editor’s note: Hope everyone had a great Christmas. Regular contributor Intheknow72 sent this Christmas poem in Christmas Eve; however, I didn’t check my email until late Christmas day and am only now posting it for your holiday enjoyment.

Tis the night before Christmas,
And all is at rest,
For after a decade of stumbling,
Bama’s finally the best,

Best in blocking and tackling,
In recruiting and class,
Best in running the ball down your throat,
Then killing you with the play action pass

We’ve got the best coach,
The consensus has spoken,
For he’s taken every award,
Our opponents’ wills he has broken,

From the lecturn he promised,
We would dominate,
Now almost two years later,
Auburn has fallen prostrate,

First Bowden got fired,
Then Fat Phillip fell,
Then Sylvester…then Tubby…
All that’s left is the history to tell,

And thirty-six to nothing,
The champs beat the dumb,
But this game simply was a foreshadowing,
Of the next nine to come,

Saban caused Auburn to panic,
Not once, but yes, twice,
With an OC’s hiring and firing,
They rolled the dice,

And then they fired Tubby,
Citing he seemed to lack,
And then hired Gene Chizik…Gene Chizik!

Our rivals, they hate us,
And cheered when we lost,
The Gators played perfect,
Tim Tebow was boss

But this was only the beginning,
As our talent continues to rise,
2008 will be remembered,
As the season of surprise

When a team filled with character,
Bought into a plan,
And played unified,
Behind one incredible man,

A foundation was laid,
As the scoffers fell away,
And Alabama climbed back to the top,
Each football Saturday

And stompings and beatdowns,
Though fun to take in,
Will lead to the big prize,
Championships we will win

So as we approach Christmas,
It’s really about Christ,
And the birth of a Savior,
Offering forgiveness and paradise,

But after this and my family,
The best gift I’ll unwrap,
Is the realization that Bama is a force again,
And Auburn isn’t worth a crap.

Merry Christmas to all the Bammers, and to the Aubsessed Family! —Intheknow72

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18 thoughts on “A Bama Christmas poem”

  1. Pretty typical…intheknow writes a poem that a 5th grader could have come up with, half of it being about Auburn, then closes with a statement that Auburn fans are obsessed. It’s really kinda sad that you’re so blinded by your own self pity that you don’t even realize your own hypocrisy, intheknow.

  2. Julio, I have come to believe that you ARE in 5th grade, because what you try to string together as intelligent thought on here gets lost in your own stupidity.

    “Blinded by my own self pity?”

    What do I have to pity towards myself, and how might said “pity” blind me? That doesn’t come within two counties of making sense.

    The only thing I have to pity is your ridiculous program that has embarrassed itself for possibly the final time. Auburn cannot recover from this mess. Your precious paper tigers will not be a player in college football again until Barrack Obama has served out his second term, at the earliest. Say hello to the cellar for me, Julio.

    And please don’t let your own hate and frustration lead you to write more blather on here. You really do not make sense when you write.

    Here’s 36-0 and 12-1 with the the nation’s youngest team returning next year to ya! Happy New Year! And Happy Chizikwa!

  3. And once again, Felacio (my name for Julio to all the newcomers here), proof that you are Aubsessed is, my poem THAT YOU READ ON AN ALABAMA SITE

  4. Felacio?

    You’re Aubsessed.

    AND your program sucks. It sucks to be you right now, and at least for the next decade, Felacio.

  5. wow…4 different posts in response to my two sentence reply about an elementary poem that was the modern day equivalent of “what’s my name, puddintame, ask me again and I’ll say the same.” Good thing no one can realize that I got under your skin there , intheknow.

    P.S. You can now post your usual baseless reply that states you “own me”, or some predictable zinger about ironing your shirt. That’ll mask the fact that you spent half of your first post talking about Auburn, and then posted a novel in response to my 2 sentence post. BTW, you do realize Bama is playing in the Sugar Bowl in a few days, dontcha? Guess you’re more concerned with Auburn than that game.

  6. I do own you, Felacio. And here, I’ll admit it.

    I LOVE the fact Auburn is our bitch again. LOVE it.

