For those following the NCAA investigation of the University of Miami, the Notice of Allegations will be delayed, the NCAA announced today.

In a statement, the NCAA announced, “Former NCAA enforcement staff members worked with the criminal defense attorney for Nevin Shapiro to improperly obtain information for the purposes of the NCAA investigation through a bankruptcy proceeding that did not involve the NCAA.”

According to the release available at the NCAA’s website, “As it does not have subpoena power, the NCAA does not have the authority to compel testimony through procedures outside of its enforcement program. Through bankruptcy proceedings, enforcement staff gained information for the investigation that would not have been accessible otherwise.”

As this relates to the Miami case, the NCAA said, “As it relates to the Miami investigation, the NCAA will not move forward with a Notice of Allegations until all the facts surrounding this issue are known.”

This will delay knowing the fate of former Miami coaches and assistant coaches who were alleged to have violated NCAA rules.

Last night, reports surfaced that Alabama offensive line coach Jeff Stoutland may avoid any serious penalties from the NCAA because of his cooperation with investigators.

This delays final resolution of his and other coaches’ NCAA fate.

It also will raise serious questions about the entire NCAA enforcement process. In light of recent NCAA failures including the Auburn-Cam Newton scandal, fans wonder if the NCAA takes it rules seriously. While the NCAA continues its investigation of Auburn’s recruiting practices under the Gene Chizik coaching staff with an emphasis on Memphis, it appears the NCAA’s internal investigation could undermine a range of enforcement efforts. Only time will tell.

11 thoughts on “BREAKING: NCAA to delay Notice of Allegations to Miami”

    1. LOL. What is it now Vol, SEVEN IN A ROW?

      I’d list all the scores BUT I CAN’T KEEP UP WITH THEM ALL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      1. I don’t mind listing them! Here they are:

        2007 Alabama 41 Tennessee 17
        2008 Alabama 29 Tennessee 9
        2009 Alabama 12 Tennessee 10
        2010 Alabama 41 Tennessee 10
        2011 Alabama 37 Tennessee 6
        2012 Alabama 44 Tennessee 13

        Total Score: Alabama 204 – UT 65

        Talk about domination! 5 absolute beatdowns and one close call (with the known CHEATER Kiffin coaching). Of course Bama also has won 3 National Championships along the way, and UT has had 3 coaches, going on 4 now. And an end to the streak has no end in sight either! More than likely the beatings will worsen.

  1. this should not come as a shock to any Alabama fan with memory of the jelks investigation in the early ’90’s.

    after the investigation was complete and the enforcement arm was deliberating, they added an additional charge breaking their own written protocol.

    (that kind of thing will tend to happen when you toss and ncaa investigator out of your office. see: gene stallings)

    as a result of the additional charge, an inordinate number of scholarships was taken and while the charge was dropped on appeal, we never got back a fair number of scholarships in return.

    (originally penalized 29 over three years, got back nine on appeal)

    that investigation was a complete disaster for alabama in that no violations were discovered involving jelks. problems arose when in the course of the investigation it was discovered that antonio langham had signed with an agent after the ’93 Sugar Bowl and the ncaa felt alabama had tried to cover it up.

    and had gene stallings or AD hootie ingram picked up a phone and reported the situation when they had suspicion, the entire matter might have been settled by sitting langham two or three games in ’93.

    regardless, alabama’s actions during the investigation set a tone, where in the ncaa’s zeal to slam alabama, they broke their own rules.

    few remember alabama was the first program to win back ANYTHING on appeal.

    of course, one could argue that considering events after that investigation, we really didn’t win anything.

  2. agreeing with miami – no true buying of players – just an atmosphere of a paid party lifestyle to croots and players – so medium punishment warranted ….between socal and ohio st punishment

  3. It’s a well known fact that in the Albert Means case the NCAA used information that was gsthered by the FBI in their Tax Fraud investigation of the involved parties. That information would never have been available to the NCAA otherwise. Emmert should make all NCAA bullshit retroactive and give Bama bach all of those forfeited wins. Bastards. RTR!

  4. Living in the shadow of Bama’s DYNASTY must be a living hell for the Vile. I,m surprised he, it, hasn’t commited suicide. Sure would hate to be his wife, kid, dog now days. Wonder if he’s temporarily switched allegiances to aTm so he can claim a victory over us. Bwaa Haww Haww. RTR!

  5. Vol the first one on here. Cold up there where you are,Boy? W hat you need to do is take your butt back to Tennessee. Oh no wait it’s cold there too. RTR.

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