Urban Meyer: mad genius or drama queen
By Shane from Centerpoint

A race driver hits the wall extremely hard. A bull–rider gets slammed and stomped. A batter takes a fastball on the chin. Inevitably, it usually takes some “down time” before these athletes are back to full speed, especially from a mental standpoint. Ditto for University of Florida football coach Urban Meyer. He just hasn’t been himself since he was run over by Nick Saban and his Crimson Elephants in the SEC championship game.

That fateful night in the Georgia Dome provided the nation with a unique opportunity to witness Urban Meyer’s demeanor when facing imminent defeat. Quite frankly, he was a mess in front of the cameras. Meyer left doubt in the minds of everybody by looking confused and frustrated all night long.

Immediately after the championship loss, Urban apparently had some medical issues that landed him in the hospital. Ultimately, he decided he was going to take a leave of absence from coaching. I don’t know if it’s a world record or not, but his break lasted exactly one day.

That was the first sign of trouble. Something happened to the normally strong leader who is always ready to make key split-second decisions; who always positively affects his football team and the thousands of loyal fans who follow Gator football.

Anyway, I can’t seem to put a finger on the reasoning behind Urban’s daily recruiting “soap opera” prior to this year’s national signing day. Meyer spent the last few days leading up to signing day locking up commitments by acting like he was coming back from somewhere far away to save the day.

The whole thing left me thinking that Meyer was after an academy award for best performance. Here was Uncle Urban – a guy who wanted out after Alabama crushed his Gators – back in the homes of young athletes promising to guide them on their mission in life. Isn’t this the guy who just quit his job and restarted it again within 24 hours?

Seriously, I don’t know what the rest of this paragraph says about the current state of society, but all the antics, all the shenanigans, and all the drama displayed by Urban during his dilemma reeled in the best recruiting class in the country.

In fact, Meyer almost had me going. Maybe the whole “I’m in – I’m out” thing was an elaborate scheme designed to throw off all the other coaches (and me) while he quietly signed the very best players in the nation.

Creative recruiting aside, Meyer seemed okay after he finally revealed that he was going to lead the team through spring practice. Everything was in cruise control, with the Gators out hitting the grass for drills.

Well, it didn’t take long for Meyer’s emotional issue (stress) to surface again. Just after one of his players made a controversial statement to the press that created a firestorm, Meyer decided to go “street” on the first reporter who published the comments.

I’m sure that Urban Meyer’s acting like a thug – threatening a reporter – while on camera isn’t exactly the picture that Florida Athletic Director Jeremy Foley wants broadcast to the college football world.

Or, maybe he does.

Update: The current Florida football players have been speaking out for their coach. They believe that Urban was just showing extreme love for the player. They say they are very proud of his behavior.

Wait a minute. That’s not what Meyer expects his players to do to media members who print something they don’t agree with, is it?

Do you get my original point yet? On the lighter side, I believe Urban Meyer has “Sabanitis”. One thing’s for sure, Meyer has to face his nemesis (Coach Saban) again on October 2nd, 2010 in Bryant-Denny stadium. I wonder if he’ll attack Nick’s new statue if Florida loses the game? About that last question, I’m just kidding Mr. Meyer, sir!
—Shane writes a weekly column for the Call News and the Capstone Report.

25 thoughts on “Shane: On Urban Meyer”

  1. I think losing Tebow and the SECCG is what took its toll on urban. Florida and Urban hadn’t been beaten like that since Shula did it. the expectations for that team and it being Tebows last shot all caught up with Urban after the beatdown. I wonder what hes gonna do after we beat them twice this year?

  2. Shane I am sure that the SEC title game took a toll on him, but you bammerneck idiots need to get real. Nick Saban has nothing to do with Urban Meyer’s health issues. These issues are issues that have been building up probably before Saban even left LSU to go run Miami into the ground. We all know how that SEC title game went down. Bama dominated the game, but Charlie Strong’s mind was on Louisville, and Carlos Dunlap’s suspension hurt Florida as well. Dunlap plays and there could’ve been a different result. However, it is in the past. Bama’s little run is over and I can’t wait until Urban drills yall a new asshole in Tuscaloosa and we will see how much you smartass rednecks talk then. WAR DAMN EAGLE!

  3. Would somebody please change “SCREW’S” Trooper Taylor “DIAPER”.

    I’m not going to change “SCREW’S Trooper Taylor “DIAPER” though, you can forget that.

    Because when BABIES “CRY” like that, it’s gotta be worse than shoveling COW MANURE in GENERAL ROBERT E. LEE COUNTY (AUBURN).





  4. In all seriousness, does anyone else think that unless Meyer gets some help with his anxiety issues that he will either go Woody Hayes on somebody or have a major medical problem. The man seems truly sick and I am afraid it will end badly for him.

  5. Taxman,

    In all seriousness, so now your worried about Urban Meyer??????????

    I didn’t think you would have any time to worry about anyboby else other than your boy Bobby Lowder.

    Let me give you some advice Taxman (aka Bobby Lowders boy) if you want to worry about somebodys health, worry about our soldier’s heath fighting for us over sea’s and not some multi-millionaire that could retire any time he wants!!!

    Now come back at me with a good lie!! It will make you feel better!!!!