    I LOVE the fact that your school is a second-rate Ole Miss.

    I LOVE that we drubbed you 36-0, and that you NEVER even sniffed the redzone.

    I LOVE that you hired a total boner of a head coach who would NEVER be considered ANYWHERE but A-BARN.

    I LOVE the fact that your school has been tagged nationally as racist, and that your most prominent alum is spewing that fact every chance he gets.

    And I LOVE that your only NC is now 52 years old, and we’ll win at least one in the next 3-5 years.

    I LOVE that we’re playing in a BCS Championship series game some 13 months removed from you hoisting that sixth finger in the air, and that’s the closest thing you’ll ever get to greatness.

    I LOVE that while we’re on national TV, luring more Julio Joneses of the college football world, your Mike Dubose of a head coach is still trying to hire assistant #3, and luring talent that Samford wouldn’t touch.

    I LOVE that it’s basketball season in Auburn and THE University of Alabama is still playing football.

    I LOVE that your school was ridiculed for firing a proven winner.

    I LOVE that I LIVE under your skin, and that you are relegated to hoping your piece of crap program can upset the likes of Vandy and Arkansas.

    I LOVE that AU is again the laughing stock of the SEC.

    I LOVE that Doug Barfield is back on the plains, and that Bear Bryant reincarnate is back in Tuscaloosa.

    I LOVE that you LIVE on an Alabama website, and deny your Aubsession in Alabama football.

    I LOVE that you accuse me of being obsessed with Auburn when it’s YOU that come HERE to engage me.

    And I LOVE that I whip your candy ass every time we encounter each other.

    Now hurry, Felecio! Count my words, lines and paragraphs and make some lame response. But the fact is, I just bent you over again.

    Now go make me a sandwich, bitch.

  7. Must be taking you a long time to think of something REEEAAALLLY good to say this time. I can’t wait; please hurry.

  8. Intheknow……….I thought the poem was funny.

    Then I read the responses to julio.

    Wow………….You got some issues.

  9. Ballplay, i’m a little concerned about even responding to intheknow anymore…he’s starting to seem like the kind of guy that would track someone down and shoot them with an uzi just because someone insulted his alias on a website. kinda sad, kinda scary…

  10. And he is a contributor to this epic blog………Its all about the Bama CLASS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. LOVE the fact that your school has been tagged nationally as racist, and that your most prominent alum is spewing that fact every chance he gets.


    Sorry 5th grade just had to get it right cuase YOU WERE 3 COUNTIES away from the TRUTH!!!

  12. Ballplay, how am I supposed to sleep now?

    Julio, you’re safe bro…you’re not worth the time…for anyone, frankly. But if you would have said a shotgun instead of an uzi I would have died! Keep throwing the heat in here, friend.

    Omnipresent, Turner Gill turned the worst program in college football…not a cliche, but statistically the worst program…into a champion. Chizik went 5-19 with one less year to show for his head coaching efforts. Croom had never been a head coach, just as Shula hadn’t, but Shula was the son of the NFL’s winningest head coach. Both were inexperienced, but the pedigree nod went to Shula. At the time, I personally would have liked to see Croom be hired. The PR boost was well needed at that time. But the outcome would have likely been the same on the field.

    Auburn did not hire Turner Gill for all the reasons that have been laid out there by Sir Charles. Now, thankfully for Aubies, Barkley is a caricature of himself, and people look his direction and acknowledge him…like a street performer in New York…but no one takes him seriously. But to say Gene Chizik is as qualified as Turner Gill, based on an on-field comparison? Please.


    Turner Gill
    1st year 2 and 10
    2nd year 5 and 7
    YOU DO THE MATH..not much better than 5 and 19
    now add the 3rd MIRACLE year
    7 and 5 with a PRAYER pass to win the FLIPPIN MAC ….. WOW IM STUNNED

    I didnt say CHIZIK was the right CHOICE but TG wasnt either maybe race played a factor but if AUburn had hired him and he failed ( i beleive he would have ) then what would that have said ???????


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