Paul Finebaum returns to WJOX

Friday means the end of the work week, and Paul Finebaum returns to WJOX. It is a triumphant return for Finebaum in a guest spot on the Roundtable. According to twitter, Paul Finebaum will be on WJOX at 2:30 p.m., and the segment will include phone calls.

Paul Finebaum returns to WJOX

It is can’t miss radio.

You know Jonna Chizik and Kristi Malzahn will be listening. Intently.

No doubt, Mrs. Chizik will be taking notes for Gene Chizik’s new SirisXM talk show. Speaking of Gene’s show on SiriusXM, what idiot came up with this idea? It makes the Chevy Chase late night talk show or Pat Sajak’s late night show seem like smart choices. Has Gene Chizik ever said anything remotely interesting? I’m sure his new contract is A God Thing(tm), but I’m forced to wonder what this country did to deserve Gene Chizik radio. Gitmo? Nah. Not bad enough to warrant this level of smiting.

Mrs. Malzahn will be listening to make sure Finebaum doesn’t show any bias against Auburn. If he does, then Finebaum better look out or he’ll be in for a tongue lashing like Mrs. Malzahn administered to him after the 2009 Iron Bowl.

While a guest spot might not be enough for fans to get their Finebaum fix, it is at least a start, and it is a sure sign that football season is near.

Finebaum left WJOX and is now with ESPN and a keystone of the soon-to-be-launched SEC Network. Finebaum is so important to the SEC property, an ESPN VP speaking at SEC Media Days 2013 talked about Paul Finebaum.

Paul Finebaum is kind of a big deal.

The Paul Finebaum show is likely to appear on WJOX and launch on August 14, according to reports. A person familiar with the situation told the Capstone Report that The Paul Finebaum Show website would likely be managed by ESPN despite a local syndication agreement between ESPN and Cumulus to carry the show.

In any event, be sure to listen to WJOX if you want to hear Finebaum’s take on the biggest stories in college football. Who knows, the caller segment could be very entertaining unlike most everything else on Birmingham sports radio these days. Thankfully, this event is just a prelude to when Paul Finebaum returns to WJOX for good.