AP: Coach Nick Saban announced the suspension Monday, and it could signal the end to the Outland Trophy winner’s college career. The junior is expected to be one of the top players selected in the NFL draft if he opts to skip his final season at Alabama. AP story below. More information as the story develops. Read Nick Saban’s statement on the Smith suspension. UPDATED: New AP story appended below.

4 thoughts on “AP: Smith suspension could end college career”

  1. My gut reaction is that Andre violated the Rules on orders from his Agent. What is the point of getting hurt when you are on the cusp of being an multi- millionaire ?

  2. Puto, its called fullfilling an obligation. Being part of a team. Or, in general, not being a greedy P.O.S.


  3. They just ran the crawl on ESPN @ 4:10 – “improper dealings with Agent”.
    Gut was right. Yeah . It all sucks in a perfect world yet …..

  4. I love college football, but just add this to the pile of bull crap we have to put up with as fans. It won’t affect the game’s outcome…we still extend our record to 7-1 inside the Dome…but it is a shame. He was going pro anyway, so it just cuts his career short by one game.

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