The firing of Tony Franklin by Tommy Tuberville generated enormous comment on the Internet. Here’s a sampling of what’s being said.

Dawg-gone Blog

….Auburn and the big-eared dumbass that runs their program has fired Tony Franklin…..but the real question for right now is if Bobby Johnson is the new Sylvester Croom? Does a loss to Vandy equal an automatic reshuffling of coaches?


So now what?
It has to comfort Auburn fans that a head coach known for his defensive expertise will be the one with a bigger role in the offense after chasing off accomplished coordinators like Borges and Franklin.

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The Slophouse

Tommy Tuberville’s midweek firing of offensive coordinator Tony Franklin at Auburn doesn’t have the Arkansas coaches in as much a frenzy as you would think. Arkansas head coach Bobby Petrino fully expected the Tigers to run the ball plenty this weekend anyway, and Franklin’s departure further confirms that.

Eight In The Box

As I type this it is being reported by Paul Finebaum and the Opelika newspaper that Tony Franklin has been fired. Wow! A change in offensive philosophy after the 6th game of the season. That could be a problem, but I guess they already had huge problems.

Auburn Football Stuff

Auburn fires Franklin….Tuberville next?
Tuberville has Only 1 SEC championship in 10 years, and another 4-5 loss season. Gee I wish I can have that job performance and keep my job. 4 failures in 13 tries and never getting in the top 10 each year.

Dawg Sports

It’s hard to tell what type of disruption this causes Auburn this season. It’s never good to retool your offense during the heart of your conference schedule. Especially on a Wednesday. But if you’re going to go out and wing it against any SEC opponent right now, Bobby Petrino’s Arkansas Razorbacks are as good a choice as any, especially when you get them at home. Bottom line, Tommy Tuberville made a mistake. He’s trying to correct it. Tony Franklin made a mistake. He’ll move on and survive. But this will not go down as the more sterling moment of either man’s career.

The War Eagle Reader

Why was he kicked to the curb right in front of reporters and cameras in the middle of the day, like a man walking to the gallows? Is this the best way that it could have been handled? Firing the guy just in time for Paul Finebaum to report it as breaking news on his afternoon show? I can just imagine what that hairless asshole had to say today about this sorry scene today. It’s like we handed the story to Finebaum on a silver platter.

Why did Auburn University do this to Franklin in such a public and embarrassing manner? Good God! What an idiotic, childish way to handle this. Why wasn’t he given the pink slip Sunday night?

32 thoughts on “Reaction: What’s being said about AU”

  1. i can’t believe tuberville did this without pressure from above. and apparently, in such a vindictive manner. AND after publicly stating they were going to stay the course.

    the last greatest example of changing boats midstream is mike dubose 2000.

    we all know how that worked out.

    tubs does too.

    it’s easy to think he’s using the next five games as practice for working out something offensively to beat alabama. a coach at auburn knows the fan base loves beating ‘bama. a seventh win in a row over us would secure his job.

    but that’s the question. he’s been trying to get out of there for years.

    left on the schedule:

    they should beat arky with both hands tied behind their backs. (if he loses this one in front of the home crowd, they might fire HIM next wednesday!)

    wvu is as bad or worse shape than auburn.

    nutt has to be salivating. blood in the water.

    who will auburn’s head coach be at homecoming???

    moreno, stafford and richt come to town. this could get really ugly.

    at bryant/denny.


    like new york city said, “wow”!

  2. Tubby did it to save his ass. The Business has really changed in that the “Auburn Family” has finally matured to a point that they will not be spoon fed bullshit like they have in the past. Auburn has become urbanized.

  3. Say what yall want bammers….But our offense has sucked eggs for a while…And yes Tubbs is partly to blame. But look at the routes our recievers have been running . And look at the blocking schemes of the o-line. Something had to give. And you know Tubbs wasnt resigning.

  4. He can’t afford to resign. He needs to be fired. It would appear that he developed a plan for this last year. He probably already has another job lined up.

  5. Ballplay,

    I think you make a good point about how the position players were performing, but isn’t this a problem with the position coaches? Auburn refused to change the offensive staff when they brought in Franklin, despite the fact none of them have ever been involved in running this offense. So, not only was Frankling having to teach the players, he was also having to teach the coaches.

