The Alabama Crimson Tide lost four straight before Nick Saban turned things around. This article by John Zenor explains how Saban rallied the players to make things better in 2008. It started in Shreveport where the Tide defeated Colorado in the Independence Bowl. It was the start of something special. “We went out and played well and won. That built momentum going into the offseason and let us know that if we just buy into what coach is telling us, we’ve got an opportunity to have a great team. I think everybody did it,” Rashad Johson said. Read the entire Zenor story below as he outlines how Saban engineered the turnaround and snagged Coach of the Year honors.

5 thoughts on “Shreveport was key stop in Alabama turnaround”

  1. That , and losing Bbad attitude players. But congratutlations Tide fans. Yall have an excellent coach.

  2. Thanks Ballplay, I never thought I’d hear you of all people say that. lol

    Good luck to you guys next year!

  3. Shreveport is the Piedmont of Louisiana. Thoughts ?

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