  6. First off I am an Alabama fan. I vaguely remember saying that I felt badly for Lowder having lost the business he built. My family owns a small business that we have put 60 years into. The thought of losing something that you have put that much of yourself into is appalling regardless of your wealth. As far as Meyer is concerned sometimes it is not all about football. There is this little thing called human decency that has nothing to do with NC’s, SEC’s or Heisman’s. The man is sick and needs help and if you find that amusing, so do you.

  7. Taxman,

    You’re an Idiot !!!!!!

    If Bobby Lowder hadn’t been obessed with GREED he still would have his BANKS and those ex employees would still have their jobs and 401ks. There is a reason why Bobby Lowder is getting sued by mutipile entities.

    By the way, did you know most BANKS didn’t FAIL or need WELFARE from the federal government?

    Taxman, you need to worry a lot more about our Soldier’s over sea’s DYING for us and not a multi-millionaire that can retire any time he wants!!!!

    Get your PRIORITIES straight !!!!





  8. I an a CPA and like I said my family owns a successful small business, however, feel free to explain the financial markets to me. Also I would still like for you to point out when I lied.

  9. Dude, nobody is going to beat us this year. Our ” little run” is just getting started. What are you gonna do when Kentucky whips your ass AGAIN!

  10. Sprrier and Dabo are gonna drill yall a new one too! You already know what we’re gonna do to yall in T-Town!

  11. What he did was just an Old Coaches Ploy. Create an Incident to prove his love and protection of his players.
    You would think that people would understand Jedi Mind Tricks.
    At least it fed the “National Audience”.

  12. AFlorida couldn’t have beaten us if they had 11 fucking Carlos Dunlaps on the field any more than we would have lost if Rolando McClain hadn’t played. And Ro’s much better than Dunlap. As far as our run asshole, we’re just getting started tallying up National Championships. Get used to it. RTR!


    Your moral victory run is also over. Nick Saban was looking ahead to Florida, and Gus Malzahn (not Gene Cheez-whiz) almost got him. However, even on a day when Alabama didn’t show up, they still beat A-Barn’s ass.

    Don’t worry, he won’t overlook Malzahn next year and he’ll continue his annual beatdown of the Barnie Tigers in 2010.

    But hey… there’s always basketball with Barbie Doll right?

  14. YO! Like I said last week; fellow Bammers, ain’t it GREAT to be ENVIED again? I LOVE IT!!! RTR!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  16. Yeah dude, the team that hasn’t lost in two fucking years is gonna finish fourth. NOBODY IN THE COUNTRY IS GONNA BEAT ALABAMA. THIS WILL BE AS GOOD A TEAM AS 09 OR BETTER. DREAM ON

  17. Kosmocramer,

    Will Urban retire again when Saban beats his ass in Bryant-Denny this year? Heck, even if UF does win the East, he may not even make it to the championship game. I wouldn’t want a rematch with Saban either. 😀

    How’s those Tebow Tears going for you guys these days?

  18. You’re right, estomp. It doesn’t matter at all that Bama loses 9 starters on defense. Guys like Rolando McClain, Javier Arenas, Terrence Cody, Marquis Johnson, Kareem Jackson, Justin Woodall; those guys are a dime a dozen. Bama will be much better in 2010 than it was in 09.

  19. “We all know how that SEC title game went down. Bama dominated the game, but Charlie Strong’s mind was on Louisville, and Carlos Dunlap’s suspension hurt Florida as well.”

    That would be well and good, but Strong didn’t even interview with Louisville until after the SEC Championship. Yes, UL AD Tom Jurich was in Florida doing his due diligence on Strong during Championship Week, but didn’t contact him for an interview until after the game, so Strong’s “mind being on Louisville” while `Bama was running roughshod on Strong’s D is not accurate.

  20. I’m just sitting here watching the wheels go ’round and ‘rouuuunnnndddd …

    I sit back and laugh at the “competition” that spews vomit at the winners in the world.

    Crimson will prevail in the future and more.

    Crystal bitches.

  21. Taxman…..Crimson Brother is a dummy….Not your run of the mill dummy. But a Lamont Sanford version of a dummy. Like Fred used to tell him “you a dummy”…….He is a typical bammer. Bobby Lowder + Auburn = C.B. hopes he rots in his misery. He dont even know the man or the situation of the business dealings at that time. All he thinks about is his hatred for 6 in a row.

    As far as Shanes article goes. Urban Meyer is not “skeered” of Nick Saban. He has the same # of BCS championships…Its not like he sucks as a coach, O.K.

    And no, Bama is not responsible ( no matter how much you idiots wish you were) for his health issues. Anyone who has a stresfull job ( most of you necks dont even have one , so you dont have a clue as to what Im tlking about) can relate to what he went through. Urban got to a point where he realized he needed to make changes. He obviously has. If this works out for the better, and he reduces his stress level, Florida could be even better than before.

    You losers need to get a grip.

  22. You know you’re on top when barners post on Capstone report to defend gatords. RTR!!

  23. Losers? LOSERS? I think Plays With His Balls is intentionally acting stupid. Nobody could really be that stone cold dumb and still be breathing. Check again Barnstorm. 13 National Championships, 22 SEC Championships, the most 10+ win seasons in history, the most bowl wins in history (fuck the NZAA’s vacated wins), and a dominating winning record against all SEC teams past and present. You only need to look on the other side of the state to find the real losers. RTR!

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