Auburn hired Gus Malzahn and the disgruntled Auburn family is now rapturously heralding the hire. You would think Malzahn was the second coming of some type of offensive guru.

Oh wait. The last guru didn’t work so well. However, everyone in the media has declared Malzahn a success.

“He’ll work out better because he’ll control the offense,” the talking heads declare. “He’ll have committed assistants,” others said.


Malzahn’s history with Houston Nutt should generate concern and not orgasmic relief.

Malzahn wasn’t able to subordinate his desires for the good of the team. Did his time at Tulsa help? We’ll find out in the coming months. He certainly can’t do worse than the original guru did on the Plains.

What will be more important for Auburn’s success is what kind of leader Chizik can be. The initial returns should worry Auburn fans.

Kevin Scarbinsky provided details on Chizik’s kissing hands meeting with Auburn. Chizik supplicated to every Auburn demand. He even conducted negotiations without his agent. Chizik was begging for a job and surrendered every power imaginable in his begging. Chizik also appears to have severed ties with Jimmy Sexton, according to Scarbinsky.

Chizik sounds more like Mike Dubose than a qualified coaching candidate. A bum standing on the side of the road with the sign Will Work for Food has more pride than this guy. If Pat Dye and Bobby Lowder had asked him to bend over, he would’ve had the lube ready.

Chizik has no power at Auburn, and everyone in coaching knows it. That is why Stacy Searles stayed at Georgia. Who wants to coach on the Plains for one, two or three years amidst the train wreck? Chizik can’t lead the Auburn program because he has no power. He can’t enforce accountability. Without accountability a program can’t succeed.

Auburn fans are rallying ‘round the flag now, but they should demand regime change at the highest levels for the good of Auburn. Auburn’s leadership created this Chizik. Fans shouldn’t forget that.

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18 thoughts on “Malzahn hire doesn’t clean up Chizik mess”

  1. A wee bit wound up are we ? Sheesh.

    Yes, our boosters have too much power. Name one CFB program that doesnt cope with that problem. Bama you say ? Hardly my friend. Baby Bahr had a stranglehold on yalls throat for years, “Keepin ut amongst da famlee” …..Remember……

    Ten years of Bama train wreckage and a fed up fanbase is what it took for yall to see the light. Only a hardnose like Saban couldve saved you. Yall had a four leaf clover stuck up yalls tails when he came to town. But that being as it is, it worked out well for yall. A 12-1 season at Bama will have the necks worshiping him by the thousands.

    Back to Auburn. Im not sold on Malzahn. Why ? Cause Im not sold on the spread. We are appearantly sold out on this offense. Two years of recruiting in it, two coordinators coaching it, A great head coach fired over it. We dang well better not halfway go to it like last year.

    I think that Chizik may do a little better than expected. Hes hungry. Tubbs did get a little complacent. Ask Muschamp. Ask Franklin. Franklin wasnt allowed to coach. Thats why the “system” looked so crappy.

    Everrybody says that hes a great coach, but they said that about Franklin too.

  2. A wee bit wound up are we ? Sheesh.

    I’m only on my 10th cup of coffee today!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I believe things are better for Auburn today than yesterday, but it all hinges on how independent Chizik can be….and if he has learned how to manage a program.

  3. Thats right… The GUS.
    And there are going to be some big changes around here in Opelika.
    First we will run a fast-paced No-huddle offense that will wear our opponents down. The SEC hasnt seen the like of a Gus Malzahn before. And then we will spread the field, throwing to the ball to 12-15 recievers every game. Chewing up huge amounts of yardage and scoring garish numbers. I will be a God. I am a God. I am the all-knowing all-seeing merciless God/Guru of the spread offense…BOW DOWN BEFORE ME!! NOW!

  4. At a Coache”s meeting today in Auburn. Coach/Chaplain Chette Williams showed up in a tutu.

    Back to you, Cappy.

  5. Gus Says: The SEC hasnt seen the like of a Gus Malzahn before. Is that a joke. Urban Meyer just avg. 41 (330 total points) a game in conference. I repeat, in conference. Malzahn avg. 41 (326 total points) a game in conference. SEC vs. CUSA. What do you think is tougher. These are rhetorical questions, hence no question mark for my Awbarn friends. So, I think we’ve seen it before. How about Spurrier in the 90’s. From 1977-80, BAMA avg. 32 a game in conference running the wishbone. In a defensive era. Once again, we’ve seen it before. By the way, Tulsa lost 3 of their last 5, including to Arkansas. It seems an average SEC defense had no problem with Malzahn.

  6. To explain the diffeerence between Gus and Tony F. Ill use this little analogy……..

    Gus and Tony were out hunting and decided to return to the camp. While crossing a bridge, Gus said ” Uh, I gotta take a leak”. So Tony said , “Yeah, me too”. They proceeded to take that leak when Tony said ” Wow, thats some cold water right there”. To his suprise Gus said ” Yeah………Its pretty deep too”……

    THAT is the difference between Gus and Tony.

  7. Come on, Cappy. I know it’s fun to bash Auburn at every turn right now (God knows we’re givin’ you bammers plenty of ammo), but you’ve got to admit that Malzahn was a good hire. I fully realize it was Conference USA, but sheesh, that’s the conference his freakin team played in. He can’t help that. I’m particularly impressed/surprised that Tulsa has finished in the top 10 in the nation the last 2 years in both running and passing. I wouldn’t have thought that could have been possible.

  8. Malzahn does suck, you’re right. Sure wish we would have gone with a real coach like Major Applewhite. There’s always next year….

  9. So glad to have you providing such expert football analysis. Perhaps you should turn your blog over to someone who’s blind. They’d have a better chance of providing meaningful football commentary than you.

  10. Yeah, Malzahn ended up being the saving grace for Auburn this season (besides Cam). Who would have thunk it? Now, just imagine what it is going to be like with out Cam and an offensive line next season. Malzahn should have sold high, so he still has the potential to end up looking like a dumbass.




  12. The 2010 BCS game will be the highest rated game since the BCS began, no question. As for this Capstone report article written in December 2008, it shows what dumbass arrogant bama rednecks know, NOTHING. Feel the pain and bleed Bama bleed from the IB game this year and understand this – AU is STILL kicking your ass even with little nicky saban. That cut was severely deep and it will hurt for many decades to come. WAR EAGLE BABY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. au is a bunch of skanky cheauters to compete

    36 0
    bama 21 3 sec record

    au 14 10 with 8 vacates lmao

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