Will the real Tommy Tuberville please stand up?
By Shane from Centerpoint

The recent flip-flop decision by Auburn head football coach Tommy Tuberville to fully endorse offensive coordinator Tony Franklin one day and fire him the very next is embarrassingly indecisive at best. Suddenly, a man known as the Riverboat Gambler – because of his cool decision-making under pressure – appears to be losing control of his program and possibly his career.

Tuberville told the media the firing was about production only. Then he proceeded to talk about how the move was important for the players. Uncharacteristically, after the Vanderbilt loss, players were allowed to openly critique Franklin’s play calling, and regardless of Tommy’s denial, it is apparent that major infighting among the assistant coaches has occurred.

Interestingly, for the first time in memory Tommy did not allow his coaches to speak to the press after last Saturday’s debacle in Nashville.

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All signs point to outside pressure. It seems like the people who sign Tubby’s checks sent him a message that he better win or else. Truthfully, Tuberville looks and acts like a man who’s been threatened. Undoubtedly, the “Tigers Unlimited Fund” boys and others in power are interested in winning more than just a State championship every year.

Besides, the Auburn family would be in denial if they said that Nick Saban’s success hasn’t greatly affected their thinking about the direction of the Auburn football program. Actually, most analysts believe Tubby went to the spread as a counter measure to the Saban recruiting machine.

Is Tuberville a dead man walking? Does he know this is the end and is he already forming an exit strategy? Did Tommy fire Franklin in a desperation move to garner support from the same fans that saved him from “Jetgate”? Will his loyalty to his long time assistants eventually cost him his job?

It’s been said that people in high places really like Butch Davis, Steve Spurrier, and Boise State coach, Chris Petersen. Unless Tuberville pulls off a miracle and defeats Georgia and Alabama back-to-back, names like these may begin to surface.

Everybody with half a brain knows that this marriage between Tubby and Auburn has been bad since the end of the 2003 season. Many of the same factors that affected the situation (Jetgate) are still in play. Some of the major movers involved have been silent, waiting to pounce at the precise moment. Lately, Tuberville is proving to be an easy target.

Recruiting is the life-blood of College football. Coaches must be trusted and respected by potential scholarship players. Does Tubby really think his sales pitch will be believable after waffling so badly on Tony Franklin and the spread offense? Can anyone blame a recruit for doubting his sincerity? Most of all, will Tommy even be around to coach them?

The War Eagles have gotten themselves in a certified quagmire. Media types, like talk radio king Paul Finebaum, will make a soap opera out of the entire situation. The problem for Auburn is that this story overshadows anything they are actually doing on the field. Finebaum will literally make his living off of the drama created by one man – Tommy Tuberville. The negative attention brought on the Auburn program by this radical move will make each loss feel like another nail in Tubby’s coffin, especially after Finebaum is through dicing it up on the airwaves.

At some point in this self-induced cluster the “fire the coordinator routine” will cease to work as an excuse. Somebody who counts will realize that the man in charge is responsible – at least that is how it works at most schools. Maybe it’s different at Auburn.

In fact, it will be interesting to see who is gullible enough to be the next offensive coordinator (whipping boy) at Auburn. He would be wise to look at the numbers. He would be the 6th in the 11th year of the Tuberville era. He should also remember that Tommy would probably modify the plan he brings in. If it fails – well, we know what happens.

Across the State, Nick Saban and his Crimson Tide are quickly becoming the national darling and getting the immediate respect of pollsters from every major outlet – something Auburn and Tuberville couldn’t in 2004. This is important because Bama’s success seems to be pushing Auburn toward change.

When you get right down to it, Tuberville doesn’t treat his coordinators that much different than his bosses treat him – when things go wrong they act as blameless as he does. Unless someone down there steps up and demands accountability and is accountable themselves, things will continue to spiral out of control. One thing is for sure, since Tubby has been at Auburn, the more things change; the more they stay the same.

Will the real Tommy Tuberville please stand up?

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44 thoughts on “Shane on the AU situation”

  1. how many times has this half-literate baboon Shane predicted the demise of Tommy T? Here it is again.

    Shane you are as predictable as the sun rising in the morning.

  2. Shane…You turd. Is this the best you can do ? Come on man….Surely , since you are the mouthpiece for the Crimson Tide, you can come up with something more negative and critical of Auburn. Honostly, if this is the best you can do, you need to get off the ‘puter, go drink another half case of black label, and beat your girfriend/sister/wife/cousin/transexual partner.

    You really let me down on this one Shane.

    And , Please answer this. What are you gonna say, or how are you gonna spin it, if Auburn beats Alabama ? Because they will….

    We know why you want Tubby gone. That would be because he is your daddy. He flat out owns your p.o.s. football team. The sociology thing didnt work. The Chette thing didnt work. This will not work.. Heck , nothing you do works. You are about as real a journalist as Jerry Springer.

