Is the Sugar Bowl a mismatch? The AP’s college football writer Ralph Russo talks about the matchup between a big, physical and fast Alabama team and BCS buster Utah. “Can Utah hold up against those big Alabama frontlines?” The lines are a big topic of conversation as Alabama has three All-American linemen (center Antoine Caldwell, nose tackle Terrence Cody and left tackle Andre Smith.) Enjoy the video preview and tell us what you think below in the comments section.

6 thoughts on “Preview: Alabama vs. Utah”

  1. I never got anywhere by taking an opponent for granted. Nobody goes 12-0 without doing something–usually a lot of things–right. I hope Utah plays well, and I hope we spank them properly.

  2. Stable Raider…………..Look at there opponents…..12 – 0 may be easier than you think. Bama will crush them. They will probably make it closer than some think because they are well coached. But they aint never seen nothin like Caldwell Cody and Smith. They will take a man size dump in there pants when they line up against those dudes.

  3. I gotta go with stable rader on this one.
    You dont go undefeated with teams like Michigan and Oregon State on you schedule and other decent mid level competition without doing a lot of things right.
    Utah makes very few mistakes and they play a very disciplined defense. If Bama wins it will be in the trenches and a very physical game.

  4. Michigan wasnt very good at all this year. The transition from a run attack to the spread is very difficult. Just ask Auburn. Oregan State is probably the best team they played.

    But I believe that Michigan will drasticly improve next year. Patience will pay off.

    By the way,,,,,what do yall think about Gus Mahlzan ?

    Dont mess with the Mahlzan !!!!!!!!!!!

  5. opps— boy did that whole thing blowup in face or what WHO took the dump..
    could have been 31-3 easy

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