the show more than callers. His opinion was usually filled with information about the inside situation involving schools.

      1. I agree. I quit listening to Finebaum so much because of the callers. I know that was part of what has driven his show to new heights, but I think I would like a more serious show based around his observations and great interviews with the various quality guests he can get and a lot less of the caller feuds with him stirring the pot.

  1. bob lochamy, don from downtown, B. O. B., roger from bessemer, eric ramsay promising paul he’d be back, tonya harding’s “refreshment chairman”, mike from center point, mildred, (i literally ran off the road laughing one afternoon listening to mildred’s story of getting a yeast infection from a coon dog that nosed her crotch while sitting on her front porch) the faux dustin hoffman interview, jim from crestwood, jim from tuscaloosa, shane, bobby from homewood, Iman, vicker’s laughing.


    1. He needs to bring back Vickers. He was great!

      The fake Dustin Hoffman interview is by far my favorite Lochamy moment. To think that idiot ran for mayor of Hoover.

  2. He needs to grow some shoulders if he’s gonna be a TV bubba. Mighty scrawny to be seen talking about sports – I guess it’s OK to just be heard that scrawny.

  3. I will offer something here. I am not any kind of expert …. but I known the parties involved. I want to state the obvious. There will be no record 7 figure contract. Not in this economy. No matter what his new 10 percenter Agent wants….. that is not going to happen. The divorce trail surfaced some disturbing facts. He never met his numbers or revenue to void the contract. The numbers are Industry recognized. Yes… they are ..suspect…. but it is what it is. The media properties in Birmingham … were put up for sale by Cox…… PFRN footprint is severely diminished by this. There will be no move to the Zone. To generate the money Paul needs …. he has got to be on a major radio network or Television. I am going to offer something that I think that is a reasonable bet….. Paul will be back on XM only…. until all the dubious pieces fall in. My best guess is that Pat Dye Jr. — the ex- agent….. agreed to a no compete for XM … that was a tactical mistake….. I think that he will have to syndicate the show for Radio…… to get the audience…… and go the CBS- Brando route…. to supplement……. I close this by stating the obvious….. he is not going to get 7 figures….. I hope he does… because I want to see all friends do well….. as far as these “entertainment ” callers that Ray referenced as noteworthy…… they are pond scum.

  4. JOX had no competition for too long and got lazy. The mid day shows talked more about what they watched on television last night than sports.

    Scab has reinvented himself and is like Finebaum light. Why he took so long (and abuse from just his articles) is a mystery. He and FBomb at the same station will be undisputed leader.

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