    Next time, bring a little game. This article was weak.

  3. Ballplay,
    I admit that Shane is an idiot, but he didn’t even have to say that Tuberville should be gone. Your own fans are saying that right now.

    Believe what you want about your Barn. They will still have to beat Bama on the field in spite of what has happened in recent history

  4. I thougt last week’s blog (10/2) was Shane’s best to-date. Whoa! He outdid himself and came through with a better one. Shane really “nailed” the situation again – last week about Alabama (10/2 “Target on their back”), this week about Auburn. None of the other bloggers has assessed the Auburn situation better or more comprehensively. Great content, insight and closing!

  5. “One thing is for sure, since Tubby has been at Auburn, the more things change; the more they stay the same.” You’ll be saying that again when you go to bed on November 29th.

  6. dennychimes, tell me which AU fans want tubby fired. I am a huge AU fan, know countless more and haven’t heard one say they want tubs fired.

    Tubby will not be fired this year, regardless of what happens from this point.

  7. prediction:

    the remainder of this season, AU will roll. perhaps not undefeated, but close. tubby has always been a master at turning bad situations around.

  8. most analysts believe Tubby went to the spread as a counter measure to the Saban recruiting machine.
    YOUR an ANALYSTS NOW DUDE YOU ARE CALLED BLOGGERS… WHICH ONES else besides you said it?….NOBODY BUT JW said you guys were goona be this good this quick in the year…SHANES BACK TO IDIOCY


  9. AND BI…. Way to get the Trannys in there BRO!!!! I fell over laffin..
    and jaydeer…. WHAT? No really… WHAT?
    last week was probably the BEST Shane has EVER DID!!! But its becuase it WAS TRUE hell you coulda wrote it with the right train of thought(may be a problem for you)….. This Blog was another Nostradamus attempt to GET IT RIGHT FINALLY!!


  10. To OMNIPRESENT: It took a steady “train of thought” to struggle through reading your comments. To be vaguely aware of a situation does not require much intellect, but to be able to put it on paper – covering all of the ramifications adequately and comprehensively – requires talent. That’s why Shane WRITES the articles and you and I just read them and comment. I’m glad you recognized that Shane “got it right – finally”.

  11. Ha! Yea Look at his last years BLOGS and the year b4 and b4 and you will see HES PULLING THINGS OUT OF HIS RECTUM!!

  12. OMNI: Sounds like you’ve been a long-time fan of Shane’s articles. Also, sounds like your “happy hour” started awfully early.

  13. First it was “The only way I’ll leave Ole Miss is in a Pine box”.

    Then, it was “I stand firmly behind Tony Franklin”.

    After that, it was “Tony Franklin is our offensive coordinator and nothing will change”.

    Following that up was “We’re going to continue running this offense, because if you change it up now, you’re asking for disaster”.

    And who can forget about “We will play Kodi more this week” about three weeks BEFORE he finally played a down.

    People (Barnies in particular) talk a great deal of garbage about Saban saying, “I’m not going to be the Alabama head coach next year”, while we were pursuing Rich Rod. My assessment is, Tubs is the one who shouldn’t be trusted, especially after he’s spat out lie after lie this year, and of course flirted around with better job opportunities last year before he realized nobody wanted him.

    Say what you must about Saban, but hopefully now, you guys will take a good look in the mirror before you do.

  14. jaydeer…….Sooooooo your saying that Shane is your braintrust…..That is some scary stuff right there….

    Christopherson….Do we really want to get into a character dispute about ANY two college football coaches ? There would be more than enough mud to sling all around

  15. Christopherson,

    Most peeps who post here listen to Paul F
    and thats exactly what his lil radio show was saying YESTERDAY….cmon now lets TRY to be original… and jaydeer STFU you have no clue as to whom you speak so TREAD LIGHTLY my Bammar BUD!


  16. Chris, Auburn fans have never been stupid enough to talk smack about Saban lying about taking the Bama job. That was the national media that skewered Saban for that. The thing that AU fans have said (at least me, anyway) is that Bama fans baselessly acted as though Saban had the greatest coaching record in the history of college football. I’ll be the first to say that the 2003 LSU team was a hell of a team, but let’s get real. Saban lost that year by double digits at home at midseason to an 8-5 Ron Zook coached Fla team. Let’s also remember that he lucked into the BCS title game by leapfrogging USC in the computer rankings because Hawaii lost to Boise State the last week of the season. As to his 2001 “championship team”, he went 5-3 in the SEC and still lucked into Atlanta. (and lost all 3 games by double digits, including a home loss to Ole Miss and a 44-15 shellacking at home by Fla.) Just think…with that kind of luck, Auburn could still afford get it’s a$$ kicked 44-15 by UGA and still make it to Atlanta this year.