    How much of this blame goes to Tuberville’s unwillingness to change his core coaching staff?

    How is it possible that a program like Auburn, seemingly has no skill position player that will be drafted? Isn’t this a failure of the coaching staff to develop players?

  6. Tubs assistants made the decision for him. No doubt about it. CTF stepped on their toes on Tuesday when he was coaching everybody on the field and it offended them. They went crying to Tubby afterward and then at lunch on Wednesday CTF was fired by Tubby. End of story.

    CTF should have never taken the job if he couldn’t have brought in people to help him with the offense that knew how to teach it. He’s partly to blame too for making that decision. The fact is now Tubby is going to live or die with his long time assistants. If he can’t get the job done now without letting them go then all of them will be in the employment line.

    It’s fun watching turmoil somewhere else for a change. The barners are taking on water and we are about to complete our warship. It’s great to be a Bama fan ain’t it.

  7. Ballplay: You know what goes around comes around. I believe it is called Karma. It sure is funny though.

  8. At least Auburn made the national news this week. Maybe they can get on the cover of Sports Illustrated.

  9. No good way to spin this. This is just bad, plain and simple. I agree with educator’s analysis on the staff. Josh Moon described it as trying to change a school’s curriculum from Spanish to French but keeping all Spanish teachers. That’s probably about right.

    Tubs is a smart guy, and he always has been. I don’t know what the hell he has planned right now, but he’s gonna have to earn his paycheck to salvage this season. He says he’s committed to the spread, but I don’t buy it. Contrary to what the media pundits say, I believe you can effectively run a hybrid of the spread. That’s basically what Oklahoma is doing right now.

    P.S. A Bama victory over Auburn this year officially does not count because Auburn is in turmoil and does not have a competent offensive coach.

  10. Brandy, I would hardly compare what Auburn is currently going through to Bamas recent history. Karma is what bit yall smack in the butt. You play with fire and you get burnt. Thats what happened to yall. You got caught cheating. I know that you bammers think its your right to cheat, but the NCAA had something to say about that , didnt they ? Not to mention the fact it took your powers that be 10 freekin years to find a good coach. Yes , our offense is not good at the moment, but I think it will change very soon. Cant wait for November. The huge bammer orgy that is currently in progress will soon come to an end, then Paul will turn on you like a woman who is on the rag.

  11. Ballplay,

    I agree with some of your points. Such as not hiring a competent coach and NCAA sanctions but that is over now. Things are getting back to normal. Bama on their way back up where they should be and the barn back to mediocrity like it always has been. We brought a lot on ourselves over the past 10 years but there is light at the end of this tunnel and it’s shining brighter than ever.

    I think the barn will improve over the next 7 weeks but that goes without saying. My goodness their 104th in the nation in total offense. My grandmother could coach better than that. But how much will they improve? That is the question.

  12. Brando, just throwin’ the bammer rationale right back at ya. BTW, that would also mean that 8 of Bama’s 9 game streak didn’t count. (We’ll give you 1974 because Auburn was actually pretty good that year.)

  13. An honest question for all Bama fans…Given the current circumstances at both schools right now, would losing to Auburn this year be the most painful Iron Bowl loss of your lifetime? (such as 72 Punt Bama Punt, or 1984 Wrong Way Bo)

  14. Julio,

    Not me. I’m a realist. Anything can happen in the UA-AU rivalry and you know that. What I’ll be looking at is if this team is improving over the course of the year. The first half of the season is an A+ in my opinion. Realistically Bama could lose 2-3 games over the next half if they come out flat. I think there is a possibility of a great year but only time will tell. No doubt about it, we have the right man running our ship. Look at recruiting. That should answer enough questions about the direction of the program.

  15. Julio: Sounds good to you Auburn fans I know, but the probability of that happening is really low. Realistically, I hope Bama runs up the score and beats ya’ll by 40. Man wouldn’t that really be funny? huh? That ought to make you guys feel good. Just throwing back some of that Auburn rationale back at ya. Karma is a bitch aint it?

