Paul Finebaum SEC Network Show details; Gene Chizik coming to SiriusXM

Paul Finebaum appeared on ESPNU during the afternoon session and talked not only about SEC football, but about his new radio show on the SEC Network. The Paul Finebaum SEC Network show will be somewhat different from his traditional format for the old Finebaum.

The Paul Finebaum SEC Network Show will be broader than his old Birmingham show.

The old Finebaum show was based in Birmingham and provided a strong focus on Alabama and Auburn. The new Paul Finebaum SEC Network Show will go beyond that paradigm.

“It is going to be a broader show,” Finebaum said.

Broader means more coverage for all the SEC.

“We realize there are 14 teams in this conference,” Finebaum said. He went on to promise to talk about “the other 12 teams” beyond Alabama and Auburn on the Paul Finebaum SEC Network Show.

I suppose this means less time for Country Boy Butt Whippings and Larry Langford interviews. Oh, Langford is in prison? Make that Richard Scrushy singing. Prison too? Harvey Updyke is out of jail.

Not to brag, but earlier this year before the ESPN deal was announced, I speculated about Finebaum TV.

The Paul Finebaum SEC Network Show will be different, but so was the Finebaum experience when it expanded to include satellite radio listeners. While the topics broadened, college football drove the program. Never fear Alabama fans, since the Alabama Crimson Tide is the most important program in the SEC and all of college football, you will get lots of Alabama discussion on the Paul Finebaum SEC Network Show.

Gene Chizik gets a radio show

Finebaum wasn’t the only radio news to come out today. According to Brett McMurphy on Twitter, “Former Auburn coach Gene Chizik will host a show this fall on @SiriusXMCollege radio.”

Gene Chizik on the radio.

I wonder what questions Alabama, Mississippi State and other SEC fans might want to ask him. Do you think Cam Newton might get mentioned?

Every day.

365 days a year.

This is so going to work out perfectly.

What do you fans want to ask Gene Chizik? Who plans on listening?