  17. “Chris, Auburn fans have never been stupid enough to talk smack about Saban lying about taking the Bama job.”

    Revisionist history, anyone?

  18. AUBURN is in to much confusion right now.it will be a very tuff road ahead for them.mind games are being played on young men and it could or will show on field.six games is not enough time to put in new offense.it takes at least a season for a team to jell and know what each other is doing with the spread offense.there will be very big pressure for this team to win now and the probability of TUBBY being pressured out or being fired.I honestly think this is TUBBYS last year if he does not finish strong//GOD BLESS EVERYONE

  19. Auburn will be in a bidding war with UT for Muschamp. The “powers” will be in town THIS WEEKEND to pull the trigger.

    Complacency is a coach killer.

  20. Shane, contrary to the numerous users here who say that you’re an idiot, I feel you are an absolute genius! I can just picture you sitting there typing your article, intentionally including debatable material, so that some of these nerfherders who post here will respond the way they do and generate many laughs for you. Tell me you do it on purpose, don’t you? I know that I would; in fact, I already have. Just the other day I posted on here that I was a Clemson fan—and guess what, in five minutes someone is bashing me. Oh, I got so many laughs from it.

    GO BYU!

  21. Granted, Shane isn’t the most Intellectually astute individual to comment on the inevitable collapse of the paper Tiger empire; however, he make some extremely poignant observations. The USS Auburn is listing heavily to the port-side and is taking on more water than the “fire the coordinator” bilge pumps can overcome. Alabama is not the second best team in America, but its offense isn’t ranked in the lower 1% of Division 1A either. Auburn is lacking talent doesn’t have any more arriving next season. Regardless of how Bama finishes, Auburn is not going to finish. They are headed for the Barfield days, and every good Auburn fan knows it. Looks like the Auburn’s new rival game will be with Vandy or Mississippi State for the next decade. No Tubby buyout because of the ten, or so, former coaches still on the payroll. Maybe you should petition for a spot in the Sun Belt or Conference USA. Sorry folks, but you had it coming because Eric Ramsey loves his steak. Now Bye………….

  22. Keep dreaming and wishing for a brighter day. History, boys has a way of repeating itself. What has urburn ever done? What has Tubberville ever done? You urburn faithful will never get it. You have beaten Alabama yes, and as much as I wish it was not true, you will beat BAMA again one day. The point, however, you can not get over yourself to prove yourself , will remain as long as the Division I imposter is running the program. That program has had internal turmoil as long as Tubberville has been there. You needed a fresh start in 03. A grasp at straws produced Borges. Another grasp at straws produced Franklin. If you go to a well to often, it will come up dry. That day has come and you can not see the writing on the wall. As a BAMA fan who could never understand pulling for the underdog, keep Tubberville forever and the results of the past will continue. If by some miracle you go undefeated, you will not have the respect to receive the votes that day either, and you will feel the man has held you down again. Respect from history if you can not understand.

    At least it is fun trying to figure out the mindset of those who stare reality in the face and absolutely can not reason it out. Did you receive a sub-prime mortgage? Will you vote for change? I thought so.

  23. BallPlay Indian……I was thinking the same thing. The way he was talking about picturing Shane on the computer typing his article. Makes me think he wishes he was under the desk giving moral support.

  24. Look at all the insecure Aubbies in here attacking and calling names. I guess another humiliating meltdown makes ya’ll act like that. Some of ya’ll think that Tubby is going to make things right by firing Franklin. I mean, they really think this is going to be a good thing. Realistically, this is the type of thing that could set a program back a year or two. That is the more probable outcome. I mean, no matter the OC, both QBs have got rag arms, and terrible decision making.

  25. Brandy…….Im not saying that alls well in Auburn. Its not…But to compare it to Bamas 10 year suckfest is assenine. I would say that about Burt if Auburn were 6-0 and bama was 0-6. No arguements so far about the QBs though.

  26. Well, the difference is, Bamas dark days are over, and Auburns is just getting started! Ironic, wouldn’t you say?

  27. jaydeer save it rookie! And I didnt mean shanes last BLOG I meant the one about the target on YOUR back! the last one looked LIKE the real Shane SHADY!!!

    so LOVE HIM ALL YOU WANT but leave me out of it hes a hack and your a HACKLOVER!! ROLL ON


  28. Omni, you know if you don’t like the dude, you don’t have to read it. You can go and gnash your teeth with your fellow Aubrunites on an Aubrun site ya know. But coming here to bitch about it makes you look like a little bitch. Just so you know.

    Does this mean we re not friends anymore?