  16. I dont even think a complete JP Wilson meltdown could ruin the Tides upcoming beatdown of Auburn this year.

  17. translation of responses from brando and legion: The thought of losing the Iron Bowl under the current circumstances is too painful to even consider, therefore I cannot answer the question.

  18. Julio: Your greatest wish in the world and reality do not jive. Okay, yeah, if this years Bama team gets humiliated by this awful Auburn team, it would suck for us Bama fans. But the probability of that happening is really low. I know it is all you have to live for now, but it aint happening this year.

    But I see you have taken your spot back of being the spoiler. To you Auburn people, it must be like putting on a pair of your old worn out shoes. Back where you belong. But it won’t be as painful as you may think. The future is looking great for Bama. Don’t you wish you could say that about your team?

  19. Yes It will suck becuase every fair weather REDNECK/WHITETRASH Bammar will be out and bearing false gifts BUT IF WE WIN ….. WWWHOOOOAAAAA NELLLY!!!!

    HEY BB how about that wager??


  20. Ballplay, here’s a fun little hypothetical that really isn’t that far fetched. LSU loses to Florida, Georgia, and Bama. Bama trips up and loses to either Tenn or Ole Miss (as Bama in NY has predicted). Auburn beats Ark, loses to West Va., beats Ole Miss and then squeaks out a win over UGA at home. Nov. 29th rolls around. The winner goes to Atlanta. Guess what’s happening on game day??? IT’S POURING DOWN RAIN. “How can this be happening???”, the bammers cry. Auburn wins 7-3 for its 7th consecutive Iron Bowl victory. The only points scored by Auburn is a JPW interception returned for a td in the 4th quarter.

  21. Hey BB,

    The wager I am speaking of is what bamaman and BI did Winner picks Losers new screen name ( no profanity ) NO MONEY BRO! I think its a kewl Bet! I would Honor my end and pretty sure you would too! ?????

  22. “Karma is what bit yall smack in the butt.”

    I can’t remember which username Ballplay posted under when he made this quote, but Ballplay, you were exactly right, except for the “y’all” pun.

    Karma is indeed what is smacking you guys right now. Holding up fingers? Stomping on UA’s and LSU’s logo? The lies, lies and more lies. Karma is settling in and the more YOU talk, the worse it’s going to get for you.

  23. Chris……..That is not a good comparison son. Saying that Auburn is going through tough times because of Tubbs fingers is like giving somebody the death penalty for not having on their seatbelt…..It doesnt make any sense…..You know, apples / oranges….

    Now on the other hand, a booster BUYING!!!!!! a crappy offensive lineman for a couple hundred freekin thousand !!!!!!!! Come on man…. You cant see a difference there ?

  24. UNDEFEATED and going to stay that way all season long.WHAT a great bama team that is ranked first in defense and rushing””man that is just is great for us BAMMERS and looking foward to BCS BOWL ,,,WOW DID I SAY BCS BOWL””””’WOW ITS GREAT TO BE A BAMMER FAN,6 0 DAM IT FEELS GREATTTTTTT ROLLLLLLLL[[[[[[[[[[TIDEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE

  25. ewww, I didn’t know these comments were saturated with Aubbie wet dreams. But you are right Ballplay, you can’t compare what Auburn is going through with Bamas probation. There simply is no excuse for Tubberville not capitalizing on the restrictions placed on Bama. And this year it makes it that much worse on you guys cause ya’ll can’t keep up with Bama this year.

  26. Julio says “Aub squeaks out a win against GA” omg, you could squeak an elephant out of your butt easier, please don’t try and dream that was Aub that put 31 on Ga in the first half at their house, but keep on dreamin. . . . hehehehehehehehe

  27. JULIO HAS big dreams and must of had a wet one with that comment.georgia will stomp a mud hole in there ass bottom line.aubbies will always be stepchild to THE GREAT ALABAMA CRIMSON TIDE,,,,,ROLLLLLL TIDEEEEE

  28. All Julio can do is dream big this year. But instead of worrying about UT-Martin like he should, he would rather be on a Bama site in the midst of an undefeated season. Makes no sense to me either.

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