Mike Slive provided an SEC TV Network Update during his remarks at SEC Media Days 2013. Slive said the SEC Network “continues to take shape” as the SEC and its partner ESPN continue the planning to launch the network. Here is your SEC TV Network Update from Slive.

SEC TV Network Update
SEC TV Network Update
“This week ESPN will finish its initial technical site surveys on each of our campuses. This process will maximize the number of events available to our fans across all SEC sports,” Slive said. “We anticipate that we will eclipse our initial target of 550 digital events in the early years of the network. That’s, of course, in addition to our 450 events on television.”

Slive promised that distribution was a priority for the SEC TV Network.

“Needless to say, distribution for the network continues to be a focus,” Slive said in his SEC TV Network Update delivered at SEC Media Days. “Beyond the AT&T U-verse agreement, discussion with all major cable and satellite and Telco distributors are ongoing. Our emphasis is building the most attractive content in programming lineup we can for fans and distributors of the network.”

Slive promoted some of the features SEC fans can expect from the network during his SEC TV Network Update.

We have already mentioned that on each Saturday in the fall, the SEC Network will televise three football games, our triple-header. In addition, the Network will feature a signature two-hour on-site pregame show. The show will broadcast live every Saturday from a different SEC campus over the course of the season, including our championship game,” Slive said. “In addition to in-depth game analysis and commentary about all of our games, we will focus on traditions, rituals and spirit that distinguishes the SEC and each of its member institutions. We are committed to bring the full color and passion of SEC football and SEC sport to the entire nation.”

Bringing that full color and passion must be why the SEC Network selected Paul Finebaum to join the team. There is no better way to experience the flavor of life in the SEC than listening to Paul Finebaum’s radio program.

Regarding SEC programing beyond live events, Slive said the SEC continues to work “with ESPN to build our legacy of storytelling.” SEC figures like Sly Croom have been featured in documentaries that have aired on SEC networks like ESPNU.