  30. BALLPLAY ALL YOU ever talk about is our ten years of hell well get over it its over we are back.looks like its aubbies turn LMAO SO SIT BACK and keep posting because i look foward to reading your dumb shit everyday.IT does not get any better””I am going to contact the OC at SOUTHERN here in BATON ROUGE AND SEE if he would give tubber a call LMAO.6 0 baby.ROLLLLLLLLL TIDEEEEEEEEEEEE

  31. I for one, absolutely do not want the famous duck hunter to leave, he has got some ass whippings coming from Bama and I don’t mean by 7 points, I’m talking beatdowns, and in Bama’s weakened sanctioned state if all he can produce is one SEC in ten years, he will have zero in the next ten with Bama getting stronger every day, mark it down!

  32. ONE SEC IN TEN YEARS WHAT A DAM LAUGH.MAN he must have been under every desk on campus to keep job so long.BAMAMAN this guy is gone after season but i am like you ..hope he stays because he does have some beatdowns coming.i think we will lay at least 41 on them this year LMAO HOPE SO ANY HOW ROLLLLLLL TIDEEEEEE

  33. Heres the deal. Franklin pissed off Tubby’s diciples because he went out there last Tuesday and tried to ACTUALLY COACH THE PLAYERS. The assistants for Tubby didn’t want the spread. They didn’t want it then, now, or ever. They were sandbaggin’ Franklin’. Tubby was too. He modified it so much Franklin couldn’t do anything. Why do you Aubo’s think he couldn’t bring any assistants with him? So what does Franklin do? After hearing Tommy T say “I want him to be able to express his feelings…”? He goes out balls to the wall and tries to teach the position players how to play. He got in some faces and it pissed those coaches off. They went in after that practice and said “Look Tommy, we’ve been here with you and other places over 10 years, it’s either us or him.” They didn’t like the system or Franklin. He’s probably a better coach then half those bastards down there. Ensminger? Hugh Nall? Have you seen the WR play lately? What the hell has Nall been doing with them the past few years? They’re God awful. Geez, if I was an Auburn fan I’d be thinking, “oh shit, not again!” IT’S NOT A GOOD THING PEOPLE! It makes Tommy look like a complete ass and it makes what he has been doing down there look sadly hopeless and uncredible. Has anyone been hearing/reading the negativity coming off this move? If you want to get a good insight on what’s really going on down there, read yesterday’s “Sound Off” in the Birmingham News (particularly the one that says “it will all be ok and fine if ‘we’ beat Bama”, its funny, these Aubo’s don’t care about anything else) and then read Scarbinsky’s article in Saturday’s paper about Will Muschamp. Then you will know whats happening. They are scared. Muschamp know’s whats up when it comes to Saban, he knows he is the best Coach in the SEC. Thats why he got out while he could. And Tubby’s dog leash just got a lot tighter now that Saban and The Crimson Tide are in a posistion to win it all this year. Those Trustees may not have been so stupid after all. Shane’s right, that coffin top is gettin a nail in it every week. Tubby’s been there before. Can he make it out alive?

    Bamasux: Go back to Shanes last article, I posted back to you. I encourage everyone to read it, it’s funny. And you’re still a racist.

  34. Hate to say I told you so. Good job Ensminger and Nall. I read a sound off this morning from a great Auburn fan. I’ll paraphrase the best part. “These guys are clowns” hahaha.

  35. GO HOGS!
    GO HOGS!
    GO HOGS!
    GO HOGS!
    GO HOGS!
    GO HOGS!
    GO HOGS!


    Shane, it’s amazing to me how you get these General Robert E. Lee County cockroaches out from under their rock’s.

  36. Omni: I was just saying coming here griping and complaining isn’t exactly the smartest move on your part. You know us Bama fans have been enjoying the Auburn meltdown almost as much as being undefeated at this point. But Hey! I made you cuss LOL.

  37. Whats all this BACK-STABBING I’m hearing about. You little Aubie’s ain’t BACK- STABBING Tommy Tuberville (The Biggest Liar in College football) again, are you?

    Don’t forget 6 in a row. Maybe you little Aubie’s know deep down their wouldn’t be no 6 in row if Bama weren’t on probation and lost 21 scholarships not to mention another 21 +/- that didn’t want to sign because of probation.

    That’s right you little Aubie’s remember The Biggest Liar in College Football lost to Dubose and sissy Fran before Bama went on probation.

    That’s why this BACK-STABBING of The Biggest Liar in college football is so easy for the little Aubie’s.


    Shane, it’s amazing to me how you get these General Robert E. Lee County cockroaches out from under their rock’s.

  38. Why is Shane a turd for pointing out the obvious? I’m an Auburn fan and alum and I don’t see any erros in this piece of work. I don’t see the typical hate spewing Shane has done in the past. This is right on the money.

  39. This is what makes the Bammers so Pathetic…Shane, Bama is 7-0, #2 in the country and you refuse to talk about your team. I think it’s down right hilarious that you devote so much time effort and attention to another program. Keep up the good work you ice packin loser!!!

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