Shane: On Urban Meyer

Urban Meyer: mad genius or drama queen
By Shane from Centerpoint

A race driver hits the wall extremely hard. A bull–rider gets slammed and stomped. A batter takes a fastball on the chin. Inevitably, it usually takes some “down time” before these athletes are back to full speed, especially from a mental standpoint. Ditto for University of Florida football coach Urban Meyer. He just hasn’t been himself since he was run over by Nick Saban and his Crimson Elephants in the SEC championship game.

That fateful night in the Georgia Dome provided the nation with a unique opportunity to witness Urban Meyer’s demeanor when facing imminent defeat. Quite frankly, he was a mess in front of the cameras. Meyer left doubt in the minds of everybody by looking confused and frustrated all night long.

Immediately after the championship loss, Urban apparently had some medical issues that landed him in the hospital. Ultimately, he decided he was going to take a leave of absence from coaching. I don’t know if it’s a world record or not, but his break lasted exactly one day.

That was the first sign of trouble. Something happened to the normally strong leader who is always ready to make key split-second decisions; who always positively affects his football team and the thousands of loyal fans who follow Gator football.

Anyway, I can’t seem to put a finger on the reasoning behind Urban’s daily recruiting “soap opera” prior to this year’s national signing day. Meyer spent the last few days leading up to signing day locking up commitments by acting like he was coming back from somewhere far away to save the day.

The whole thing left me thinking that Meyer was after an academy award for best performance. Here was Uncle Urban – a guy who wanted out after Alabama crushed his Gators – back in the homes of young athletes promising to guide them on their mission in life. Isn’t this the guy who just quit his job and restarted it again within 24 hours?

Seriously, I don’t know what the rest of this paragraph says about the current state of society, but all the antics, all the shenanigans, and all the drama displayed by Urban during his dilemma reeled in the best recruiting class in the country.

In fact, Meyer almost had me going. Maybe the whole “I’m in – I’m out” thing was an elaborate scheme designed to throw off all the other coaches (and me) while he quietly signed the very best players in the nation.

Creative recruiting aside, Meyer seemed okay after he finally revealed that he was going to lead the team through spring practice. Everything was in cruise control, with the Gators out hitting the grass for drills.

Well, it didn’t take long for Meyer’s emotional issue (stress) to surface again. Just after one of his players made a controversial statement to the press that created a firestorm, Meyer decided to go “street” on the first reporter who published the comments.

I’m sure that Urban Meyer’s acting like a thug – threatening a reporter – while on camera isn’t exactly the picture that Florida Athletic Director Jeremy Foley wants broadcast to the college football world.

Or, maybe he does.

Update: The current Florida football players have been speaking out for their coach. They believe that Urban was just showing extreme love for the player. They say they are very proud of his behavior.

Wait a minute. That’s not what Meyer expects his players to do to media members who print something they don’t agree with, is it?

Do you get my original point yet? On the lighter side, I believe Urban Meyer has “Sabanitis”. One thing’s for sure, Meyer has to face his nemesis (Coach Saban) again on October 2nd, 2010 in Bryant-Denny stadium. I wonder if he’ll attack Nick’s new statue if Florida loses the game? About that last question, I’m just kidding Mr. Meyer, sir!
—Shane writes a weekly column for the Call News and the Capstone Report.