Statement from Alabama Head Coach Nick Saban released by UA

Andre Smith has been suspended from participating in the Sugar Bowl due to a violation of team rules and policies. The University of Alabama, the team and the football program are more important than any individual player. Everyone on our team depends on each other to be responsible, to make good choices and decisions relative to their actions.

Andre Smith has done an outstanding job in our program as a person, student and a player and we will do all we can as an institution to support him in all future endeavors.

Our priority and focus as a team is to play the best football game of the season in this Sugar Bowl, and to support our players to overcome any adversity this unfortunate situation has created.

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2 thoughts on “Andre Smith suspended”

  1. I wonder what he did. Hes never been in trouble before. A stand up guy. I would speculate hes probably talked to an agent or something. He was going pro anyhow.

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